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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Proofread by Jill

Sheridan is in bed with Jack and Chris, resting comfortably. They are sleeping, while she stays awake thinking. She looks over to Luis’ and Marty’s picture. She reaches over to the picture. “I will never stop loving you two. I can’t stop thinking about you no matter what I do. Chris and James are right here and they offer me happiness. I have to be able to accept that. I will try.” She puts the picture away.

Fox and Valerie have done it. They saved the Singapore project. Valerie finds him to be amazing. They got the Singapore project on track and no one needs to know that there was almost a disaster.

Kay has made it to the office. She gives herself a pep talk to be mature and professional before walking in. She thinks back to what she saw in the big blue pot and that makes her angry. Fox and Valerie were about to kiss and then they did! “I will not let Valerie take him away forever.”

Fancy can’t see how she and Noah can be a couple after the deception he committed. Noah and Fancy disagree with the way that he handled things. Noah sees that at least at the cabin, Ethan is still alive. Fancy can’t believe that they are having this discussion. Something in nature seems to be working against her, she feels. Every attempt that she has made to contact Gwen has been thwarted. She will still find a way to get to the nearest phone to turn him and Theresa in for what they have done.

Theresa is in Ethan’s room with him. She shows him a picture of Jane. “She needs you, and so do I. I know that you can hear me and come out of this coma. You just have to try. Try really hard. Fancy is here and she wants to take you back to Gwen, and if that happens, you will lose your chance to live and we will never be together. You have to try. You have to try for your child. You have got to fight to stay alive Ethan.”

Sheridan goes out into the living room and sits alone. She turns on the light thinking. Chris comes out behind her. “Sheridan? Are you all right?" She says that she is fine. Chris is sorry that he fell asleep in the bed when he was sitting with James, but she is fine with that. She just couldn’t sleep and had to get up. Chris knows why. “You are thinking about Marty and Luis and feeling guilty again. Sheridan replies that it is her fault Luis is dead. “He went looking for our son.” Chris sees things differently, but can’t stop Sheridan from feeling guilty. Chris knows that Maureen is dead because of him, and it will haunt him forever, but Maureen wanted him to move on and he is trying. He has. “I am in love with you, Sheridan.” Chris was hoping that he and James could make Sheridan smile but that is not happening. “Would it be better if we left you? Do we remind you constantly of Marty and Luis?"

Fox and Valerie decide that they should eat something after all their work that they have done. He will go and get them something to eat as thanks for her hard work. He leaves. Valerie can’t believe how amazing things went that night. “Fox… You and I are some team.”

The door slams. “Back so soon?" Valerie asks with her back to door thinking that Fox has returned. No one answers. Valerie turns to find Kay there.

“You had better keep your hands off Fox or I will tear you apart!"  Kay threatens.

Meanwhile, Theresa talks to her true love. “Remember when we went to the ballet? I felt like a princess and you were my prince. Come back to me.”

Noah knows how Fancy feels and that she has every right to be angry. Fancy won’t accept anything he has to say to make her understand why he did this. Noah only says that Theresa makes some sense. “If Gwen pulls the plug on Ethan it will be over. What is the hurry? They might find a drug or the cure for this.” Fancy replies by citing a case that is like this; the woman in question sat in a vegetative state for 15 years. Theresa is insane. It is her fault that Ethan is in this predicament.

“She destroyed my mother and Gwen and they can’t say goodbye to him now. Sam too is kept from saying goodbye to his son. How can you defend Theresa? Why did you help her?" Noah knows that Fancy is right about what she says, but he can’t change the way he feels about this issue. She asks him, how he could lie to her the way that he did and ruin their relationship. “How could you?"  Fancy asks.

Fox is at the Book Café getting donuts. He pays the $11.00 for his order and then turns to leave. He sees some teddy bears for sale. “I am going to get one of these bears for my girlfriend. She loves them. Fox pays the extra $20.00 for the bear. The cashier says that he is a really great guy to be buying donuts and a present for his girlfriend. Fox sets her straight. “The bear is for my girlfriend and the food is for a co-worker.” The woman can see that he must really love his girlfriend.

Kay reminds Valerie that she, Valerie, is the assistant. “What happened to Chad, anyway, Valerie? You are supposed to be working for him.”

Valerie had to help Fox, she says. “You were the one that got the virus in the computer and ruined everything and so I had to help him.”  

Kay says that someone planned and set that up to make her look bad. “I think that you have schemed to get Fox to get rid of me all along.” Valerie points out all the things that Kay has done wrong recently and why Fox is justified in the way he has pushed Kay to the side to get his work done.

 “You have no education and no business experience and you are incompetent. If you persist into making Fox keep you on here, his career is going down the drain. Is that what you want? Why don’t you just go home, take care of your bastard child and leave Fox alone?" Kay can’t believe the way that Valerie is talking to her and about her child. “Well, Maria has no father so what I said is true. Stop screwing up Fox’s life!"  says Valerie.

Noah felt the great love that Theresa has for Ethan. She just wants to buy him a little time. Fancy is upset that Noah said he knew how she felt about all of this but he did it anyway. Noah tells Fancy that Theresa made him believe in fate and destiny. “We have to do whatever we can to hold on to that great love.”

Fancy doesn’t believe in fate and destiny. “I am a realist, Noah.”

Noah tells her that she isn’t a realist. “You are a romantic, like me.”

Theresa tells Ethan that she needs him to show her that he can get better. “Do it for me, Ethan. Fancy is going to call Gwen and then they are going to take you back to the hospital and they are going to kill you. How can she love you when she is willing to let you die? I don’t care that you signed that paper that says that you are to be taken off life support.  I will not let that happen. I will not give up on you.” Theresa looks to the ceiling. “God, please. End this nightmare. I never meant to poison Ethan and I know that I am responsible for this happening. I know what I have to do now. I know exactly how to bring Ethan out of his coma. I just hope that I have the strength to do it.”

Sheridan begs Chris not to go with James and leave her alone. “If you left, I would be lost, so please don’t go. You have been so wonderful, sharing your son with me.” Chris understands how difficult it is for Sheridan to consider moving on. She doesn’t feel like she can move on. She must be feeling that she will never be whole again. Still, James makes her smile and Chris does too and that is something that she should hold on to. That is a start. She has to admit that.

Chris makes the decision. “James and I will be here for you.”

Fox waits while the cashier packages his bear for Kay. She has a question. “Did you and your girlfriend argue over work? Is that why you need this gift?" Fox tells that he had to go to work and things got ugly before he went and no he has to make up for all that.

 “Still, I love her and her daughter very much.” It is time to go now. Fox gets his things and leaves the Book Café.

Kay will not let Valerie move in on Fox’s career. “I will not let you in his bed either.” Valerie knows that she is needed while Kay is not and that is her reason for being in Fox’s life the way she has been. Kay says that Fox needs no help being a success as she has seen to it that he will be. Valerie wants to know how she managed to do something like that. Kay tells herself that she has to be cool and not reveal the truth about the spell that Tabitha has cast on Fox. She ignores Valerie’s question. Valerie says that Kay is only interested in Fox because of his money.

“You latched onto Fox like a leech.” Valerie sees Fox has returned when she looks over Kay’s shoulder. He is out in the hall with his bags from the Book Café. Valerie turns to Kay. “I don’t want to fight with you anymore okay Kay?"

Kay starts shouting at Valerie now. “How dare you call my little girl names? You are a conniving, manipulating bitch!" Kay pushes Valerie and Valerie falls to the floor.

Fox has entered the office now. Valerie shouts. “Don’t hit me!" Fox asks Kay what it is that she is doing. Kay turns to find Fox standing behind her while Valerie sits on the floor.

Fancy is crying and upset. “How could you help Theresa?"

Noah says that he wasn’t helping Theresa. “I was helping Ethan! I thought that you would understand that.”

She punches him in the face. “You don’t even know who I am. I hate you Noah! I hate you!"

Theresa tells Ethan how she feels about him. “I will give up on you and I will leave you alone if only you will come back. If I swear to give you up and never get between you and Gwen… Will you come back?" Theresa turns her head to the ceiling. “Please God. Don’t let them take Ethan off life support. Bring Ethan out of this coma! Save his life!"

Fox asks Kay if she is crazy for attacking Valerie the way that she just did. Fox helps Valerie off the floor. “Kay what are you doing?" Kay says that Valerie set this whole thing up to make her look bad. Fox says that he knows what happened and nothing like that occurred. He has been inside the system and looked at the data and Valerie was definitely not responsible for this. Kay says that she ran over there to see them because she saw them kissing. Fox wants to know how she saw them kissing. Fox asks Kay what she is talking about. Kay says that she knows that they were kissing and so she got angry. That is why she is there. Valerie asks her if she has been spying on them.

Noah tells Fancy that she is the type of girl that believes in romance. “You are the kind of girl that would do anything for romance. Look at my father and your mother? They are together now and they are going to be happy because they toughed it out and now they will be happy.” Fancy brings up the trouble that love has caused Gwen and Ethan and Theresa. That is a lousy example of what love can do for sure. Theresa is a criminal and Noah shouldn’t have listened to her.

“Why are you sacrificing our future with this? You broke my heart Noah, and you broke it for good.”

Theresa talks to God as she looks at the ceiling. “If you let Ethan live, I promise to stay away from him for good. Please. Let Ethan live.” Theresa doesn’t see it, but Ethan’s right hand moves from his leg to the bed slowly but surely.

Sheridan tells Chris that he is patient and wonderful and she would like to repay him for that one day. She will think about how. He loves doing simple things with her and doesn't need more in payment for being her friend. “For instance, your cooking is wonderful and I enjoy that you do that well now.” They joke over her learning to cook and how she used to be as a cook before. She smiles. He feels that she could light up a Christmas tree with that smile. Sheridan can’t wait for Christmas with Chris and James.

“What do you want for Christmas Chris?"

 He kisses Sheridan’s hand. “I have what I want right here. There is something else that I want, though.” Chris turns on the music and moves the coffee table. “Will you dance with me?" She moves in to him and they dance close.

Kay says that she didn’t actually see Fox and Valerie kissing but she knows that they were. Fox and Valerie deny kissing each other. Fox asks Kay to explain herself. Kay thinks back to Tabitha not wanting to show the girl whatever is in the bowl. Tabitha said that the boys in the basement sometimes sneak fake pictures into the big blue pot to fool her and cause trouble. Kay sees that she might have made a mistake.  Kay sees the package with the bear in it. “What are you doing? Why am I such a fool? It is over! It is over!" Valerie stands holding the teddy bear in her hands and smiling at Kay over Fox’s shoulder.

Noah tells that he thought about this kidnapping before he did it. That upset Fancy. “Did you think about prison and being separated from me? How this could destroy us? You have risked everything for Theresa? She is a higher priority than I am? Thank you for showing me exactly where I stand with you. You did this knowing how it would affect us and our relationship. I mean nothing to you.”

Theresa is sitting with Ethan on the bed. She thinks that maybe God isn’t listening to her anymore. She looks down. She sees Ethan’s hand move. It drops to the bed from its place on his body. Theresa thinks that this promise to God might have worked. “Ethan! Come back to me!"

Chris and Sheridan are dancing in the living room. Sheridan thinks about how she should get over Luis and move on with Chris. She wants to be with Chris but she can’t. Chris likes dancing with Sheridan. She loves it too, she says.

Kay says that it is over. “I should have known that I couldn’t fight the magic. The spell is too strong.” Fox wants to know what Kay is talking about with this magic stuff and spells. Kay leaves the office. Valerie tells Fox not to follow her and let her be. Fox really wants to know what Kay meant by ‘magic’ and ‘spells’ just now, but he doesn't follow her.

Noah and Fancy talk some more. Noah really believed that Theresa was telling him the right thing. He did think about Fancy but she will not listen to him. “As soon as I can get away from this cabin, I never want to see you again. Never!"

Theresa puts Ethan’s hand back on his thigh. “Come on Ethan. Move your hand.” Ethan’s hand slips, and slides off his thigh. Theresa believes that she only imagined his hand moving. “Come on, Ethan. I will give you up. I promise.  Just please, wake up.”

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