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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Proofread by Jill

Norma and Edna are making their way to Tabby’s house. They are walking in the snow, and Edna has her walker with her. 'Daddy' tells Norma that they have to move faster. They will never make it.

Suddenly, they see a sleigh, and head over to it. “Oh happy day! Dashing through the snow…” That will be their transportation. They run over to the sleigh to ride it.

Kay is still upset over not being able to have Fox; Tabitha confirms it.

Meanwhile, Sam and Ivy are getting the Christmas decorations ready. They sit over a box of tangled lights and try to sort them out.

Fox comes downstairs, upset over Kay not wanting to be with him. Ivy says that maybe Kay just doesn't want him. Sam turns on Ivy, shocked at what he is hearing. Sam tells Fox that there are more decorations in the garage outside, and asks him to go and get them.

After he is gone, Sam tells Ivy that she surprised him. “I thought that you were going to help the kids get back together?" Ivy lies, saying that she wants that but said the wrong thing just now.  In her mind she thinks that she has to find a way to keep Kay from getting back with Fox, and she will figure out a plan to make that happen.

Noah apologizes again to Fancy for lying to her, and tries to get her to take him back. She can’t do that, she says. He has broken her trust forever.  He will have to find some way to convince her that they belong together.

Theresa is with Ethan in the bedroom at the cabin. She sits by him, looking into his face. “It is cold in here, isn’t it Ethan?"  Theresa goes to the window to close the drapes, and sees the police are still outside.  “I can’t let them find you.”

One of the officers outside the cabin calls the Crane mansion and gets Gwen on the phone. “I thought it was my duty to tell someone that there is something funny is going on at the Crane cabin.” Gwen is all ears.

Norma and Edna are on their way to the sleigh to use it to get to Tabby’s house. Edna feels that the sleigh with the horse attached to it is too obvious, and they will be seen and not get very far. 'Daddy' loves the idea. There are elf clothes in it. “This is the perfect way to hide”, Norma feels. “Who is going to stop Santa’s elves in a sleigh on Christmas Eve?"

“Get away from that!"

Norma and Edna turn to find Santa shouting at them to stop stealing his sleigh and to get away from there.

Tabitha tells Kay that King Midas had that same spell on him that Fox has now, and it didn’t work for him either when he tried to escape it. Kay hangs her head in sadness. She has lost Fox forever.

Suddenly, the phone rings.  It is Sam calling to see if his daughter is okay. He tells Kay to come over and decorate with them. It is Christmas Eve. “Decorating got lost in the shuffle because of Jessica and Ethan but come over anyway.” Kay asks about Fox and learns that he is still there. Kay decides to go over there then.  She hangs up and tells Tabitha that she will be going over to her dad’s house to decorate for Christmas.

The boys in the basement blow red fire through the vent. Tabitha warns Kay not to use “that word” in her house. Just to be a troublemaker, Kay calls out, “The Christmas spirit!"   The boys in the basement blow more red fire through the vent.

Fancy will have nothing to do with Noah or come back to him.

Theresa comes in the room to tell that the cops are outside still. They can do nothing about that but wait and see what happens next.

Rebecca comes to her daughter with Christmas cake. “You got to try this. It is delicious.”

Gwen is on the phone but puts the cop on hold to tell her mother that the police are on the phone about the cabin.  Gwen returns to the officer on the phone. He tells her that Noah is at the cabin and he would like to go in there to search. Gwen can’t be bothered with this right now. “I don’t know if you are aware of this but my husband is missing right now.” The officer tells her that is why he is calling. “I wonder if you would ask Mr. Crane to give us permission to search the cabin."

The boys in the basement are fuming and blowing fire out the vent in anger at Kay.

“Christmas carols!" Kay shouts.


“Christmas spirit!" Kay shouts.




Kay has figured something out. “Maybe the spell will be weakened by the Christmas spirit!

“Roar!" The boys in the basement growl. Kay rushes out happy; she has figured something out about the boys in the basement.

Tabitha is upset. “The boys in the basement hate Christmas.”

“Roar!" Tabitha shudders. “Darn. Now she has me doing it.”

Gwen can’t be bothered with this. “Just leave the cabin alone, officer, and forget about searching it," Gwen says, angry at being bothered with this and at being asked to go and find Alistair at a time like this. She hangs up.

The confused officer looks at his handset.   He tells the other officer that the woman he was talking to just hung up on him. The other officer isn’t happy to hear that. “Great! Now you made her mad," he gripes.

Santa orders Norma and Edna out of his sleigh. Edna is now dressed as an elf. “What do you think you are doing dressed like that?" Santa asks. Santa finds her ridiculous. Santa asks her about that skull Norma is holding in her hand. Norma introduces her father to Santa. He tells her that he is not really Santa, but just a man dressed up like him for the holidays. “There is no real Santa Claus, woman!" Norma gets angry when he says that.

“There is a Santa Claus! He comes down the chimney!" she says, punching Santa. “And he leaves toys for little girls and boys!" Norma gets ugly now. She starts advancing on the man.

Tabitha and Endora sit in the living room to watch television. They hear that some patients have escaped the Mental Institution in Richmond.   Tabitha worries for a minute that Norma and Edna might have been the escapees but then decides that is impossible.  The television then shows pictures of Norma and Edna as the escapees.  Tabitha is worried. “There is no rest for the wicked. Poor me!”  She remembers Norma with an axe over her, dressed as Santa Claus, threatening to kill her.  Tabitha can see that this is going to be another Christmas in hell.

Fox and Sam are looking at Christmas trees. Sam tells Fox that Kay will be back at the house, and that might be an opportunity for Fox to fix things. Fox feels that getting back with Kay might not be a good idea. “Kay resents me for wanting to be successful. I don’t know if we will ever get back together.”

Kay tells Ivy at the house that she will not let her split up her relationship with Fox. Ivy says that Sam really wants her and Fox to be happy. Kay is more interested in what it is Ivy wants.

Ivy grabs the Christmas lights and turns Kay around twisting the cords around the girl’s neck from behind. “I want you to die, Kay.”

Rebecca and Gwen are in the living room talking about Ethan.  Two plainclothes policemen arrive talking about the kind of woman who bought the ambulance. They have the ambulance driver with them. He is the man who sold the ambulance to Theresa. He remembers her, but can’t remember the name that the man went by.

Ethan’s respirator fails again. Noah, Fancy and Theresa go running to the room to save him. They go into the bedroom and start working on him. They have to save him or he is going to die. The electricity has failed again, it seems.

Sam tells Fox that he and Kay have the real thing. “I admire that you are successful in business, but no woman wants an absentee father and husband and so you have leeway for spending time with Kay.” Fox has to make his success now though. He has no trust fund and this work is all he has to make a life for himself, Maria and Kay.

“I like working too, and didn’t know that until now. I was a party-party guy but now I like to work. I have found my niche. Making millions is more fun than spending it, I have discovered.”

Sam is glad to hear that but he can’t lose sight of what is important and that is family. “I know what I am saying Fox. I am talking from experience.”

Ivy is choking Kay with the Christmas lights.  Well, she isn’t really choking Kay. Ivy is just thinking about doing it while Kay stands before her wondering what the smile on Ivy’s face is all about.  Ivy tells Kay that Fox deserves someone who has unconditional love and support for him. “You are so young and you don’t remember a lot of what went on in your life not so long ago. I don‘t want you to hurt Fox.” Kay feels that this might have something to do with Maria and Fox not being her real father. That isn’t it, Ivy says. Ivy says that she is like Kay and can relate. “I married Julian, but loved Sam. Have you thought about Miguel and what you would do if he returned? Would you jump into Miguel’s arms?" Kay has to think about that.

Noah and Fancy tell Theresa that they are going to work on the generator to get it working again so that they can restart it. Theresa works nonstop blowing into Ethan’s mouth to keep him alive until the generator is fixed.  Fancy can’t get over how much Theresa works and works on Ethan to keep him alive. She is touched by it, without wanting to feel that way. Noah knows already of Theresa’s dedication to Ethan and how she would do anything to save him; Noah has the same feelings for Fancy.  Theresa senses that Noah and Fancy are still in the room. She turns to them in between breaths. Theresa tells Noah and Fancy to hurry and fix the generator; she can’t keep this up much longer.

Back at the mansion, the ambulance salesman is trying to remember the name of the man that was with the woman who bought the ambulance. “It was biblical! Ah… Moses… No…”

Gwen suddenly says, “Was it Noah?" The man tells her that it was Noah who was with the lady who bought the ambulance.   Gwen turns to her mother. “Oh no! The police on the phone said that Noah was at the cabin! They wanted to search it!"

The man dressed as Santa is angry that he has been beat up on Christmas Eve. “How can you do that to Santa on Christmas Eve?" He questions. Norma shouts that he is not Santa.  The man gets his cell phone out to call the police.   Norma rushes the man and takes his cell phone from him, chewing it to bits and spitting it out. Santa shouts for help to anyone that might hear him. Norma rushes the man. Even the horse attached to the sleigh can tell that this isn’t going to be pretty when he sees how angry Norma is getting. Santa falls, but then grabs his big red sack, swinging it over his head to keep Norma from getting close to him. She isn’t afraid and the bag ends up hitting both Santa Claus and Norma. Both Norma and Santa get hurt from this and see stars for a moment… but only for a moment.  Soon they are all fighting, Edna included.

Edna prays that the angels in heaven will get her out of there but she remains.  Suddenly they are all fighting again. When they are done, Santa is wearing Norma’s clothes, and Norma is dressed like Santa.  Norma runs to Santa Claus with a giant candy cane from the sleigh, and she starts beating him with it. He lays on his stomach while being pummeled unable to move and save himself. Edna can only watch.

Tabitha tells Endora that they have to get packing to be ready to escape Norma and Edna when they finally arrive.   ZAP! Endora slams some things into a suitcase. Tabitha smiles. “No dear. You have to fold them!"

ZAP! Endora puts the clothes in the suitcase again, but this time they are folded.

What next, Tabitha wonders? “Roar!" The boys in the basement have something to say.

Ivy asks Kay about Miguel and what would happen if he returned without Charity and wanted Kay back. “He is Maria’s father and that is not an absurd idea to think about. Think about it Kay. If Fox made a real commitment to him, could you stick by it if Miguel wanted you back?"

Noah and Fancy work on the generator and get the electricity flowing in the bedroom of the cabin. Theresa is happy as a clam and the respirator is working again. She can stop her CPR now and hook up the machine.  Noah smiles at her through the window. He finds Theresa’s love for Ethan amazing. Fancy does too. Still, she has to remember that Theresa is the reason that Ethan is in the state he is in. Noah wants to talk about him and Fancy now. Fancy says that it is too late for them. “I have been watching my parents fight all my life, and betray each other, and I don’t want that.” Noah only knows that he does really love Fancy and that he can really make things work if given the chance. She walks away from him.

Theresa talks to Ethan who is back on his respirator. “I guess that you are not having a very merry Christmas are you? That is probably because of me Ethan." She looks over at Ethan with her big brown eyes.  She looks up and out of the window, and sees a prominent star. “Ethan! It is the Christmas star. Should I wish on it?"  Theresa closes her eyes. “Lord. Please don’t take away Ethan’s life. He is your son. We are all your children. Please let him embrace his life again. Let him embrace his daughter… Even his wife if it will mean that he will live again. I will keep my distance from him… I will give him up. Please give him back all the good rewards that his good heart deserves. Please. Let him live a long and happy life, even if I am not a part of it Lord.”

Gwen is in the back of a cop car, riding with the siren going. Two officers sit in front of the car. “Will you please hurry,” she begs. They are going as fast as they can. “I just want to get my husband back and away from that psycho.”

ZAP! Endora helps her mother get ready to run for their lives by packing more things for them to run away with quickly. Norma and Edna teaming up is a bad deal for sure, Tabitha knows.

Norma beats Santa Claus senseless.   Two little elves arrive and get angry when they see that Santa Claus has been beaten up. Edna and Norma hop in the sleigh and take off.  The elves try to follow but can’t; the sleigh is too fast. Norma and Edna are gone in the twinkling of an eye.

Meanwhile, Ivy and Kay are still talking about Kay’s relationship and whether Kay should pursue it or not.

Sam and Fox arrive at the house with the new Christmas tree. Fox goes to Kay to talk for a moment. He is glad to see her and she is glad to see him. Sam calls Fox to help him with the tree. Fox leaves for a moment.  Ivy takes this time to whisper to Kay that she should just stay away from Fox so that he doesn't get hurt. That is her advice and she hopes that Kay will take it. However,  Kay will decide how to handle this herself.

Sam asks Ivy if things are going to get better with the kids. “Did you get a chance to talk to Kay?" Ivy smiles saying that she did talk to Kay and that she will hope for the best for both the kids.

Fox and Kay are with the Christmas tree setting it up. Their hands touch. They look up into each other’s eyes.

Gwen is making her way to the cabin as fast as she can.  Theresa has Ethan all set up now. He breathes on the respirator like before. She lies on the bed beside him. “I love you.”

Noah is with Fancy outside the cabin. “I need you. Please, please say that you believe in me. That you believe in us.” 

Sirens are heard in the distance.

Noah hears the cops. “They must know that we have Ethan!"

Theresa hears the sirens and jumps up in the bed. “Oh no! The cops. I will not let them take you. I will not let them take you from me!"

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