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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy laugh about Esme and how she ran out of there. She was naked under her coat when she left. Noah can’t believe that Fancy did this to her friend. What is going to happen when Esme gets to London and finds out that Lord Sarnie isn’t about to marry her? “That girl has a horrible temper," Fancy tells.

Esme comes to a cab outside the airport. “Get me to Harmony!" She jumps into the cab and orders the driver out of there. The man starts writing on his clipboard. “What are you doing?" He tells that he has to log in the trip before they head out. She doesn't care about that. “Get me to Harmony now!" The man starts driving. Esme fumes all the way. “I know that you did this Fancy because you were jealous of me and the totally hot guy! Get me to Harmony!"

Kay tells Tabitha that she feels horrible for Sam and Ivy and what they must be going through watching their son in the hospital day after day like that. Tabitha can tell that Ethan isn’t doing well by the way that everyone talks. Kay knows that Ethan is Ivy’s favorite and that must really hurt her. Tabitha knows that must be true.

Tabitha listens to Kay and thinks that she is making a big mistake sympathizing with Ivy as much as she does. If she only knew how much Ivy hated her, she would change her tune in a minute.

Fox comes to the room. He can’t believe that Ethan might not get out of this. “I was thinking. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Our parents haven’t thought about the holiday so why don’t we have the dinner here?" Tabitha panics. Fox thinks that is a good idea. Kay and Tabitha both say, ‘no’ in unison.

Roberto and Paloma are in a club waiting to make a drug deal but the contact isn’t there. They get nervous the longer they wait.

The cops are outside the door ready to come in and make the drug bust. They got a tip and they are following it up.

Gwen is attacking Theresa for being in Ethan’s room after being told that she shouldn’t be. Theresa feels that she has a right to be there but Gwen only knows that she has told Theresa repeatedly again that she shouldn’t come there. Gwen runs to Theresa and the fighting starts again.

Eve is upset now that she had read the results.

Whitney is walking by and sees her mother looking sad with her head down. Whitney is there for the day helping those with HIV and AIDS. She learns that her mother is upset over the news that she has to deliver to Gwen about Ethan and his condition.

Inside Ethan’s room, Gwen has Theresa by the hair and she holds her there, determined to hurt her for trespassing where she shouldn’t have. “I warned you so many times Theresa!"

Pilar is getting out the wedding China.

Martin comes into the room and sees the fancy plates. Pilar has used the plates every fancy dinner that they have had at the house. They have sadness this year with Luis and Theresa married to Alistair. All the years that Martin was gone, Pilar dreamed of having Martin and Paloma home. Now they are home, and Luis and Antonio are dead and Ethan is lying in a coma. It is almost like we have nothing to be thankful for, but then I think about Paloma and how we have to do this for her.

Fox has no idea why Tabitha and Kay feel that having Thanksgiving at the house is a bad idea.

There was a Thanksgiving where there was a giant runaway turkey in Tabitha’s house and it frightened everyone.

Kay and Tabitha remember that holiday dinner, but Fox wasn’t there and has no idea of the horror of it all. The damn turkey ran rampant through the house terrifying everyone. He doesn't understand why they can’t have the dinner there since he knows nothing of the incident. The house was full of people and the dinner was ruined.

Gwen and Theresa fight until Eve and Whitney come in and stops them. Eve has the results on her in a file folder, and Theresa tries to get them but Eve and Whitney push her out of the room and slam the door behind her.

Gwen goes to the phone and calls for security.

Theresa stays out in the hall with Whitney but not by choice. Whitney shakes her head as she watches Theresa and her preoccupation with Ethan. Theresa knows that Gwen is going to kill Ethan. “I just know it!"

Esme is on the phone getting counseling to bring peace and tranquility to herself. She is on the phone with Deepok Chokra who tries to calm her before she reaches her destination and really flips out in anger at Fancy for what she has done!

The driver tells Esme that she is at her destination now. She snaps at him at first but then quickly calms herself. The cellphone call isn’t working like she expected it to. She is still mad.

Esme gets off the phone.

The cab driver asks about this guy on the phone who helps her relax, but Esme can only think of getting her hands on Fancy and pulling her hair out by their black roots.

Fancy says that when Esme puts things together and figures this out she will be very angry indeed. Fancy decides that she will do something nice for her friend in turn for letting Noah have this suite that they both can enjoy.

Fancy removes her robe now. He finds her so beautiful; she finds him the same way.

At the hospital, Gwen and Eve are in the room with Ethan alone. Eve is delivering the news in private.

Theresa tries to read their lips through the window to the room but she can’t understand anything that they are saying. Whitney tells Theresa to stop being selfish. You are so ungrateful for what you have already. “Stop this! Your world doesn't exist outside your sick obsession of Ethan. Children are dying, HIV and AIDS are killing women.” Theresa feels that is horrible but what can she do about that? Whitney says that the least that she could do is care. Theresa hopes that Whitney makes a difference, but what Whitney wants to do is make Theresa do something. Theresa promises to send a lot of money to help others but right now she needs to keep Ethan alive. “Gwen wants to take him off the life support and I know that Ethan doesn’t want that.”

Theresa turns to the window again. “Oh god. Gwen is crying now. What are they saying in there? ***This isn’t good. They are talking about the test results and Gwen is crying.”

Fox offers to cook the whole dinner himself, but Kay tells him not to plan this.

Tabitha wonders how Kay is going to handle this.

Kay tells that the Thanksgiving that they had the year before was a disaster and the mood was really tense. Fox accepts that but he thinks that this year will be different. Ethan is in the hospital and Luis is dead and everyone can get their minds off their problems. Kay says that maybe having it at her dad’s house would be a better idea. Fox says that he wants to show everyone that he and Kay are a couple and he will arrange for catering.

Tabitha thinks that this will be a disaster like the year before.

Noah and Fancy are in bed again and kissing.

Someone is knocking.

Fancy offers to go and put out the ‘do not disturb’ sign.

She gets to the door and opens it.

Esme is there. “Surprise!" Fancy pretends that she has no idea what happened. Esme gets angry. “I know what you did. Esme… W-w-w-w-w-will you m-m-m-m-marry me? I hope that you still think that was funny when I am through with you.”

Martin and Pilar talk about the things that they are grateful for. She wonders if he is really back to stay. He assures her that he is.

Pilar remembers hearing Martin refuse to renounce his relationship with Katherine. He said that he couldn't call what he had with Katherine wrong. He said that he would do it all over again. Then he hugged Katherine.

Pilar was watching them but they didn’t know it.

Pilar worries about Katherine and what she still means to Martin. She offers to give him up if he wants Katherine. Martin will not leave her now. “I will stay with you.” Pilar smiles at that. Paloma is warming up to her mother too and soon they will be close. The will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Pilar worries about Theresa but is glad they don’t have to worry about Paloma.

The club has been busted. The officers bark orders to keep the crowd under control.

Roberto and Paloma have to get rid of the drugs before the cops find it on them. They are carrying drugs. Roberto walks Paloma over to the garbage can and she drops the stuff in. They then slowly walk back to where they were.

A cop comes up behind them. “I think that you dropped some stuff miss?"

Roberto and Paloma turn to find a cop waving a baggy with white powder in it.

Another officer comes up and Roberto and Paloma are cuffed and arrested.

Gwen is upset. The results of the tests haven’t changed.

Theresa bursts into the room. “Tell me what the results of the tests are," she demands. Gwen will tell her nothing and orders her out of the room. Eve asks Theresa to please leave. “This is hard enough as it is.” Gwen decides that Theresa really needs to understand what it is that she has done here. “Go ahead Eve, tell her what she did.”

Whitney stands behind Theresa listening.

Fancy calls what happened just a joke. Esme says that she spoke to the Duchess and she is alive and I wasn’t proposed to. “You couldn't stand seeing me with the limo driver and so you impersonated Lord Sarnie and pretended to be him. You were vicious. Why didn’t you just tell me that you like… what’s his name… Noah?"

Esme drags Fancy to the closet and locks her in there.

She runs off to have some fun time with the limo driver.

Fancy knocks on the door but there is no one to let her out.

Eve tells Theresa that Ethan is in an irreversible coma. “Ethan will never come out of the coma.” Theresa says that it is only a coma. “He doesn’t have brain damage. Gwen! You can’t kill him now. He isn’t the way that he has to be for your to pull the plug.”

Fox knows that he is asking Tabitha and Kay a lot but he wants to do this for Sam and Ivy’s engagement as well.

Tabitha takes Kay out of the room and tells her that this is how she could be found out to be a witch. “Get him to stop this idea.”

Kay goes back to Fox and tells him that Tabitha just wanted to talk about giving Maria a snack before bed. Fox wants to do this. “It means a lot to me. When I was growing up, I was at boarding school with myself, so I would like the opportunity to start a tradition with you and Maria”. Kay agrees to it then. “It will be a big family tradition.”

Kay secretly hopes that she will not regret this.

Martin and Pilar wash dishes as they talk about the Thanksgivings that they missed together. He tells her that they will start making their own happy memories right now. He kisses her.

The telephone rings.

Martin answers to Paloma. “You have to come right away. I am at the police station and I have been arrested for drugs.” Martin will be there.

He tells Pilar that Paloma has been arrested. “Something about drugs. Let’s go and find out what this is about.”

Paloma tells the officer that her parents are coming. The cop tells Paloma that she needs a lawyer and a good one.

Tabitha returns to the living room and learns that Fox is making a menu for dinner at the house the next day. Kay says that she and Fox will handle everything. Tabitha says that this isn’t a good idea. Kay says that this means a lot to Fox. Fox leaves to talk to a caterer.

Tabitha asks Kay if she has forgotten what Endora did last year. “Who knows what Endora will do this year?" Kay had to let Fox do this. He hasn’t had a family celebration before. Tabitha says that this is something that could cause catastrophes.

Fancy is not happy. She bangs on the door but no one comes.

“Noah is asleep and has no idea that I am in here. Oh no, Esme is after Noah!"

Fancy turns again and starts banging on the closet to be let out again.

Noah is sleeping in bed.

Esme comes into the room and takes off her coat.

She climbs into bed with him.

He stirs. “You are back…” She replies, “I am back!"

Fancy continues banging on the door for Noah to come and get her but he can’t hear her.

In the bedroom, Esme nuzzles a sleeping Noah.

Martin and Pilar arrive at the station and know that there has to be a mistake. “Paloma can’t be involved in something like this.”

Two officers talk. “She has confessed to everything. The drugs were hers.”

At the hospital, Gwen and Theresa argue over whether Ethan can be put to death or not. Eve says that Gwen is Ethan’s wife and she gets to decide what happens here. “It is Gwen’s decision and only Gwen’s decision.” Gwen knows what she needs to do here. Theresa shouts! “No! I will not let you kill him.”

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