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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chad and Whitney are kissing in his apartment. She can’t resist him. He tells her that she should be with him. “I love you so much. I don’t care what is right or wrong. You should be here.”

Chris and Sheridan are home. James has fallen asleep so easily. He loves being with Sheridan. She has been incredible in their lives. Chris only wants her happiness and she has that. He can’t hide his feelings. “I want you and I want to make love to you. Are you ready to be with me?"

Gwen dotes on Ethan. “Can I get you anything else Ethan? This is the biggest miracle. I love you.” Ethan is frustrated as he as no memories. “When everyone tells how long I was in this coma… I can’t believe this” Gwen tells that Theresa is the reason that this coma happened.

Theresa and her child are back at her parents’ house. Ethan runs off to see about his presents.

Pilar walks off as well.

Theresa, Kay and Fox talk about the miracle of Ethan’s recovery.

Little Ethan wants to see Ethan soon and Theresa promises the child that he will see Ethan soon.

Later Pilar reminds Theresa that she promised not to see Ethan again, so what is she telling her child about seeing the man?

Judge Reilly is having a drink and worried about what Alistair is going to say about this.

The door opens. Alistair has heard that Noah was released and he is mad. Judge Reilly tells that she was here and she made him do it.

The woman in white is outside the door and hears Judge Reilly tell how he had to release Noah. “She made me do it!"

Alistair learns the truth and calms down. Judge Reilly couldn’t believe it. He was perfectly willing to do as Alistair asked but she was there and she made him do this, go against Alistair’s wishes and release Noah. “You better watch your back Alistair.” Judge Reilly can tell that Alistair knows that she is back and that he has seen her already.

Alistair thinks back to the time that he felt a presence at his window. “Oh my God…" he said when he realized what happened.

Chad and Whitney can’t stay away from each other. He doesn't care what the world says. “This is the way that it should be. Love me.” Whitney can’t do this. “I can’t believe that you almost pulled me into this," she says moving away from him. Chad will not let her go. “How can this be bad? It is beautiful.” Whitney has no idea how things can be this way but she knows that this is a sin and she can’t be with him ever again.

Theresa promised never to be with Ethan, but she wants to still see him. Pilar sees that she is trying to get out of her promise to god. “If you go back to Ethan and try to make him leave his wife for you, God will never forgive you. Pilar suddenly has a thought about Little Ethan being at her house. Alistair will be angry that you brought Little Ethan here.” Theresa is going to leave and go to the mansion. She will go to the mansion and see her daughter. She says that she isn’t going to see Ethan.

Theresa goes to Little Ethan and tells him that she will be going to see Jane and she will see him later.

Theresa says Merry Christmas to Fox and Kay and then leaves her parents’ house.

Pilar tells her daughter to be careful. Theresa will.

Pilar prays that her daughter will not break her promise to God.

Gwen explains how Theresa tried to poison Alistair and ended up poisoning Ethan instead. Ethan suddenly remembers. “I was on the phone and there was guacamole on the table. This is incredible. This is unbelievable. Theresa must have felt tortured to have felt that she had to do that.” Gwen can’t believe that he is defending Theresa after all that he has been through.

Chris has fallen for Sheridan and he can’t believe that he has so soon after his wife has died. “I don’t think that this is on the rebound. I want to be with you Sheridan. I know that this is so soon after Luis but I promise you that I will spend the rest of my life loving you.” Chris and James have been a miracle for her and she didn’t’ want to go on before they came to Harmony. “You have been so wonderful and so kind. I want to be ready for you. I need you too Chris.” They kiss.

Gwen offers to walk away from Ethan if that is what he wants. Ethan tells her 'no'. “I told Theresa repeatedly that I will not leave you. I can’t imagine how horrible this has been for you but you are my wife…” Gwen thinks of the pain that Theresa has put them through and that angers her. Ethan wants Gwen to believe in him. She loves him. She never thought that Ethan was going to be able to hug her ever again. He promises that he is there and he will never be away from her.

As he hugs Gwen, he sees an image of Theresa.

Gwen senses that something is wrong but Ethan promises her that everything is fine. He pushes the thoughts of Theresa away from him.

Theresa is with her child at the mansion. “Merry Christmas. Momma was going to give you a better present this year. I was sure that you would get a daddy but he got sick and I made a promise to God that I would give him up. So it is going to be you and me and Little Ethan… And Alistair… I have to spend the rest of my life with that monster. God help me.”

Judge Reilly wants Alistair to admit that she is back. “You know it don’t you?" Alistair tells Judge Reilly that someone was having fun with him. “There is a ridiculous ad in the paper that proves that someone is playing with me…” Alistair shows it to Judge Reilly… “A murder is announced…” Judge Reilly is shaken by the news. “This is the proof that she is back. Alistair finds this to be a hoax. “Stop acting like a scared little man. She is dead!" Judge Reilly is sure that she was here. Alistair will not hear anymore of this. “She was dead! She was dead! Now if you ever go against me again… You will be dead.” Judge Reilly promises to behave. Alistair tells the man to relax. “Just do it! Just do it!" Alistair leaves.

Once in the hall, Alistair composes himself and walks off quickly but not with the assurance that he usually has.

The woman in white watches him leave. “The nightmare is only beginning Alistair and you don’t even know it!"

Chris and Sheridan are kissing and getting passionate. He starts taking off her sweater, but she pulls away from him. “No! Don’t do it!" Chris asks her if there is something wrong.

Whitney wants to go to the convent now but Chad tries to stop her. “Are you going to walk out the door and never see your son again? You think that you will never think about Miles again? Never think how you abandoned him?" Whitney will not feel guilty about this. Chad knows that they didn’t willingly commit incest and can’t understand why she is torturing herself this way. Whitney is going to hurt but she can’t be around Chad and not make love to him. “The only way that I can ever be free is if I never see you again.”

Sheridan does want to make love to Chris, but she wants to make the moment special. She kisses him, then she leaves the room.

Chris turns off all the lights and starts a fire in the main room of the Bed & Breakfast to make things special.

She shouts at him from the other room to get something for them to drink from the refrigerator.

Chris gets the champagne and pops the cork like an expert. He pours two glasses for them.

Sheridan is soon back. She is wearing a black lacey peignoir set. She stands quietly at the doorway waiting for Chris to notice her.

He finds her beautiful. She feels beautiful. They share a toast. “May we have many years of nights like this.” They take a drink, then he is on her and they are kissing like passionate lovers that have been denied the kisses of the other.

Fox and Kay sit with Maria at Pilar’s house. “Someone looks sleepy," Kay notices looking at her daughter. Kay will take the child to bed soon. Fox loves seeing Kay like this with her child. Fox really hopes that nothing comes between them and their relationship. Things have been going so well for them.

Kay thinks back to Ivy and her telling of how if Miguel comes back she might feel like jumping into his arms again.

Fox sees something in Kay’s eyes and worries.

Kay says that she is just fine.

Kay knows in her heart that Miguel is never coming back and that if he does he will be with Charity.

At the house, all are having a great time. Fox and Kay are ready to leave and they carry Maria to the door to exit.

The phone rings.

Pilar answers to Miguel.

Alistair finds Theresa coming out of her daughter’s room. He grabs her. “I have had a rough night and I need a distraction.” Theresa struggles to get away from the man. He holds her tight so that she will not get away. “Just shut up and kiss me," he orders. He pulls Theresa to him and kisses her roughly.

Kay is at the door with Fox.

She hears when Pilar asks if the person is coming home. She calls out, “Who is coming home?"

Miguel asks his mother not to tell anyone that he is calling and to keep his secret.

Theresa tries to escape Alistair but he will not let her go. He taunts her with the damage that was done to Ethan and how no one will believe that she tried to murder him instead of Ethan. She shouts that she did try to kill him. ***She fights and gets Alistair to unhand her.

Alistair shouts at Theresa as she runs off. “someone is playing a big joke on me and if I find out that you are involved you will pay!"

Gwen is with Ethan at the hospital. He has to stay for some tests. The nurse offers to get an extra bed for Gwen to stay with him.

Gwen wants to stay but Ethan orders Gwen to go home. “I am not going to fall into another coma!" She will go but then decides that she will stay until he falls asleep.

In her mind, she worries that Theresa will try to sneak in there.

The nurse assures Gwen that Ethan will be fine.

Gwen knows that but worries that Theresa will sneak in there and if she does, Gwen will kill her.

Chris and Sheridan are kissing passionately and ready for love.

Whitney gets her child. Chad begs her not to go. She asks him not to do this.

She looks at her child. “I am sorry that I can’t be with you. Chad tells him that I love him very much. I am doing what I do because I don’t want to ruin his life. I love him very much. UI know that one-day he will understand this. I am not strong enough Miles. I can’t stay away from your father. You know what will happen if I stay here.” Chad asks Whitney to look at Theresa and see what a miracle she got.

The woman in white is peering through a window. “Where are you Alistair? I have another surprise for you.”

Alistair comes bustling in the study of the mansion and his assistant is there waiting for him. Alistair decides that he wants everyone in Harmony to his house for New Years Eve. “I want the Bennetts, the Russells, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and Sheridan. They have no idea what kind of pain is coming their way.”

The woman in white is watching and she knows that Alistair is the one that will be shocked at the pain that is coming his way.

Chris and Sheridan are in bed and starting to make love. Sheridan calls out his name passionately… “Chris…”

Gwen is with Ethan watching him. He is asleep.

Out in the hall, Theresa is dressed as a surgeon. She is ready to sneak into Ethan’s room.

She sees the door open.

Gwen is coming out and she has her back to the hall.

Theresa panics when she sees that Gwen is about to catch her.

Chris and Sheridan are making love by the fire and all seems well.

Whitney is ready to go. Chad holds Miles as he watches Whitney. She really has to go now. Chad begs her one more time but she can’t stay. “bye” She is out the door.

Kay goes over to Pilar to see who is calling.

Miguel can her Kay and tells his mother not to tell her that he is on the phone.

Pilar lies as she is asked.

Miguel tells his mother that he is coming home.

Fox and Kay are at the door.

Kay senses that something funny is going on with that phone call.

Theresa pretends to be reading a magazine.

Gwen walks right by her.

Theresa then goes over to Ethan’s room and enters.

She goes to the man that she loves. “I love you. I made a promise to god that I would give you up but I don’t think that I can. How can I?"

The woman in white watches Alistair with the assistant in his study.

The assistant says that there is a gift for him under the tree.

She goes to get it for him.

He starts opening it and gets upset immediately.

The assistant finds this very strange. “Red rose petals? That scent?"

The woman in white walks from the window.

Alistair searches the box of rose petals to see what is in there.

He finds a knife inside.

The assistant is shocked. You could have been hurt! Who could have done a thing like that?

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