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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox decides that it is time that he checks on Kay. Valerie tries to stop him but that doesn’t work.

After he is gone, Valerie decides that she has to use her womanly wiles on Fox to get his attention from Kay.

Fancy thinks that Kay is overstating Valerie’s power in the office and in Fox’s life. “She isn’t like a witch who can cast a spell on Fox and get him for herself.”

Kay knows that a witch has put a spell on him though and that even if Valerie doesn’t steal him from her, Tabitha’s spell will. That saddens her greatly.

Fancy tells Kay to do her best to keep her man.

She will do the same to keep hers.

Gwen sits with Ethan and smiles into his eyes. All the tests are done and over with. The answers were not good.

Sam and Ivy are there for Gwen and will not let her go through this alone. Whatever she decides is good for them.

Sheridan, Chris and Eve are there as well to lend their support as they are sure Gwen needs it.

Sheridan leaves to take care of an important errand that apparently everyone else has forgotten about.

---Noah believes that Theresa is right now. She should save Ethan. He hopes that Fancy will understand why he is helping Theresa with this kidnapping.

Fancy tells Kay that she has to remember that she is not a charity case and Fox should be glad to have her. Fancy can’t even balance her checkbook and yet Kay works, studies and raises a child all on her own. Kay will take her advice on being confident but she has to get going and stuff those envelopes.

Fox finds Fancy and Kay in Fancy’s office. She admits that she got distracted talking to Fancy. Fancy says that Kay was helping with some designs that she was looking at. Fancy has to go and offers her office to Kay for stuffing the envelopes. Fox and Fancy have to have a meeting now.

Sheridan has contacted Father Lonnigan and he will be there soon to give Ethan his last rights.

Julian arrives and Eve asks him if he was able to take care of that last minute business that he had.

Julian remembers being with Liz and remembering how he savaged her in the past.

Julian goes to Ethan’s bedside now.

Everyone leaves the room so that Julian can be alone with Ethan.

“Well… Biology be damned. I loved you when I thought that you were my son, and now here at the end of the day… Sam is your father. It matters not. Even when the truth first came out, my anger wasn’t with you. It was with the lies that were told. My anger was never with you. In my mind, you will always be forever my son. My noble son.” Julian kisses the man’s forehead.

Pilar comes to the hospital. Gwen hugs her. She knows that Ethan would want her there.

Pilar enters the room.

She greets Julian. Julian has finished talking to Ethan and he leaves.

Pilar sits beside the boy. She speaks her heart in her language as she talks to Ethan. “I am sure that Theresa would give anything for you not to be here Ethan…”

Noah and Theresa have picked up some of her money and now they are out trying to buy an ambulance. They are going to need something with all the bells and whistles if it is going to be the only thing keeping Ethan alive.

The salesman is coming and Theresa decides that she will do the talking. “Remember that Ethan’s name is not to be spoken.” The man asks which model Noah and Theresa are interested in. Theresa says that she needs something that can transport a coma patient. The man gives the details of the ambulances that he has. “Funny, you don’t seem like the hospital types that usually come in here.” Theresa says that they are from out of town. “Look sir, we really need to have an ambulance right away and we just want to pay for one and get out of here.” It takes seconds to make the deal after Theresa says that.

Pilar is with the others now. She can’t believe that she is sitting over Ethan this way. “Theresa knew that it was wrong to try to kill Alistair but she couldn’t take Alistair anymore and she accidentally poisoned you.”

Rebecca finds Pilar’s words touching. “When are we going to blame the person who is responsible for this?"

Theresa offers a cheque for the ambulance. The man finds this ludicrous that they are just going to write a cheque for this. “You two are fronting for a celebrity are you?" Theresa says that they are shooting a film on the coast and they need the ambulance for a movie. The man looks Noah over and decides that he must do skin flicks. Theresa writes the cheque but the man will not take it. “Oh you expect me to cash this so that it can bounce? Get out of here before the both of you need an ambulance.”

Fancy and Fox return to his office. Fancy grabs Fox’s ear holding him so that they can talk in private. She wants Valerie out of there. This is private. Valerie tries to stand up for Fox but Fancy threatens her with her job. Valerie walks out knowing that Fancy can really hurt her career if she wants to. Fancy keeps a firm hold on Fox’s ear, holding it low so that he can’t stand upright.

Once Valerie is out of sight, Fancy lets go of Fox’s ear. He asks her what the hell is wrong with her. She smacks him hard. THWACK! “No Fox! What the hell is wrong with you," she demands to know!

Kay is stuffing envelopes for the Christmas party.

Valerie comes into the room. Valerie says that Fancy said that she would be in this office. Valerie wants to know if Fancy was angry when she left this office. “She was very rude to me. She wanted to talk to Fox in private. What is it that she thinks that she can say to Fox that she feels she can’t say to me?”

Kay knows what this is all about. Fancy is trying to help but she keeps that secret.

Valerie wonders what Fancy’s problem is.

Fox is angry that his sister has been bashing him around this way. She sees that he has learned nothing about the way that their parents lived their lives. “We used to say that we wouldn’t ever treat people the way that they did. You’ve turned into grandfather.” Fox denies that. Fancy knows that Fox sidelined Kay to get Valerie’s help instead. Fox says that Kay is over her head but she is green and needs more work experience. Fancy knows that this had to have happened after Valerie took Kay’s place in the office. This is about him getting to the top and not caring about Kay and how she feels Fancy says.

Ivy and the others stand around the room with Ethan. Ivy vows that Ethan will pay for this. Sam will not listen to this now. Gwen tells her mother that there has been no improvement and so they will have to take Ethan off the life support. Rebecca sits now saddened. “I know that we have our differences but you are a good man and I am going to miss you… We all are.”

Rebecca rushes to her daughter.

Father Lonnigan arrives. They have been expecting him. He would like to go first to the chapel for a short prayer service. That is a lovely idea they all think. The group files out.

Gwen lingers in the background. She looks at her husband as she hurts deep inside.

Theresa and Noah tell the salesman to hurry as they have to get going. The man will not take them seriously. Theresa says that if the man will not take a personal cheque from her, she will pay in cash.

Theresa shows the man what is in her bag. “This stuff is real. Who the heck are you lady?" She only tells him that she is the woman that just bought his ambulance. He confirms that she is right about that. They shake hands.

Valerie hates that Fancy threatened her. “Spoiled little rich bitch.” Kay can tell that working with Fox is a big deal to Valerie. She admits it. She had to leave Chad to work with Fox. Fox will come out on top and Valerie knows it. Valerie feels that Kay feels threatened about Fox and she working together. Kay has a sudden thought that comes to her. She knows that Valerie knows a lot about computers and Kay asks her if she was the one that let the virus out to ruin the files and Kay’s reputation. Kay decides that from now on she will be keeping more of a close eye on Valerie.

Fancy gives ideas to Fox to get Kay to have her chance back at her job. Fox turns his nose up at all of them. Fox can’t bring Kay back until he gets the promotion that he is competing for. Fancy sees that to be bull. “You are doing this for yourself.”

All are in the chapel now.

Sam tells how he had no idea that Ethan was his son. “Since then I thought that I had all the time in the world but I am going to lose my first born son now. It is really hard as parents are the ones that should go first. My parents and Ivy’s parents will be there to greet Ethan. He is a true prince among up. God bless him.”

Julian too share Sam’s sentiments. “Ethan is perhaps the finest young man that I have ever known. He has this goodness and I can’t take credit for that. I love Ethan and I will never forget him.”

Liz is outside the chapel and she hears Julian talking about his son. A sly smile comes to his lips.

Theresa and Noah are now dressed as ambulance attendants and standing in the parking lot. They are ready to go, but Noah has one thing that he has to do first before moving their plan into action. “I have to call Fancy and let her know what I am doing. I have to make her understand why I am doing this. I can’t have her hearing about this from someone else.” Theresa tells him that he can’t call Fancy and tell her anything. Noah promises to be only a minute but that is a minute too long in Theresa’s book. She grabs the phone as Noah starts dialing. “No! Don’t call Fancy!"

Noah takes his phone back. “Fancy and I made a promise that we would have no secrets.” Theresa will not let him screw up her plan. She knows that Fancy will call the police and that will stop what they are trying to do. “Please Noah. Once we have Ethan and he comes out of the coma, Fancy will be thanking us for doing that.” Noah knows that Fancy will like that. Still, he would like to call Fancy and tell her that he loves her and is thinking of her. Noah opens his phone but Theresa has broken it. She promises to replace it. Noah asks how they are going to do this. She is already inside the hospital and heading to Ethan’s room.

Noah follows her dragging the stretcher with him.

The nurses are alone in Ethan’s room with him.

Theresa gets to Ethan’s room and finds that Ethan is still alive.

Noah comes up from behind and they have to wonder if Ethan is still scheduled for death.

The nurses come out of the room and they go over how the family and friends will be returning from the chapel soon, and how Ethan will be released from the machine.

Theresa and Noah see that they have to keep their plan in motion. Ethan is as good as over now.

Julian talks a little longer about he and Ethan and how he is losing a son.

Liz is still outside smiling. She knows that Julian is going to love the surprise that she has for him.

Sheridan talks next about her wonderful nephew.

Julian’s cellphone rings and he leaves the room to take the call.

Sheridan continues her talk of her experience with Ethan.

Valerie says that she only wanted to work on the Singapore project and that is why she has been with Fox. Kay isn’t stupid. She wonders too how Valerie can be working for Fox and Chad at the same time. Kay leaves to continue her plans for the Christmas party.

Valerie can see that Kay isn’t as stupid as she thought.

Fox and Fancy argue over how Fox is running his office.

Fancy gets a call from Julian and she puts him on speaker.

Fancy and Fox listen as Julian relates that Ethan is going to be let go soon. Fancy says that they will be on their way. She hangs up.

Fox returns to his desk. He isn’t going anywhere. “I have to meet this stupid deadline and can’t go with you Fancy.” She gets angry. “How can meeting a stupid deadline be more important than going to be with your dying brother Fox? Tell me!"

Fox offers to meet Fancy at the hospital later. Fancy says that his priorities are really messed up. He shouts at her that he will meet her at the hospital later. Fancy opens the door to leave and Valerie is there.

“What?" Fancy demands. Valerie wants to get back to work. Fancy lets her in. “You two deserve each other.”

Kay tells Fancy that she wants to go and be with Ethan. Fancy offers to drive her over to the hospital. Kay wonders if she should stay at the office and help Fox.

Fancy and Kay look in the office and see Fox and Valerie wit their heads together over the desk. Fancy thinks that Fox isn’t worth the trouble that Kay is going through.

Liz has found Julian in a room at the hospital. “Make love to me Julian.” Julian refuses. “Make love to me Julian or I will kill Eve.”

Sheridan remembers the dead that went ahead of Ethan as she talks in the chapel. “It is too much to bear.

Father Lonnigan says that it is time for Ethan to receive his last rites.

The group goes out of the chapel.

Sheridan is having a bad time of it.

Chris follows her. She is drowning in grief. “It s too much losing all those people.” Chris tells her to be happy. “I am in love with you.” They kiss.

The group return to the corridor to start heading back to Ethan for the last time. Everyone is very supportive. Gwen thanks them.

Theresa and Noah have Ethan secured to the stretcher. It is time to get out of there before the others return to the room. Theresa is content to just stare into Ethan face, but Noah urges her to get moving so that they don’t get caught.

The group slowly makes their way along the hall.

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