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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sam is angered by Spike and he beats the kid senseless. Jessica screams for him to stop. Spike doesn’t care about the beating. He keeps taunting Sam knowing that he hit a nerve. “You forgot about your daughter so that you can get laid by the blond.” Sam starts punching Spike again harder than before.

Ivy and Valerie talk about splitting up Fox and Kay while over the phone.

The woman in white is in the Crane building and she listens to Valerie as she talks to Ivy.

Fox has read the girls a story.

Tabitha comes in at the end of it.---

Kay enters the room assuring that dinner will be ready soon.

Tabitha thinks that Kay’s dinner is going to be horrible as she isn’t all that great of a cook.

Kay goes over to Tabitha and they whisper about how Kay managed to drag Fox from the office when the spell is in full swing. Kay asked for this spell and now she fights it. Tabitha doesn’t understand the girl.

Fox asks where they are going to eat. “In the kitchen, or here in the living room?" Kay says that they can eat in the living room. Fox follows her into the kitchen to help set things up.

Endora and Maria sit on the couch with Tabitha watching them.

James wants to watch a video game but Sheridan will not let him do that until after dinner. Chris is sorry that he didn’t get to go out with Sheridan this night and give her a proper dinner like she deserves. Sheridan prefers to have dinner as a family and has had enough of the stuffy dinners that the rich always seem to enjoy. Chris is glad that Sheridan thinks of he and James as family.

Gwen can’t stand waiting for news on where Theresa and Ethan are. Rebecca is going to rip that girl to shreds. So is Gwen.

Theresa has Ethan are in the cabin in bed. Noah watches as she sets everything up. Theresa just wants to keep Ethan from Gwen and he will be safe. Theresa is forever grateful to Noah for helping her this way. Noah only hopes that Fancy understands why he did this. “I have to get my car out of the parking lot. If Fancy sees that car, she will go crazy.”

Fancy comes out of the hospital and she finds Noah’s car. “He lied to me. He said that he was driving for his new job, but his car is here and it is cold. You lied to me Noah!"

Fancy remembers how she and Noah made a pact and they swore on it that they wouldn’t hurt each other.. “I heard a woman’s voice in the background of the call. Noah has another girlfriend.”

Noah has to go now. Theresa hugs him. “Thank you again. One day, Ethan is going to thank you himself. Don’t worry about Fancy. She will not know that you were the one that help me and Ethan out. If we didn’t do this, Ethan would be dead and that is that. So don’t worry about Fancy. Noah hopes that Fancy is as understanding as Theresa says she will be. Fancy thinks that Gwen was right to pull the plug. Theresa feels that she knows differently and that Ethan really didn’t want to die yet.” Noah really has to go now but he will be back to see her.

Once alone, Theresa goes to Ethan and sits on the bed with him. “You are very lucky to have a brother like him. He just saved your life.”

Valerie tells Ivy that she is trying her best to get Fox and Kay apart. Ivy tells Valerie that her son was taken from her because of Theresa, and she will not stand by and watch her other son go down that same path.

The woman in white is in the hall and she hears what Valerie is up to and how she plans to end Fox and Kay’s relationship. She stays hidden but listens carefully.

Valerie wonders what it is that she can do to get Fox away from Kay this time.

Fox and Kay and the kids with Tabitha all sit at the table and pass the food dishes around. Fox thinks that it would be great if they watched a movie that night. He jokes about The Wizard of Oz, and how the witch thinks that she is melting, but Tabitha finds nothing funny about that. He goes into the kitchen for a minute.

While he is gone… ZAP! Endora brings the television into the room form the other room.

Fox reenters the room and is glad to see that someone as already thought of setting up to watch movie tonight.

Kay can see that he loves watching movies, but Fox tells that he wants to watch Kay most of all. They kiss.

Endora smiles. Tabitha turns to Endora warning her that she had better remember who she works for and stop being happy when others are happy.

Sheridan really is having a great family time with Chris and James. Chris and James head into the living room while Sheridan gets dessert.

The door opens. Fancy walks in crying. “Aunt Sheridan… Noah has been cheating on me.”

Sam beats Spike senseless. The man is on the floor. Jessica screams at his father to stop. He will not. Sam tells Jessica to come with him, but she will not. “At least he cares for me, not like you who only cares that Ivy is in your bed!"

Jessica rushes to Spike who lies still on the grass. She tries to shake him awake but that doesn’t work. “Daddy! You killed him!"

Sam checks Spike and sees that the kid isn’t dead.

Spike starts getting up. Sam wants her to come with him now, but Jessica will not do that. Sam sees that this loser isn’t worth the worry. Jessica remembers being in the therapist’s office and waiting for her father. He never came. “I hate you daddy. I hate you.”

Sheridan makes tea as Fancy tells what happened. “You know how long it took for me to trust a man. I am not sure what Noah did. He said that he had a new job, but he never said what. Just now in the hospital Noah’s car was in the parking lot. Anyway, Noah never went into the hospital and I have no idea where he is. He is hiding something from me and I hate that. We said that we would be open and up front, but now I think that he is in love with another woman.”

Theresa exercises Ethan’s legs as he lies there in bed. “I can’t believe that Gwen would consider taking you off life support. When you come back, you will realize that you belong to me and Little Ethan and our daughter. We are going to be together forever.”

Gwen ends her call trying to get information on Ethan.

She tells her mother that there is no sign of the ambulance or Theresa. “That bitch has Ethan hidden somewhere.”

Ivy returns to hear that there is no news. Theresa must be taking full advantage of being Alistair’s wife it seems. Ivy knows that to keep Ethan alive he would have to be taken somewhere close so they don’t have to worry about Ethan being taken out of the country. Gwen isn’t sure why she is upset about this. She was going to let him die anyway. Ivy knows that Gwen is doing the only thing that she can do here. Rebecca knows that Theresa will be found. Gwen wants the person who is helping Theresa sent to jail for a very long time.

Noah is driving to Harmony but first he has a couple of things to do before returning to Fancy. Theresa didn’t even think of getting anything for herself to eat when she planned this scheme.

Bang! The tire blows on the ambulance. Noah maneuvers the vehicle so that he can safely stop.

Dinner is over, and Fox offers to take Maria upstairs to bed. When he is gone with Maria, Kay thanks Endora for helping her out that night.

Kay is about to put the dishes away, but Endora ZAPS the dishes out of her hands.

Kay thanks her for that too.

Tabitha comes in seeing that the dinnertime festivities are over. Kay heads to bed.

Tabitha can’t understand it. “The spell should be working but not in Kay’s favor.”

Valerie is at the office wondering what can be done to get Kay and Fox apart.

The phone rings. Valerie answers.

“Really?" A smile comes to her lips.

The Singapore project is going to be ruined if Fox doesn't get in the office to work on it right away. “Fate must be on my side after all.”

Sam tries to make Jessica see that he really does love his daughter and that he cares about her and was there to get her home.

Spike sees a sign on a nearby post. “Oh no! Look Jessica! He wasn’t out here looking for you. His son is missing and he was out looking for him.” Jessica is crestfallen when she reads the poster asking if anyone has seen a coma victim who has been kidnapped.

Fancy tells the story of how she thinks that Noah is cheating.

Chris comes in to see Sheridan and he pecks her on the cheek before leaving her with her friend to talk.

Fancy has to admit that she feels a little jealous when she sees Chris and Sheridan together.

Noah is working on the tire of the ambulance.

A cop comes wandering by. Noah says that he is just fixing a tire on the ambulance. The cop looks around. He sees no partner, no patient. Still he would like to see some paperwork on the ambulance and Noah.

Sheridan knows that there could be other reasons for Noah to be driving another vehicle or leaving his car in the parking lot of the hospital. “Give him a chance. He has to have a logical explanation for this. You are overreacting to this. Give him a chance. This could all be hot air. Fancy feels that maybe Sheridan is right.” They hug. Fancy feels a lot better and she leaves.

Sheridan hopes that she is right about Noah not cheating.

Noah gets some papers out of the ambulance and he flips through the papers trying to bond with the cop while he stalls. He and the officer talk about being on the job. Soon the man decides that Noah can go. “The vehicle that I was looking for had a woman and a comatose patient in it anyway. This isn’t the right vehicle.” The cop leaves.

That was too close for comfort.

Fox and Kay are ready for bed now. At least she is. He still wears his suit but is in the process of taking it off. They kiss but then he has to go away for a second.

Once alone, the phone rings.

When Kay hears Valerie’s voice starting to talk, she hangs up and turns off the phone. She then puts the cellphone on silence and then puts it away so that she and Fox can get some R&R.

Fox returns. “Who called?" Kay says that the person hung up on her. They lay on the bed now and get to business.

Rebecca suggests that they all head home but Gwen will not leave. “Damn Theresa! She doesn’t care about anyone else but herself.” Ivy is surprised at this. Rebecca can’t find any good in taking Ethan in this condition.

Ethan is on the bed as Theresa fusses over him. She sits by the bed with Ethan. “I wouldn’t ever hurt you. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Alistair was supposed to be the one to eat the poison. I will not give up on you. I look forward to the day when I see you up and about. I want to see your wonderful smile again. I will not let Gwen take you away from me. I promise.”

Chris reenters the kitchen to find that Fancy is gone. Sheridan presents a cake to Chris and James. She couldn’t cook the last time that Chris and James were with her but she has been practicing. Chris and James take pieces of the cake to put it to the real test. Chris takes a bite. “Oh my… This is delicious.” Sheridan is pleased. She has a bite of her own cake and is surprised. She gets them ice cream to have with it.

Valerie can’t get through to Fox. She tries the number again.

She gets his voicemail.

“Fox! Where are you," Valerie wonders.

Fox and Kay are in bed getting ready to make love.

The phone stays hidden and unable to ring.

Sam tells Jessica that he was concerned about her. Jessica finds him to be a liar. She feels that he was thinking about everyone else but her. “I told you that I hate you and I meant it!"

Sheridan has been taking cooking lessons and it paid off. Chris feels that this quiet family evening is just what Sheridan wanted and she admits that.

Jessica says that Spike is the only one in the world that loves her. Sam sees she is used. Jessica says that she never wants to see her father again but she fights him off. “Stay away from me!"

Fox and Kay talk for a minute, but then they are kissing on the bed again.

Valerie keeps trying to reach Fox but it appears that he isn’t answering his phone.

Gwen, Ivy and Rebecca all wait at the hospital. Ivy vows that Ethan isn’t the only one that is going to die.

Theresa holds Ethan’s hand and she tells him that she will do whatever it takes to keep him alive. “I will not let anyone hurt you Ethan.”

Noah gets to the hospital and goes to his car.

He finds a picture of Fancy in the car. “I hope that I can make her understand. Please help me make Fancy understand.”

Noah gets into his car and starts it up.

As Noah is backing out of the parking lot, Fancy comes out of the hospital.

She sees the car backing out of the space. “Noah is back? Where is he off to now I wonder? Maybe his girlfriend’s place. The only way to find out is to follow him.”

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