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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chris and Sheridan return to the B&B and they find Roberto and Paloma sleeping on the couch. "Everything did turn out."

The kids wake and tell how Beth called for her. Sheridan tells that she did speak to the woman while at the Seascape. James is asleep on the couch with Roberto and Paloma. Sheridan goes to him.

Noah and Fancy are alone in the tub at Esmeís deserted suite. They are kissing. Esme thinks that she is getting married and is off on her way to England. Noah has something to talk about but Fancy wants whatever it is to wait for the next day.

At the hospital, Eve comes to Julian and tells him that it will be a while before they get anymore news on Ethan. Eve feels that this is her fault that Ethan is ill this way. Julian says that this was an accident. This is devastating seeing someoneís life unintentionally destroyed.

Julian thinks back to Liz telling him that she was damaged and couldnít have babies because of him.

Eve sees the look on Julianís face and she asks what that is about. He looked terrible just now.

Liz is home drinking. "Damn you Eve, and damn you Julian. You are going to pay for what you did to me."

Gwen sits with Ethan and talks to him about the pain that Theresa has caused them their whole relationship. "I should have killed her when we first crossed paths with Theresa."

Alistair tells Theresa that Ethan is dead to him anyway as he isnít a Crane so why should he care enough to save the boy? "He should die so that will be the end of the story. I want him out of my life and out of yours. You love him and that is why he should be dead."

The woman in white thinks to herself that Kay should take her advice about making sure that Fox be in her life. She looks at the picture of Alistair that she has in her hands.

She remembers giving Kay advice about love and keeping the man that she loves no matter what.

The woman in white looks down at the picture of Alistair and the damage that she has done to the eyes of the image. "I will make you pay for what you have done, starting tonight," she promises.

Fancy would like to just make love, but Noah wants to talk about Alistairís job offer. "I can Ďt ever work for your grandfather." Fancy gets it now. "I have thought it through and I understand you now. "It is really sexy that you stand up for your beliefs. I also realize that money isnít everything. What is important is what we have right here, right now." They kiss.

Sheridan calls for Chris to come and help James say his prayers.

James leaves Roberto and Paloma in the living room. Roberto sees that it is time to go but Paloma wants to talk to Sheridan first.

Sheridan comes to the kids. Paloma says that she prays for her and what has happened to her recently. "I need to say something to you though Sheridan. I need to tell you what Luis said he wished for you."

Julian tells Eve that he has to go but he will be back soon. "I love you with all my heart and everyday I want to be close to you." She feels the same way. They kiss and then Eve is gone back to work.

Julianís face turns gray. "Sorry to leave you now Eve, but I have to find out what Liz was talking about and why she thinks that we ruined her life."

Liz is reading the paper and she sees Julian and Eve in the newspaper. It is the society page and Julian and Eve can be seen sitting out at dinner, holding their drinks in the air, smiling for the camera. They seem to be talking as Liz looks at the paper.

"I love you Julian," Eve seems to say. It looks to Liz like the images in the picture kiss too.

Liz hates this. "It is just not fair."

Gwen is in Ethanís room with him alone. She has tears on her face. "I donít think that I will be able to turn off your machines when the time comes Ethan. I am not as strong as you think I am. How am I supposed to be responsible for ending your life?"

Alistair tells Theresa to go get pretty for Ethanís funeral as it will be coming any day now. Theresa says that the test results might show something different and if that happens then Gwen might let him live. Alistair is sure that Theresa will be bidding her lover asta la vistaÖ baby. Theresa can tell that Alistair knows the results of the tests. "You know that he is still in a bad way donít you? You know that Ethan is going to die."

Paloma tells Sheridan that she and Luis were together making a sandwich one night not too long ago. "He was afraid that the both of you wouldnít ever patch things up. He was afraid that you would be without him to look after you. He hoped that if he were not able to be with you, that you would find someone else. He wanted you to be happy." Sheridan says that she saw Luis that night. "It was a vision or a dream but it was Luis." Paloma can tell that Chris likes her and she is sure that Luis would like that.

Chris and Roberto enter the room then.

Gwen holds Ethanís hands as she talks about Theresa and how they managed to get Jane anyway. In spite of all the horrible dealings, Jane came to be and that is the only good thing about this.

Eve enters the room and stays quiet as Gwen talks.

Gwen says that she will still do what is best for them no matter what.

Eve goes to Gwen and assures her that the tests are not ready yet, but they will be soon.

Julian comes to Lizís house and finds her in a state. "I need to talk to you about the things that you accuse me of. Having sex with you and it being so hideous that you were hurt."

The woman in white is at the window of the Crane mansion and she stares in at Alistair and Theresa. She keeps her white hood over her head as she stares in the window.

Alistair is talking to Theresa but feels something at his back.

He turns to stare out the window and sees nothing there.

Theresa wants to know what Alistair knows but he will not tell her anything about Ethan or his condition. She wishes Alistair were dead. He frustrates her so.

The woman in white returns to the window to peek and listen in on the conversation inside now that Alistair has turned to his wife again and forgotten his feeling that someone or something was at the window just now.

Alistair wonders how it must feel to have a someone love you and be ready to die like Ethan is. Alistair wonders aloud if Theresa meant to kill Ethan in the first place.

Theresa moves to slap him, but Alistair blocks her attempt. "Tell me Theresa! Do you want me to get you in to see Ethan now, or do you want to see him later when he is wearing a toe tag?

Outside the window, the woman in white has Alistairís picture out and she holds it out staring at it as Alistair taunts Theresa inside. Her scarlet nails gently scratch the surface of the photo.

Noah and Fancy discuss their relationship and how it will be. She doesnít mind dating a limo driver. She knows that he will do something else down the line. He wonders what would happen if he liked being a limo driver and did it for life. She wouldnít care she says. He likes that but doesn't want her grandfather keeping tabs on him and what kind of life he lives. They joke about Esme finding out that she has no marriage proposal. That is not going to be funny when she figures this all out. ***

Esme is at the airport and is waiting for her plane to take her to England.

She gets out her cellphone and dials England.

The woman who is supposed to be dead answers the phone. Esme is stunned. "You are supposed to be dead!"

Roberto tells Paloma that they have to go now. "We have to drop off the drugs with the contact soon. Paloma says goodbye to Sheridan and goes to Roberto at the door.

Roberto whispers that they have to get going to do their delivery on time. Paloma hates this.

They shout goodnight and leave the B&B.

Chris and Sheridan sit alone. Sheridanís life would be perfect if she could just spend the rest of her life taking care of James. Chris tells her that is not going to happen.

Liz lets Julian in the house. She gets another drink. Julian doesnít remember the sex with Liz. Liz feels that he must have blocked it all out. "When I tried to leave you Julian, you wouldn't let me. That is how it all began back then years ago."

He shoved her up against a wall and kissed her treating her very rough. He was laughing and his face was in a snarl. I was wearing a new dress and you ripped it off me and tossed it. It was on the ceiling fan and you thought that was funny. My tattered dress went round and round and then you got on top of me, ripped off my pants and had your way with me. It was rough and ugly and hurt like hell. I remember lying there looking up and seeing my dress swirling on that ceiling fan. It made me sick Julian."

"Because of you and my father before youÖ The idea of sexÖ Of having children from such an actÖ was horrible. Sex became a puppet to me." Julian canít remember any of this.

Suddenly he has some flashbacks as they are talking.

"I did force myself on you. No wonder you hate me so muchÖ" Liz turns to him slowly, not believing her ears.

Roberto and Paloma are at the bar where they are to meet their connection. The man isnít there. They sit at a table but worry that they are going to get busted.

Two cops are outside the club ready to start a bust.

Chris says that he will not let Sheridan take care of JamesÖ Not unless she lets him take care of her.

Gwen canít stop wishing Theresa dead. Eve asks Gwen to think clearly. Gwen canít stop remembering that Theresa was the one that put Ethan there. She will not leave Gwen for a minute as she is afraid that Theresa will come in there. Eve assures her that there is a guard posted who will not let anyone into the room who shouldnít be there.

Gwen goes to her husband promising to be back in a few minutes. "I love you. I love you always."

Alistair tells Theresa that Gwen hasnít seen the test results yet but she will. Alistair can see that Theresa does want to see Ethan before the end. Alistair know that scene will be heart-wrenching.

Alistair gets on the phone and orders his driver to take Theresa to Ethan. She leaves the room.

The woman in white is at the window and she sees her time is now to strike. She takes a knife out. A very big knife and she holds it out above her head.

Alistair has poured himself a drink.

He feels like something is behind him and he turns to see a figure covered in white, wearing a white hood and staring into the room from outside the window, holding a knife with a very big, very sharp blade. He stares back at the figure in horror.

A guard comes to Alistairís call. He pressed the panic button. The man checks the window but no one is there. Alistair orders the man to check the grounds.

Once alone, Alistairís panic shows. "This canít be. This canít be!"

Noah and Fancy are in bed now. This is perfect! No Esme!

Esme says to that Duchess that she thought she was dead. The Duchess says that she is very much alive and that Esme has no chance of marrying her son.

Julian realizes now that he must have done this. He was Lizís first sexual experience, beside her father. "The though of having sex with a man and having children was something that I couldn't deal with. I saw psychiatrists and hypnotists but nothing worked." Julian offers to get the best doctors for Liz. She sees no point in this. "Who am I going to have a baby with?" He offers her money but she will not take it. That isnít her problem. He will give her what he wants then. "Just name it."

In Ethanís rooms, the machines work keeping Ethan alive.

An orderly brings Theresa into the room.

He explains that Alistair arranged this. The orderly leaves.

Theresa goes to Ethan and tells him that she is sorry. She kisses his head.

Out in the hall, a guard stands at Ethanís door.

Gwen and Eve return to the door. Eve leaves to get the test results.

The guard assures Gwen that Theresa hasnít shown up in the hospital. Gwen sends the guard for a break.

Gwen enters the room and finds Theresa hovering over her husband with her face close to him.

"Are you kidding me Theresa? How the hell did you get in here?" Theresa tries to explain and begs to be left alone, but Gwen will hear nothing of it. "I am going to kill you this time and I am not kidding with you." Gwen starts marching to Theresa to teach her a lesson.

Noah and Fancy clink glasses while laying naked in bed. Fancy laughs. "Poor Esme. She is going to be put out knowing that we tricked her into going to England."

Esme tells the Duchess that she was talking to Lord Sarnie and he told her that they were going to get married. The Duchess says that her son is in the jungle and he couldnít have called her. Esme wonders then who could have called herÖ

It suddenly comes to her.

Fancy imitated Lord Sarnie in the limo when they were shopping.

"Damn you Fancy! You will pay for this."

The Duchess has no idea what Esme is talking about.

Esme hangs up running out. "Take me to Harmony!"

Julian has offered Liz whatever she wants for his crime against her. She wants him. She kisses him hard on the lips.

Alistair is trying to get his wits about him.

The guard returns to say that there hasnít been anyone found on the grounds.

The man leaves again to check again.

Alistair sits at his desk with his back to the window.

The woman in white comes to the window again and puts her hand on it as if reaching through to touch Alistair on his back.

Roberto and Paloma sit in the bar very uncomfortable. They are waiting to do their drug deal and afraid of getting busted at the same time.

The cops are putting their plans together to kick the door in and do a bust on the patrons of the club.

Eve has the test results now. She takes a peek at them before heading to Gwen with the news.

"Oh no," Gwen is going to be so disappointed.

Inside Ethanís room, Gwen has had enough. She grabs a hold of Theresa and tosses her around like a rag doll. Finally, she gets her hands on Theresaís hair and holds it very tightly causing Theresa to squirm and grimace from the pain. "You may have walked in here Theresa, but I promise you will be leaving in a body bag." Theresa runs from Gwen and rushes to the other end of the room but Gwen is right on her tail.

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