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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

James, Chris and Sheridan are out for the town tree lighting. James hasn’t been to one for years. Everyone will be there. James worries that the event will not be enjoyable because of Ethan’s kidnapping.

Fox flicks the switch and the lights on the tree goes on.

Fox and Kay are at Sam’s and are helping with the tree.

Sam is happy to see the kids getting back together.

In her heart, Ivy vows to keep those two apart all night. She sees Fox and Kay getting cozy by the tree.

Ivy walks between them pretending to be showing them how to properly fix the tree. Kay flashes a mean grin at Ivy. She knows what the woman is doing.

Spike has Jessica out and about. He pushes Jessica to take a pill. She really didn’t want it but she takes it.

Roberto and Paloma are with Simone, and they see Spike force the pill down Jessica’s throat. They want to just grab her and run but they don’t see how they will get the opportunity to do that. They want Jessica to be with her family for Christmas Eve.

Tabitha has been packing to leave home.

Endora is not happy and she breaks a dish to show her upset.

Tabitha tells her daughter that she can’t come with her mummy to run from murder as it will be too dangerous. Endora refuses to be left with Kay and Maria. Tabitha wishes that she could take her precious with her but she just can’t. Tabitha starts crying. “I love you and want you to be safe. Norma and Edna will get their hands on you if I don’t leave you here.”

Norma and Edna are in a sleigh pulled by a horse. They are making their way from Richmond to Harmony! They laugh about what they are going to do to Tabby when they get their hands on her. Edna is already drinking and singing bawdy songs.

At the cabin, Noah and Fancy hear the sirens of an approaching car. They rush into action.

Theresa tells Ethan that she will not let anyone take him from her. “Do you hear me? I will not let them take you…”

Noah sees the police car coming towards the house. He tells Fancy what is happening. She tells Noah that they have to keep Ethan from Gwen. Noah can’t believe his ears. “What? Now you want to keep Ethan from Gwen too?"

In the bedroom, Theresa hears the sirens. She panics but will not lose sight of what she has planned to accomplish here. “I will not let them take you Ethan.”

Gwen tells the officers to please hurry up. She curses herself for hanging up on the cop who called earlier.

Theresa comes out of the room. “We have to make a run for it.” Noah tells her that this is over. “We knew that this was going to end badly.” Noah now feels that they have to get Ethan out of there. Noah feels that they really have to face the music and give up. Theresa will not give up on Ethan.

She runs to the bedroom and locks herself in.

“Ethan… Ethan… I will protect you.”

At the Bennett’s, Kay soon realizes that Ivy is being a real bitch. She questions aloud why her mother left Harmony.

Ivy whispers to Kay that if she lets the cat out of the bag about Grace, she will be stepping in it too.

Roberto and the girls have a plan. They give Roberto all their money, and send him off.

Paloma and Simone watch as Roberto walks to Spike and Jessica and tries to make a deal.

Roberto says that he needs a party girl and he needs her right now. Spike says that he will take the man’s money and call him later. Roberto says that he wants someone right now.

Jessica has her back to Roberto as he speaks. She shakes her head, ‘no’ at the idea of going with this guy.

Paloma and Simone can’t tell if Roberto is doing okay with the plan or not yet.

Tabitha is ready to go now. She tells Endora that she will be fine with Kay. Endora is heartbroken. “I can’t risk staying here Endora. Norma frightened Timmy and me. The boys in the basement are afraid of her too.”

Tabitha remembers when Norma would just show up at the door and attack without warning.

She would pop out of gift boxes with the axe raised over her head. Tabitha fainted dead in her tracks that time.

She would chase Tabitha with that axe over her head all over the house. Tabitha would have to crawl through the old bag’s legs to get away.

(Sung to ‘Oh Christmas Tree!)

“Oh axe of mine…

…Oh axe of mine…

How sharply do I hurt you?”

Tabitha shudders.

She hears knocking at the door.

“Oh no! They are coming. We are going to die!"

Fox wants to sing some carols after drinking this eggnog.

Ivy hopes that Kay will keep her mouth shut about Grace while she is talking to Fox.

Fox and Kay are having eggnog with alcohol in it. It is good. Kay talks about her mother and how she used to make cookies with white icing and sugar and it was so good. She misses her mom. Especially now. Grace was really good at Christmas stuff… Family stuff. Kay has regrets but Fox doesn't know why. Kay tells that she was a little snot. “Maria is growing up and she needs a grandmother. Tabitha is good with Maria though. Nothing phases her.”

Someone is knocking at the door.

Tabitha goes to the baby and tells her that she has to take the child to the Bennetts and then sneak away into the night. Endora reminds her mother that Maria is upstairs. “Damn!" Tabitha forgot about her.

Tabitha runs to the boys in the basement. “Would you boys in the basement look after a human for a minute?"

The boys in the basement blow fire through the vent.

Endora turns to the door and ZAP! It opens!

Tabitha if full of fear. “Endora! What have you done?"

Sheridan, Chris and James enter. Tabitha is thrilled to see them. She greets them warmly.

Next she looks outside to see if anyone else is there.

Norma and Edna are singing holiday songs of their own making. They tell and sing of Tabitha getting killed and maimed by them.

Roberto sees that this deal is going bust.

He approaches Spike one more time. Spike tells that Jessica has just started and she can’t do a party yet. Jessica refuses to anyway.

Noah sees the cops are there. “Gwen is in the car.” Fancy tells that they can’t give up.

Gwen goes running out of the car. The officers tell her to stop. She will not.

She goes banging on the door. “Let me in Theresa! I want to see my husband. I know that you are in there. I am with the FBI!"

Theresa shouts back that she will never let Gwen in. “If you try to take me in! It will be the last thing that you ever do!"

Noah and Fancy listen in the living room as Gwen and Theresa shout back and forth to each other.

Tabitha asks Chris and Sheridan if they have seen anyone else outside. They tell her they haven’t. She says that it is a cruel, cruel world and she worries for her safety… That is all. She lets the trio in and locks the door securely behind them. Sheridan asks why Tabitha is dressed to go out? “Are you busy? I wanted to invite you and Endora to the town Christmas tree lighting.”

The boys in the basement roar, blowing fire out the vent. Luckily Sheridan, Chris and James don’t notice.

Tabitha says that she can’t go as Maria is upstairs and Kay is next door. Sheridan says that is great as they were going to ask the Bennetts to come too.

ZAP! Endora makes herself ready to go out although she hears her mother saying they can’t. Sheridan sees the little tyke is dressed, and is happy that she is ready to go. Now all they need is to get Maria ready. Sheridan rushes upstairs to get her.

Roberto threatens to take his money and go. Spike pushes Jessica a little more. “Come one honey… Do it.” She tells him ‘no’. Spike tells her to turn and see how much money this guy has.

Jessica turns and sees Roberto. “Hey I know you!" Spike asks who the guy is.

Gwen shouts at Theresa that she will be locked up for this. “Noah and Fancy what are you doing in there? You are accomplices!"

The FBI grab Gwen and move her from the door.

Another agent goes to the door and points his gun at it. “I will shoot the door open if you don’t let us in. I will count to three!”

Noah wants to stop this madness. Fancy tells him that he can’t do that right now.


Noah and Fancy look at each other without saying anything.


Noah rushes to the door. Fancy shouts at him to stop and leave the door shut.

Noah opens it, and sees the agent with the gun pointed at the door.

Another agent comes running in the cabin.

Gwen runs in after him heading for the bedroom.

Noah admits that Ethan is in the bedroom when asked.

Gwen goes to the bedroom demanding that it be opened. Theresa will not let her in.

The agent demands that the door be opened or he will shoot it open. Theresa shouts that he is crazy to do that. “What if you hit Ethan’s respirator? There is a sick man in here.”

Bang! The agent shoots the door and it flies open.

Theresa rushes to Ethan. “Are you crazy?"

Gwen rushes in and tosses Theresa into the door to get her out of the way.

Gwen goes to her husband and checks to make sure that he is okay.

Theresa fights the agent, who orders her to stay up against the wall. She will not. The man shows her his gun and warns her that he will not ask her again.

Roberto tells Jessica that he doesn't know her at all and that she is mistaken thinking that she does know him. Spike suspects that the guy is a cop and roughs him up for a minute.

Fox and Kay are at the tree decorating it.

Ivy watches them.

She remembers the advice that she gave Kay about Fox earlier.

The doorbell rings.

Chris, James, Sheridan, Tabitha, Endora and Maria enter. They all invite the Bennetts to go with them to the tree lighting. It is a lovely idea.

Tabitha gets Kay aside. “I have to go out of town. Could you watch Endora for me? You will have to stay at your father’s house. Norma is after me.” Kay tells that Norma was put in the Mental Institution. Tabitha tells that Norma has escaped and she is with Edna. They are coming to kill me. She can’t go to the cops as Norma and Edna will tell people that she is a witch. “I can’t take Endora with me this time. I love her too much for that. You will look after her. She will be okay with you. Just do your best to deal with her. If she makes trouble, just lie your way out of it. Take her to the tree lighting and then I will just slip away.”

Tabitha looks over at her Endora in the double stroller with Maria. Endora telepathically tells her mother, “Don’t leave me mommy!" Tabitha can’t stand this. It is breaking her heart.

Tabitha says goodbye to her baby in the Bennett living room. “Mommy has to go but it is for your own good. You can stay here and play with Maria and James. I know that you love Christmas and you can have it here. Santa will come down the Christmas tree.”

Fox and Kay take Endora and carry her to the tree.

Tabitha watches them. She will miss the girl. “My heart would break if I had a heart. Alright sweetpea! Happy… Happy Christmas!" She blows a kiss to her daughter.

Jessica is trying to focus. She is really high now.

Paloma and Simone are behind a fence watching and they see Jessica trying to focus on them.

Spike has Roberto up against a wall and he is ready to carve the man to pieces.

Jessica stops Spike’s assault and tells him that she was mistaken. Spike lets the kid go and warns him to behave while with Jessica.

An agent holds a gun on Theresa who is up against the wall.

Gwen talks to her husband telling him that she loves him.

Theresa shouts that Gwen is a liar. “You don’t love him. If you did, you wouldn’t want to kill him.”

Sirens are in the distance.

Gwen looks out the window. It is the ambulance ready to take Ethan back to the hospital. Theresa is heartbroken! “No!" She tries to get away. “No, you can’t take him back to the hospital.” The agent pushes Theresa back up against the wall. “I am going to read you your rights ma’am.”

Gwen watches Theresa with her arms crossed and angry. “Read her rights? Why bother? She probably knows them by heart by now.”

Money changes hands and Jessica is passed off to Roberto.

Roberto takes Jessica to her friends. They all hug. “What are you guys doing here?" They tell her that they are going to take her home to be with her family for Christmas.

Tabitha holds her baby alone in the Bennetts house. “Mind your manners. I don’t want to go but I have to.”

Sheridan and Kay come into he house. “Let’s go Tabitha.” Tabitha tells that she has errands to run. She gives Endora to Kay and sends them all off.

“Don’t forget to read Harry Potter to Endora at bedtime.”

Tabitha hears a cat screech. “Oh! I better get out of dodge.”

Norma and Edna are singing the twelve days of Christmas. Even 'Daddy' gets into it. Edna gives 'Daddy' a sip of her wine.

Edna recognizes 'Daddy' now. It was the year of ’64… Norma shakes her head at Edna.

They pass a sign that tells that it is 20 miles to Tabitha’s house! Woo hoo!

Ethan is being prepared to be transported to the hospital.

Noah and Fancy are being led out of the cabin in cuffs.

Gwen comes to them asking them how they could do this. Noah tells that Fancy didn’t know anything about this until she came up there looking for him. Noah felt that Ethan deserved to have another shot at life. He is sorry if he made things worse.

Theresa is being led out in cuffs. Theresa asks to see Ethan, but Gwen orders that Theresa be taken from her sight. Theresa is being led out when she starts screaming. “Ethan! Ethan! Wake up! They are going to kill you Ethan! Wake up!"

Slam! The door closes behind her.

Gwen turns to her husband and looks down at him.

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