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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

At the tree lighting ceremony, Sam sends Fox and Kay off to be alone for a while. He and Ivy will meet up with them later. Ivy is not pleased with that idea but she smiles sweetly anyway.

Endora is with Kay as Tabitha has left her for now in Kay’s care.

Endora wants to cause trouble at the tree lighting service and she gets an idea.

Fox tells Kay that he really likes being with her and he gives her a hug.

Sam is glad to see the kids are getting together again.

Ivy will do anything to stop those two from getting together, she thinks quietly to herself.

Fox asks about Tabitha and where she is. Kay tells that Tabitha has an errand to run.

Tabitha is ready to go now. She has her bags packed.

She suddenly drops her bags. “I can’t do this. I will be with Endora… Come hell or high water…”

Norma and Edna are stopped by the police. “Are you two drunk driving a horse and sleigh down the street like that? Where are you going?" Norma and Edna say that they are on their way to the tree lighting service. The officer will check out their story. “Don’t move till I radio this in.”

When the officer turns his back…

Norma hits the gas and sends the horse in full trot down the street to get a good lead on the cop.

The Mother Superior calls Whitney to the office. “We have to discuss your life outside the convent.

Chad is with Miles at the apartment.

He squawks.

“What is the matter Miles? You miss your mother? So do I…”

Gwen is back with Ethan in his room at the hospital. Eve remembers that they were about to turn off Ethan’s life support systems when all this kidnapping stuff happened. “Are you sure that you want to do this still Gwen?"

Theresa is in jail with Fancy. Theresa still believes that she did the right thing.

Noah is in the cell across from them. He is seeing things differently now and regrets hurting Gwen.

Theresa feels that Gwen can’t care about Ethan to do this. Ethan, she feels really loves her and only married Gwen as she was pregnant.

Alistair enters the room. “This isn’t where I expected to find my granddaughter and wife. I am not angry. It took a lot of guts to do what you did Theresa. Your willingness to give up everything for the man you love is incredibly sexy. I can’t wait to get you home so that you can show me some of that Latino spirit that you want to lavish on Ethan…”

Gwen thought that Eve felt that she was doing the right thing by ending Ethan’s life, but now she wonders. Gwen doesn’t want to do this but she will do what Ethan wants. Eve will go to the lab and check on Ethan’s test results now. She leaves.

Gwen sits with Ethan. “I don’t know what Theresa said to you Ethan. She probably told you that she loves you more, but that is not true. I love you with my whole heart and soul and I am sorry I couldn't protect you. She is in jail now were she belongs and it is going to be you and me. You and me until the end.”

Fancy paces in the cell…

Theresa tells Alistair that he disgusts her. She looks forward to going to jail to get away from him. Alistair could divorce her because of emotional adultery and abandonment because of how she has been acting but he won’t. You always tried to do what you think is right Theresa. You will try until you die to make sure that your children have the life that they deserve. I know that you want to get out of here more than anything. I know that in your head, you are cooking up some scheme to save Ethan. How are you going to stop the end of Ethan’s life now? As far as we know, Ethan could have already drawn his last breath.” Alistair turns to go.

Theresa calls to Alistair stopping him from leaving her. Alistair stops and turns to her smiling. “You didn’t come here to bail me out did you? You just came to gloat.” Alistair reveals that he has already paid her bail. “You are free to go Theresa…”

A guard comes and lets Theresa out.

When Fancy tries to leave, she is stopped by the guard. Fancy realizes that she is not going to be freed. “You will free her but not me?" Alistair tells that he let Theresa out as she excites him. “Little Ethan too will be the son that will run the Crane empire… That excites him too.”

Theresa tells Alistair to keep her son out of his sick plans for the future.

Fancy turns the subject back to her and her fate. Alistair tells her that he did in fact pay her bail. He was only playing with her just now. Fancy is let out.

She asks now about Noah and if he will be bailed out. Alistair says a quick, short, ‘no’. He then turns on his heel and walks out of there.

The cop is chasing Norma and Edna who are trying to make their escape on the sleigh down the street. Edna lobs presents at the cop to get the car to stop following but the man keeps trying. He even has the sirens going. Edna stands, and pitches a perfect fast ball right at the windshield. She finally tosses a good one and nails the cop car good.

Sam really wants Ivy to make a happy family with him and the kids. She promises that she will.

She looks over Sam’s shoulder and sees Kay with Fox. that makes her unhappy. She breathes a heavy sigh.

She asks Sam to get her some hot chocolate when he asks what is the matter. He runs off.

Ivy comes over to Fox and Kay and asks Fox to get them some hot chocolate. Kay offers that they all go and get the hot chocolate but he rushes off alone.

Kay wonders if Ivy is going to bother her all night. Ivy asks how Sam would feel if he found out that his daughter knew about Grace having never been married to David. Kay knows that would kill him and he would probably leave Ivy. Ivy knows that but he would also be disappointed in his daughter for keeping that secret all these years as well.

Martin and Pilar arrive for the tree lighting. “If only our kids were here.”

Martin and Pilar meet up with Sheridan, Chris and James. They all sit together on a bench.

Endora telepathically talks to James. They are discussing fire…

ZAP! Endora lights up some Christmas presents that are sitting nearby where they are sitting. The fire gets out of control quickly.

The adults around them jump up in fear and try to put the fire out.

James jumps up and down with glee at the sight of trouble.

Endora smiles adoringly at making such fun!

Tabitha arrives and goes straight to her daughter. They hug and kiss. She isn’t going anywhere.

Martin puts out the fire with Sam and Fox. They have no idea how the fire started. The power cord is damaged. They will get another one.

Tabitha hears what has been going on and knows how this happened.

The Mother Superior tells Whitney that she is due to have her final vows but that it might be a mistake. “What is it that has motivated you to join our Order? You gave birth to your half brother’s child wasn’t that the reason?" Whitney says that is wrong. It was after I had the child and I still had feelings for my half brother.

Gwen tells Ethan that she will not be selfish. “Although it means doing the hardest thing that I will ever have to do, I will honor your wishes. I will call Sam and tell him that you are here and that it is time. I promise you, that this will be full of love, as I will be here, and your parents are going to be here. We love you so much… I am just so sorry that Theresa did this to you.” Gwen is crying now.

Norma and Edna stop riding the sleigh now. They confused the cop and he fell in the ditch. They have to stop riding the sleigh now. The cop is bound to call in for back up. It is too obvious with the horse and everything. "Come on 'Daddy'," Norma says grabbing her skull and hopping out of the sleigh.

Sam and Fox return with too many hot chocolates and Ivy apologizes for sending both men off to get her hot chocolate.

The phone rings and Sam gets news from Gwen that Ethan is back and in the hospital.

Sam tells Ivy and the others the news.

Gwen tells that Noah and Fancy helped Theresa kidnap Ethan.

The crowd is stunned at the news.

Sam says goodbye to Gwen and assures her that they will all be there in a while.

Sheridan hears the news and will not go to the hospital right away. She will be there later though.

Ivy feels that this makes no sense. “Why would Noah and Fancy help Theresa?"

Martin and Pilar are already on their way. they know that Theresa will need them.

Ivy curses Theresa for this.

Gwen leaves Ethan’s room for a bit.

When the door closes nothing happens for a few seconds.

The door then opens and Theresa tiptoes in. She goes over to Ethan’s bed and tells him that she can’t let him die. “I just can’t…”

The Mother Superior asks if Whitney has prayed to have her desires lifted. Whitney says that she prays all the time but has no idea if her prayers have been answered. The Mother Superior tells Whitney that she has to go back to the world and deal with her feelings. Whitney begs that she not be forced to return to the baby and Chad to see them. The Mother Superior has to be sure that this is right for Whitney.

Chad and Miles look out the window. “Look at that. It is snow. They are doing the tree lighting at the park. your mother used to love the tree lighting. So what if she isn’t there. It is going to be you and me. Let’s go.”

***Alistair and Fancy argue. she wants Noah out of jail but Alistair will not allow it. “End of discussion.”

Fancy is behind her grandfather and she sees his tape recorder on the table. She picks it up and hides it behind her back.

She presses the button.

“grandfather… I was shopping and my card was declined. It was very insulting… So I was wondering if you will call the merchant and tell him that I can have what I want!" Alistair laughs. “I never could say ‘no’ to you Fancy…”

Sam is angry. He goes to see Noah in jail and Noah tries to explain.

Theresa is talking to Ethan….

The door opens and Gwen comes in to find Theresa there. “How are you here?" Theresa will not leave. “I am going to stay and make sure that you don’t kill Ethan.” Gwen tells Theresa that she isn’t going to kill Ethan… “I am going to kill you.”

Gwen rushes to Theresa and holds her up against the wall as she tries to choke her.

Gwen and Theresa are fighting when Eve, Ivy and Pilar come in. Martin rushes in and grabs Theresa, while Eve holds Gwen. Theresa is out of control. she is screaming as Martin drags her from the room. “You keep him alive!"

Norma and Edna get to Harmony.

Norma climbs in a window to Tabby’s house.

Edna is next. They try to be quiet but end up making a lot of noise. They fall to the ground from the window.

Norma grabs Edna’s walker, pulling in the window for Edna.

Next she is up the stairs to find Tabby.

Edna will check downstairs.

The lights go on for the tree lighting service.

Endora and James find the whole thing boring.

ZAP! Endora makes the tree spin slowly.

everyone is confused as to how that is happening.

Tabitha talks to Endora telling her that she has to stop the magic. “Do you want to be burned at the stake tonight? Please Endora… No more magic…”

Chad has Miles out and about now. “I will make this the first in a long line of Christmases for you. Maybe if we pray for your mother to come home, then maybe our prayers will be answered.”

Whitney gets her suitcase and goes to the convent door. “I will do it. I will do as she asks and I will return to the convent. This is what I want.”

Gwen tells Ivy that they are really going to have to take Ethan off the life support this night. “On Christmas Eve…”

Eve returns to tell that the tests are the same as they always are.

Gwen isn’t sure that she can do this. “How can I live the rest of my life without him? I don’t know that I can do that.”

Theresa is outside the hospital room with her parents. “I need to be in there with Ethan!" Martin and Pilar will not let her into the room. “You will not go into the room and bring more pain to the family. Gwen is Ethan’s wife and she makes this decision. You are lucky that you are not behind bars.” Theresa says that she is trying to help. Pilar orders Theresa to go with them to the church to pray. “I will not take ‘no’ for an answers.

Sam and Noah talk. Sam thought that the first Christmas without Grace but this one is the hardest.

Alistair is on the phone and he orders the fake merchant that Fancy told him about that he had better give Fancy anything that she wants or he will be fired.

Fancy tapes the whole thing while holding the tape recorder behind her back.

Alistair ends his call and then walks out of the room.

Norma and Edna find nothing in the house. They will just have to take a chill pill now until Tabitha returns. Norma can’t wait to kill Tabby. Edna warns that Tabitha better not be killed before she casts her spell again on her to make her young and beautiful. Edna really feels that Norma could use a zap or two. Norma might just take a couple.

Edna wants a drink. Norma finds a bottle and they drink straight from it.

Tabitha is worried. the tree is still spinning.

Chris and Sheridan worry about this ceremony. “I have never seen the tree do anything like this before.”

James telepathically tells Endora to make the tree turn faster.

ZAP! Endora has the tree turning like no one else’s business.

Chris and Sheridan watch the tree, and happen to be looking straight at it when it lifts off the ground and continues to turn suspended in air.

The crowd makes noises, but can’t help being thrilled at the sight of it all.

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