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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox and Kay are at work. She brings him coffee. She is at work early because he is. He decides that he wants to promote her to help with his important work again. He apologizes for demoting her, and believes that she didn’t do anything wrong. She is so sexy. He tosses off the papers on his desk and puts Kay on it. He will be paying more attention to her from now on. They start kissing.

Fancy is dreaming. She is in bed with Noah and they are making sweet love. She wakes to find that she s in bed alone. The door opens. Noah walks in bare-chested and carrying food for her. She sits up in the bed. “Breakfast is served.” He brings her a tray. She wants no food, just the waiter.

Sam is proud of Jessica because she has admitted that she needs help and that is the first step. They are going to see the counselor and talk about her life. That is what therapy is for. She needs to work through the things that she couldn't understand before and find solutions that she can work with. He will support her.

Theresa asks Alistair what he is doing in the kitchen. She is there to get coffee. He was sure that she would be at the hospital with Ethan. She will not discuss Ethan with him. He tells that there is nothing that she can do to stop Gwen from pulling the plug on Ethan. She will still try to prevent ending Ethan’s life. Alistair tells that Gwen has already signed all the papers to execute Ethan’s Living Will and Ethan could be dead right now. Theresa drops a glass that she had in her hand.

Gwen comes to see Sam and Ivy. “I really need to tell you what is going on.” Ivy feels that Gwen has already done it. “You have terminated Ethan’s life support systems haven’t you?"

Alistair gets the telephone for Theresa to call and check on Ethan to see if he is still alive or not.

She makes the call. “Can you tell me if Ethan is alive?" The nurse hangs up when she learns that Theresa is not a relative.

Alistair laughs. “Your lover boy is still alive…” Gwen signed off on Ethan’s Living Will though, so the plug could be pulled at any time now. Theresa will not say goodbye to Ethan. “I will find a way to stop this. I will fight the way that you do Alistair.” She walks off.

Security comes in announcing that they found the man that Alistair has asked for.

Spike is brought in roughly. The guards leave.

Alistair tells Spike that he only had one job to do and he is doing miserably. “Noah is in bed with my granddaughter right now because you are lousy at your job. Now you do something with the Bennetts to stop this or you are fired, dead. I want something done to that family and I want it NOW!"

Gwen tells that Ethan is still alive. Gwen wants help with what to do next. Ivy says that they don’t have to anything really. Gwen feels differently. “Ethan told me what to do if this ever happened, but I am having a hard time with this.”

Jessica applies her makeup as her father talks to her about talking to professionals about her problems. “I too went to talk to someone after your mother left. It is my fault that you turned out the way that you did. You were asking for help long before things got out of whack.” Jessica wants to take responsibility for her mistakes. “Why do I do it? I turned my life over to Spike as I was too afraid to live my life alone. I was helpless.” Sam will wait for her downstairs now. He kisses her forehead and leaves the room.

Jessica looks down at her hands and she remembers something…

She remembers all the blood while she was washing her hands in the dead man’s sink.

Noah says that he will make a real breakfast for them later. He has just brought in something quick for them to snack on in bed. Fancy doesn't know how to cook like he does. She couldn’t cook to save her life. “How do we stand a chance if I can’t even cook eggs? We are so different. How is this going to possibly work if we have nothing in common? This is never going to work is it?"

Fox and Kay have just made love at work. It feels like heaven. They lay on his couch kissing now.

Kay is in bed smiling and writhing in the bed. She has been dreaming about making love to Fox at work.

Tabitha stands over her shaking her head.

Kay thinks that Fox is standing over her but she wakes to Tabitha instead. Tabitha says that Fox left hours ago. Kay is angry. She would have gone with Fox to work as his assistant. Tabitha feels that Fox might think that he can do more without her. Tabitha feels that the spell that she has cast is kicking in right about now, and Fox will not need her anymore.

Valerie calls Ivy but Ivy doesn't want to talk. Valerie only wants assurance that their deal is still in place. She has given up on Chad to get at Fox and she wants Ivy’s support. Ivy promises that she will support her. She hangs up.

Ivy knows that she wouldn't let Valerie have Fox either. “She is just as bad as Kay is for Fox.”

Noah finds that Fancy is overthinking things. They were raised differently but that is all. He sees they are different about some things but that doesn’t outweigh other things. “Look at how we feel about each other? We have fun and have fiery temperaments.” She feels that the fiery moments keep getting in the way though.

Sam finds Ivy and Gwen downstairs and Gwen tells him that she will be carrying out the termination of the respirator. “When they do that, Ethan will die.” Ivy cries. “Sam… Our son… Our beautiful son…”

Judge Riley is playing video games with his assistant.

Theresa comes into the office and she tells the judge that Ethan Winthrope is on life support about to be taken off and they need to stop it.

Noah doesn't know all the answers but he says that the reason that they don’t get along all the time is because one or the other of them does something wrong. She agrees and says that sometimes one or the other of them gets pig-headed. They will try to do better. She finds that it is ingrained in the both of them to get their own way. He will make a commitment to her not to let trivial things get in the way. He wants to stay with her today, tomorrow… Forever. She smiles. That is what she wants too. He kisses her face.

Alistair orders Spike to get the job done or he will be sorry… Really sorry. “The Bennetts have to regret the day that they were born, or you will regret it.”

Alistair rings a buzzer.

Security comes in to take Spike away.

Jessica comes downstairs and finds Gwen, Ivy and Sam upset about something. She suspects that this has to do with Ethan. Sam tells her that he can’t talk right now about what is wrong and he walks off.

Jessica knows that this is about Ethan and she hates that her family is leaving her out of it. She walks into the other room alone as the others talk in the living room.

Gwen tells Sam and Ivy that Ethan was very clear about what he would want to happen if it ever came to this. Now that they are at that point, she has to consider what he told her a long time ago about letting him go. Gwen never thought that she would have to deal with this. Ivy can’t forget that this all happened because of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Theresa tells the judge to get moving on this case. She knows that the judge was playing video games just now. “We have to stop Gwen from executing the Living Will.” The judge tells that there is nothing that he can do. Theresa reminds him that she is Mrs. Alistair Crane. “I know that you are for sale and will do anything for a price. You do this or I go to the press to tell everything that you have done in the past.” The judge changes his tune. Theresa is grateful. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are saving Ethan’s life.”

Tabitha tells Kay that she should spend some time with Maria. Tabitha is tired from the drinking she did the night before. Kay is ready to go to work and she says goodbye to Maria. Tabitha reminds Kay that Maria needs to be with her mommy at time and that she hasn’t been getting any quality time. Kay knows that but duty calls. Kay can see that being a working mom is hard. She is running late and really has to get out of there. Fox left early that morning and Kay can’t think why. Tabitha says because of the competition with Chad, Fox is bringing things up to speed again. “Your young man is driven to succeed.”

The telephone rings. Fox is calling.

Kay says that she will be right there, but Fox tells Kay to stay home if she wants.

He is standing over Valerie who is working at his desk on his project.

When Fox gets off the telephone, he and Valerie discs Kay working and taking care of a baby. Valerie can’t understand how Kay does it.

Noah and Fancy have been kissing. She would like to believe that they can survive any and all things that pop up in their lives, but she wonders if they can really withstand all the pitfalls that might come their way. He assures her that they have nothing to worry about. Fancy wonders if love really is enough for them.

Jessica paces back and forth at the front door waiting for her father to take her to therapy.

Gwen wants Sam and Ivy to understand why she has to do what she is going to do with Ethan and the respirator.

Jessica walks into the room where the others are secretly talking and leaving her out.

Theresa tells the judge that he needs to get on with this. The judge needs to make a call first.

The assistant and Theresa give the judge privacy to make his call.

The judge hands the telephone to Theresa. “There is someone who wants to talk to you.”

It is Alistair. “No one can keep Ethan alive. As far as I am concerned, the sooner that Ethan dies, the better.”

Fancy wants to know if love is enough to conquer all. “Neither one of us came from parents who were able to stick it out. Maybe if we resolve to stop anything within or without that gets in the way, we might have a chance.” They will try that.

Spike is angry that Alistair treats him badly. “How can I get near Jessica again?"

Spike looks down at his cellphone. “Text messaging…”

Jessica tells her father that it is time for them to get going. Sam tells her that she has to wait a little longer and they will get going.

Buzz… Buzz…

Jessica goes to her telephone. She sees that a text message is coming in.

She answers it, reading the message.

Spike can see that Jessica has received his message. He will wait for her to answer.

Gwen knows that Ethan would want to be with God now instead of where he is.

Theresa argues with her husband, but Alistair hangs up.

The assistant and judge stand by to see what Theresa is going to do next.

Theresa turns to the judge begging for his help. The judge will do nothing if Alistair wants something different. She is not a relative and therefore she can’t do anything. There is not another judge in Harmony that will help her with this. The judge walks out.

She turns to the assistant. “What do I do?" The assistant asks some questions and then tells that with the parents’ help she might be able to get an injunction. It is only a thought but it might work. Ivy hates Theresa but she must love her son more. Theresa knows that is true. “Thank you! Thank you!" She kisses the man and rushes out.

It is a deal now. No one and nothing will get in the way of Noah and Fancy’s love affair. “It is a plan. It is something that they can put into effect. They can celebrate by staying in bed as long as they can everyday for the rest of their lives… Starting today.”

Kay and Tabitha sit in the living room with Maria. Kay is worried about losing Fox.

Tabitha goes to her daughter and whispers that she hasn’t the heart to squelch Kay’s dreams anymore.

Valerie likes working with Fox and she wants to be on his team. Chad is good but Fox is good too.

In her mind, Valerie sees the future as she and Fox and Kay being a memory.

Jessica goes to the waterfront.

Spike comes along. She tells him that she really doesn’t want to talk to him. Jessica came there to see a friend and the friend isn’t there and so she wants to leave. He gets in her way and reminds her that unlike his family and friends he is always there for her.

Ivy can’t tell Gwen to go ahead and do this. Gwen wouldn't ask this if Ethan didn’t want it. Sam seems to understand more than Ivy.

The door opens. Theresa enters.

Gwen freaks out. Theresa says that they don’t have to do what Gwen wants. “We can stop Gwen and save Ethan’s life.” Gwen can’t believe this. Sam wants to know more. “How can we do this Theresa? How can we save Ethan’s life?"

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