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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha and Endora sit on the couch playing. It is chilly this morning. There is more snow on the way. They should go out and get a new winter coat for Endora. Endora worries that they need money and don’t have any to buy a winter coat. Tabitha laughs at her. “We will just go out and about to see what others are wearing and then we will come home and conjure it up.

The big blue pot starts bubbling.

Tabitha and Endora look over at the pot. Tabitha covers Endora’s eyes to hide what is showing in the pot.

Tabitha hurries to get Endora ready and outside to find a coat suitable for toddlers.

Jessica is freezing her butt off in the snow.

Spike comes to see her. Jessica begs him to let her go inside to warm up. He warns her that she has to make money and that they lost a lot with her going back and forth to her dad’s. She reconsiders her staying with Spike, but he reminds her that her family doesn't care about her like he does.

Theresa wakes and finds Ethan has made it through the night. “It is morning Ethan! It snowed again last night. We have to get out there and enjoy the beautiful day.”

Noah and Fancy are in front of the fire. They lay naked under a blanket. He apologizes to her for being untrue to her. She tells him to be quiet and to just kiss her. They start kissing.

No one sees it, but a flicker of flame flies from the fireplace and lands on the blanket starting a fire.

Jessica feels that she should be home for Christmas. “I am always home at Christmas.” Spike tells her that he has plans for her at Christmas so she isn’t to go anywhere.

Simone turns the corner and sees her friend with her pimp. Jessica calls to her. Spike orders the Lesbo Avenger out of the area right away.

Tabitha and Endora are out with the stroller walking around. Endora loves the Christmas music and people all milling around. Tabitha hates this. “All wise witches should be in bed with the covers over their heads on days like this. Tabitha tells that this isn’t fun at all. You could get kidnapped if you are not careful Endora. Stay with mommy no matter what you do.”

ZAP! A reindeer in the Christmas tree sale lot disappears.

Endora sees a Christmas tree and wants it. Tabitha is not happy to hear that.

Sheridan talks to Gwen telling her that she has to stay strong. “The police are looking for Ethan even as we speak. “I love you.”

Chris knows that Ethan will be found. Sheridan has to wonder what Theresa was thinking when she did this.

The phone rings.

Chris answers to someone who makes him smile.

“James… It is the Christmas elf.” Sheridan suddenly remembers that she booked an appointment for James to have his picture taken with Santa. They rebook the appointment for later that day.

Theresa is looking out the window. The scenery is beautiful. “Remember that time that we were here and I slipped on the ice, and you fell on top of my and we started kissing? You have to come back to us. Come out of this coma. You were meant to enjoy life. I promised to give you up, but at least you will have the chance to live. We have to keep you hidden before Gwen finds you and takes you off life support. You have to get up before Fancy turns us in.”

Fancy and Noah are in the living room hugging and kissing under the blanket. Fancy gets suddenly hot. “Something is burning," she says. Noah smells nothing. Suddenly, Fancy sits up screaming. She finds the blanket is on fire.

Noah hears Fancy stirring and he goes to her to see what the problem is. She is dreaming and calling out in her sleep. He wakes her and when she sees who is before her, she hugs him clinging to him glad to see that he is okay. Noah lets her hold him tightly.

Fancy tells how she was dreaming that Noah was burning in the fire with her. Noah tells her that things are okay now.

She realizes that she is overreacting and she pushes him away now remembering that she is very angry with him for kidnapping Ethan.

Spike tells Simone to go now. Simone offers to get Jessica some coffee and something to eat. Jessica feels that this is a trick to get her home. Simone assures her that this isn’t a trick at all. Jessica decides to go with Simone but Spike will not let her. He grabs Jessica and holds her when he sees that she is going to run off with Simone.

Simone sees trouble and she gets her pepper spray out shooting Spike in the face. He falls to the ground and Jessica and Simone rush off before he can catch them.

Endora zaps the Christmas tree in the park and makes it prettier than it already is. Tabitha warns Endora against enjoying Christmas. Endora really wants Christmas fun she thinks aloud.

Sheridan, Chris and James arrive at the park. Tabitha and Endora greet them.

Endora and Chris talk using their minds. Chris tells how he is going to see Santa! Endora didn’t realize that Santa was there. “Where is he?"

With that thought, Endora jumps out of her mother’s lap and runs off. She finds Santa, and hurls her body up into the air like The Bionic Woman might. She twirls in the air and lands in Santa’s lap ahead of all the other children that wait to see him.

Tabitha can’t catch her breath as she watches the spectacle.

Parents all mill around asking how Endora did that jump into Santa’s lap. Tabitha makes some excuses and starts walking off carrying her child away from there.

Sheridan invites Tabitha to hang out with them for the day. Tabitha says no.

Endora telepathically tells her mother that she wants to stay. Tabitha will not let her.

James telepathically asks Endora to do more magic.

ZAP! He is wearing a silly Christmas hat now.

Chris looks down at his son wondering where he got that hat.

Simone and Jessica are at the park now. They laugh at the thought of Spike, and how funny he looked with the pepper spray in his face. Simone tells Jessica to come to her house if she won’t go home. “I am sorry that I didn’t tell you that I was a lesbian. You have to understand that I am not after you that way. I have known you your entire life. Everyone is worried about you. You can hate me if you want, but I am going to try to make you give up this craziness. Last year you were doing so well. Maybe I am not the right person to make you see sense, but I am going to try anyway.” Jessica is sure that she will be fine on her own. Simone tried to help at least she tells herself. She offers to leave if that is what Jessica wants. Jessica wants her to stay and talk for a while.

Fancy is fully awake now. “Don’t you know how awful this is?" She is back on her rant about Ethan missing from the hospital. “This is cruel and sick.” Noah only knows that he did what he thought was right. Fancy only sees that the inevitable is being delayed. Ethan wanted Gwen to let him go. “How could you do this?" Noah didn’t mean to upset anyone, but he had to do this. Fancy only realizes that he has lied and lied and he never said a word to her about the truth. “And you also slit my tire and lied about that too.” Noah denies again that he did that. Fancy feels then that the culprit has to be Theresa then. “Enough of that anyway. I have to call Gwen now.”

Fancy goes to the phone and sees that her charger was unplugged in the night. She turns on Noah accusing him of doing this too. He denies it.

Theresa comes out of the room. “I was the one that did this. I unplugged the charger.” Fancy doesn’t care. She will walk to the store and call Gwen to tell her what she has found in the family cabin anyway. They can’t stop her. Theresa orders Noah to stop Fancy but he doesn’t. Noah and Theresa watch as Fancy walks to the front door.

Fancy walks out of the cabin and into the cold.

Theresa pushes Noah to stop Fancy but he will not do it. Theresa will hold her hostage then if Noah will not stop her.

Theresa runs off to stop the girl. She will try to change her tire, but Noah knows that Fancy has no idea how to change a tire and that alone will slow her down.

Noah and Theresa reach up to Fancy at the car. She is looking in the trunk of her car and sees that she can’t use her spare tire like she planned. It is missing. She feels that Noah and Theresa have really been playing a lot of games with her. “Well if you two didn’t do this to slow me down then who did?"

The woman in white watches the trio as they stand by the car wondering who really did this.

Jessica and Simone talk and make up as friends.

A friend from school calls to Jessica. “Where have you been? Have you been away at college?"

“Lauren… You don’t want to talk to her," another girl says running up. “She is a hooker and the other one is a lesbian…” Simone finds that rich coming from someone who gave it up to the entire football team. The girls walk off quickly from embarrassment.

Jessica doesn't think that what Simone did was smart. She can see that everyone knows about her private life now. Jessica really wishes that she could run away from herself too like those girls did just now.

Tabitha and Endora are with the stroller again. Tabitha tells Endora that she can’t do anything like that again. “Really… Gymnastics… in the park. You are going to get us in a lot of trouble Endora.”

It is time for the winner of a pair of skates to be announced.

A family nearby hopes to win the skates, but they are sure that they will not. There are three kids in the family and they all want the skates. It is one pair but they can share.

The announcer gets ready to make his announcement.

ZAP! Endora zaps the bowl.

The announcer calls out the name of the winner of not one pair, but three pairs of skates … Woody Brown!

The sad family has won the 3 pairs of skates.

They are confused. They didn’t even have the money to buy tickets. How could this happen?

The man who announced the winner wonders why he gave away three pairs of skates when he was only to give away one pair.

Tabitha knows what has happened here, but even she can’t help smiling.

Santa asks James what he wants for Christmas. ***He says he wants a mommy.

Sheridan agrees to be his mommy if he wants her.

It is time for the picture with Santa. They all say, “Christmas trees” into the camera.

The three snotty girl return and find Jessica and Simone hugging.

“Look at the hooker and the lesbian making out in public.”

Jessica and Simone turn to the snotty girls who used to be their friends. Simone gives as good as she gets. “Lauren, it is common knowledge that your mother was doing the aerobics’ instructor…” Jessica jumps in too with the character assignations. “It does feel good,” she admits.

The three snots walk off.

Spike wanders into the park and he sees Jessica and Simone. “I am going to make that bitch pay.”

Spike goes over to three teen girl troublemakers. “How would you girls like to do me a favor?"

Fancy and Noah return to the cabin with Theresa.

Theresa goes right to Ethan in the bedroom.

Noah finds this a little creepy that all their tires have been slashed. Fancy finds that rich.

She opens the door and calls out, “Hello! Aliens are you out there?"

Actually the woman in white is just outside the door but Fancy doesn’t see her. She will not be stopped. “I will go and say my good-byes to Ethan and then I am walking to the store. Don’t try to stop me.” Fancy marches into the bedroom.

Noah and Theresa hear a noise.

Theresa runs to the window and sees the police are driving up. “How did they know? How did they get up here?"

Soon the cops are knocking at the door.

Noah tells Theresa to hide and he pushes her in a closet.

He lets the officers in.

They demand to know who he is. “This is the Crane cabin and we always know when someone is coming up here. We are looking for a suspect. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald is missing. She was driving an ambulance with a man and we are looking for them. If you see anything odd call us.” Noah shows ID and the cops are happy with that.

They are about to leave, but Theresa makes a noise while hiding in the closet. One officer hears it. “What was that? What was that noise?"

Sheridan, Chris and James sit in the park looking at the picture of James with Santa. They walk off now to get some hot chocolate.

Tabitha and Endora wants to get out of the park before Endora does something else.

Endora spots James. Tabitha looks over there. She finds that Sheridan is looking entirely too happy to be with that new boyfriend of hers. “Come on Endora. I will show you what witches are really like when they see people happy. They blow it up.”

Simone and Jessica are enjoying the time they have together.

Spike pays the hoodlums off and the teenager girls head out to carry out Spike’s plan.

“Merry Christmas to you ladies Santa has something special coming to you.”

Fancy is with Ethan before heading out. “Ethan you deserve more than this. I promise you that I will allow you to die with decency and dignity. Goodbye Ethan. I will miss you so much.”

The officer want to know what the noise is that they just heard. Noah says that it might have been a rat or a squirrel. The officer accept Noah’s explanation of the noise. They leave the house.

They see another car parked outside the house. “If you are up here all alone, then why is there another car there?" Noah says that he has no idea where the other car came from. “It was here when I got here," he says. The officers don’t believe him this time. They pull their guns, ordering Noah to stay put and not to move.

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