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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Simone knocks on her aunt’s door to visit her.

She enters. Simone worries that her aunt will not remember her. Her aunt remembers her niece alright. “You are the little one right? What do you want?" Simone came to wish her a happy birthday. Eve keeps a calendar for everyone’s birthday and that is how Simone knew about it. Simone knows that no one should be alone on their birthday.

Sheridan asks about Ethan and how his condition is. Eve tells that Gwen will be removing Ethan from life support very soon. She is with Ivy and Sam and the family. She is going to respect Ethan’s wishes and let him go.

Ethan is in his room on his machine.

The woman in white is in there and she touches the boy’s forehead. “Ethan…”

Sam decides that he has to support Gwen’s decision. Gwen knows that this is horrible for everyone. Theresa shouts that Gwen is killing Ethan. Sam asks her to be quiet.

Ivy tells Theresa that she shouldn’t be there. “My son isn’t of any concern of yours.

Noah and Fancy know that Theresa loves Ethan but they can’t believe that she would get in the way of this. This is a personal family decision that has to be made.

Theresa comes to Sam again begging that he not let Gwen do this. “I love him and I am the only one that loves Ethan enough to let him go. I am not upsetting Ethan’s family. Gwen is the one that is killing him.”

Fancy gets in Theresa’s face. “You are the one that did this. Don’t you dare say anything to Ethan’s wife, family or parents. The only one that is killing Ethan is you!"

Chris comes to Sheridan in Eve’s office after dropping James off at a daycare center. Sheridan needs to be at the hospital that day. Both she and Chris leave the office.

Fancy wants to know why Theresa is still standing there in the living room after having been asked to leave. She knows that Ethan’s family is having the most difficult time and she can’t see what pain they are in. Theresa only cares about Ethan and no one else. If she really cared, this wouldn’t have happened. “I never meant for Ethan to eat the poison," Theresa says. Fancy knows that. “You were trying to kill my grandfather instead. We are losing our brother because of his bitch!" Theresa only sees that they are going to kill the man that she loves. Ivy freaks out. “You have been stalking Ethan since the day that you met him. You have done crazy things in the name of love. Can’t you see that this is wrong?" Noah comes to Theresa and asks her to go. She can’t. Noah coaxes her to the door.

Paloma is outside when Theresa gets there. Noah called her to take her away somewhere. Theresa begs to stay but Noah is not going to let her. “I am sorry.” He walks back into the house.

Theresa cries on her sister’s shoulder.

Simone has given her aunt a book on African-American history. The old woman remembered the past and blacks where not treated very well. “Things were awful. I was playing in the park by myself and this little white girl came and played with me. I thought that we were making friends. The family’s maid came to get her and she frowned as we were not to be playing together. The maid was black just like me. I don’t get it. It was hard being thirsty and trying to find a fountain, or a washroom. Maybe that is why I am so miserable all the time.” Simone tells that she isn’t all that mean. The old woman feels that this is the best birthday that she has ever had.

The family at the Bennett’s decide that they will support Gwen anyway that they can. They will go to the hospital. Fancy will not go. “It hurts too much.” Gwen, Sam and Ivy leave.

Fancy wants to see Theresa punished for this. “I hate her.” Noah knows Theresa’s family and they are good people he says. He would like Fancy to calm down. Fancy can’t believe that. “Maybe Luis was a good guy but you can’t tell me that you like Theresa after what she has done. Tell me that you hate her Noah.”

Paloma and Theresa walk at the waterfront. Theresa is so sad. “I have killed the man that I love.” Paloma knows that it was an accident. It was a horrible accident but that will not keep him alive. It might as well be as if Theresa did this intentionally. Paloma is so sorry for this. Theresa wishes that she were dead. Paloma reminds Theresa that she has children and a family that loves her. Paloma is scared by the way that Theresa is talking. Paloma has to go to work. She got a job and has to go. Theresa can come with her but Theresa wants to be alone. She promises not to do anything crazy. She just wants to be alone. Paloma will be around if she is needed. The sisters hug. Paloma is off.

Theresa feels that she has failed Ethan. “I am sorry.” Theresa cries now.

The woman in white touches Theresa’s shoulder when she sees the girl is crying. “Are you alright dear? Is there anything that I can do to help you out? You look so sad?"

Theresa turns surprised to look into the face of the woman behind her.

Simone and her aunt look at pictures in the photo album that the old woman has of her youth. They laugh at the dresses and how elaborate they are. The boys used to love the old woman back in the day. She knows that the boys must really be after Simone as well since she is a beautiful girl. Simone is glad that she thinks so. Everyone usually thinks that Whitney is the pretty one. Simone loves visiting her relative. Her aunt understands how it is to be discriminated against. Simone can relate to that. Her aunt can’t understand how Simone could be discriminated against. It is a different time now. Simone tells that she is a lesbian and gets discriminated against for it. “I would rather be a lesbian instead of with a man.” The old woman turns ugly. “I can’t believe that you are one of them!"

Chris and Sheridan are in Ethan’s room and Sheridan tells how Ethan married the girl that he loved and now she has to end his life. She and Gwen used to talk about the men they were going to marry as girls. Ethan was the only one that Gwen ever loved. “I am going to miss Ethan so much. Why does love have to be so hard? Why is love always taken and never given back?"

Chris knows inside that sometimes you do find love again.

Gwen, Sam and Ivy all arrive together at Eve’s office and take seats. Eve knows that they have had the discussion and that Ethan will be taken off life support. Gwen is doing what Ethan wanted her to do. Sam and Ivy want to do what Ethan wants. Gwen will not be alone and she will have support. Eve can only imagine how awful this is and she is sorry. Sam has a question. “Are you absolutely sure and positive that the tests were conclusive and that Ethan will not come out of this?" Gwen says that that they have to be sure about this.

Fancy wants to know what Noah feels about Theresa. He can’t answer that question. “Look… Theresa did a horrible thing but she is suffering as everyone else does. She was driven to do what she did. She is married to Alistair Crane.” Fancy only knows Alistair to be a kind and loving grandfather. “He did give me a hard time about seeing you but now you are saying that he drove her to commit murder. Theresa is a murderer Noah. How could you defend her?" Noah reminds her that she has family members who have acted the same way as Theresa. “Look at your grandmother! She ran off in hiding for years to get away from Alistair.” Fancy still can’t see how Noah can’t hate Theresa after this.

The woman in white offers her help to Theresa again. “I can see that you are in pain. A great deal of pain. I can see the suffering in your eyes. Pain I can identify with.” Theresa is very sorry for anyone who has ever felt what she is feeling right now. Things happen in life and the woman in white can see that has happened to Theresa. Theresa takes responsibility for the death of the man that she loves. “He is going to die because of the crazy thing that I did. It was a stupid mistake and I was desperate and didn’t know what to do.” She was backed into a corner. The woman has been where Theresa has been. “I know how it feels to be so desperate that you feel that you have to commit a desperate act.” Theresa says that she is trapped by a man and she was a prisoner and she couldn’t think of any way out. The woman in white understands. “You are married to Alistair Crane.” Theresa asks the woman in white how she knows that. “Do you know Alistair?"

The woman in white doesn't answer. She has been clenching her fist so tightly that she has drawn blood from her palm.

Sheridan apologizes for being a mess and crying all over the place. Chris understands. “It is because of these losses of loved ones that we have found each other. I want to share my life now with you.”

Sam wants to hear something from Eve that will prove that Ethan is going to get better. Eve can only say that they have done the tests repeatedly and there is no change. “All the experts that I have spoken to say the condition is irreversible. I have a copy of your signed consent so we can go ahead now or we can wait if you all need some time. Ethan will not suffer if you wait.” Gwen wishes that her husband hadn’t been so practical. She wishes that Ethan hadn’t told her what he wanted. “We would have kept him alive and we wouldn’t have to do this. When we spoke of this he thought that this wouldn't happen. I never thought that I would have had to make a decision like this.” Sam says that hey should do this now as it will not get easier later. Ivy sees that he is right. They all get up and walk to the door.

Fancy hates that Noah is making excuses for Theresa. “Why hasn’t she been arrested?" Noah knows that Gwen will press charges later but Alistair will keep Theresa out of jail so that he can torture her some more. Fancy can’t stay any longer and wants to get to work. Noah and Fancy are angry over this and Noah sees that they are going to fight again. He wants to love her. She doesn't want to fight either. They made a pact that they wouldn’t let anything or anyone get between them. Fancy fears that Theresa will get between them and ruin them. Noah promises that will not happen. Fancy wants a promise that Theresa will not get between them.

The woman in white tells that she saw Theresa’s wedding pictures in the papers. Theresa can’t believe that she is married to Alistair. “No one can imagine what I am going through. I wanted him dead. I wanted to be free of him. I felt that it was my only choice. I tried to kill him and I was desperate. I am a monster like he is.” The woman in white knows that sometimes a monster destroys and at other times a monster creates another. Theresa only knows that Ethan is going to die and there is nothing that she can do about it. Theresa tried. The woman in white tells Theresa that she can take things into her own eyes and she can stop the obstacles before her. Theresa is confused. She looks at the water. “What obstacles?"

Theresa turns back to the woman in white. “Do you think…” Theresa has a question but the woman in white is gone.

Theresa looks all around her but the woman in white is nowhere to be found. She has disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.

Simone’s aunt is angry that Simone has admitted to be a lesbian. “I don’t want you hear. You are just like your mother who was a whore. Her sister is crazy. And your sister had a baby. Get out of here and take this book with you!" Simone rushes out.

The old woman is furious. “Crazy bunch of sickos.”

Simone cries by the door in the hall.

Theresa wonders if there is anything else that she can do to save Ethan. “God if you are going to help me. Give me a sign.”

Noah turns the corner. He sees Theresa standing with her eyes closed.


Theresa turns to find Noah there. She is very upset. She knows that she is stupid to think that marrying Alistair was going to solve her problems. Now she just feels evil. Noah doesn’t agree with what Theresa did but he understands it. He really does. Theresa thanks him for that. She hugs him.

Paloma is working at the Book Café.

Simone comes in crying and upset. She tells Paloma that no one wants her or cares for her. Paloma says that she cares about her friend and doesn’t care that she is gay.

Chris tells Sheridan that he has fallen in love with her. She finds it too soon. “You are still grieving the loss of your wife," she says. He assure her that he isn’t feeling the grief of losing his wife.

Eve calls to Sheridan.

Sheridan gets up. It is time. “We are going to let Ethan go.”

Fancy is at work in her office.

“Miss Crane…”

Fancy turns to the assistant. “Your mother called and left a message for you on your voicemail.”

Fancy cries now. “Oh Ethan. I loved you so much and I wanted to be as smart as you. I wished that mother had love me as much as she loved you. I wish that we had spent more time together.”

Fancy gets Kleenex for her tears.

In the drawer she sees a picture of Noah. “I do love you Noah. Please let nothing come between us. I really do love you.”

Noah knows that Theresa loved Ethan and didn’t want to poison him. Theresa still knows that she did something wrong. Gwen is his wife and she gets to decide what happens. Theresa will find a way to stop this. “I think that I can. Noah I need you to help me. I am going to kidnap Ethan. I can do this. I can stop Gwen from killing him but I need you to help me. Will you help me stop Gwen from killing him Noah? I need your help.”

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