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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chris gets Sheridan home after she has fallen through the ice. James helps his dad get Sheridan warm again.

Chris will run her a hot bath. He leaves to run the water.

Sheridan has to get out of her wet clothes. She calls to Chris.

“Can you help me get my clothes off? My hands are too cold to do it myself.” Chris returns to help and will close his eyes so that he sees nothing that he shouldn’t.

At the Mental Institution, Edna is on the walker again. She is dying to break out of this joint. There is going to be a Christmas pageant and all the inmates are getting ready for it.

Edna finds Norma all dolled up like an oversized Baby Jane doll. Her face is whitened, and she wears the silliest doll outfit. Edna can’t believe that she is going to wear that get up to kill Tabitha when they break out of the joint.

Kay is upset. She can’t understand how Tabitha can put Chris and Sheridan together and not she and Fox.

Fox comes to Tabitha’s window, and sees Kay talking to Tabitha inside. He wonders what happened to them and why she and he are not together anymore.

Sam and Ivy are in the kitchen. She sits on his lap kissing him as they go over the places they have made love in the past. They were like college kids and still are.

Noah and Fancy discuss the cops being in the house and possibly finding out that Ethan is in the house.

One officer wants to check the doors, while the other wants to just go.

Theresa is in the closet hiding. She only prays that the officers will just go so that she and Noah will not be caught with Ethan in the cabin.

Suddenly, the more suspicious of the two officers walks directly to the closet and starts opening the door.

Theresa is inside praying with everything that is inside her that she not be caught. She sees the knob moving though and knows that in moments she will be found out.

Sheridan shivers as Chris takes her clothes off. He keeps his eyes open and she doesn’t mind a bit. Next he gets her robe and covers her. She turns to him thankful. They hold hands and look into each other’s eyes.

James comes in the room. “Are you okay?" Sheridan is starting to feel better she tells. Chris leaves with James to make Sheridan something hot to drink.

She finally feels that she has waited long enough, she says smiling to herself.

Sam and Ivy are still singing the other’s praises in the kitchen. She can’t wait to be his wife. This isn’t the right time with Ethan missing and Jessica in trouble. “Well at least Fox and Kay are doing well," Sam says.

Fox has come into the kitchen and he hates to disappoint but he has to announce that he and Kay are not doing all that well at all.

Kay demands answers. “Why can’t you put me with Fox again Tabitha?" Tabitha knows that the dark side wants this and her trying to change things will only anger the dark forces. She doesn't want to risk another Tsunami either by screwing things up. “You have to accept the consequences of your actions Kay. You and Fox are finished.”

The officer gets the door open, but Fancy orders him not to open the door anymore or he will suffer the consequences. Fancy threatens the man’s job but he doesn’t care about that. The other officer tells the man to shut the door. “I am not risking my pension for you. Shut the door now! That is an order!" The officer closes the door.

Theresa breathes a sigh of relief. She was almost found out.

The officers leave the cabin.

Theresa comes out of the closet. “That was close.” Noah turns to Fancy now. “You had your chance to tell the cops what they wanted to know, why didn’t you Fancy?"

Fox tells Sam and his mother that Kay never wants to see him again. He starts telling the story to Sam of what happened, but Ivy interrupts and asks Fox to make some coffee for them first.

Sam whispers to Ivy that they should talk to the kids and see if they can patch things up by talking to them separately. Sam offers to talk to Kay about this and tells Ivy to do her best with Fox. He leaves the house.

Ivy can’t understand why Kay would break up with her son. She was trying so hard to keep him.

Kay warns Tabitha that she had better get Fox back for her. Tabitha can’t do that. “He is gone! Be happy!" Kay made a mistake and wants help making things right. Tabitha tells Kay to ask her fairy godmother to help her instead. Maybe she can help instead. Kay says that she hasn’t got one. Well one that she doesn’t know about apparently, or knew about. Tabitha confesses that she caught the fairy trying to turn Timmy against her and so Tabitha killed her… dead! Kay feels that since Tabitha killed her fairy godmother she owes it to help get Fox back.

Norma and Edna sit to talk business. Edna tells Norma to go and change out of her Baby Jane outfit so that they can get ready to get out of the institution. Norma will not leave until she does her number as the infamous Baby Jane.

The guard comes into the room. Edna tells Norma that they have to go now and get ready while the guard is busy with the pageant and won’t notice them. “You still want to kill Tabitha don’t you Norma?" Norma’s mind races and her face contorts…

She remembers trying to kill Tabby in the shower…

…Trying to axe her head off…

…Popping out of a gift box to scare the life out of her…

Oh yeah… Norma wants to see Tabitha alright. “I want to see her die!"

Fancy tells why she didn’t tell the cops about Ethan being there or Theresa being in the closet. She was remembering the past. She was ten and she didn’t get picked up for Christmas. She called a number for emergencies…

“…I came home for Christmas but no one was there. I looked all around. I called the kitchen to see if the family was in there for dinner. The family had left and there…”

Fancy had come home to be alone and there wasn’t even a present under the tree. “If Ethan hadn’t shown up, I would have died and he made it the best Christmas ever for me.” Noah and Theresa smile as Fancy tells her story.

Fox tells his mother everything that happened and how he saved the project. “Then Kay shows up and she accuses Valerie of some crazy things. She even said that she saw me kissing Valerie. I hugged her but that was all. Then she starts blaming herself for losing it. She said that we were finished and she left and that is the last time we spoke.” Ivy says that she finds that the teamwork that he has with Valerie seems really important. Fox wrinkles his brow. Who cares about that? Fox doesn’t care about the teamwork that he has with Valerie. “Without Kay I have nothing mother.”

Ivy can see that she still has her work cut out for her here.

Kay is not playing softball anymore with Tabitha. “You better help me Tabitha or I will tell all of Harmony that you are a witch! Are you going to help me or does everyone get to find out the truth?" Tabitha turns to Kay with her mouth hanging open. She just gets so ruthless sometimes. Endora just laughs and laughs.

Norma and Edna sneak around as best as they can to get out of the Mental Institution while the Christmas pageant is starting.

The announcer announces, “Norma! Singing ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’, the amazing, Norma!"

Norma perks up and stands tall. She wants to do this song for daddy! Edna had no idea that the woman’s father was going to be there. Norma assures her that he is there. Edna asks where he is. She would like to meet him.

Norma grabs a skull on the table nearby, and moves the jaws of it as she speaks for it in a crotchety old man’s voice. “Why I am the daddy!"

Edna sees now exactly what she is dealing with and she screams when she realizes that Norma is completely crazy. Norma is a full-blown nut!

Tabitha tells Kay that she screwed herself with the Fox deal. Kay wants to show the benefits of helping to get Fox back that there are for Tabitha. “Maria and I will probably be living here forever if you don’t help me get Fox back.” That gets Tabitha’s attention. She doesn't want Kay and Maria staying forever. Kay even says that maybe Maria’s kids will be living there as well. Tabitha doesn't like the sound of that. “Maybe I will try to help after all then dear.” Kay is going next door to see if there is any news on Ethan or Jessica. Tabitha promises to try to work on something for her and Fox while she is gone.

Tabitha just wishes that Kay would accept the fact that things are over with Fox and let her be.

Ivy tells Fox that he should be concentrating on the company and taking it over instead of Kay. Fox finds that he doesn’t care about that if he hasn’t got Kay. Fox feels that his mother should understand as she is with the person that she loves, and he only wants that for himself. Fox has an idea. “You talk to her and let her realize that she is as important to me as Sam is to you.”

Fancy tells how she felt as a child being abandoned at Christmas. “I was feeling worthless and unloved. Then Ethan came in laden with Christmas presents for me. I hugged him.”

“…I held on to him for dear life…”

“…His love was the best Christmas present ever. He saved my life that day and it is only fair that I help save his life right now.”

Sheridan is in bed now. Chris sits by her and makes sure that her electric blanket is high and keeping her warm. She asks Chris to get in bed with her and keep her warm. He does as he is asked. She has Goosebumps and he rubs them flat. “That is much better.” He kisses her fingers. It has been an unbelievable night. It was a bad night but now it has turned out to be wonderful, just wonderful.

Endora sees her mother is wearing shades and wonders why she has them on.

Tabitha tells that she doesn't want the boys in the basement to know that she is the one that is going against their spell.

Tabitha gets her ingredients together while she complains about the respect that witches get these days.

Edna is still screaming as she watches Norma with the skull that she refers to as ‘daddy’.

A guard comes over to talk to Edna and stop her screaming. “Haven’t you met 'Daddy'? Everyone has met him.”

Norma is shown to the stage.

She sings but in a horrible voice.

Tabitha has to plug her ears to get through it.

Fancy tells how Ethan has always been here for her. “I have never done anything to repay Ethan for what he has done for me. I now think that maybe to repay Ethan for his kindness means that I should keep the police out of this. I am at peace with my decision.”

The two cops are outside the mansion discussing whether to stay or whether to go.

As they are leaving, one of the officers sees that the tires on the cars are slashed. “So something is going on here. Let’s go and find out what Noah and Fancy Crane have to say about this.”

Sheridan tells Chris that she is feeling alive again. “I am reborn, happy and optimistic. Most of all I am hopeful. I want to share my life with someone special. Someone who is very close to me.” She touches his face. He leans in to kiss her.

Fox asks his mother again to help him convince Kay that he wants her and not Valerie. Ivy says that she doesn't feel that her intrusion will help matters. Fox says that maybe Sam should talk to Kay with Ivy. Ivy says that Fox just needs to face the fact that Kay doesn't want to see him anymore. “Maybe it is not about you but about Ethan, or Jessica… Maybe you should just forget Kay and move on.”

Sam is in the house thinking to himself in the living room.

Kay walks in upset and throws her coat on the couch. Her father is there to console her. She tells him that everything is wrong.

Norma shrieks her way through her song.

She gets to the end of the song, and no one claps.

She bows anyway, and then grabs 'Daddy' and runs to the back of the room where Edna is.

Norma wants to sing more songs, but Edna tells Norma that they have to get to Tabitha.

Norma’s face contorts, “Tabitha!"

Norma and Edna head to the door to leave.

A guard sees them. “Where do you think you are going?"

Tabitha with her shades on tosses a picture of Fox and Kay in her brew and does her spell.

Endora is pleased. It seems to be working.

“If this doesn’t work, it could blow me away," Tabitha says.

A red smoke goes flying through the room. Tabitha stands back.

The officers argue. One wants to find out what is really going on around the cabin while the other one wants to get out of there before they lose their jobs.

Theresa tells Fancy that she is right to feel the way that she does because there is still a chance to get Ethan free. Theresa says some very nice things, but Fancy isn’t fooled.

THWACK! “Don’t make the mistake Theresa! You are still the reason why Ethan is in there the way that he is, and I haven’t forgotten that.” Theresa holds her hand to her cheek as she looks up into Fancy’s face surprised.

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