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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

At the Mental Institution, the Christmas pageant is in full swing.

The guard catches Norma and Edna trying to sneak out of the place. They deny that they were trying anything.

The women go back into the room where the other inmates are. Norma and Edna still plan to get out of there and kill Tabby!

“Right 'Daddy'?" Norma asks her skull.

Tabitha is trying to help Kay with her plight with Fox. Tabitha is afraid that the boys in the basement are not going to like this at all.

Ivy tells Fox that it sounds like Kay is finished with him. Fox will not accept that. “I know that she is insecure about the relationship, but I love her and there has to be a way to fix this.”

Ivy secretly hopes not.

Kay is upset. Her father tries to console her. “I love him dad but I am afraid that it is never going to work out now. I know that we could be so happy together and I can’t lose him. I just can’t.”

The two cops at the cabin are arguing. One wants to go and leave the Cranes alone and one wants to stay and investigate more. They have found slashed tires, and Fancy is threatening to have them fired but still they have no answers.

Theresa thought that Fancy was trying to help her escape the police when they were there earlier and she was lying to them and threatening to have them fired. Fancy wasn’t trying to help Theresa, she hates her. “You stupid, stupid bitch!" THWACK!

Fancy has slapped Theresa hard in the face. She wants Theresa to understand that there isn’t any friendship between them. Theresa is after all the reason why Ethan lies motionless in the bedroom.

The guard orders Norma and Edna to get a seat and sit down.

Norma tells that Edna was about to go and change into her costume for the pageant. Edna can’t come up with a story as to what her act is about, but it doesn‘t matter, the guard will not let her leave anyway.

Edna can see that the window of opportunity to escape is closing on them now. They have to get the guards keys. They have to distract him.

Edna turns and sees the others in the Mental Institution practicing their acts. She has to help distract the guards.

Norma threatens Edna if she doesn't help to get them out of the hospital that night.

Tabitha is out of control. her spell to get Kay back with Fox is causing all kinds of trouble. Items fly out of the pot in all directions of the room.

Tabitha talks about Norma and how she will come with murder on her mind, as she usually does at Christmas.

The boys in the basement blow fire out of the vent to the basement. It seems that they have discovered that Tabitha is working against them by trying to put Fox and Kay back together again.

Tabitha goes to Endora to try to explain to her that they can’t help Kay with this or they will be in trouble with the boys down below. Endora doesn’t care about that.

Kay says that her jealousy of Valerie has been getting in the way of her relationship and so she took the phone off the hook one night. “That would have been fine but there was a huge crisis at work and Fox went to work and worked with Valerie to save the day. I thought that I saw them kissing and I went crazy. I was yelling at them and it was crazy.” Sam wants to know what led her to think they were kissing. Kay says that doesn’t matter. Fox was really mad, but Sam wonders if he still is now. Kay loves Fox but she just keeps causing him problems and that is why Kay has to break up with him.

Fox has no idea why Kay wants to break it off with him.

Ivy feels that Kay may have been making an excuse to break up with Fox. “Think about it. Kay has had a really tough time. Miguel gets her pregnant and her mother left her to go off with another man. I am no shrink but when people betray you like that, you get scars. Maybe Kay can’t commit to you.” Fox doesn't care. “She makes me happy mom. She really does.” Ivy says that she really did want things to work out with Kay but the emotional issues that Kay has could take years to resolve in Ivy’s opinion. Fox is fine with that. He will be there for Kay. Ivy only sees that Fox has a lot on his plate and he can’t handle all that at work and Kay too.

Noah stops Fancy from hitting Theresa anymore. Theresa is sorry for what happened to Ethan but she didn’t mean it. “It was an accident. I was out of my mind.” Fancy finds that Theresa is still out of her mind. Noah stands up for Theresa. “It was a horrible tragic accident but that is all that it was.” Fancy only sees death and destruction wherever Theresa goes. “You take one man’s life and now you have decided that you have to save another. Just who the hell do you think you are?"

Sam tells Kay that all young couples have problems like this. Kay feels that Valerie is trying to get her fired. Sam knows that Fox cares for his daughter and not Valerie. “He is in the kitchen pouring his heart out to his mother. I think that he wants to work things out. go in there and talk to him. I am sure that you are going to figure something out.”

Fox feels that his mother is blowing things out of proportion about how Kay is handling things. “Whatever is wrong with Kay is probably temporary," he feels. Fox suddenly feels like his mother is trying to get him to break up with Kay and he asks her if that is what this talk is all about. She says that she is just trying to see her son happy. “If Kay is the girl that you choose, then I want you to be happy. It wasn’t that long ago when you chose Whitney to be your one true love remember that?” Fox says that was different. Ivy asks then how he can know that things with Kay may not change as well. “Why don’t you find out if Kay really is the one for you? Come to the Christmas Country Club Dance with me. There are lovely girls there and they will put a smile on your face. I just want to see you happy. What do you say?"

Noah looks out the window and tells that the cops are still outside snooping around. Theresa rushes to be with Ethan in case the cops do come back and she gets caught.

Noah gives Fancy a strange look now that Theresa is gone. She thinks that he feels that she was too hard on Theresa, but it isn’t that at all. “I was thinking how you think that love isn’t predestined by fate Fancy. You were wrong. Theresa and Ethan are together. They are together. You fight against the idea of them and yet they are together.” Fancy’s mouth opens when she realizes that Noah is right about that.

The pageant continues. “Put your hands together for Cinnamon Buns people!" The announcer leaves the stage now.

The sexy music comes on.

Edna comes out with her walker and does a dirty dance. She undoes her hair and shakes it for the crowd.

Norma talks to 'Daddy' about Edna’s distraction. “I have to get those keys 'Daddy'.”

The guard is watching Edna’s act, and while he is busy with that, Norma tries to lift his keys.

Tabitha keeps working on her spell.

The flying items in the room stop flying now. Tabitha wonders if she really stopped the spell or not. They will have to wait to see if Fox and Kay get back together again or not.

Ivy really wants Fox to see other girls and see if Kay is really the one for him. Fox will not see other girls. ***“I want Kay and I am going to get her back.”

Sam really feels that Fox will forgive her for what she did and how she acted. Sam knows that if the kids both want the same thing then nothing will stand in the way of their getting back together.

Kay thinks to herself that magic can get in the way of her getting back with Fox.

She turns and Ivy and Fox enter the kitchen. Fox and Kay’s eyes meet.

Theresa talks to Ethan. All she cares about his safety. “I love you Ethan. God is not going to take you from me. I know that he won’t.”

Fancy can see that Noah has been around Theresa way too long. Theresa isn’t experiencing fate, she is just really lucky that she isn’t in prison now. Noah is still grateful that Fancy decided that Ethan could live. She loves Ethan and can’t give him up without a fight. Noah feels that way about Fancy too. “I think that our love deserves another chance. What do you say Fancy?"

The two cops are still outside the cabin. They decide that a call should be made to check this whole thing out.

Edna tosses her jacket to the crowd, but they are not interested in seeing more of her under her clothes.

Norma almost had her hands on the keys but the guard suddenly turned around and so Norma jumped back.

Edna is getting really daring now with the dirty dancing and the guard can’t take his eyes off her.

Suddenly, Edna gets caught in the drapes on stage and falls down causing a commotion.

She gets loose. “Anyone want to see more?" The crowd ‘boos’ at her to stop her crappy act.

Tabitha has no idea what to do next. She has no idea what she is doing right now.

ZAP! Endora puts her fingers in the pot and stirs up trouble. Things start flying across the room again.

Tabitha is upset when she sees what Endora has done. “Keep away from that spell Endora! Mommy has no idea what she is doing!"

Over at the Bennett house, Fox and Kay take a couple of steps closer to one another. He seems happier to be in her presence now.

Kay thinks to herself that Tabitha’s spell must be working.

The crowd gets nasty and starts attacking Edna on stage. She uses her walker to hold the crowd back.

Norma has gotten her hand on the keys.

She waves them at Edna who is still on stage.

The guard tries to make his way to the stage.

Norma throws 'Daddy' at Edna.

Edna catches the skull and holds it in front of her to get the crowd to move back from her. She gets a clear path to Norma and then they are running for the door with the keys.

Tabitha soon realizes that the spell has stopped. Endora has helped her with it.

Fox and Kay are about to talk about their relationship.

The phone rings.

Fox has to take this.

He gets on the cellphone. “What? No no, I am not busy right now. What is it?"

Sam and Ivy look at each other when they see Fox snub Kay. Ivy can barely hide the smile on her face.

Kay sees that she was wrong. “Tabitha wasn’t able to change the spell," she thinks to herself.

Noah tries to make Fancy see that they are worth another try. Fancy disagrees. “Just because Ethan deserves another chance doesn't mean that you do too.”

Theresa talks to Ethan in the bedroom. “Come back to me.”

The officers reach the Crane’s house. Gwen is there. the officers would like to speak to her if possible.

The officer on the phone tells his partner that Gwen will have to do. “She is the wife of the guy that was kidnapped.”

Norma and Edna make their way through the halls of the Mental Institution and finally they make it out of the place.

“I think that we lost them.” The women laugh. Daniel tells Norma not to let the smelly old woman touch him again. 'Daddy' tells Norma that she knows what she has to do now.

Norma gets her knife out. She warns Edna not to try to split and head for Las Vegas if that is what she is thinking. Edna just smiles sweetly.

Tabitha is happy now. She has fallen and Endora found that quiet entertaining. Endora tells her mommy to do it again. Tabitha tells her no.

ZAP! Endora makes her mother do the whole thing backwards right to the beginning.

ZAP! Endora makes her mother do the whole thing fast forwarding.

Kay has had enough. Sam tells her to wait and talk to Fox but she leaves. Fox will never have time for her.

Fox ends his call.

“Where is Kay?" Nothing has to be said. Fox knows that he put his job before her again. He goes to the kitchen.

Sam turns to Ivy. Let’s you and I get Fox and Kay back together.”

In her mind, Ivy will never do it but she lies to Sam saying that she will.

Fancy is still angry that Noah didn’t let her in on what he was thinking. He said that he wanted to tell her but Theresa knew that Fancy would call the police. Fancy just wanted a chance to do the right thing and make a decision. “You lied Noah. I can’t be in a relationship with no trust. We are through.”

Theresa is laying on the bed beside Ethan. “Please Ethan. You have to come back to me. Come back, so that you can live.”

Officer Kline calls Gwen to ask about the cabin. The other officer walks off feeling uncomfortable.

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