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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy is at work and she doesn't want to be there when Ethan is taken off life support. Fancy hates Theresa for what she has done and she has the gall to insist that Ethan be kept alive. Fancy knows that Gwen has a lot of support on this.

Fox is very impressed with Valerie’s work. “This is incredible. My grandfather is going to be as pleased as I am.”

Kay is at the office and she is about to enter the main office to get to work. Fox has given the morning of to Kay and she is grateful.

Kay now enters the office and is shocked to find Valerie there sitting in front of Fox on his desk.

Gwen has family and friends around her and she doesn’t think that she can do this thing that she has been commissioned to do. “I need strength to do what Ethan asked me to.”

Gwen turns to Ethan now. “I am sorry. I am weak and I don’t want to do this.” Eve offers to turn the machine off but Gwen insists that she will do it. “We are his family and he was always there for us and now we will be there for him. I love you. I love you Ethan. I am going to be strong for you. I love you that much.” Gwen kisses Ethan’s forehead.

Noah can’t believe his ears. Theresa wants him to help her kidnap Ethan. Noah says that Ethan wants to be let go and not live on machines. His wishes should be respected and he should be let go. Theresa says that the Living Will was misunderstood. “He wants to be only taken off machines if he is brain dead and he is not brain dead. He is only in a coma.” Noah will not help her. Theresa decides that she will do this herself. Noah will not let her do this. ‘I will call the police and have you arrested for attempted kidnapping if you go near that hospital.”

Kay comes into the office asking what Valerie is doing there. From the back it looks like something sexual might be going on.

Valerie and Fox turn to say that they were waiting for her. Fox rushes to her and kisses her.

Kay has a thought that she would like to throw at Fox. “Why don’t we put all the information about Crane on the computers so that anyone that needs it can get to it. Fox likes that idea.

Valerie will not let this happen. She has to think fast. She can’t let Kay seem to have anything good to say in Fox’s eyes.

“No Kay… That was something that they tried before but for security reasons it didn’t work.” Fox thanks Valerie for telling them that. Fox wants to get Kay up to speed but Valerie says that they have a deadline and so Fox will have to get Kay up to speed later that night.

Fox says that he wants her to take care of something for him. “Can you arrange the Christmas party for me? You will have to send out Christmas cards and write them out by hand.” Kay will get right on it. She leaves the office.

Noah tells Theresa that she may be too late to do anything anyway at the hospital. Noah has a strong hold on Theresa and she orders him to let her go. Noah knows that she loves Ethan but Gwen is Ethan’s wife now. Theresa says that Ethan only stayed with Gwen out of pity. He told her that he loved her. Noah finds that doesn't matter anymore who he loves. Gwen is his wife and she has the power here. Theresa talks of the medical advances and why it is important that Ethan be given a chance at being saved. “People used to have strokes and cancers and even Aids and some people live just fine when they are not expected to. The achievements could be in a year and when that happens Ethan could have a chance. Ethan is your brother and I know that you love him. Help me save him. Help me save Ethan.”

Sam tells Ethan that he wishes that they had more time as father and son. “We have so much to make up for. We lost so much time. I have to wait until I get to where you are going now. I am going to miss you. Goodbye son. I love you.” Sam kisses Ethan’s forehead.

Ivy sits with Ethan next. “I love you and I will think about you everyday for the rest of my life.” She kisses his forehead.

Sheridan tells her special nephew how she is feeling about him this one last time. “Love is what made our relationship special and lasting and I will always love you. Luis will always love you too. Don’t worry about Gwen. We will look after her… I promise.”

Eve tells Gwen that she can go ahead whenever she is ready. Gwen gingerly heads to the machine and leans behind it.

She flips the switch. All the sounds stop, and all the lights on the machines go off. All wait respectfully.

Fox and Valerie are hard at work but Fox wants to go see Kay and make sure that she doesn’t feel slighted by him. Valerie says that harping on that will make Kay feel inadequate for sure.

Kay is busy getting to work on the Christmas invitations to the party.

Kay sees that Fancy is in her office.

“Hi Fancy!" The girls talk. They discuss Ethan and Kay hopes that he will get better soon. Fancy can see that Kay has no idea that Ethan isn’t getting better and is in an irreversible coma. Kay didn’t know anything about this. Fancy tells that Eve will be helping with the disconnection of the life support. Ethan’s Living Will says that he has to be let go. Kay is mortified. Fancy is angry that Theresa is walking around scot-free.

Noah tries to talk sense to Theresa. He knows that she went to Judge Riley to get an injunction and she couldn’t get it. Still a higher court could reverse the injunction anyway. Theresa doesn’t care about that. She will do anything. Noah can see that Theresa is obsessed with Ethan. Theresa was ready to accept the end of Ethan’s life but this woman came and she told Theresa that she can take matters into her own hands. “That means that I can get Ethan and take him out of there.” Noah tells her that kidnapping Ethan will not work and he will not help her with that. Theresa offers to pay Noah for his help. “I heard that you had some problems with money. I can change that. I can give you whatever money you need.” Noah doesn’t want Alistair’s money. Theresa points out the things that he can do with the money. Noah says that he just can’t do this. Theresa knows that Noah used to be a paramedic. That is true but he is not a doctor. Theresa sees that he is all that she needs to get this done.

It is very silent in the room where Ethan lies. Ivy can’t stand it.

“No!" She runs to the back of the machine and plugs it back in. “I am sorry. I know that Ethan wants something else and I stand by that, but… What if there is a chance? One chance?” Eve wishes that were the case but Ethan’s condition hasn’t changed. She offers to do additional tests just to be sure. Gwen sees that they all need to be at peace with this so she gives permission for the tests to be run again.

Kay said that Theresa does things out of love. Fancy can’t sympathize with Theresa for what she has done. Kay knows that everyone has done things that are strange for love. She sounds like Noah to Fancy. Fancy heard nice things about Luis and she wishes that he were alive and Theresa were dead. Fancy almost broke up with Noah over this and so they made a pact to be open and honest from now on and let nothing get between them. They will be on the same page from now on. Kay wishes that she had something like that with Fox. Maybe then she could get rid of Valerie.

Valerie is hard at work but Fox can’t get his mind off Kay and how she might be feeling about getting jo-jobs instead of important ones.

He starts leaving the office to go and see Kay, but Valerie makes a noise about an email that they have gotten just now. “Oh wow! Check this out. Look at this email that we got from an associate.” Fox is back at the desk in a flash to see what is going on.

Theresa has a plan. “We need uniforms, and transportation and clothes and food.” Noah tells Theresa that she needs a sanity check. “This plan is not going to cut it. Where are you going to take Ethan?" Theresa didn’t think of that. “I will be caring for Ethan while he is in his coma around the clock, so where can I do that? The Cranes! The Cranes have this cabin in the mountain and we will never be found there!" Noah knows that if Ethan goes missing everyone will know that she took him. “You will go to prison and Ethan will have the plug pulled on him anyway.” Theresa will do this whether Noah is with her on it or not. She has to do this. “I have to save Ethan’s life.”

All are glad that Ethan is going to be tested one more time.

Sam and Ivy are hoping that Ethan can make it to their wedding.

Gwen prays over Ethan’s body that she will not have to take him off the life support.

Chris and Sheridan talk. Chris can see that Sheridan really takes good care of her friends. She likes that he has opened up to her about his feelings. There are things that she has to say to him as well but not now.

Fancy feels that Kay is doing a great job as Fox’s assistant. Fox said that she was doing a great job but she has been demoted because of the virus that went though the computers. Kay tells that Fox was upset with her and then he apologized but Kay can tell that he is not in the position to trust her anymore. Fancy feels that Valerie is trouble. Kay knows that she may be overreacting but she has been wondering about Valerie as well. “All of a sudden I am out and she is in.” Fancy pats Kay on the back. “We will see about that.”

Theresa has to save Ethan. “He would stop at nothing to save my life.” Noah knows that to be true. He remembers Luis being the same way. Once Ethan took a bunch of kids, Noah included to the regional championships at his own expense. “He was a great guy.” Theresa feels that if he really thought that Luis was great and he wants to do something good, then he should help her get Ethan out of there. Noah finds her positively shameless. She will use any opportunity to get what she wants.

Fancy will talk with Fox and she will find out what Fox is really feeling about the assistant position. Kay says that she doesn’t want Fancy to get involved. Fancy will accept that but she warns Kay that she has to remember that she belongs at Fox’s side and not Valerie.

Valerie remembers Ivy telling her that Kay is out and she is in if she can get Kay out of Fox’s life.

Ivy also told Valerie that she should be going after Fox and not Chad if she wants to get somewhere in the company.

Fox tells Valerie that he is really glad that she is there to help him. She warns that Kay can’t hear him say that or she will be crushed.

Sheridan tells Gwen about the vision of Luis that she experienced on the beach. “Maybe it was a vision or a dream but it was telling Sheridan to get over the past. I agreed to get on with it and rebuild my life.” She isn’t sure if her life will be with Chris and James, but she will be moving on. Sheridan tells Gwen that she will have to be brave and do the right thing. Ethan will need to move on if that is what the tests indicate.

Theresa begs Noah some more. Noah reminds Theresa that Ethan believed in the law and he wouldn’t be in agreement with her breaking the law. Theresa will pay someone off to help her then. She starts walking off but Noah will not let her. “You have to give up this crazy idea Theresa. You have to.” She will never give up! “Never!"

Fox is ready to go see Kay again.

Valerie thinks again real quick.

“Fox! You have to believe that Kay can stuff envelopes without you looking over her shoulder.” Fox knows that she can do that. Valerie is right he decides. Besides they have work to do here.

Valerie hopes that Kay throws a fit as that will make it easier for her to take Fox and her job from her.

Fancy reminds Kay that Valerie will be out and Kay will be back in soon enough. “How long can she stay there anyway? Valerie is not a witch who has cast a spell on Fox so that he will keep her indefinitely.”

Kay knows that Valerie isn’t a witch who cast a spell. In her mind, she thinks, “Tabitha was the one that cast the spell. Now I am losing Fox to Valerie and the spell.”

Eve comes to the room and gives the bad news again. “There is no chance of Ethan recovering.” Gwen understands now what has to happen. They have done the last tests. “We will do this for you Ethan now that we have all the information that we need.” Gwen gets up and walks to the other side of the bed. She goes to the back of the machine. She puts her hand to the switch.

Noah keeps a firm grasp on Theresa’s coat. She orders him to let her go. He will not. Theresa asks Noah if he wouldn’t save the woman that he loved if he could. “Say Fancy was the great love of your life and Alistair was set to pull the plug on her….”

Noah thinks about that morning in bed with Fancy and how he felt about her.

“Wouldn’t you save Fancy’s life Noah?" Noah says that he would in fact try to save Fancy. He understands what Theresa is trying to show him. “Does that mean that you will help me kidnap Ethan?" Noah turns to her with something a little different in his eyes now. “Yes. It does mean that I am going to help you Theresa.” The two hug each other. It is a deal!

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