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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Alistair sings as he has a drink in his office by himself. “I am one happy fellow…”

The phone rings.

“Felicitations Your Honor….” The judge is calling from his office. He thanks Alistair for all the cash that he as given him for being so dirty. He is also calling to tell Alistair that Noah will be in jail as long as Alistair wants and that he has nothing to worry about.

Alistair hangs up smiling. “Scoundrel…" he mutters.

Someone knocks.

A beautiful girl that he had fired recently comes in to thank Alistair or rehiring her. He rethought his idea to let her go. She is one of those girls who is willing to make him happy and give him what he wants when necessary.

She tells that she didn’t know that he placed an ad in the paper for that day.

Alistair looks at the paper ad and sees, “A Murder is Announced…”Alistair didn’t do this but he gets very angry wondering who could have done it. He is personally insulted.

The woman in white is watching from the window. “You despicable bastard…”

Noah and Fancy and having their fancy Christmas date while he is incarcerated. She has a room decorated for them, and a guard stands watch. Noah can’t be as happy as she would like him to be though.

Father Lonnigan announces the choir and they sing.

“Oh Come all ye faithful….”

Spike comes in at the back of the church and finds Jessica in there with her family. “I knew that guy didn’t pick you up to party on the stroll. He got you back to your family. I am going to have to teach you a lesson Jessica…” Spike takes out his knife and looks at it menacingly.

Fox and Kay enter the church and sit behind Sam and Ivy.

They are shocked to see Ethan there. Ivy tells that Ethan being there is a Christmas miracle.

Theresa’s prayers have been answered. Pilar knows that Theresa made a promise to God that she would stay away and now she has to do it. “Let Ethan live in peace without you.”

The choir sings. “Hark the Herald Angel Sings…”

Father Lonnigan comes to Ethan and asks him to bear witness to his recovery. Ethan tells that he just woke up and had no idea how long he had been out of it. Ivy tells her son that his being well means everything to them all. “It is the best Christmas present.” Theresa peers over at Ethan. Ethan instinctively looks over at her.

Fancy worries that she forgot something to make the night perfect but Noah tells her that it is him. “I have no gift for you for tonight… for Christmas…” She cares nothing for that.

Noah goes to the guard at the door, asking the man to do him a favor.

Alistair gets angry after seeing that ad in the paper. “Someone is trying to take me on and that is a mistake that someone will regret.” The assistant tells him to calm down. He is very angry. The assistant gets hot seeing him angry like that and tells him so. He likes her sudden sexy attention.

They fall to the couch and start kissing.

The woman in white comes into the office behind the couple. She gets the letter opener.

She thinks about how he has hurt so many people and has to be stopped. She will be the one to stop him. She walks to the fondling couple… Ever so slowly…

The woman in white leaves a note and a red rose on the desk. The two were so busy, they didn’t even notice that she took the time to write a note at the desk just a few feet away from them. She now turns and walks out of the office.

Alistair instinctively stops kissing the assistant as he feels a presence in the room.

“What is that perfume? I remember it from years ago somehow. It isn’t you," he tells the assistant. “It was faint. Like a whisper…” He looks around. “It is very ghostly….”

The choir sings, “The First Noel…”

Eve wants to check Ethan out, but Theresa tells that he looks just fine. Eve wheels him out anyway.

Ivy worries that Fox and Kay are still together even after all that has happened.

Ivy asks Fox how he worked things out with Kay. Fox says that they are still trying but things look good.

Inside, Ivy promises that she will not let this happen.

Sheridan kisses her friend Gwen and is glad to see her happy again.

Whitney leaves Theresa to see how Miles is doing before he is taken home with Chad.

Chad tells Whitney that he is going to take Miles home now and invites Whitney to come with them and open presents. “You will be leaving soon for good, and so this will be a special time for us.” Whitney decides to go with them then.

Sam and Julian discuss how happy they are that Ethan is well again.

Sam gets a call and learns that something is wrong at the house.

He rushes off alone.

Fox tells Gwen that he is really happy for her and Ethan. It is time to go now and so he and Kay head out.

Ivy tells Gwen that this is great. “If you need any help keeping Theresa from Ethan, let me know. I have a stash of silver bullets.”

Theresa asks her mother if she should go over for a minute and say, ‘hi’ to Ethan. Pilar reminds her that she made a promise to God. Theresa insists that she needs to apologize to Ethan for at least feeding him that guacamole.

Theresa turns to go to Ethan and Gwen is standing right before her.

“If you go anywhere near my husband, you will be in your grave," Gwen warns.

Sam gets home and the door to the house is open and the alarm is blaring.

Sam turns off the alarm.

An officer is in the house. He came there to get something for Noah. Everything seems fine and there is no intruder.

Sam heard that Fancy got in the jail to be with Noah for Christmas. The officer says that Noah is having a great night. The officer leaves. The door is still open and Sam leaves it that way as the heat is too high in the house right now.

Sam goes into the back to turn off the heat.

While he is gone, Spike comes in the house. “Bennett is alone. After I kill him… I will deal with you Jessica…”

At the Bed & Breakfast, Chris and Sheridan open their presents with James. “Merry Christmas…”

Sheridan gets Chris one of the best cameras ever made. Sheridan was very thoughtful about buying it.

“I have something for you now…”

Chris goes to get Sheridan’s gift, but is interrupted by James.

“Can you read me a book?" Chris will do that and get Sheridan her present later.

Sheridan waits while Chris and James go off into a corner to read a book.

The assistant smells something now too.

She and Alistair look over at the desk and see the rose, with the note.

Alistair opens it.

It is an invitation to a murder… “That wasn’t there just a few minutes ago.”

The dirty judge is still working in the office although it is Christmas.

He looks at Noah’s picture. “No freedom for you kid. Not with Alistair lining my pockets to keep him in jail.”

The man looks up and the woman in white is standing over him. “Order that Noah Bennett be released, or you will suffer the full force of my wrath…” She picks up a letter opener and holds it before the old man’s face. “What is this?" the old man asks. She tells him that she is the Ghost of Christmas Past… “What are you doing here? You can’t be here.” The woman in white repeats her request. “Release Noah Bennett…”

Noah talks to the guard for a moment outside the door.

He then returns to Fancy in the room.

He offers Fancy a wrapped gift. “The guard went to my house and got this for you. When you open it, remember that I don’t have a lot of money.”

She opens the box. “A key?" Noah tells that it is the key to his heart.

Theresa begs to see Ethan for a minute, but Gwen will not allow it. “You promised to stay away from Ethan. Now you leave us alone. If not, you will answer to God.”

Gwen turns to Julian and asks him to take Jane home. Julian walks out with the child glad to be of help. “I will see you at home.”

Eve returns with Ethan, and he is just fine. She has checked him out and he only has weakness in one arm. Gwen tells Ethan that she loves him. He says he loves her too.

Theresa can’t do it. “I can’t leave him alone.” Pilar worries now. “What Theresa? Are you going back on your promise to God?"

Spike is in the Bennett house and is about to strike and kill Sam. He gets his knife out and starts making his way thought the house to Sam, but…


Ivy has returned with the others.

Spike hurries to hide.

Sam tells how Fancy has made a special surprise for Noah in jail. “This Christmas is going to turn out to be better than we thought. Everyone is doing well.

Fox tells that Maria wants to open up her presents.

They all sit and hand out boxes to open.

Sam gets a pullover…

Jessica is happy but has nothing to open…

Ivy gets a cookbook…

The gifts keep coming for everyone. Everyone but Jessica…

Jessica is smiling but feeling uncomfortable.

Sam goes over to her and wishes her a Merry Christmas. “I am glad that you are home.” She says that it is okay that they all forgot to get her presents and that she is just glad to be home.

***They didn’t forget it turns out. Fox piles a whole bunch of boxes on her. They had presents for her all the time. They were behind the tree as they were the first ones put there. They didn’t forget her.

Chad and Whitney sit with Miles and open presents. Chad got a pullover for Miles but it is way too big. He is trying though.

The next gift is a snowsuit… Another present that is too big. Chad needs Whitney to help with this. “Please. Don’t take your final vows. You are needed right here.”

Chris and Sheridan are sitting on the floor with the new camera. Sheridan can’t believe that Ethan came back from the dead. “If only…” Chris knows that Sheridan wishes that Luis could come back from the dead. Chris knows that some people get their miracles while others don’t. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sheridan is happy to have had people around her to get her through the bad times. “People like you and James have helped me get over feeling lost and hopeless.”

Eve has Ethan on a stretcher. She is taking him back to the ambulance.

Theresa is watching and listening. Pilar fears that Theresa will try to see Ethan. She says that she can’t break her promise to God. “How am I going to go on without him?"

Whitney walks away from Chad and Miles and goes to the tree.

Chad puts the child in his pen and goes to Whitney.

“Can you just listen to what your heart tells you? You want to be with us. We made love but we know that this is right. This is just our truth. Stop listening to what people tell you to feel. Stay here with Miles and me.”

Chris tells Sheridan that she was the one that made James smile this year. She lost her mother when she was young. Her mother is back now but she will never forget the pain of losing her. Chris can see what he loves her. He kisses her cheek.

He reaches behind her and offers her a tiny box. “Merry Christmas…”

She opens it and looks at the locket. Inside are pictures of James and Marty.

The assistant wonders who could have come in and done this. “There is so much security around. How could this happen?" Alistair feels that this isn’t a real threat. People try to threaten him all the time. The perfume he feels is just a coincidence. “The woman that wore that perfume is dead and buried.”

The judge asks the woman in white how she can be there. She says that she might have come back to get him.

She offers him a pen and orders him to sign an Order releasing Noah Bennett from jail right now. The judge does it, and then faxes the order out.

He picks up the phone.

“It is Judge Reilly. Release Noah Bennett… Immediately…”

Noah and Fancy are dancing in their special room. She is so happy. “No one ever gave me the key to their heart before. I love you Noah…”

Jessica got tons of stuff. “Thank you all for remembering me.” Sam assures her that this is her home and that they will always be a family.

Spike is outside the house now watching.

“Jessica is mine. Now what do I have to do to get her back?"

Chad can’t help feeling romantic and he moves in on Whitney for a kiss.” She lets him do it.

Sheridan pecks Chris on the cheek and thanks him for a wonderful Christmas. He pecks her back and soon they are kissing properly like a couple.

Judge Reilly tells the woman in white that Noah will be freed immediately. The judge doesn't understand this. The woman in white tell him that the will soon enough.

Judge Reilly is sure glad that he is not Alistair right now.

The phone rings.

Alistair answers and gets angry when he gets the information about what Judge Reilly did.

Alistair goes to his desk and gets a gun. “Noah has been let out. Looks like I have to take care of that young man myself.”

Noah and Fancy are together when he is told that he is free to go.” They laugh and carry on!

Theresa realizes that she will never be with Ethan again. “Never feel his arms around me. Never feel his lips on mine. Goodbye Ethan… Goodbye…

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