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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chris wants to take things to the next level but Sheridan isn’t able to yet. “I feel too guilty about things in my life to move on. Luis isn’t even cold in his grave and Marty is gone.” Chris will wait and he reminds her that she isn’t alone. She worries about Gwen and taking the man that she loves off life support. Harmony is cursed but still there are still good people in Harmony, and they are all suffering because of this tragedy.

Spike shows up at the office where Jessica had her appointment with her shrink. She is surprised to see him there. He sees that Sam isn’t around. Jessica tells that her father couldn’t make it. “The family are probably at the hospital talking about Ethan and taking him off life support.” Spike says that Ethan’s life is over but hers is just beginning. “Your dad should have showed up for you now that you need help.” Jessica knows that her father loves her, but Spike points out that if so, why can’t they find him anywhere. “Your father is never there when you need him.”

Theresa and Noah are in Ethan’s room and they have him secured to a stretcher for transport. Theresa has a key that Alistair gave her to use to get Ethan out of there through a different entrance than the regular way in.

The family is outside the door now.

Theresa tells Noah to hurry. He worries that Fancy is out there. Theresa rushes him out.

The family comforts each other. Rebecca and Pilar are at odds over Theresa and what should happen to her.

Fancy is in agreement with Rebecca about making Theresa pay.

The family all start walking into Ethan’s room.

Pilar is the first to notice. Ethan is gone. Gwen is startled. “Where is Ethan? Where is he?" He seems to have vanished in thin air.

Theresa and Noah have Ethan in the ambulance now. They have to get out of there before the family calls the police. Theresa turns to Ethan telling him that they are almost out of there and that he will be safe.

Theresa turns to close the ambulance door behind her but she can’t just yet. There is a strange face peering into the ambulance.

“What do you think you are doing?"

Noah is at the wheel ready to go, and he sees that Theresa has been confronted by an unexpected visitor.

Theresa looks back and forth from Ethan to the security officer before her, not sure what to say.

Liz is trying to get Julian to make love to her in some room in the hospital. He can’t believe that she is asking him this. Not after having accused him of the terrible things that he did to her. He did drugs and drank back then and again he apologizes for what happened to her. She tried to be a normal woman but she failed. Julian remembers Liz bragging about making love to TC so he really feels that things couldn’t have been that bad. She didn’t function well emotionally but she knows how to use her body when she wants something. She orders Julian to make love to her now. He will not. She pulls a knife on him. “You make love to me or I will kill you and then I will kill my big sister.

It doesn’t take long for someone to think that Theresa is behind this. Eve knows there has to be an easy explanation for this. There has to be. Gwen is sure that Theresa would do something like this. Pilar can’t believe this.

Noah is in the ambulance behind the steering wheel. “Is everything okay back there?"

Theresa tells that things are fine. The security officer is suspicious about this transport and knows nothing about it on paper.

Noah tells Theresa to hurry up.

The man notes that the patient really looks sick and out of it.

Theresa tells the man that this patient is due at another hospital at this time. The man tells Theresa to wait and let him check on this. “I usually know where there is to be a transport. You wait here.”

Spike asks Jessica about her therapy. She did talk about Spike a bit but mostly she spoke about her mother and how her father moved on soon after. Spike has more questions, but Jessica is getting disturbed talking about this. “I am so confused. I thought that they were my rock. My mom and dad were supposed to be together and then bam! This man shows up and says that he is mom’s husband. She leaves and walks off into the sunset and never looks back. What happens to me? And my dad? And Kay? And Noah? How could she do that?" Spike hugs Jessica and tells her that he will take care of her and never let her go.

Julian tells Liz that he will call the police on Liz if she doesn’t stop this. She isn’t scared. “I will get out on bail and then I will smile and mind my manners and then some night when you are out walking with Eve… SURPRISE! I will spring out of the shadows like a panther and rip her heart out.” Julian can see that Liz is truly evil. She feels that she is just a woman scorned. “You know what they say about us scorned women. Let’s get down to business…” Liz starts undoing Julian’s tie to get him naked like she is. She uses the knife to pop Julian’s buttons. He can see that she seriously needs help. She only wants him to think about making love to her so that he can save Eve’s life.

Eve sends a nurse to search for Ethan.

Rebecca can’t understand how this can happen.

Chris tells Sheridan that he has to go and pick James up from daycare now. Gwen says that Sheridan should go, but Sheridan wants to stay. Gwen says that there is no need for her to be her at this point. “You should go honey.”

Gwen tells Sheridan that Chris loves her. Gwen can feel it. Sheridan knows that but it is too soon. Gwen tells Sheridan to move on and grab everything in life. “I was talking to Ethan about a book and then he was gone. You gotta move on.” Sheridan hugs her friend. They will talk later. Sheridan leaves.

Sam and Ivy leave the room. Ivy is frantic. Ivy too thinks that Theresa has done this. Sam finds that absurd. “She couldn’t do a thing like that alone.” Sam leaves to find out what is going on.

Fancy and Ivy talk about Noah and where he could be. Fancy really needs him right now. Ivy says that being with Noah is good for her daughter. “I do want you to be happy Fancy.”

Fancy takes out her cellphone. She tells her mother how she and Noah are going to be totally honest and make a real go of it.

Theresa tells Noah to start driving. Noah can’t do that.

His cellphone rings.

Noah looks down and can tell from the display that Fancy is calling.

The security guard is back and he says that there are no records showing that a patient should be transported. Theresa says that she has to go and that the patient is getting worse because of the waiting. Theresa says that there is a woman that is waiting for this patient to have his appointment and it might be his only chance at being cured. The man decides at that point to let Theresa go with the ambulance.

Theresa shuts the door and then orders Noah to get going. Noah has a change of heart. “It is not fair to Gwen, it is not fair to Sam and it is not fair to the whole family. I can’t help you kidnap Ethan.”

Jessica is sitting on a park bench.

Spike is behind her spiking her hot chocolate.

He tells her that he has something for her. She doesn’t want any drugs but takes the hot chocolate when he offers it to her. He sits with her on the park bench holding her to keep her warm. She finds him to be so nice right now.

Spike thinks to himself that after those pills in her drink kick in, she will do anything that he wants.

Fancy is worried. She can’t find Noah. Sam has no idea where he could be.

Pilar finds this day to be getting worse and worse. Father Lonnigan has no idea what is going to happen. Father Lonnigan doesn’t agree with Gwen’s choice but Ethan’s wish was clear. Pilar can’t believe that Theresa would do a thing like this. She has been calling Theresa but can’t reach her. Father Lonnigan hopes that wherever Theresa is, she is doing the lord’s work.

Theresa tells Noah that they have to get out of there. “We are Ethan’s only hope.” Noah just got a text message from Fancy asking him to go to see her up in Ethan’s room. Noah just feels too guilty to do this. Noah feels that Ethan is going to die anyway so why should they do this? Theresa is sure that Ethan will live. “What is more important than that?" Noah sees that she is right. He starts up the ambulance and they start moving the ambulance out of there.

Theresa goes to Ethan in the back. “You see Ethan? When you give people the chance to do the right thing, they do it.”

Sheridan is home at the B&B with Chris and James. She has had a sad day.

When alone, Sheridan looks at a picture of Ethan and Gwen and thinks about Ethan.

Chris sees that Sheridan is getting upset and he worries about that.

Liz orders Julian to kick off his shoes. He tells her ‘no’! “Kick off your shoes!" He kicks them off. She has him naked after ordering off his underwear. Now they are both naked. “Now get on the floor!" She points her knife at him. He lays on his back. “Ready or not?" Liz gets on top of him looking down at him, holding her letter opener/knife. He makes a move to escape her and the knife is pushed in his face to remind him to behave. He wonders what she thinks is going to happen now. She tells him that this is going to be a special time. “A time that we will never forget.”

Eve comes to the family and tells them that an officer reported that there was someone that matches Theresa’s description who took a patient. “There was a man who was helping her but no one got a look at him.” Gwen is furious with the hospital and Eve as well.

Sam runs off to search for his son.

Eve’s pager goes off and she has to go.

Rebecca wonders where Eve could go at a time like this. “Has she lost another patient?"

Theresa and Noah are on a country road and she asks him to go quicker but he can’t do that. He will be bringing attention to them if they rush.

Noah gets out his phone. “I have to all Fancy.” Theresa begs him not to do that.

He calls Fancy anyway and Fancy tells the story of what happened to Ethan and how Theresa took him.

Noah whispers to Theresa that the family knows that she did this.

Sirens are heard in the distance. Theresa panics. “Oh my God! They have found us!" ***

She rushes to the back of the ambulance and puts her arms around Ethan’s shoulders holding her head near his.

Jessica is flying. She gets silly and her arms are all floppy. “You put something in my hot chocolate. If you are going to be a bad boy, then I want to be a bad girl.” Spike suggests that she turn a trick. She is up for that. He tells her to stay right there and he will be back with someone for her to turn a trick with. He looks at her skirt but thinks that it is too long. He pulls and rips at it until it is a mini. He leaves to find a trick.

“Jessica! What are you doing here? What happened to your clothes?" Jessica tells him that he is never there for her “Never! Damn you daddy!"

Sheridan thinks about Luis. She looks over at Chris and James and then kisses her finger touching it to Luis’s image in the picture.

She gets up and goes over to Chris and James and asks how their puzzle is going. Chris senses something different in Sheridan. She is in a much better mood. Chris and James are glad that Sheridan is there with them.

Liz leans forward to Julian and orders him to kiss her. He will not do it. She orders him to kiss her now or she will cut his jugular. She presses her lips to his.

Behind them the door opens and Eve enters seeing a black woman naked on top of a white man on the floor.

Noah is still on the line with Fancy. She wonders where he is and what is going on. Noah has no idea what to say to Fancy.

Theresa comes rushing to the front of the ambulance where Noah is. “They are catching up to us.”

Fancy hears that voice. “Who was that Noah?" Noah can’t say anything at this point.

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