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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Martin and Pilar bail Roberto and Paloma out of jail.

Roberto thanks Martin for helping out but Martin is mad at the man. Paloma tells her father to calm down as Roberto is not to be blamed for dragging Paloma into this. “We are both responsible papa.”

The woman in white is in Alistair’s bedroom and she sees looks over his things and sees a newspaper with this picture in it. She picks up the paper. She is going to make this a Thanksgiving that he will never forget.

Alistair has Little Ethan alone and he gives him some history about the Crane family. He is Alistair’s son now and so Alistair reminds him that he is a Crane and can take what he wants.

Theresa has come into the room and she hears what Alistair says.

“How dare you teach my son that?"

Edna is trying to fit in at the mental hospital. The people don’t have their faculties, at least not all of them and she has trouble getting along and making friends.

Edna meets up with her roommate Norma who is nutty too. They are both there for the same reason it seems. “Tabitha Lennox!" Edna can’t help smiling. She has a friend.

Fox almost screws up and says ‘turkey’. Kay and Tabitha hush him before he says the wrong thing. They can’t have Endora hearing talk of turkey.

Ding-Dong… The first guests have arrived.

Fox opens the door to Sam and Ivy, as well as Katherine, Sheridan and Chris. Ivy is about to say Happy Thanksgiving but Fox tells them all that they are to say Happy You-Know-What instead!

Tabitha and Kay worry that Endora is going to figure this out.

The babies already have but the grownups don’t know it. They can’t wait for the dinner to start.

Gwen is with her mother at Ethan’s bedside. Gwen tries to be upbeat about the holiday, but her heart is breaking.

Rebecca says that they will just have to make the best of the holiday.

Gwen tells her husband that she loves him and that he will never know.

Rebecca knows that is right. She looks around at the food that she has found around the hospital for Thanksgiving. “Oh no… They forgot the vegetables…” It is after Rebecca says what she says that she realizes that she was just offensive to Ethan who too could be considered a ‘vegetable’.

Gwen goes back to her husband and sits with him gazing into his eyes.

Paloma tries to explain to her parents that she did the drug smuggling for money. She can’t explain so she will just have to show them instead why she did this. “I have to show you why we smuggle drugs mama. Come with us and you will understand.” They all walk out of the station.

Tabitha greets everyone in her home. No one understands why they can’t say Happy Thanksgiving, but Tabitha will not discuss it she just wants them to do as she says. She warns James that he isn’t to go to the basement. “Dozens of little boys have gone down there and they never came back” Chris looks at Tabitha strangely for saying that.

Tabitha collects the coats and is about to hang them up, but then just tosses them into the closet when no one is looking to see her do it.

Chad and Valerie arrive next with the baby.

Ivy and Valerie smile coyly at each other.

Chad offers Tabitha a bottle of wine for her party.

Kay sees Chad and Valerie into the house.

Ivy and Valerie share another special look.

Chad puts the baby with Endora and Maria in the playpen. They all get along fine and read each other’s minds just fine.

Whitney arrives next. Tabitha takes her coat and that ridiculous hat of hers. She tosses her things in the other room.

Tabitha tells Kay that the boys in the basement will be furious when they find out that a nun is in the house of all people.

The house immediately starts shaking and all inside hold on for dear life. The boys in the basement do know a nun is in the house.

Alistair and Theresa are not getting along well. Alistair is cold as he talks about Ethan being her broken puppet.

Alistair looks at the family book and is very proud to think that one day Little Ethan’s portrait is going to be in the family book.

Behind him, the woman in white is searching the house for him and she has found him.

Alistair feels something cold and clammy behind him.

He turns but sees no one. He calls out to see if anyone is there but no one answers him.

The woman in white is there and she is holding a big butcher knife high in the air as she watches him try to figure out if anyone is nearby.

Alistair demands to know who is there.

A sexy woman comes to him. “Happy Thanksgiving boss.” she falls into his arms. He hopes that she did some extra stretching today as he is going to work her out.

Alistair is not comfortable. He can’t shake this feeling that someone is watching him.

He tries to kiss his employee and get into that.

He just can’t though. Someone seems to be nearby.

Edna and her roommate discuss Tabitha and getting back at her. They discuss killing Tabitha but Edna doesn’t like that idea. They also have a plan to escape. It will be Edna and Norma together and they will make her pay for everything that she has done to them. Norma strikes the table in front of them and breaks it laughing raucously. Edna just watches in horror.

Tabitha makes her way to the vent and whispers to the boys in the basement to stop shaking the house or they will break her cover.

Valerie asks Tabitha if everything is okay. Tabitha just smiles at her.

Chris and Sheridan, and Fox and Kay discuss how sad the holiday must be without Ethan and Luis.

Chad goes to Whitney asking her again to leave the convent and return to her family. She will not discuss this again. Chad walks off.

Miles thinks to himself that he would like a trade in on his parents.

Kay talks about Ivy’s wedding and how they will be related soon by that marriage.

Later, Valerie asks how Ivy can talk so easily with Kay and hate her at the same time. She worries that the deal might be off now. Ivy assures her that the deal is not off. She wants Kay away from her son.

Fox enters the room unaware that he is being watched or talked about.

Valerie looks over at him smiling.

Roberto and Paloma take Martin and Pilar to a retirement home.

An older woman is there and she greets Roberto and Paloma as if they are the best friends ever. “You saved my life," she tells them.

Tabitha and Kay worry now. The boys in the basement are not happy.

Endora knows that it is time to start the fun.

ZAP! A fake turkey hangs suspended in the air over the dinner table where the guests are sitting.

Tabitha and Kay enter the dining room and see the turkey in the air.

Sam notices it first. “Where did that come from? It wasn’t there before.” Tabitha says that Endora must have put it there.

The guests ignore the turkey and say grace so they can eat. As soon as they start praying, the house starts shaking.

The boys in the basement get restless as well.

The telephone rings and Tabitha runs to it.

“Hi Tabby! It is me Norma, and Edna! This is the last Thanksgiving that you are ever going to enjoy…”

At the hospital, it seems that Theresa has come up with yet another brainstorm. She has gotten a blonde wig and sunglasses, and she brings her son with her to see Ethan in the hospital.

As she approaches the door with her son, the door opens and Rebecca and Gwen are standing before her. “What is this? Theresa Halloween is over now.”

Security is called and Rebecca leaves the room trying to bring Little Ethan with her out of the area. She doesn’t feel that Little Ethan should be there to witness his mother being dragged off by security like the common person that she is.

Theresa hangs her head in shame.

Alistair is with his employee after having made love to her in his room. She goes to make them a couple of drinks, but finds a red fingernail.

“Whose is this?" She shows the nail to Alistair but he has no idea where this came from.

The house stops shaking. Tabitha says that it is just tremors from the earthquake before.

Tabitha is still on the phone. She learns that Edna, Norma, and Norma’s two alters, (Daddy and the Axman) are going to be after her when they get out of the hospital. “We are going to cut your head off Tabby!"

Norma hangs up and she and Edna laugh like the maniacs they are.

Kay worries about the call that Tabitha is on in the corner. Tabitha says that it was just a couple of friends who might stop by later on that night.

Tabitha goes to the children’s playpen and asks Endora what she made the turkey piñata for.

ZAP! Kay ends up with a platter of turkey in her hands.

Fox sees it and asks her why she has turkey when she said that they couldn’t have any at the house.

Tabitha says that she changed her mind and that turkey is allowed after all.

The babies conspire.

Sam finds the wishbone from the turkey and gives it to Sheridan.

Chris wins a wish and says that he doesn’t need it as he already has what he wants. He smiles into Sheridan’s eyes.

The babies are restless.

ZAP! They cause the piñata turkey suspended above the table to gobble. No one notices.

The babies take control.

ZAP! Next the turkey comes alive and starts flapping its wings but no one notices.

Tabitha and Kay stand with their backs to the table as everyone eats and they have no idea that havoc is wreaking over the dinner table.

Gwen gets a visit. A nurse comes to her to give her the papers to end Ethan’s life legally.

Once alone, Gwen wonders what she is to do here.

At the retirement home, the administrator comes to meet with Martin and Pilar and tells how Paloma has been smuggling prescription drugs for the patients. “She is a godsend.”

The turkey still flaps over the table and no one notices.

The telephone rings. Fox answers to Theresa.

She would like Fox to tell Whitney to meet her outside, but Whitney is busy.

Whitney is changing Miles’ diaper.

Fox offers to come out and see Theresa instead.

Katherine and Sheridan talk about Chris and what a godsend he has been. Luis would want Sheridan to be happy and so she will try. “I will really try.”

Kay tells Tabitha that she is drinking too much. Tabitha knows that at anytime the sky is going to fall. They have to get everyone out of the house after they eat.

Tabitha turns to the table. She sees the fake piñata flapping his wings over the table.

She tells Kay about it but Kay doesn't believe her. She looks for herself and not only is the turkey flapping its wings but it is also gobbling.

Suddenly, the bird starts flying all through the house. The kids jump and shout in glee, but the grownups run for cover and are terrified.

A nurse comes to tell Edna that she should be I her room. She walks off with the man.

Norma is alone now with the others in the common room. She slides back and forth in and out of her personality. “Oh daddy that Tabitha Lennox is going to be one dead witch!"

The woman with Alistair sees that he is shaken. He says that he is fine.

He smells something. “It is perfume. Can’t you smell that?" She can’t smell anything. He becomes suspicious of her too and when she comes to him to calm him down, he orders her away from him and not to touch him. He grabs her clothes and gives them to her ordering her out of the house. “You are fired!" She runs from the room.

Alistair is really afraid now. “This can’t be… This can’t be!" Alistair breaks ornaments against the wall shouting.

The woman in white rushes to the bedroom door where Alistair is having his meltdown.

AT the Lennox house, the turkey flies and flies around the house scaring everyone. Soon all the guests are gone.

Fox is with Theresa in the yard. She tells of her troubles with Ethan and how she wants him to live. Fox says that Gwen is his wife and has to decide this thing. Theresa says that she should be Ethan’s wife. Theresa worries that Gwen will let Ethan die. “What am I supposed to do then?" He hugs her.

Gwen is crying now as she faces Ethan. “I don’t’ know how I am supposed to do this. This is supposed to be a day of Thanksgiving… What do I have to be thankful for?"

She suddenly gets her nerve, rushes to the papers on the table nearby and signs them flipping the pages quickly and signing as fast as she can. She then rushes from the room.

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