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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha is pretending that nothing is wrong.

She runs to Kay and tells her that this dinner can’t happen. Tabitha knows that having dinner there could be a disaster.

They remember the runaway turkey the last time.

Tabitha orders Kay to stop this. as she isn’t even going to end up with Fox anyway. They have to make Endora think that this is just a big dinner so that she doesn’t do any magic.

Fox comes in asking where the girls are so that they can help him set up for dinner. Tabitha and Kay say, ‘no!’

A doctor and nurse talk about a patient who has been talking about witches and Tsunamis. They think that she is delusional as she can’t stop talking about these things and says that they actually exist and that she can prove it.

Edna is brought in by two orderlies to see the doctor. She insists that she isn’t crazy.

Fancy is locked in the closet. Esme put her in there and now she is going after Noah.

Noah is in bed sleepy with this eyes closed. Esme gets in bed with him and kisses him, making him think that she is Fancy.

Theresa is angry that Gwen is going to kill Ethan. “If he was brain damaged, he wanted to be put to death, but in this case he is not Gwen so you have to let him live!"

Fancy gets out of the closet after trying and trying to lift the latch, and goes into the bedroom where she catches Esme in bed with Noah.

Fox wants to know why the girls can’t help him make dinner. Tabitha doesn't want it to happen. “It isn’t good for Endora.” She says that it isn’t nice to kill turkeys and then eat them. Fox looks at Kay wondering if she agrees with all this. Kay says that she has to be a good mother and stand up against the slaughter of animals all over the country. Tabitha says that if Fox insists on having this dinner, then Endora needs to be shielded from it. Kay wants Fox to promise that he will not say the word, Thanksgiving while this dinner is in progress. Fox agrees to the request.

Theresa says that this is immoral. “Ethan’s life is on the line. This wasn’t supposed to happen to him.” Gwen knows that Theresa would be in jail if it wasn’t for Alistair for exactly what happened to Ethan. “I will not explain myself to you where my husband is concerned.” Theresa says that Ethan loves her and not Gwen. Gwen pushes her ring in Theresa’s face. “He made a living will and he trusted me to do what was right for him. That is what this was about. If anyone is trying to play God, it is you Theresa. If keeping him alive means that I am going to let him lay like this forever, then I will end his life.” Theresa says that if this were her choice she would let Ethan live and keep him alive no matter what.

Edna fights to get free from the orderlies, but she is warned that she will be put in a straitjacket if she doesn’t behave. Edna calms down. The orderlies leave.

She is asked to take a seat but her butt is numb from sitting anyway. She says that they should be locking up the witches and not her. “They are the ones that started the earthquake that made the tsunami. I got on their nerves and they caused a disaster.” The doctor and nurse peer strangely at each other as Edna talks. Edna says that her spell that makes her young is wearing off and soon she will need her diaper back again. “Look! My gray hair is coming back!" She feels that she should have known about the supernatural last Christmas. “Santa tried to kill me you know!"

She remembers that time. She had her walker and Santa had an axe and threw it.

Luckily, Edna made it to the other room before the axe could hit her.

Edna should have known then that something was wrong in Harmony.

Tabitha tells Kay that Endora can’t find out that this gathering is for Thanksgiving no matter what.

Fox comes in with the girls.


Tabitha opens the door. Two kids are there asking for money for Thanksgiving dinners in the neighborhood.

Tabitha whispers that they are not to say that word. The kids don’t understand, “Thanksgiving? Is that the word that we are not to say?"

Tabitha zaps the kids and they disappear.

The children end up in a field on their stomachs. They have no idea what happened and they run home to their mothers.

Tabitha tell Fox and Kay that no one was at the door anyway.

Noah wakes and finds out that Esme was playing a game with him by getting into bed with him and pretending to be Fancy. Fancy tells that she knew Noah and that was why she was with him. “We went out before. We split up and we were mad at each other. Now everything is fine.” That is not good enough for Esme. “You made me think that Binky wanted to marry me and that was a lie. You end up with the cute guy and now everything is fine?" Fancy knows that she went a little too far, but she needed some time with Noah.

Esme decides to play dirty and she grabs a rifle and points it at Fancy. Fancy ducks in time and the gun goes off sending a bullet into the wall. Noah tells her to calm down but she will not listen and she gets ready to pull off another round.

Fox ends a call.

He has bad news. “There are a couple of things that we will have to make that the catering service can’t deliver.” Kay pretends to be upset. She knows that he is talking about the actual turkey… The main dish. Fox had no idea that Kay had these feelings about turkey.

Kay whispers that they are going to have to sneak the turkey in if they want to have it here. “If Endora sees it, she will freak out.”

Noah tells Esme to stop this. Noah is with Fancy now who is Esme’s prime target, but that doesn’t mean that she is happy with Noah either. Esme shoots to hit either of them now.

Noah and Fancy hide behind the bed.


Noah and Fancy crawl out of the room as another shot goes off. Bang!

“You never should have stolen Moses from me!" Bang!

Noah and Fancy make it to the living room and get a head start in running from the crazed Esme. Esme peeks at them through the hole in the door. Bang!

Noah and Fancy get out of the room by the skin of their teeth.

Esme comes into the room blowing the smoke off the gun that is steaming now.

Gwen tells Theresa that she has lost everything because of her. “Look at him! He is not a man anymore. That beautiful man can’t enjoy his life like he used to anymore. That ventilator is the only thing that is keeping him alive. He cannot laugh, he cannot talk. Should I keep him lying here day after day because you want me to? I want him to sit up too Theresa but this is not about me. I have to somehow find a way to live with this decision that he asked me to make. You want to know who is responsible for this? You! You were the one that put us here Theresa.”

Noah and Fancy run out a window and are now on a ledge.

Esme loads her gun. Bang!

Noah warns Fancy not to look down, but she does and almost loses her footing. Bang! Noah says that have to shimmy down the building to escape. She is in a robe and he is in a towel. This isn’t going to be easy.

Esme lets off another shot!

Fox goes off to get back to work on his preparations for Thanksgiving.

Tabitha knows that even without the word said, Endora will figure this out.

Fox thanks Tabitha and Kay again for the dinner party.

Tabitha rolls her eyes.

Kay tells Fox that Tabitha is forbidding having the t-u-r-k-e-y- there in the house.

The doctor has papers to commit Edna. Edna knows that this is all Beth. “She threatened to put me in a place like this for a long time.” The doctor asks if Beth is one of the witches that she keeps talking about. Edna tells that Beth is her daughter but she is evil too. The doctor asks where Beth is. Edna tells that Beth stole the baby and took off. Edna says that she felt bad about what Beth did. “She stole the baby, but Precious and I really wanted to help her. Precious was my friend… My buddy… And she could make the best G&T there ever was. I bet her father is behind this too. I only figured out a little while ago that Alistair Crane was the father of my child.”

The doctor really knows now that Edna is nuts. “Alistair Crane only dates the best looking women…” he whispers to the nurse nearby.

Edna heard what the doctor said. She is offended.

Gwen is calm now. “I have to be the one to do what is right for Ethan. This is about what Ethan wants.” Theresa says that Gwen is doing this to keep Ethan away from her. Gwen orders Theresa out of there. “I never want to see you around my husband again. Now get out of here. GET OUT OF HERE!"

Noah is on the ground and he helps Fancy climb down now from the building. They are in their bare feet in November.

Esme looks for them from her balcony. She can’t see them but she aims anyway. She shoots her gun.

Noah and Fancy duck and run.

Esme keeps shooting.

Noah and Fancy keep moving. “It is harder to hit us that way. There are balloons set up all over the sidewalk and Noah and Fancy use those to shield them from Esme seeing them and her shots.”

Eve and Whitney take Theresa out of the room. Eve tells Theresa that Ethan has made his decision and that Gwen is following his instructions so she has to accept it. Theresa orders Eve to convince Gwen to stop this. She can’t do that. What about Whitney? Will she help? Whitney can’t counsel on this. “Maybe Father Lonnigan can help.” Whitney walks Theresa to the chapel.

Gwen comes out and sees that Theresa is gone. “I am going to leave for a little while Eve and think about this. All this talk… I don’t know if I can do this and then live with myself.” Eve tells her to take her time and make her decision later. “There is no rush honey. Just take your time.”

Gwen goes back into Ethan’s room for a moment and stares at her husband. She has tears in her eyes.

Edna seems to be getting out and she is happy. The doctor walks her along. She has a look at the doctor. “What do you say you and me go out for a dance or two?" The doctor can’t do that. He opens a door with a key and walks her in. She sees that she is being put into a locked room and she fights to get out. She can’t. She is locked in.

She has a roommate.

The woman turns around. “It is the evil Santa that tried to kill Edna last Christmas. “I know you Edna. You are Tabby’s friend.” That woman start walking towards Edna and Edna starts screaming.

At Tabitha’s, they are preparing for the big feast.

The timer goes off and Fox and Kay run to the kitchen to see to the food.

Endora and Maria are alone. Endora decides that they should watch TV.

ZAP! The television goes on.

Maria sees that there is a Thanksgiving parade. Endora can see that. She wonders what would be fun to do this year.

Noah and Fancy are still ducking bullets. Noah takes a moment to stop and kiss Fancy.

Bang! The couple duck.

Gwen talks to Jane in her room. “What should I do? We had the family that we always dreamed of but it is gone now. I am so sorry that you are going to grow up without your daddy. Ethan was so clear when he talked about this to me. It is really hard now. Mommy doesn’t know what to do. God you need to give me the strength to do this, but I don’t know if I have the strength to let him go.”

Whitney and Theresa return to Ethan’s room. They see that Gwen is gone. Whitney knows that she can’t stop Theresa from going in there, but she hopes that Gwen will not be upset again. Theresa asks Whitney to keep her in prayer. The girls hug.

Theresa goes to the door and enters. She closes it behind her. Theresa talks to him. “I know that you can hear me. I make this promise to you. If Gwen tries to take you off life support… If she tries to kill you, I will kill her first.”

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