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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Will be late

Jessica and Simone are in the park laughing like young girls again. Jessica is thankful for Simone for all her help with Spike. She misses her friend, whether she is straight or gay.

Spike is watching the girls.

He gets some teens to do him a little favor.

The teen girls start walking to Simone and Jessica in a rough, scary manner. Spike stands behind smiling.

Chris and Sheridan, along with James are in the park heading to the skating rink to have more fun.

Tabitha and Endora watch as Sheridan and her favorite guys head to the rink. Tabitha is going to have some fun with them.

Kay appears at the park walking straight to Tabitha and Endora. “Tabitha, my life is over.”

Fancy is with Ethan saying goodbye before heading out to find help to get him back to the hospital. “I will send an ambulance for you. The police will arrest Theresa and Noah.”

Officers have come to see Noah at the cabin. Theresa hides in the closet. The officers are ready to leave but they see two cars in the driveway when there should only be one. The officers know now that Noah can’t be in the cabin alone. They pull their guns on him and order him to freeze.

Theresa is in the closet and she makes a noise.

The officers hear the noise inside the cabin, and demand to know who is in there. Noah keeps saying that the car that they are asking about was there when he arrived at the cabin.

Theresa is in the closet and she panics, fearing this might be the end. She hears that Noah is having trouble with the officers at the door and now the gig might be up.

Kay tells Tabitha that her spell worked and now her love life is over. Kay insisted on the spell being cast and now she has the nerve to be upset about it. Tabitha had no choice in the matter if she remembers correctly. Kay threatened to tell that she and Endora were witches. What could Kay do? Kay is sorry that she did this. Now she has lost Fox to Valerie. Tabitha listens as Kay tells that she made a fool of herself. “Fox and Valerie were not kissing. The boys in the basement made that up to fool her. They were congratulating each other on saving the project. I made a scene and Fox will not want to talk to me anymore and I don’t blame him.”

Chris puts Sheridan’s skates on for her and laces her up.

Spike has something good in mind for Simone and he smiles while he watches it go down.

The hoodlum teens go over to Jessica and Simone trying to get Simone to go with them to have a little fun. Simone says that she isn’t interested in any of that. They come on to her strong, but Simone begs off. One of the girls drops her bag and Simone goes to pick up the bag being courteous. The girl who owns the bag leans in to get it as well.

That is when one of the girls accuses Simone of feeling her up.

TC comes over and hears that his daughter is being accused of touching a girl sexually. “What is the matter with you Simone?"

Fancy cries as she talks to Ethan. “I remember when we were little. You were being careful when we played on the trampoline, and I didn’t have the patience to learn properly. I went first and jumped higher and higher. You warned me but I didn’t listen. I flew off the trampoline and you appeared between me and the grass and you caught me. I would have broken my arm or worse but you got to me. You saved my life Ethan, and I wish that I could save your life now. All I can do is bring word to Gwen and have you die in peace the way that you want, and not here with that damn Theresa!"

Theresa is in the closet, and she can only hope that Noah can get rid of those cops.

The cops come into the cabin and want to look in the doors to the closet and the bedroom. Noah wants to be taken at his word. He says that he is alone and he wants the cops to believe him but they are going to look anyway.

The officers go to the bedroom to look in there, but Fancy comes out before they can get in the door. The cops turn to Noah. “I thought that you were alone.” Fancy says that she will be the one to set the record straight here.

Noah knows that now he and Theresa are rally sunk.

Fancy tells the officers who she is. The cops are interested in why Noah lied to them about being the only one in the cabin.

Theresa still hides and waits to see what happens next.

Noah tells Fancy to go ahead and tell the officers what they want to know. Fancy closes the door to the bedroom and offers the cops some coffee. The officers see that Fancy is making sure that the door stays closed to the bedroom. They wonder why. She says that the room is a mess. The officers demand to see some ID to have her prove who she is. She can’t believe that these cops have no idea that they are talking to Fancy Crane. They have to admit that she certainly acts like one.

Noah wonders why Fancy isn’t blurting out the truth already. This is her perfect chance to blow the lid off things.

The officers heard a weird breathing sound when she came out of the bedroom just now. “What was that?" She says that she has a white noise machine in the bedroom for making love. She kisses Noah as she tells them this, while secretly digging her heel into his toes. The cops believe that when she threatens to tell her grandfather about how they are treating her.

Fancy seems to be helping but Theresa knows that she has to be up to something.

Tabitha tells Kay that she knew exactly how this was going to go down so crying over spilled milk now is a waste of time. “Put a cork in it now Kay.” Kay wants the spell undone but Tabitha says that she can’t change anything. Kay can't believe that she did this.

Spike loves that Simone’s father has shown up to rag on her in public. This is working out better than he thought.

TC hates that his daughter is a lesbian and now he finds out that she feels girls up when she gets a chance. Jessica defends her friend. Simone says that she isn’t into trash.

Liz has come over to listen to the arguing.

Julian and Eve too have come over to see what the arguing is about, but they stand by Simone and believe that she wouldn’t hit on a girl the way that she has been accused of doing. Eve hugs her daughter protectively as she faces the thugs. TC isn’t surprised that his ex-wife would side with his deviant daughter.

Sheridan, Chris and James are on the rink skating and having fun in the park. They separate and go all around.

Tabitha, Endora and Kay are sitting watching the skaters. Kay can’t get her mind off Fox. “I really love him and Maria does too. I can tell. Where is Maria by the way?" Tabitha tells that Maria is with a sitter that has been conjured up for the job back at the house. “Maria is in the hands of the Major. Now leave me alone Kay. I am concentrating on Sheridan. It is time for me to do what the dark side pays me for.” Kay isn’t going to like this she feels. Tabitha tells that Sheridan has been reluctant to get involved with Chris and that is going to change. The dark side wants Sheridan to get over Luis and be with Chris. Tabitha will see to it.

Spike is happy with his plan. The plan has taken on a life of its own. His hoodlum girls are in place and now Simone’s family is there as well.

Eve stands up for her daughter and her lifestyle. Simone is being bashed for being gay and that is not right. That is a hate crime. TC calls Simone sick and unnatural for being a lesbian. He used to think that he had the most perfect family in the world. “I was wrong. Come to find out that my ex-wife is and was a slut… My daughter had a baby with her half-brother and now my baby girl can’t control her sexual urges and comes on to girls.” Julian knows that somewhere in him, TC loves his daughter. “Being gay is about love TC, and not about sex.” Eve knows that Julian is right. TC will not defend Simone’s sick lesbian ways.

Spike gestures for the girls to move on with the plan.

The girls start up with Simone again threatening her.

Eve tries to protect her daughter from these scary teens, but they pull a knife. They threaten to kill Simone. TC instinctively gets in front of his daughter to protect her but the girls are not afraid of him.

The officers ask why they didn’t get a call from Fancy to tell that she was going to be at the cabin. She didn’t know that she had to tell anyone. She tells how she has come up there with Noah in secret and she wants her grandfather not to know about it. Fancy tries to bribe the officers, but that doesn't work.

The officers still want to know what that noise was that they heard at the back of the cabin. They still want to check out the bedroom and the closet. Fancy tells that the men will be arrested if they open any of those doors.

Theresa hears everything from the closet and she smiles wondering what it is that Fancy is doing out there.

Theresa hears Fancy trying to protect she and Noah and she wonders why. She threatened all night to take Ethan in and now she does the opposite.

Fancy is still threatening the officers with their jobs but they persist with their questions. “What made the noise that we heard?" She says that she probably has a rat in the room, (meaning Theresa). “And if I do have a rat in there, then with any luck it will suffocate.” The officers walk to the door.

Noah whispers to Fancy asking her what she is doing by protecting he and Theresa. She ignores him thinking quietly.

The thug points her knife at TC, while the others stand behind her. TC is not afraid.

The girl swipes at TC and the others. Julian gets hurt. Jessica runs off.

Spike is waiting when Jessica runs. She is out to find the police. She runs into Spike and he grabs her dragging her off with him.

Back with the crowd, Eve sees to Julian’s hand. Simone stands with her parents. The thugs take this time to rush off. “We will be seeing you again lezzie!" they shout as they run away.

TC was protective of his daughter, but he is still unhappy with her and her lifestyle.

Tabitha smiles as she watches Sheridan skating. Kay watches to see what it is that she is going to do next.

Tabitha wiggles her fingers…

The ice before Sheridan cracks and she falls through.

Chris sees her and rushes to save her.

He leaves James safely on the side of the ice, and he gets on his stomach and reaches out with his hand to grab Sheridan’s hand and pull her out of the hole in the ice before she perishes. He reaches her and pulls her out. “You saved my life,” she tells him.

“That should do it," Tabitha says. “Sheridan needs a hero and Chris fits the bill.” Kay finds this funny. “Why would you want to cast a spell that brings Chris and Sheridan together?" Tabitha only tells her that it is elementary…

Julian will be fine. TC tells everyone that they all make him sick. “You are gay and your mother is a slut. She chose her rich, white sugar daddy over her sister and husband. It is true Eve, you are a slut.”

Jessica asks Spike to give her his cellphone so that she can call the police. He will not do that. He tells her that she has been very uncool lately. He orders her back to work but she will not do it. He figures that she is upset and he gets that. “You go home and the family tells you that things are going to be better, but it never is.” Doesn’t matter. Jessica is through turning tricks. She hates this whole situation.

Spike reaches into his pocket and takes out a yellow pill. “Take this and you will feel a lot better.”

Noah whispers about Fancy protecting him and Theresa. She asks where Theresa is. Noah confirms quietly that Theresa is in the closet.

One officer wants to go, but the other feels that they are hiding something… but what?

“You are an abomination Simone.” Eve wonders who could do something like this to their own daughter. “Your ignorance is disgusting TC. Being gay isn’t a reason to hate someone. That is as senseless as racial discrimination. Have you forgotten slavery, and being judged for your color? You are reviling your daughter.” TC knows that Eve got this from her side of the family. Julian wonders how TC ever became an educator. TC thinks that is fine coming from a Crane. The sight of Simone, and her mother makes TC sick.

Liz tells Julian that he need not get her anything for Christmas. “Seeing you cut by someone after Eve’s lesbian daughter is a gift in itself. Merry Christmas Julian…”

Spike offers Jessica the pill but she hasn’t taken it. “I want to help Simone. She is my friend.” Spike tells Jessica that Simone is bad news. Spike says that he wants to protect Jessica but he can’t do that if they are not together. “Now take this pill. Take it.”

Jessica takes the pill and swallows it. Spike hugs her and rubs her head. “That is my girl.”

Chris has Sheridan sitting now and he gives her his coat to warm her up.

Tabitha and Endora come along with Kay and talk to Chris and Sheridan telling her that she is very lucky to have a man like Chris. Sheridan admits that she is very lucky indeed. Chris carries Sheridan away as James follows.

Kay doesn’t get it. “How does them falling in love make the dark side happy?" Tabitha tells Kay that she is in love and miserable. “If you want to see what goes wrong for those two, you will have to stay tuned Kay.”

Theresa is trying to understand this turn of events. “Why is Fancy helping us?"

Noah and Fancy sit and hope that the cops will get going now and leave them alone.

The officers still debate whether they should ignore Fancy and look behind the doors, or whether they should just leave.

Noah and Fancy worry now that the cops are not going to leave. Fancy’s only concern is for Ethan.

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