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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Proofread by Jill

Jessica is angry with her dad who has found her in the park. “You were supposed to be with me for therapy.  It is always something else!”   Sam sees that Jessica is acting odd. “You are high, aren’t you?  What have you done?  I didn’t make it to the doctor’s office because Ethan is being taken off life support.”   However, Jessica sees him as already dead. “What about me?" Sam hugs his daughter.   Suddenly Spike comes up telling Sam to get the hell away from Jessica and leave her alone from now on.

Liz has Julian naked on the carpet in an office at the hospital. “You kiss me now or I will cut your jugular!”   Eve walks in and finds Liz and the love of her life naked on the floor in a sexual position. The horror! Julian jumps when he sees Eve.

Kay calls to Fox telling him that they have to go and see Ethan, who is being taken off life support.  However, Fox and Valerie are hard at work together on their computers. Kay calls to Fox louder to come with her to see their half-brother. He shouts at Kay. “Kay! I can’t go now. I will go later.”

Rebecca and Gwen talk to the security of the hospital to find out what they can do to get Ethan back to the hospital.  Gwen knows that they have to get to Ethan soon.  Rebecca is only interested in getting to Theresa to make her pay for what she has done.

Fancy is on the phone with Noah, who is driving the ambulance with Ethan in back. Fancy thought that she heard a woman’s voice on Noah’s end. “Where are you? What is going on?"   Theresa comes from the back of the ambulance. Noah tells her that he has to pull over. There are sirens all around them and the cops are obviously hot on their trail. Theresa orders him to keep going.

Sam feels that he should have known Spike was behind this.   “Jessica’s torn clothes and the way that she is acting could only mean that she has gotten back with Spike…”

Julian tells Eve that Liz threatened him into having sex with her. “She was going to kill me!” he cries.  Julian puts his clothes on. Liz stands naked, saying that Julian lied to Eve and that Liz and Julian had consensual sex. Liz shows Eve that she has nothing in her hands to threaten him with, so where is the danger?  Liz says that Julian wanted her because he is tired of making love to Eve. Julian says that Liz is mad to say the things that she does.

Kay decides to go to the hospital by herself and starts walking out.  Fox rushes after her and stops her, saying that he is sorry he snapped at her the way that he did; he just got caught up on work with Valerie.   Kay doesn't want to hear about this now. “I am leaving now. Are you coming?" Fox says that he has a couple of things  he has to take care of first.  Valerie comes out, saying that Fox has to get back in there to deal with some things right away.  Fox promises that if Kay waits it will only be a couple of minutes and he will leave with her.   Kay wonders if she is being an idiot.

Fancy wants Noah to come to the hospital and be with her. She tells him how there is some man helping Theresa kidnap Ethan, but no one knows who it is.  Theresa tells Ethan that it is really over and miracles really don’t happen.

An officer comes to Gwen and the others to tell them that the ambulance has been stopped, and they will have Ethan in custody momentarily. Gwen sees now that when Ethan comes in, she will have to let him go and pull the plug.  Gwen wants Ethan back so that she can end his suffering. Ivy understands. Rebecca says that afterwards they can all go for drinks.  An officer comes to Gwen with bad news. “It is not your husband… It is nothing like that…”

Theresa and Noah are still riding in the ambulance.

Fancy can hear the sirens through the phone. “What is happening, Noah?"   Noah turns the phone off.  Fancy sees that the line is dead. “Come home Noah. I need you. The family needs you.”  Noah had to turn the phone off because he didn’t want Fancy to hear him getting arrested.

Theresa holds Ethan’s head close to hers; it is almost over now.  Noah slows the ambulance down, and the police cars drive right by.  Noah can’t believe this. “They weren’t after us!”  he says.  Theresa hears Noah and is happy as well.  She runs back and gives Ethan a big kiss on the forehead.

The bad news is that the ambulance that they were chasing is not the one that has Ethan in it. Someone has to be helping Theresa with this kidnapping, she knows nothing about ambulances. It must be her accomplice who has set this up. They have to get Fox there to help with the search.

Ivy knows that when Fox gets there he will have Kay with him, and she is angry. Kay can’t believe that Fox is working when his brother is dying. Kay’s cell phone rings.

It is Fancy, asking her where Fox is. Kay tells her that Fox is still working.  Fancy tells Kay that Theresa kidnapped Ethan, and the cops were following the wrong ambulance. Sam is out looking for Ethan and Theresa; Fox really needs to get out and help with this.   Kay goes into the office and turns the computer off while Fox is still typing on it.   Fox freaks out. Kay informs him that Theresa has kidnapped Ethan and that he, Fox, has to get going to search for his brother.  Fox is not impressed with Kay’s announcement about his brother dying and having disappeared. “What do I look like? Do I look like a cop? I have work to do!"  Kay has no idea who this man is anymore; she gets angry. “When will your family be more important than your job?" Fox leaves to go to the copy center. He will go to the hospital later, but for now he has things that have to get done.

Jessica sides with Spike against her father. “I needed you, and you let me down like always, Dad.” Sam is sorry but says that that is no excuse to go back to Spike. Jessica only hears excuses from her father. “Words. Talk. Go to therapy, Jessica. You have never been there for me. Spike showed up at therapy today when no one else did. Spike loves me. He keeps his promises. He told me that you didn’t love me and he was right. He is always right. You are the liar, daddy…you!"

Julian wants Eve to think about what she saw. “She had me trapped, Eve, and I couldn’t leave the room.” Eve has her back to Julian and Liz. Liz says that she couldn’t have just ripped his clothes off like Julian says she did. Julian orders Liz to shut up; she is screwing up everything for him. “Eve… I was waiting for the right moment to get away from her but you came in first.” Liz flirts with Julian in front of Eve and Julian tells Liz to go away. He turns to Eve again. “She said that she would do anything to break us up, and she is doing it.” Liz tells her sister that there is something that Eve should know. “This isn’t the first time that we have slept together. Julian remembers it. He was unfaithful to you, Eve, with your little sister…”

Rebecca wants something done to catch Theresa. The officer says that Theresa could be anywhere at this point. She passed through the roadblocks because they were not up when she started running. Gwen is afraid that she will never see Ethan again, and that Ethan may die out there.  She wants Noah to talk to Fancy, and he and Theresa fight over that. 

Noah’s cell phone rings and Theresa fights to take it from him while he is driving; he is keeping the phone from Theresa. Fancy wants to know why Noah didn’t call her back.   Theresa begs Noah not to tell Fancy anything about the scheme to get Ethan out of town, but Noah really needs to be honest and up front with Fancy about all this.  “Fancy… Remember when you were talking about someone helping Theresa take Ethan from the hospital? Well, that person is me…”  Theresa puts her head in her hands at the sound of Noah’s confession. They are sunk.

Noah tells Theresa that he is sorry, but he had to tell the truth to Fancy. “I can’t lie to her.” He says.  Noah gets back to his call. It seems that Fancy didn’t hear what Noah said about helping Theresa take Ethan.  Fancy wants Noah to come to the hospital now. “I hope that whoever is helping Theresa knows something about medicine. That is a funny thing to say, since Gwen is going to remove Ethan’s respirator as soon as he gets back.”  Noah gets off the phone now quickly.  Noah hates this. He keeps lying and lying and lying.  Theresa tells Ethan that they are safe now and that she will take good care of him from now on.

Sam asks his daughter to understand what is going on. “This is about your brother.” Jessica hardly knows Ethan. “He isn’t really my brother.” She says.  Spike tells Sam that he is going to keep Jessica away from him. “Cut this guy out of your life Jessica, he is never there for you.” Sam can’t believe that Jessica can’t see the importance of someone having the life support removed from their lives. Spike has a theory. “Sam only cares about the kids that he has with the blonde. He doesn’t care about the kids that he had with the dark-haired woman who got up and left him.”

Fox and Valerie are in the hall talking business, but Fox isn’t really listening. “Valerie, you go ahead and take care of this. I trust you and if you think that things need to be a certain way, then you do it.” Valerie walks off, and Fox dials his mother.

“Mom are you sure that Theresa was the one who kidnapped Ethan?" Ivy is sure. She says that there is no need for him to go out looking for Ethan, since everyone else is out looking. Fox says that he has been working with Valerie, but he wants to be kept posted. Ivy tells Fox to get back to work and not worry about this.   Fox knows that he should talk to Kay about being an insensitive jerk before he does anything else.  Kay waits for Fox, and tries to call him, but he doesn’t answer his phone.   “I will just go and see Ethan myself. “  Kay goes to the door to leave, but Fox is there walking in the doorway. He is carrying a huge bouquet of yellow flowers! “Kay! Just the person I wanted to see.”

Liz asks Julian to tell Eve about their hot night in Boston. Julian admits that he has memories of the night with Liz.  Liz tells Eve that Julian forced himself on her and was rough and brutal. “I can’t have children because of it.” Julian remembers being on booze and drugs back in the past when that happened. “I have changed, Eve.” Liz says that Julian is just the same this day as he was that day. Julian begs Eve to get past this. “Today was just another of Liz’s traps. Tell me that you believe me. Tell me.”

Ivy calls Valerie. Valerie offers her good wishes for Ethan. Ivy says that she heard that Fox has been spending lots of time with her and she is grateful for that. Ivy orders the girl to spend every minute that she can with Fox.  Valerie will do her best, but it might not work.

Fox got the flowers from someone’s office and Kay recognizes them. He really wants her not to be angry with him anymore. “Please listen to me. Kay, when I say that I have responsibility I am not talking about just anything. The people in Singapore depend on me for jobs, and food on the table for their families. That isn’t going to happen.  I am sorry about Ethan, but I was doing something important today. Please tell me that you understand that. Just forgive me for biting your head off then.”

Fancy returns to Gwen, but there has been no word on Theresa. Fancy tells Gwen that she was just on the phone with Noah and he was so weird. “He is hiding something. He used to have feelings for someone and he carried her picture in his wallet.” Gwen knows that could mean nothing. Fancy leaves the hospital room now.  “What is it Noah? Is there another woman?"  

Noah brings in the supplies. Theresa greets him at the door of the cabin. Theresa has all the supplies that they are going to need to live there and take care of Ethan. The supplies are mostly for Ethan. Theresa will have to get stuff to eat for herself later. Time is running out. “Theresa… I am sorry. I have to get back to Harmony…” Theresa looks up into his face afraid. “Oh my God! You are going to turn me in…!”

Julian begs Eve to say she understands. Liz sees that Eve is having a big problem with this.  Eve’s pager goes off.   “I can’t deal with this now. I have an emergency in the ER.” Eve leaves.  “I did it!” gloats Liz.  “Eve is going to break it off with you, and her life will be destroyed.”

Spike keeps talking about how Sam will do anything to get into Ivy’s pants. “You look down on Jessica for prostitution?  Well, what the hell are you doing man, sacrificing your baby daughter to get in Ivy’s pants?"   Spike gets too close to Sam while he is talking and Sam grabs him, starting a fight. Jessica screams.

Kay and Fox make up. Fox says that he called his mother and she said there was nothing that he would be able to do at the hospital. Fox suggests that they go home, have some dinner, and then maybe… they kiss.   They are on their way out the door, when Valerie comes in. Fox says goodnight to Valerie and then walks to the door. Valerie tells him that there are things that he has to hear about. He says that he trusts Valerie to do the right thing and he leaves.

Gwen is upset now. Ethan could die out there before she gets a chance to see him.

Noah has to go. Theresa worries because no one else knows that they are up there. If he goes, she will be all alone.  Noah tells Theresa that he has to get back to the hospital.  His car is parked there and he wants to get back there and move it before Fancy finds out.

At the hospital, Fancy is leaving the hospital. She sees Noah’s car parked near the door and she wonders what it is doing there. “He said that he had to drive with his new job. “Oh my God!"

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