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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam comes downstairs looking for a lighter.

Ivy is there wondering what he needs a lighter for. He is going to light a candle for Ethan and Jessica. It worked for Pilar. Ivy thinks that is a great idea. Sam has more candles if Ivy wants to light some too. She finds him the sweetest most wonderful man that she has ever known.

Sam lights the candles for Ethan, Jessica, Noah and Kay. Ivy makes a face behind Sam’s back when he lights a candle for Kay. She asks him to get her a sweater as she is cold.

When he is gone, she picks up Kay’s candle and blows it out. She will not let Kay ruin Fox’s life like Theresa did.

Kay is pacing the floor worried about what she did to Fox. “Why did I take the cellphone off the hook and the house phone as well?" Tabitha reminds her that she was the one that wanted this. The dark forces are responsible for this. “One never know how the dark side’s pound of flesh will be extracted but it will happen.”

Fox and Valerie arrive at the office. Fox is angry with Kay but Valerie tells Fox to focus. Fox decides to send out emails before the associates see what has happened.

There is a beeping noise and Valerie checks to see who is calling. She is left a message from an associate.

Valerie sees that the word has gotten out.

The woman in white is watching Theresa, Noah and Fancy at the cabin through a window.

Fancy threatens to call the hospital but Theresa begs her not to.

The machine shrieks and this time, there is no heartbeat showing on the monitor that shows that Ethan will be fine. Fancy realizes that the worst has happened. “My God! You have killed him!"

Fox makes a call to Mr. Lee. The man already knows about the disaster. Fox says that he can salvage the deal. “To do that I will salvage my commission to save the project and keep it going. Get back to me on this after you talk to your people and let me know if it is a go.”

Valerie hears Fox. He has just given up millions of dollars to save this project. Fox doesn't care about that. “I just want to do the right thing.

Kay curses Tabitha’s spell. Tabitha tells how she tried to stop Kay from doing this and she wouldn’t listen. Kay knows that she is right. “But what if I have lost him forever?" Tabitha tells her to move on. “What is done is done and you can’t change it. Kay feels something isn’t right about this. “Why did he leave work to be with me in the first place if his priority is work?"

Tabitha was secretly wondering that too.

She overlooks that strange face, and says that it doesn’t matter what happened before. “It is over for you and Fox and you had better face it sooner than later.”

Tabitha gets the phone and asks her to call Fox and check if he still wants her, since Kay will not believe that it is over. Kay can see that Tabitha too is confused as to why Fox hasn’t dumped her yet. “Your spell isn’t working Tabitha! I still have a chance with Fox!"

Sam and Ivy are back in the kitchen praying for Ethan’s return.

The woman in white has her heart with Theresa and her plight to save the one that she loves.

Noah gets Ethan under control again and he is safe. Fancy is furious.

Noah takes her aside and tells that he will talk about this with her later but not now.

Theresa demands to know how Fancy got there. Fancy tells that she followed Noah to the cabin. Fancy looks at her brother and says that Ethan wanted to be left to die and that should happen. That was his wish. Theresa reminds her that Ethan only wanted to be left alone if he were brain dead but he is not. Fancy only cares about Ethan’s family and how they feel and what they want. “Ethan almost just died in a desolate cabin instead of a hospital Theresa. Is that better for him? I will not listen to anymore insane words out of your mouth. I am calling Gwen and telling her everything that has happened.” Theresa begs her not to do this but Fancy will not be stopped this time. She heads to the phone.

Fox is able to save the deal. It is still on.

Half of the investors are still on board. Valerie is amazed at what he has just done. He thanks her for her hard work too.

They get to work.

The crunch the figures.

They get on the phone.

They fax what needs to be faxed.

They contact the investors.

One by one the investors are roped in.

Fox gets on t he phone and Valerie gets on the other phone.

They did it. They hug when they realize that it is finally over.

All the investors are back on board. “Where is the champagne?" Valerie says there is some in her office. She is on her way to get the champagne when she hears Fox say that he wants to call Kay and tell her the good news. Valerie says that Kay will be sleeping by now. It is very late. Fox really feels that he needs to patch things up with her. Valerie says that the breakup might still be hurting. He denies that they broke up. Valerie says that he is very patient and understanding to put up with the things that Kay has done to him.

Kay denies that she is breaking up with Fox. “He loves me Tabitha.” Tabitha says that things are moving slow but the breakup will come. Kay says that her love for Fox and his for her can conquer anything. “We are going to live happily ever after.”

The boys in the basement get angry and shoot fire out of the basement vent.

Tabitha warns Kay that if she makes the boys in the basement angry, she will be very sorry.

Fancy and Theresa debate what is right to do in Ethan’s case, and Theresa grabs the phone from Fancy and holds it so that she can’t make the call to Gwen. “Fancy if you love your brother, you will have hope for him to live.” Fancy does love her brother and she wants the best for him. “His wife has the right to decide what to do for Ethan and that is what is to be done. And Noah… I thought that you loved me? You said that we were starting off fresh but at the first opportunity you do the wrong thing. I am calling Gwen.” Theresa begs her again not to do this.

The heart monitor goes off again.

Noah and Theresa rush into the bedroom to see to Ethan again.

Fancy doesn't follow them. She goes to the phone and decides that she has to make this call to Gwen.

The woman in white has her knife out and she watches Fancy as she goes for the phone. “I am sorry Fancy… But I can’t let you make that call…”

Ivy is falling apart and Sam comforts her. She hasn’t been this scared before. Sam knows that. He knows that he can count on her and so he wants her to count on him. “You really love me don’t you Ivy?" She assures him that she loves him more than he knows. He feels like a terrible father and Jessica going back to Spike is proof of that. ***“Look at Kay. She had a baby out of wedlock.” Ivy says that wasn’t his fault. “You are the town’s moral compass. If anything, I don’t deserve you.” Sam is sure that he is the lucky one. Ivy has no idea what she would do without Sam in her life. He calls her Mrs. Sam Bennett-to-be. He will be there for her forever. She wants him in her life for the rest of her life. They kiss now. “Make love to me," she orders. “Here… Now!"

Kay wants to know why the boys in the basement care whether Kay is in love or not. Tabitha says that they hate love no matter where it is.

Kay suddenly shouts out, “Valerie! That is who is behind this… Valerie!"

Valerie manages to convince Fox that he should talk to Kay in the morning and then he can have his private celebration with Kay after Maria is down for the morning.

Valerie thinks that she will be soon having breakfast with him, and Kay will be out of the picture.

Noah and Theresa are caught. They are in Ethan’s room and they have him under control again. Noah blames himself for this. Theresa tries to take the blame but Theresa will not let him. He only cares that he is losing Fancy. Theresa tells him to fight for Fancy because he loves her. “Never let anyone separate you from the one that you love.”

Fancy is on the phone and she waits for someone to answer the phone so that she can tell that Ethan has been found.

The woman in white is at the door now ready to strike. She has her knife in her hand and she is about to open the door. “Sorry Fancy… I can’t let you do this…”

Fancy is standing with the phone at her ear. She looks up.

She screams in horror at what she sees dropping the phone from her ear.

Sam and Ivy are taking their clothes off in the living room and they start making love.

Valerie tells that she wasn’t prepared for what happened. She is still working on her college degree but she does great anyway. Valerie feels that she could work like this for the rest of her life. Fox asks Valerie what she thinks about family and kids. She says that she will worry about that later, but for now, she needs to work. “I don’t know anyone that can work and have a family at the same time.” Fox hears that and it is a point he realizes.

Kay says that Valerie has been trying to move in on Fox. “She is the one that has been sabotaging Fox from the beginning. Where is the big blue pot? Go get it.” Tabitha says that Kay shouldn’t look at the bowl. “The boys in the basement put in fake scenes with real scene," she lies. Kay will take that chance. “Show me Fox’s office.”

Tabitha sees that even without help, Kay will sabotage her relationship herself.

Noah and Theresa come out of the bedroom and they see that Fancy is screaming because the phone line suddenly went out. She demands to have Theresa’s phone or Noah’s. Theresa hasn’t got hers and Noah’s battery is dead.

Outside, the woman in white holds the telephone wire that she has just cut.

Theresa sees that Fancy is happy that Ethan isn’t going to die and she plays on that to make Fancy sees that this is the right thing after all. “You want him to live and you are happy that he is alive.” Fancy says that it doesn’t matter what she wants. She wants things to go the way that they were supposed to. “I don’t care how you dress it up Theresa. You are self-serving and this is because you want it, not necessarily because Ethan does. Now I don’t care if I have to walk to the nearest payphone, I will do that. I want Gwen to know right away that Ethan is here and that you took him.”

The woman in white is listening and she isn’t pleased at all.

Valerie asks if Fox struggles with his relationship with Kay. Fox tries to answer her. He did have a plan in life but then he met Kay, so that has changed things. Valerie says that she worries about work more than anything else. Fox is impressed with her but he thinks that she might be too rigid in the way that her life is going to work out. “You could meet the right guy and be still hot for work at the same time.” Valerie doesn’t think that will happen to her. “I would rather be cautious and try to have kids later, than have them too soon. I don’t want my kids to struggle finally. There were some really tight times in my life with my parents. Money issues kept coming between them and they just drifted apart. My grandmother used to say that you can’t eat love. It is a different world when you have to count pennies. I had to patch up my winter coat for three years cause I couldn't afford one. I am not feeling sorry for myself, I just want to have a great setup for my kids.” Fox understands. He puts his hand on Valerie’s shoulder as he listens to her.

Kay stands over the big blue pot. She wants to see what Fox is up to at the office. Tabitha tells her that she shouldn't look at it. Kay demands it.

ZAP! Endora shows the scene in the pot.

Fox and Kay are about to kiss.

Kay freaks out. Tabitha told her that she wouldn't want to see this.

When Kay looks back, she sees Fox and Valerie kissing.

Fancy runs out of the cabin and heads to her car.

The woman in white is there with her knife, but she hides behind a tree so no one will see her.

Fancy runs by and goes to her car. “I can’t believe this."

Noah and Theresa run after Fancy to stop her from leaving.

The woman in white comes out with her knife and follow the trio.

Fancy realizes that her tire has been slashed. She blames Noah and then Theresa for this. They couldn’t have done this. She wants to drive their cars, but their tires are slashed too. Fancy will still not be stopped.

The woman in white watches from the bushes as the kids discuss what to do.

Fancy will charge her phone she decides and then she will call for help. She goes back into the cabin.

Noah and Theresa see their goose is cooked. “She is going to call for help and we will be found out when she charges her phone and then calls for help.”

Noah and Theresa make their way back to the cabin.

Theresa walks past Fancy to Ethan’s room.

Noah turns to Fancy thinking that this is the time to explain everything.

He sees that she is crying. “Don’t cry Fancy," he begs. He wants to comfort her but she will not let him near her. She turns from him. “You lied to me.”

Sam and Ivy are on the floor making love. Ivy begs Sam to make everything bad go away.

Kay will not let this happen. “I will not let Valerie take Fox from me. I would like to wring Valerie’s neck.” She gets her coat on and rushes out the door.

Tabitha worries what will happen when she gets to the office.

Tabitha goes back to the big blue pot and she sees that it was all a façade. The boys in the basement were just having fun with Kay. “She is going to go storming over her and make things worse. She doesn't have a chance. Not a chance.”

Theresa is crying and looking out the window. She worries what will happen to Ethan when they take him back.

Fancy is hurting. She is crying and she feels that Noah has hurt her more than she has ever been hurt in her life. Noah can do nothing but look at her upset that she is hurting.

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