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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Proofread by Jill

Ivy is in the kitchen trying to cook dinner, but she can’t concentrate when her world is falling apart. “That damn Theresa has taken Ethan. Sam has to find him.  He has to. Sam needs to be home.” Ivy looks out the window and sees that there is something funny going on at Tabitha’s. Tabitha is dancing around with Endora in her arms. Tabitha is talking to Endora about Kay’s situation and how Kay is fooling herself. “Kay is going to lose Fox.”

Fox is angry that Kay has taken responsibility for him not getting Valerie’s messages. “What are you talking about, Kay?"  Kay admits in front of Valerie that she hid his cell phone and turned it off so that they could be together uninterrupted. Fox can’t believe that the woman that he loves has sabotaged his career. Kay says that she thought Valerie was just causing trouble by phoning all the time and trying to get in the way of their private time. Fox starts to get dressed to go to work, but Valerie has brought everything they need and they can work there. Kay offers to help, but Fox is more interested in working with Valerie at this point.

Chris and Sheridan are in the kitchen talking about how well Sheridan cooks now, after taking lessons. She will make a special dish that she learned to cook for Chris and James tomorrow. Suddenly, she remembers that Ethan loved that dish. She gets sad again.

Theresa is having a problem. The power has gone out and now Ethan’s respiratory machine is flatlining. “Don’t you die on me.” Noah arrives at the cabin with groceries that he purchased for Theresa.   Theresa had forgotten to get food for herself when she dreamed up this plan.

Fancy is following him. “You lied to me Noah. I will kill you, and that woman you are cheating on me with. Not only are you cheating, but you are doing it in my family’s cabin.”

Noah finds Theresa in the bedroom with Ethan. She explains that the power went out, and Ethan is dying now. Noah takes control; Ethan is in cardiac arrest. Noah gives instructions to Theresa to save him. It is a good thing that Noah was a paramedic in the past and knows how to handle this. “You breathe into Ethan’s mouth when I tell you to…” Noah begins CPR and from time to time he tells Theresa to ‘breathe!’ Theresa sits by Ethan on the bed breathing in his mouth as instructed by Noah.

”How dare he bring that slut up to my family’s cabin?" Fancy peers through to the windows but sees nothing. Ethan isn’t breathing yet, so Theresa and Noah keep working on him. Fancy sees a woman’s purse but no one is in the room. “They must be in the bedroom. They sure didn’t waste any time.”

Chris gives Sheridan another pep talk. He tells her that she is strong, but she has been through a lot and needs to relax. She wants to call Gwen, but Chris reminds her that Gwen said she would call when she needed something. Sheridan relaxes; Chris is so good to her. Sheridan hasn’t had a real family until now. Her real family is dysfunctional. She used to eat alone or with Pilar at mealtimes when she was a young girl. She spent most of her time alone in the past while living with her family. Julian wasn’t around much; he was with his friends all the time. Chris had a different time being raised. “I was one of seven. It was not an easy living and we were very poor.” They had one bathroom and they all had to share it. Chris can see now how lucky he was to have a life like he had.

Ivy watches Tabitha’s house through the window.

She sees Fox and then Valerie. “Good girl Valerie. Hope that you have split up Fox and Kay for good.” Fox and Valerie get to work downstairs in Tabitha’s house. He is very angry. Tabitha and Kay watch the two corporate types set up for work. Fox could have fixed this if he had gotten word hours earlier. Fox turns to Valerie who is trying to get things sorted. “Are we ready to go now Valerie?" Tabitha can see that this may be the end for Kay. Valerie reports that this is worse than they thought. Fox comes to the computer. “What is it?" Valerie shows him her monitor. “The deal has fallen through!" Fox has failed. “I am done!" Everything has gone down the drain.

Suddenly, Fox has an idea. “We contact Hong Kong and our investors here before morning to do damage control.” Valerie says that she tried that but it didn’t work. “What is done is done.” Valerie is sorry that this happened. Fox will not hear Valerie take the blame; he will take the blame instead. Kay will not let him take the blame either. “It was me! I did this!"

Sheridan dreams of having a big family. “I always hoped to have a family like that with Luis and Marty. Everything has changed now. That is my dream and I still hope that I can have that.”

Fancy is outside the cabin wondering what kind of idiot Noah takes her for. “I can’t wait to see who this woman is. After tonight, I never want to lay eyes on Noah again.”  Noah and Theresa have done all they can. The alarm rings on Ethan’s machine, and they can’t stop it. Suddenly, the monitor shows that Ethan’s heart is beating again. Theresa smiles at Noah when she realizes what this really means. “You just saved his life!" Outside in the living room of the cabin, Fancy has found a lipstick and that proves that Noah must be with a woman. She turns to the bedroom door.

Fox and Valerie still work to fix things. Kay offers to help them, but Fox says that he thinks she should let them handle this and stay out of it. He has his back to her as he works with Valerie. Fox apologizes for yelling at Kay. She offers to talk to his grandfather about what happened but Fox doesn’t want that at all. “He is going to be furious. Stay away from him. He is going to think that I can’t take responsibility for my own actions. Please stay away Kay.” Fox and Valerie decide to go back to work at the office. Valerie goes to wait for Fox in the car. Tabitha and Endora head upstairs to give Fox and Kay privacy.  Kay knows that he must hate her for what she has done. Fox doesn’t hate her, but he admits that he isn’t sure what he is feeling right now.

Outside, on the way to the car, Valerie bumps into Ivy who has been snooping around Tabitha’s house. Valerie tells Ivy how there was a problem with work, and she tried to call Fox, but Kay turned off his cell phone and took the house telephone off the hook. “She wanted to make love to Fox in peace, she said. Now the entire project has crashed and burned and it is all because of Kay. I didn’t have to do anything to make it happen.”  Ivy smiles. Kay did this to herself. Fox isn’t too happy with Kay right now. “Fox is with Kay but he will be leaving with Valerie to go to the office right now to salvage what they can. Don’t forget our deal, Ivy. You said that if I could break Kay and Fox up, you would support me having a shot at Fox.” Ivy assures her that she will keep up her end of the bargain.

Sheridan tells more stories of how her father wouldn’t even let them get and decorate their own tree when she was little. It was professionally done by staff that was brought in for the purpose. Chris has an idea. “I will take you out and we will get a Christmas tree.” James has fallen asleep in Sheridan’s arms now. Sheridan smiles down at his little face.

Noah and Theresa are in Ethan’s room and he breathes well now. Noah knows that Ethan is okay now, but he may not make it through the next crisis. Theresa is sure that there will not be another tragedy. Theresa throws her arms around Noah’s neck. “Thank you! Thank you for saving him Noah!"

Fancy is still outside the bedroom and she is mad as hell. She goes over to the bedroom door. She opens the door, and sees Noah embracing a woman in the bedroom, but the woman’s face and head aren’t visible. She can’t see who it is. Fancy sees that what she thought seems to be true. Noah sees Fancy over Theresa’s shoulder. Fancy starts leaving the room.  “Oh my God!" Noah lets go off Theresa and rushes to the door without explaining. Noah tells Theresa to stay there and not come out. He goes into the living room and finds Fancy there. “What are you doing here?" She tells that she followed him and knows that he has been carrying on with someone. “Who is she?" Noah says that the woman in the room is his fishing instructor. She can't believe that he would lie about this even after having been caught. “You are really something Noah. You cheat on me, lie about it and it is all happening in my family’s cabin!" Noah tries to keep up his lie. “I know that you have ice-fishing around here and that is why I used the cabin to learn;  I could be near a great place with great ice-fishing.” Fancy demands to know who the woman is in that room right now! 

Theresa sits over Ethan talking to him quietly and pledging her love to him, happy that he has survived the little mishap from before.

Ivy returns home happy to learn that Fox and Kay are on the outs and almost over and done with. Sam returns home to Ivy. “I didn’t find Ethan, but I found Jessica with Spike. Things are worse now. She is furious with me and she is back on the street hustling. I hurt her feelings when she was here and Gwen was here too talking about Ethan and taking him off life support. She says that I don’t care about her as much as everyone else. She feels that I have been that way since Grace left. Some kids need more assurance than others, it seems. It is true that I haven’t been paying much attention to her but there is just so much to deal with in our lives right now. She is on drugs again too.” Ivy can’t bear this. Sam takes full blame. “I lost her and now I am losing Ethan.”

Sheridan gets up to take James to bed since he is sleeping, but he wakes. James would like to watch television for a while instead of going to bed. Chris takes the boy and carries him to his room so that they can watch a show before going to sleep for the night.

Kay tells Fox that she is truly sorry for what has happened to his Singapore project. Fox knows that intentionally Kay wouldn’t hurt his career but that isn’t the important thing to see here. Fox wanted to be with her that night too, but this was very important to his career and his future. Kay says that she turned the phones off to keep Valerie away from him. Fox finds that Valerie isn’t the issue here. “I was supposed to be the rightful heir to the empire and now it is all gone. I was doing this for you and Maria. You were my future family but now I don’t know what to think. I am going to get fired.”

Kay wonders if maybe Valerie is making things look a lot worse than they really are to get them to break up. Fox can’t believe that Kay is reaching the way that she is. “How could Valerie arrange for this?" Kay has found Valerie aggressive and pushy, she says, and she can actually see the woman pulling this off. Fox feels that Valerie couldn’t orchestrate things this way. This is big. The ENTIRE project is ruined. He is responsible no matter who did what. The point is that he was in charge of this and he lost control of everything. “I was spending time with you and I did enjoy that, but I had another responsibility, and now the whole damn thing has blown up in my face!

Tabitha and Endora are in the other room and Tabitha is sure that Fox is going to dump Kay for this. She remembers Kay declaring her love for Fox while asking for the spell that would make him a raving success. She begged for this. She even threatened Tabitha with exposure about her being a witch. Tabitha used a hair from Kay’s head… A toenail clipping from Fox and she dumped it into her cauldron to case the spell. “The die is cast," she told Kay. “There is no turning back now!" Kay was warned repeatedly about doing this but she wouldn’t listen. The room turned black as the spell worked itself out. Kay looked over at Fox who was on the bed to make sure that he was okay. Tabitha knows how this is going to turn out. It is taking longer than expected but Kay will never win. Tabitha watches and hears when Kay is told that nothing can be done to save the project, and that no one can fix this.

James is in bed with his father watching television. Chris offers to read the boy one last story, but James is already sleeping. Chris smiles at him. Sheridan said that she had some cleaning up to do in the kitchen, so Chris decides to have a little cat nap as well and closes his eyes to rest for a bit with his son.

Sheridan is alone in the kitchen praying aloud. “Please let them find Ethan. I can’t imagine what Ivy and Gwen are going through waiting for word on where he is.” She looks at the picture of her nephew on the wall and touches it gently. Ethan being ill and having to go off life support is just another of the terrible things Sheridan has had to deal with lately. Sheridan finds James’s toy on the kitchen floor. It is his little stuffed bear. She picks it up. She goes into Chris’s room and finds him sleeping with his father. She smiles and gets a blanket to cover them up. She puts James’s bear under the blanket with him.

Fancy tells Noah that he turned out to be the big liar; bigger than she ever thought he could be. Fancy tells Noah that he is a jerk face. Noah wants her to leave right now. He offers to explain this later. “I am not leaving until you tell me her name, where you met her and all about her. Tell me now!" Noah will not do that; he just can’t. Fancy demands to know who is in the room or she will go in there herself and face the woman. Noah tells her that she needs to believe him when he tells her that he is not cheating on her. “I will tell you everything but not now Fancy. Just trust me on this.” Fancy tells Noah to go to hell and to take his tramp with him. He won’t let her in the bedroom where the girl is, and so Fancy decides to just leave. She turns to the door and starts walking. She gets to the front door when she hears it…“Shreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeik!" An alarm has gone off. It is coming from behind the bedroom door. Fancy is at the front door but she stops dead in her tracks. That is a strange sound. She asks Noah what that noise is.

Sheridan has Chris and James all tucked in now for the night. She is ready to leave the room. She smiles. She then makes a decision and goes to the other side of the bed, on the other side of James. She climbs in. Chris wakes and is startled to find her getting in the bed with him and James. Chris offers to leave the room so Sheridan can be with James for the night. He knows that Sheridan likes to sleep with Chris and that it gives her great comfort to be with him. James is about to leave the room, but Sheridan asks him to stay with them. The three settle in for the night.

Sam tells how Jessica freaked out when he tried to take her home, and she and Spike said that he cares more about Ivy than her. Sam can’t live without Ivy, though, and he isn’t ready to give her up. Ivy says that Sam can’t blame himself for this. She looks on the bright side. “At least some of our kids are okay. Noah and Fancy are doing okay.” Sam also reminds her that Fox and Kay are doing okay as well. Ivy looks down at the floor when Sam says that.

Fox wants to go to the office now to work with Valerie and maybe try to figure this out. Valerie returns to the house and tells Fox that they have to get going. She has been waiting in the car, and there is work to be done. Fox really needs to go now, and he walks out with Valerie without another word to Kay. Kay stands alone in the room feeling blue. “He didn’t even kiss me goodbye.” Tabitha and Endora come out into the main room to tell Kay that she was warned that this would happen and shouldn’t be surprised. Kay isn’t in the mood for ‘I told you so’ right now.

Noah is upset now and torn. The alarm has gone off in the bedroom, and there is no way he can hide what is going on in the bedroom. He knows now that Fancy will not leave. Now she is very curious. He can’t stay and talk to Fancy any longer; Ethan could be dying and is in need of medical attention from him. Noah turns and rushes from the room, making the only decision that he can. Ethan is more important, he decides. Fancy follows him. Noah rushes to Theresa who is frantic.  She hasn’t got a clue as to what she should do about this. Noah rushes to Ethan’s bedside to do CPR on him again and hopefully save his life. Theresa watches, panicking, as Noah gets to work on the man that she loves. Fancy looks in the room and can't believe her eyes. She sees Ethan set up in the bedroom with Theresa standing by. In her mind she puts it all together. “Noah was the one who helped Theresa kidnap Ethan from the hospital.” She gets angry and confused all at the same time. “What have you done here? I am calling the hospital right now!"

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