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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy are in bed kissing but she has to get going to work now and struggles to get up. He won’t let her. He wants one more kiss. She can’t fight him and so they fall back into bed.

Tabitha and Kay are with their kids in the living room playing. Kay should be leaving for work but she wants to stay at home with Maria. Fox gave her a few extra hours at home that morning to be with Maria. Tabitha feels that it is okay as she is going to be losing Fox in time anyway so why rush in to work? Kay is sure that her relationship will be just fine in time. Tabitha cautions that things are great now, but it will not stay that way she promises. The dark side always gets its way.

Valerie and Fox are at work and she is brilliant at her job. They look over the monitor together. She is inside his head most of the time he sees. She has executive potential. Fox knows that Kay probably doesn’t know how to do any of the things that Valerie does.

Valerie thinks to herself that she will have Kay out of there in no time and in the unemployment line.

Spike and Jessica are at the waterfront talking. She is there to meet her friend but her friend isn’t there. Spike says that she keeps getting let down by her family and friends. Spike knows that she should be at a counselor appointment right now but her father let her down again.

Theresa is trying to get Sam and Ivy to move it and stop Gwen from pulling the plug on Ethan. Theresa begs them to stop Gwen from killing Ethan. Gwen decides to throw Theresa out herself and makes a move for her. She grabs the girl’s arm and starts pulling her to the door. Sam tells Gwen to stop and let Theresa speak.

Simone drops by Tabitha’s to visit. She learns that Kay is home to have some time with Maria. Kay says that her relationship with Fox is getting better everyday especially now that they work together. Tabitha jokes that she has been telling Kay that she should be careful as one day she could lose her relationship in a flash. It happens all the time. “Some many relationships fall apart when one partner discovers another.” Kay is sure that will not happen. Tabitha brings up the virus and how that changed Fox for a minute. Kay tells Simone about the virus and how it ruined everything at work and in her love life. Fox thought that it was Kay’s fault and they don’t know still who did it. Kay thought that it was Ivy, but she has no idea how a computer even works. Simone is curious now about who could have done this.

Endora shouts out in her mind that it was Valerie.

Valerie says that Kay will catch on to how things work at the office and soon she will do a good job. Fox worries that he is upsetting Kay by having her see that she isn’t properly prepared to work in the office like he needs her to just yet. Valerie pours it on. “Kay loves you and wants what is best for you. She will understand. She knows that you have to protect your career. She will have a career here too if she can understand that.”

Valerie thinks to herself that she is going to move Kay out the office and out of Fox’s life first chance that she gets.

Jessica tells Spike about Ethan and how her family may be removing him from life support. Spike seems sad for a minute. “I just can’t help that notice that whatever is going on with your life, something more important is going on with your pops. It is just like this Ivy person who is always above you as well. When is your dad going to be there for you like I am?"

Sam is interested in what Theresa has to say about keeping Ethan alive.

He suddenly realizes that Jessica is not around. He rushes to the kitchen to find her.

Gwen tells Theresa that she should leave. Theresa will not go.

Sam runs up the stairs. She isn’t there either.

Sam tries to call her on her cellphone, but the phone is off. Ivy is sure that Jessica is okay. Theresa knows that she is okay as no one is trying to kill her. Gwen finds Theresa very insensitive to Sam and Ivy. Theresa goes to Sam and reminds him that he has a legal standing in this. Ivy is surprised at Theresa’s viciousness. “Ethan isn’t going to get up and walk out of that room if they keep him alive. It is just his body laying there.” Sam just wants more time to think about what to do about Ethan and doesn't see why they can’t wait for a bit before pulling the plug. Gwen sees that Theresa is getting through to Sam and she panics. “Theresa! Ethan is in an irreversible coma! He isn’t going to recover.” Theresa believes in miracles.

Noah and Fancy hear the arguing as they get dressed in Noah’s room.

Gwen tells Theresa to get out. She will not.

Fancy comes downstairs with Noah and Noah demands to know what all the screaming is about.

Fancy walks directly over to Theresa and slaps her hard in the face. “GET out of here. Gwen is Ethan’s wife and you have no right to say the things that you are saying after what you did to my brother!"

Simone finishes her coffee and wants to get going now. Kay can tell that Simone needs to talk to her about something. Simone confides that her life has no direction. “I have no job or relationship and I just worry about Jessica all the time. For the moment, Jessica is home but who knows? Whitney is in a convent and my parents have split up. My dad isn’t speaking to me.” Kay asks what is happening with her dad. Simone is surprised that Kay hasn’t heard. Kay says that she has been really busy. “Whatever it is that your dad is mad about, he will get over it. You will meet a man and get married and then your dad will be over this.”

Tabitha sees that Simone is about to drop the lesbo bomb again.

She does. “I will never marry a man like you might Kay as I am gay Kay.”

Fancy asks Theresa what she is doing there. Theresa says that she is there because she loves Ethan. Fancy remembers that Theresa tried to smother her grandfather with a pillow before this happened to Ethan, and she says that she loves Ethan but she has married Alistair instead. “Theresa! You are nothing but a cold-blooded killer," Fancy shouts!

Spike wants Jessica to see that he is the one that is always there for her. She remembers that all he ever did was give her drugs and put her on the street. That is not being there for someone. He says that she is the only woman for him. “I felt it the first time that we were together and you felt it too.” She wants to get going now.

She grabs the phone. “I have to call Paloma.”

She dials. “Why is there a cellphone block when I text message Paloma?"

Kay is shocked for a moment and then she is over it. Simone would have told her about this before but she was scared and Kay was busy. Kay will be there for her friend and they will be friends just like always.

Tabitha is revolted by the sweet little friendship.

Fox tells Valerie that he is going to give Kay a graphics package to learn. It is a computer software program. She will be good with that.

Valerie panics inside. “I can’t let her learn that. Fox will regain his confidence in her again.

Fox wants to give Kay a shot at this anyway. He leaves the room.

Valerie rushes to the computer and types like a demon.

Fox is in the other room when Valerie starts calling to him to come quick.

He rushes in and learns that another virus has gone out from Kay’s ID.

Gwen and Fancy attack Theresa for the way that she has been acting and her insensitivity. Theresa wishes that she had been the one that ate the poison. Others in the room wishes that she had eaten it too. Theresa only wants to think about Ethan now and to forget about what has gone on before. Gwen finds this to be just like Theresa to gloss over the two attempted murders that she has committed. She should be in prison at this point. Sam wants to know why Theresa is here. “Has anything changed?" She admits that nothing has changed. “What I am doing is from the heart by coming here. I am not like Gwen who is trying to kill him.” Gwen shouts at her to stop saying that. “Ethan wrote the Living Will and he wants to be over with. I know what Ethan wants and I know what I want to do”. Theresa says that she will sign an injunction to stop this. “Sam you can do this. We can file this injunction together and we can save Ethan together. Please. Sam… Please!" Sam is at a loss for words.

Fox tries everything that he can to stop the virus from running and spreading but he can’t. Valerie hits some keys and everything stops. Fox thinks that she has saved the day.

She just made it seem like there was a virus but there really wasn’t one.

Fox is amazed. “Thank you for saving the day. ”Fox is so happy with her work. Valerie worries about the systems now since a mistake seems to have happened again by Kay’s hands. “Fox why don’t you give her some time away? Kay will learn in time but she isn’t ready right now.”

Tabitha tells Simone that it is great that she is gay. “They are very artistic you know.” Simone hates that Tabitha is supporting stereotypes. Tabitha asks about TC and how he is doing with all this. Simone says that her father hates her now. Tabitha tells that people only hate what they don’t understand. Tabitha herself has had to put up with odd looks from people just because she has a baby. She has no idea why she says. Tabitha tells Simone that she should wash her hands of her father and never speak to him again. Kay disagrees with this advice and tells Simone that she will be talking to her father like usual soon enough.

Gwen has called the courthouse and has learned that Theresa has already tried to go to court and get the injunction.

Ivy tells Theresa to get out. “I will never help you.”

Theresa turns to Sam. “You will help me won’t you Sam?" Ivy begs Sam not to listen to her. Sam has to look at the fact that there could be a cure for Ethan in the future. Ivy wants her little boy back but Ethan left specific instructions. Sam can’t do it. “Ethan is my son and I don’t know if I can let him go.”

Jessica sends a text message to Paloma and Spike’s phone rings. What does that mean? He doesn’t explain and only wants Jessica to know that he loves her and always will.

Kay has Tabitha in a corner. “Why are you always so mean?" Tabitha says that she is from the dark side… Remember? Kay wants her to be nicer and to stop talking to people about she and Fox breaking up.

Tabitha knows that Kay will learn in time.

Fox has things that he wants Kay to work on when she comes in. Fox has duties for Kay to do, but everything that he wants her to do is nixed by Valerie as being too difficult from her.

Valerie knows that she is doing a really good job with putting Kay down in Fox’s eyes.

Sam is confused.

He walks to the bookcase and sees the Holy Bible. He takes it out and opens it.

Ivy worries about what Sam is going to do.

Sam reads, “And Israel said to Joseph, “I never expected to see your face again and now’…”

Sam thinks back to Ethan and he together and how they were when they first found out that they were related. They were talking before Ethan’s wedding to Gwen.

Sam missed out on Ethan’s whole childhood and he always thought that he would have the rest of his life to be with his child. However, now…

Sam tells Theresa that he understands why she wants to keep Ethan alive. “That is what I want too Theresa.” Theresa rushes to him, hugging him. “Thank you…”

Spike apologizes for treating Jessica wrong if he did. “I have always been there for you. What about your family? Where are they? Are they here now? I will always be with you and I will never let you down. Come back to me.”

Simone starts heading out. “I have things to do. Kay are you sure that you are okay with me being gay?" Kay is fine with that. Simone leaves now.

The morning is almost over now.

Kay rushes in and says goodbye to Tabitha and the girls. Kay finds that everything is perfect right now. “Perfect job… Perfect boyfriend… Perfect, perfect, perfect”

Once alone, Tabitha is sad for Kay as all that she is going to find in the office is trouble.

Fox worries about the duties that he wants Kay to do. Valerie says that Kay is overwhelmed by being a mother and having her mind on all sorts of things. Fox rethinks the whole issue and gives the projects to Valerie. “We will just have Kay stuff envelopes for the day.”

Valerie thinks to herself that stuffing envelopes is as low as you can go.

Theresa misunderstands. Sam wants Ethan to live but he will support Gwen. “Go ahead and carry out Ethan’s wishes. Take him off the life support.” Sam and Gwen hug.

Theresa watches them hug. “NO!"

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