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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda **No pictures available today.
Proofread by Jill

Julian wants to get out of the office but Liz wants him to stay.  She wants to make sure that Eve will dump him when she returns. Soon Eve returns. Liz tells her that Julian had some really hot things to say to her while they were alone. “Your fiancé was with me and you saw it, Eve. This should be the last straw for you and your relationship with him should be over now.”  Eve agrees that it is. SLAP! Eve hits Liz in the mouth. “You are a hateful, vengeful bitch and I am not going to put up with this anymore.”

Edna is at the mental hospital with Norma. Norma tells her that it is time to call Tabitha and terrorize her some more. At the phone booth, a man is on the phone but he soon rushes off when he sees of Norma and Edna and how scary they look.

Tabitha and Endora are playing trains at the house. They push the trains around and around the track. Tabitha talks about Fox and Kay and how they are going to lose at love. Kay can do whatever she wants to keep Fox, but eventually they will be derailed. With that said, Tabitha pushes the train off its track, causing it to crash to the floor.

Fox and Kay are in bed making love. Kay looks over his shoulder and sees the cell phone in his shoe where she put it. She kicks some of Fox’s clothing over the phone to hide it in case Fox looks over there.

Meanwhile, Valerie is at the office trying to reach Fox and get him in the office before his project falls apart.

Theresa is giving Ethan a sponge bath as she talks to him. “Gwen can’t find you and make you go off life support. I will have you back with me, and Jane, and Little Ethan.”

Noah is in his car now, in his own clothes. He questions what he did for Theresa that night. Sooner or later, Theresa will be found and they will be arrested for kidnapping. He only hopes that Fancy will understand.

Fancy is driving behind Noah to see where he is going. She suspects that he is seeing another woman and if he is, she will kill him. Fancy decides to call Noah in the car up ahead to see what he will say to her now about his activities. She gets her cell phone out but the battery is dead. “I will just have to keep following Noah to see where he is going”.

Valerie wonders if she can fix the problem with the project herself. She starts sharing instant messages with the Singapore staff. They ask her for information. She needs information but hasn’t got the right authorization to get it. Only Fox will have that. Valerie tries the line to his phone. “It is still busy!"

Fox and Kay are in bed. Kay can’t keep her mind on lovemaking. She guiltily looks over to where the cell phone is laying concealed from Fox.

Liz and Eve argue about what Julian did to Liz years ago. Eve says that they were all different in the past, but that has all been forgiven and forgotten now. Eve has had enough of Liz. Julian tells Liz to just go and be somewhere else and away from them. Liz attacks him with her fists but he holds her off him.

Theresa is with Ethan and she tells him of the busy day that she had. “Taking you out of the hospital, avoiding the police… Gwen doesn't think that you are going to get better but I know that you will.” Theresa looks out the window. It looks like a romantic night. She feels that maybe they could go outside and take a sleigh ride. They might even be able to make love by the fire in the future. “It is going to be wonderful Ethan. You will see”

Noah is in the car and he hears the news bulletin telling how Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald kidnapped Ethan Winthrope from his hospital bed. Noah can only hope that Fancy doesn’t figure out that he was the one who helped Theresa with this before he gets to tell her himself. He remembers them talking about their differences and promising not to let anything get in between them and their love. Noah’s only chance is to convince Fancy that he did this for Ethan and not for Theresa. “Ethan is my half-brother.”

Fancy remembers reading the letter that she found in his wallet when they were stuck in the mall during the tsunami and earthquake. It was from a girl that he was smitten with who loved him deeply too. Fancy sees no reason for Noah to lie to her if he has nothing to hide. “He must be seeing another woman!"

Tabitha has a great story that she is about to tell Endora about Timmy, and she, and some very dangerous train tracks, but she doesn't get to finish it. Tabitha hears a song, “Woo hoo witchy- woman…” It is her ring tone. Tabitha’s phone is ringing in its own special way. She answers the phone.  “Hello!"  

Norma starts singing a Christmas carol but she changes the words to say how she and Edna are going to kill her when they get out. Edna gets on the phone next. “That spell that you put on me is wearing off and I am getting old again. Norma wants to give you forty whacks and I want to be there to watch it.” Tabitha would like to talk some sense into Edna, but Edna and Norma hang up before she can say anything more to them. Norma and Edna give each other a “high-five” over their plans to get Tabitha. Tabitha tells Endora what is going to befall her. “I am going to be witch’s stew… I am going to be witch’s stew…” she moans.

Eve tells Liz that she and Julian would like to change things if they could but they can’t. They are sorry for the things that have happened to Liz, but Liz really has to get over it and they will help if they can. Liz buys none of this. Julian tells Liz that she has become the thing that she, Liz, hates most of all. The things that she accuses Eve of are the very things that she has turned into. The woman in white is in the hospital and she hears what is happening with Liz, Julian and Eve. Eve tells her sister that it is never too late for love and forgiveness. If Liz carries on this way, she will be bitter for life and that will ruin her more than anything else could. Liz is so full of hate that she hears nothing of what Julian and Eve tell her. Liz only vows to keep Julian and Eve from ever having a moment’s peace for the rest of their lives.

Noah stops at a store and enters. Fancy has parked her car behind his and she rushes up to the store to see what he is doing. “Why would he drive to a convenience store all the way up here? It has to be another woman. Noah has me, so why would he want anyone else? I have to find out what this is all about.”

Fox and Kay have just made the most amazing love. “This is nice and quiet with no interruptions. You still love me Kay? I was afraid that when I didn’t go to see Ethan I touched a nerve with you that might be ruined forever. I remember when Ethan talked about Crane Industries; he said that he wanted to use his job to make a difference to people. That really struck me. Ethan is really special.... The Singapore project is like that too. That job that the Singapore project operates feeds a lot of families and provides a lot of jobs. That is why I stayed at the office today a little longer than I should have.” Kay says that he did the right thing.  They start kissing again.

Valerie is calling Fox still but she can’t get through to his cell phone. “If I can’t fix this problem in half an hour, the project will be dead. I have to go to Tabitha’s then and talk to Fox directly to get this sorted out.”

Theresa tells Ethan that she will find a way to get the kids up there to live with them somehow. “We can go boating and go for walks in the woods together. It will be wonderful. We can then make love under the stars.” A hand touches Theresa’s face. She turns to find Ethan staring up at her and holding her face. “We don’t need the stars, Theresa.” She leans in to kiss him and he pulls him to her.

Noah is in the convenience store buying many things. Fancy sneaks in and hides her face behind a magazine. She decides that she will confront him, but the storekeeper asks him questions first.” Wow! You are buying up a storm, mister. What is the occasion? Are you having a party?" the nosy clerk asks. Fancy hurries to hide again while trying to hear what Noah is going to say to this woman’s question. “Oh, this shopping is for a woman!" Fancy’s mouth drops at the response that Noah gives for buying all that food. “I was right! Noah is seeing another woman!" In the convenience store, Fancy hides behind a tabloid magazine. She can’t believe that Noah would do this to her. “Why else would he drive all the way out here unless he and some woman was hold up in a love nest? I am going to give him a piece of my mind and then I am going to kill him.” Fancy turns to go to talk to Noah, but he is already gone. Fancy heads to the door, but she has the magazine in her hand still and so the storekeeper holds her up. “That magazine is $2.50!" Fancy returns the magazine and leaves the store. “He is gone now; he has driven off.  I don’t believe this! He has another woman.”

Ethan and Theresa are together kissing. He is happy that she followed her heart. “I love you. I know that you wanted to kill Alistair and not me. I know that. You were desperate. You don’t have to explain it to me anymore. This coma was actually a good thing.  Remember… I heard everything. I know that Gwen is a selfish primadonna and that she doesn’t love me the way that you love me. I want to be with you, I want to be with Jane and Little Ethan, but right now, I just want to make love to you all night.” They start kissing.

Liz is sorry for Julian and Eve telling her repeatedly that they are sorry for what has happened to her. The women in white walks away from the door when it sounds like the voices are getting closer to where she is. Julian grabs Liz’s hand and leads her out the door.

Edna watches as Norma flips back and forth between personalities for a minute. Norma has been planning an escape. She calls a cutie and has him remove his shirt. The man is covered with tattoos and the escape route is clearly shown there. Edna says that she will be responsible for tempting the guards and getting him distracted. Norma finds that hard to believe. Edna defends her womanly powers. She is sure that she can pull this off. “I have what it takes to drive men wild.”

Tabitha and Endora are at the table and Tabitha tells her Daniel about Norma and Edna. Edna is only upset that she isn’t gorgeous anymore. “What am I going o do about those two losers?" Endora suggests that they just move. Tabitha thinks that is a great idea! “We could go to Rome maybe! That is a great idea. We could go sailing to the land of mummies… Let’s get packing.” The doorbell goes off. “Who could that be?" Tabitha gets to the door but then wonders if Norma and Edna could be out there. Valerie is on the other side of the door. “Let me in! I am looking for Fox!" Tabitha isn’t going to fall for that one. “Anyone can disguise their voice. I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.”

Fox and Kay hear shouting and banging on the front door. Fox recognizes the voice as Valerie’s. “I better go let her in.” Tabitha is still hiding behind the door as Valerie bangs on it. Endora telepathically tells her mother to open the door. Tabitha does. Valerie comes rushing in and heads upstairs. She finds Fox and Kay in the hall. “There is big trouble with the project and we might lose it.” Fox swings into action.

Ethan and Theresa are in the bed at the cabin about to make love. Theresa notices that the lights are blinking. “Ethan! The lights!" Theresa is catapulted from her fantasy and she is back with Ethan the way that he really is. Unmoving, staring at the ceiling without really seeing it, and hooked up to a respirator. The wind is picking up out there. Suddenly the lights go off. “We have no power. Ethan is going to die," Theresa says worriedly.

Tabitha knows that the reason that Fox missed his calls was because Kay rigged it. Valerie tells Fox that she has been calling him but the phone kept going to voicemail. Valerie wants the code to the computer to fix the project. Fox finds his cell phone and it is off. “How did I do this?" Valerie tells Fox that this is all water under the bridge now. “Time is up. This has been all screwed up.“ Kay says that this was her fault. “I did it.”

Julian and Eve discuss Eve and how they can deal with her. Liz is still in the hall and she opens the office door to hear what Julian and Eve are saying. She will hurt them. She will hurt them in the worst way possible.

Fancy has to find out who this woman is that Noah is seeing. A news bulletin comes on the radio and Fancy listens to how Theresa has been named as the one that kidnapped Ethan from his hospital bed. Noah drives to the cabin, but can’t stop hoping that Fancy will forgive him for what he has done. The power has gone out but luckily the respirator has a backup generator. The machines start bleeping uncontrollably. Theresa panics. “What is happening? Oh, no!"

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