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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Simone thanks Roberto for helping to get Jessica away from Spike. They hate that Spike keeps drugging Jessica and using her. Maybe this will be a turning point. She is high now though. Maybe she will not be in any shape to enjoy Christmas with her family.

Noah apologizes to his father for what he did taking Ethan like he did. Sam says that he hates that Ethan is going to be let go but that is what he wanted and they have to respect that. Noah broke his promise to Fancy in the process of all this, but at least she understands things his way now, and Noah is happy about that. Noah still sits in jail where he was put for his part in the kidnapping of Ethan. Fancy and Theresa were let out on bail.

Fancy has a tape recording of her grandfather that she took without his knowledge.

She plays it. It is Alistair ordering that Fancy get whatever she wants or someone will be fired.

Fancy sees that she got just what she wanted. “I guess that I am a Crane after all.”

Endora has the Christmas tree spinning in the air.

Chris and Sheridan marvel at the sight.

Tabitha asks Endora to stop this or they might get in trouble.

Fox and Kay love the show of the spinning, suspended tree but can’t figure out how it is happening.

ZAP! Endora now causes candy canes to drop from the sky.

Chad and Miles are in time for the show at the park as well.

Whitney has arrived and hopes that things go as planned when she meets with Chad and Miles.

Tabitha begs Endora again to stop this.

At Tabby’s house, Norma and Edna sit eating and drinking waiting for Tabby to return so they can kill her.

They watch television and see the spinning, suspended tree in the park. It is a news item and no one can figure out how the tree spins suspended in air like that.

“Who would do that?" Edna wonders.

Both women turn to each other. “TABITHA!"

They rise and head to the door to go to the tree lighting service.

Martin and Pilar tell Theresa that she can’t interfere any longer in the decisions about Ethan. Martin and Pilar take Theresa from the hospital now. “Let’s go to evening mass.” Theresa will go but will never give up hope.

Gwen sees no hope for Ethan. She is going to let him go.

“Ethan I love you and we will meet again. I will always love you. Always…”

She now goes to the machine and puts her finger on the button, taking a deep breath.

Noah doesn’t mean to be selfish talking about Fancy when Ethan is being taken off life support. Sam appreciates his honesty and knows that he loves his brother.

“Time is up," a guard shouts.

Sam wishes his son a Merry Christmas and then he leaves.

Noah looks around. “There is no place like home for the holidays…”

Fancy has everything that she needs now. “This is going to be the best Christmas yet.”

Gwen tries to force herself to hit the button but she can’t.

They hear singing from the hall.

Gwen goes to the hall and there are children caroling as they walk through the hall.

Gwen returns to the room. “I can’t do this on Christmas Eve. I don’t want Jane to be sad every time that Christmas comes around. I will not ruin that for her. I will find the strength to do what I need to do but not at Christmas. I will not do that to Jane.”

Gwen goes to Ethan. “I hope that you understand Ethan.”

Whitney sees Chad in the park. She stands behind him.

She thinks how it could have been with him. She and Chad could have had a life together with their baby.

Whitney says, 'no' when she realizes her fantasy is to be with him.

Chad hears someone behind him and turns to see her.

She runs off.

Chris and Sheridan are having the time of their lives being together at the service.

Tabitha talks to Endora. “Oh no. This tree lighting thing is televised live I think! I forgot! What if Norma and Edna have seen me on television?"

Tabitha takes Endora to Kay and says that she has to go now. “Please take care of Endora for me.” She rushes off.

Fox and Kay take Endora and sit with her.

Tabitha is running now. “Norma and Edna are looking for me for sure now.”

She starts ruining and bumps into a very large Santa. “Excuse me, but I have to go.” The Santa is very rude and will not move. Tabitha gets by him.

She bumps into Edna dressed as an elf. “Why are you dressed like that Edna? Oh no… If you are Edna… Then that Santa must be…”

Tabitha turns to find Norma right behind her.

“Tabitha!" Norma shouts at her. Tabitha immediately starts screaming.

Martin and Pilar are at the church now. Martin knows what it is like to lose someone, he says. He is able to relate to the way that Theresa is feeling.

Theresa goes to pray.

Katherine enters the church with Julian..

Pilar goes to Martin asking him if he was talking about Katherine when he was talking about losing someone before.

Gwen sits with Ethan. “I just want to spend one last Christmas with Ethan before he goes Eve. Ivy and Eve watch the poor girl as she tries to come to grips with what she has to do.

Norma is ready to chop Tabby to pieces. She has her axe in the air and is ready to strike. Norma has a recipe for chopping Tabby up just right. She orders Edna to hold Tabitha so that she can refer to it.

Edna grabs the woman and holds her while Norma studies.

Norma gets out the picture of how to chop up a body and studies it well.

Edna tells Tabitha that she is to help her get young and beautiful again. “I got a life to live so hurry it up and make me young again.”

Norma is ready for the job now and she raises the axe again, chasing Tabby all around the park. Edna chases them both.

Katherine talks to Pilar for a moment seeing worry in her face for her marriage. She assures Pilar that she and Martin are through, and she wishes Pilar a Merry Christmas before moving on.

Pilar and Martin hold each other after Katherine leaves.

Katherine tells Julian that she is moving on. “Martin being a husband and a father is the best thing for Martin. Therefore, I have to move on too Julian.”

Chris and Sheridan arrive at the church with James. They greet Katherine and Julian warmly.

Theresa is praying alone. “I can’t pray for Ethan’s soul lord as I can’t accept that Ethan is to die. You taught me that there is hope and I believe that. Please make it so that Gwen will let Ethan live. I will give him up. I will not have a family with Ethan and me. With Ethan, Little Ethan and Jane. This is my only Christmas wish. Please let Ethan live. I am begging you.” she makes the sign of the cross.

When she gets up, she finds Gwen standing behind her.

Noah is taken from his cell. The guard has no idea why.

Noah is taken into a room and he can’t believe the sight. The room is decorated. There are candles, food, wine, and champagne.

Fancy comes out of a back room dressed formally for the evening. She did this for him. “Merry Christmas Noah. I would rather be here than with my family at Christmas.” Noah loves her and she him.

she holds mistletoe over his head. You know what that means.

Theresa tells Gwen that she does want Ethan to live even if she will not have the life that she wants with him. Gwen feels that she shouldn’t be doing this on Christmas Eve as everyone will be saddened by it when the holidays come around each year Theresa tells Gwen that she should change her mind about this and never do it, whether it is Christmas or not. Gwen wants Theresa to accept this. Theresa can’t. “I have to accept that there is hope.” Gwen can’t have hope. She has to go by every test that Ethan has had. “I have to do what Ethan wanted. I have to let him go.”

Theresa will not let her do it. She knows that he wants to live.

She turns to the Virgin Mary statue behind her.

Whitney comes to the church and goes to Julian and Eve. she tells how she needs to see everyone before her final vows. Eve hopes that she changes her mind and comes home to her family. Whitney insists that she wants to be a nun.

Chad and Miles enter the church and Whitney can’t help but stare at them.

Sam says that it is a sad time. “I would do anything to have Jessica come home.”

“I am here daddy.” Sam turns to find Jessica behind him. They hug.

Fox and Kay are taking the girls to church now. Kay thanks Fox for walking with them. He loves spending time with the girls and Kay. They kiss.

When they are finished, Endora is gone.

Fox runs off to find Endora.

Kay takes Maria inside the church and asks Theresa to watch her.

***Kay finds Fox alone outside. “Endora ran off.”

Kay knows that with Endora’s powers she can do whatever she wants.

Endora is riding a candy cane now, high in the sky.

Tabitha is running for her life now. Edna and Norma are making things very difficult for her and she is running out of breath.

Norma has Tabitha by the neck soon and she is about to strike.

“Wait a minute! Have you forgotten what we talked about?" They women start arguing about killing Tabitha now or later.

Endora appears on the scene.

ZAP! Norma and Edna shrink to the size of figurines.

Norma and Edna squeak like mice when they try to talk. they want to be grown again.

Endora will not reverse her spell.

ZAP! Endora puts the tiny women figures in an ornament in the Christmas tree in the park.

Fox and Kay come running up glad to finally find Endora with her mother.

Norma and Edna squeak out. “Let us out!"

Fox thinks that he has heard something but he can’t be sure. “It sounded like it was coming out of that tree.”

At the church, the choir sings. “Silent Night… Holy Night…” The citizens of Harmony sit quietly and listen to the whole song.

Gwen is with a child as she listens.

Sam kisses Jessica. “I love you Jessica.” “I love you daddy.”

“Felice Navidad," Pilar says to Katherine. “Merry Christmas," Katherine says to Pilar. “I love you Martin," Pilar says.

Simone enters the church and goes to her mother. Eve tells her daughter that as long as they love each other, the rest will take care of itself.

Whitney comes in and sits with Chad and Miles.

Father Lonnigan starts his service now. “…Welcome one and all… This year let us not forget to pray… we gather to celebrate the greatest gift of all. From his miraculous birth to his dead… and in the miracle of life itself…”

A door slams at the back of the church.

Father Lonnigan instructs whoever it is to come in.

“It is me father…” All turn around to see who is at the door.

Gwen is the first to speak. “Ethan?"

Theresa is somewhat less surprised. “Ethan.”

It is Ethan. He is at the back of the church sitting up and awake in a wheelchair and no attendant. He smiles.

Noah and Fancy are kissing in their special room at the prison.

They decorate the tree together.

They drink champagne.

They dance. He loves taking her in his arms and looking into her eyes. He really thought that this was going to be the worst Christmas of his life, and now it is the best. “Christmas is the time for miracles isn’t it? Having you hear, loving you… that is my Christmas miracle. Get used to hearing this. I am not going to stop. I love you Fancy…” She loves him too.

As they kiss, there is another miracle.

Snow falls from the ceiling.

Norma and Edna squeak as loud as they can.

Fox wonders what that is.

Edna tries to get his attention.

Tabitha makes signs at Kay to get Fox away.

Kay does manage to drag him off.

ZAP! Mistletoe appears at Fox and Kay’s feet. Fox has an idea and expresses his heart. “I love you Kay and nothing is going to change that. I never want to lose you.”

Tabitha and Endora are watching Fox and Kay and Tabitha knows that it is going to end, but Endora points out that it hasn’t ended yet. Tabitha sees that the kids will be happy but that will probably only be for Christmas.

Theresa starts walking to Ethan but her mother stops her.

Theresa sees her prayers have been answered.

Ivy sees her beautiful son is back.

Chad tells Whitney that anything is possible, anything.

Gwen runs to the back of the room with Jane in her arms. “This is a miracle. Are you hear?" Ethan confirms that he is there.

Theresa smiles from where she stands.

Gwen puts Jane on her father’s knee and kneels before him to look into his face and really feel that he is back. “I am here Gwen,"

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