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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy fall into the tub at Esme’s hotel room. They got rid of her and now they are getting along much better. He knows now that she got rid of Esme so that she can be alone with him. She starts getting angry when she feels that he is making fun of her feelings for him, but he kisses her to squelch the anger that he sees building in her eyes.

Ethan is in his room. Theresa has been kicked out by security. Sam isn’t sure that this is what Ethan would want to happen to Theresa.

Ivy says that Theresa is to blame for this and if Ethan dies, Theresa will be responsible for that too. Sam only wants to think about Ethan now and how he is doing now. Ivy blames herself for hiring Theresa as her personal assistant years ago. “I trusted her with my family and now look! What if his condition never improves?" Sam says that they shouldn’t go there just yet. Sam knows that Ethan could be hearing them and he needs encouragement right now.

Kay knows that could be true. Fox sits with his brother and holds his hand willing him through this to get well again. Kay tells Ethan that she loves him.

Sam is glad that at least Kay and Ivy are getting along. That is one thing that is good that has come out of this.

Ivy knows inside that Kay will never be with her son. She will not allow it.

Tabitha and Endora are in the kitchen looking into the big blue pot. Ivy is still conniving. “Kay is so gullible but then again she is Sam daughter and he is a chump especially now that he has asked Ivy to marry him. Kay will not know what hit her by the time that Ivy has finished with her.”

Sheridan has just said goodbye to Luis and she is feeling alone. “Please come back to me!"

Footsteps can be heard behind her. Someone touches Sheridan’s shoulders and she rushes to those strong arms and kisses the man that has come to her.

When she stands back she sees that she is kissing Chris. She is surprised. “Where is he? He was just here. I can’t take this anymore Chris. I can’t take the pain.” Chris holds her and they sit in the sand on the beach.

Chris wishes that he could turn himself into Luis but he can’t. “Maybe Beth will call back and then we can trace the call then. She was just trying to get you upset. Marty is still alive and maybe we can find him. The police will try to find him.” Sheridan is sure that no one will find Marty unless her father wants them to. Chris wants to look into this but Sheridan says ‘no’. “Luis told me that it was time to move on and get on with it. Every morning I wake up and try to be a good brave soldier but I am so tired and can’t take this anymore. I want to curl up in a ball and die.”

Tabitha finds that mortals are so weak. “Kay though is different but still she believes that love conquers all. You would think that Kay would learn from other people’s mistakes but she is too enamoured of Fox. This breakup with Fox is going to be very painful.” Tabitha knows that she is getting soft too feeling bad for Kay the way that she does. Even she wouldn’t hurt her child and make him unhappy like Ivy is doing. “She is going straight to hell for this.”

Sam wants to go and track Eve down for more information. He kisses Ivy and then leaves the room.

Fox leaves the room to make a call for work.

Kay goes to Ivy and says that she is glad that they are not fighting anymore about anything. “That means a lot to me that you accept me now. I know that you wanted Fox with someone with money and not with someone like me. I am glad that we got over the thing about you breaking up my mother’s marriage as well. Thanks for sticking up for me about the virus at work. I was thinking about that and I think that someone set me up. At first I thought that you did this to me, but I can see that now I was wrong. Fox and my career are important to me and I will not give them up.”

Fancy can’t believe that she is in the tub with Noah. He knows that she came back as she was jealous that he was with Esme. Noah loves the way that the day has turned out. “Why don’t I help you get out of those wet things and then we can get more comfortable?" She splashes him for thinking that he is God’s gift and would just give into him because he asked her to.

Noah and Fancy play water games in the tub, splashing all over. He pretends to be hurt at one point to make her worry over him. “I don’t believe your ego," she tells him.

Tabitha finds that Kay is not being very bright right now. “She is spilling her guts to the one person who is after her to ruin her love for Fox and her career no matter what. She is in love with Sam, she says, but Ivy would rather see her son dead than married to Sam’s daughter.”

Ivy says that she feels awful that Kay thinks that she could ruin Kay’s job. “I couldn’t ever do anything like that. I was different before. Your father’s love has changed me.”

Ivy remembers Valerie telling her that she had better tell what she really wants in all this scheming at the office. Ivy said she wanted that bitch Kay out of Fox’s life for good.

Kay has been thinking that the person that did all this to her at work had to have had access to her password to do this.

Sam returns saying that he couldn't get a hold of Eve just yet but she will be along when she has time.

Fox returns to the room with the others. Sam is glad that Fox is there to take care of his daughter the way that he has been. “That is one daughter that I don’t have to worry about.”

Chris remembers Maureen and how he never got to see her again after he went into the Witness Protection Program. He is okay and has his life back though. He knows that if Sheridan hangs in there, things will turn out for her too. “You can’t stop living because life looks bleak and hopeless.” Sheridan feels that she doesn’t deserve a new life. “It was my hurt and anger that sent Luis to his death. Even if I get Marty back, how can I explain to him that I was the one that killed his father?"

Chris tells Sheridan that she wasn’t the one that killed Luis and so she shouldn’t feel guilty about it. “One of your father’s henchmen must have done this. You have too much guilt. Forget what Beth said. Be strong and stand up to her and in the end you will win.”

Fox and Kay are at the waterfront now sitting and enjoying the evening. Fox tells that Ethan used to be better than him in everything. “He may never come out of this.” Kay got to know Ethan and he made her so proud. Fox will try to be a good brother if Ethan can make it out of this. Still, he feels that he is asking too much maybe.

Fancy is angry now and wants to get out of the tub. She doesn't like Noah’s ego. She keeps slipping as she tries to get out of the tub. He laughs at her and she doesn’t like it. She knows that people die all the time getting in and out of the tub. Noah has an idea. “How about a truce. The kind where you stop trying to kill me and I stop trying to kill you.” Fancy denies that she was trying to kill him. He knows that she wants to be there and really doesn't want to leave. “You scammed a call to get Esme out of here so that you could be alone with me. She denies that she did that. He squirts her with water until she admits that she likes him. “You hurt my feelings though Noah. I overheard you at the book café the other night and you said that there was no one in Harmony that you were interested in. You said that all the women here were big fat zeros.”

Noah is surprised that Fancy thought that he was referring to her when he was talking on his cellphone at the book café. He didn’t mean her. He understands now why she gave him the deep freeze all of a sudden. He can’t even remember the conversation that he was having but that was an old college friend. “I wouldn't ever refer to you as a big fat zero. I wouldn’t ever hurt you. You have to know that. You are more precious than a pot of gold Fancy. You are beautiful and intelligent and great when you are not trying to drown me. How could you think any different? I didn’t know how to handle your rejection. That stuff with your grandfather was a slap in the face. The way that I see it, we both have some responsibility and if we can accept that then we have a shot, but if you can’t then we are back where we started.”

Chris gives Sheridan his coat and they sit by a fire at the beach. She finds Chris to be a real lifesaver. ‘I have no idea how to thank you.”

Sam and Ivy sit with Ethan while they wait for the results of Ethan’s tests. Sam wants Ivy to hold on to the belief that Ethan will come back to them the way that he was. They just have to believe that.

Kay is cold now. Fox tells her to wait by the waterfront and he will get her a coffee. He leaves.

Kay never thought that this could have happened to Ethan. Theresa loves him and yet she did this. How could something happen like that when someone loves someone else so deeply, she wonders.

“You know what they say. You always hurt the one you love," a strange voice says.

Kay turns to find the woman in white standing behind her. Her red nails and perfectly manicured fingers grip the railing over the water as she talks to Kay. The woman was so quiet. “I had no idea anyone was here," she says smiling at the woman in white who stands before her wearing the hood from her coat over her head.

The woman in white is sorry to have startled Kay. “I have forgotten how the view looked from here. I have been away for a long time. Your father is Sam Bennett right?" Kay tells how her father used to be the chief but he got fired by Alistair Crane. The woman in white knows him.

She thinks back to using a knife to jab at a picture of Alistair that very day.

Fox returns with coffees.

The woman in white recognizes Fox. “I remember now.” Fox doesn't recognize this woman.

Sam and Ivy talk to Ethan about his goodness and they beg him to come back to them. “We need to be a family together," Ivy says. Sam knows that Ethan will be back.

Tabitha knows that Sam is talking foolishness. “He isn’t the best judge of how anything is going to turn out, or what is going on around him even. Ethan might not get up ever again since Theresa whacked him good with that poison guacamole. He could be like that forever”

Chris would like to see Sheridan smile but she really doesn’t feel like smiling. Chris tells her to stick with him and things will get better. She almost believes him.

Noah felt lousy when Fancy tried to get him the job at Crane. “You didn’t know who I was when you did that.” She is sorry. She really thought that she was doing a good thing. It was some way for her to help out. “You threw it in my face and you got angry. I then said some things that I didn’t mean.” Noah hopes that she realizes that Alistair is a horrible man now. She orders him to stop talking about her grandfather that way. Noah sees that they are going to fight again. They have to find some common ground if they are going to be together. “Where do we go from here Fancy?"

Fancy has no idea where they go from here, but what matters is right now… This moment is all that she cares about. Noah likes this moment too. They kiss.

Chris puts out the fire and he and Sheridan get up from their seats on the log. “The last thing that I want to do is pressure you. I want to make you feel happy and peaceful. I want to do more for you in time if I can Sheridan.” He has made her happy. They kiss.

Sam and Ivy sit with Ethan. Sam says that they have Fox and Kay to be thankful for. “I couldn’t be more proud of the man that Kay has gotten for herself. They could even get married. Wouldn’t that be something?"

Tabitha knows that Fox and Kay don’t have a chance whether Ivy wins the fight or not. If Ivy doesn't end Kay’s relationship with Fox then her spell will do it.

Tabitha knows that Endora wants Fox and Kay to be together but one doesn’t always get what one wants she tells her baby. “Although we are witches, we can’t make everything that we want happen in life.”

The big blue pot starts bubbling. Tabitha peeks over the edge. Something is going on in town. “Amazing Endora! Look who is back in town Endora! The citizens of Harmony are going to react strongly to this!"

Fox offers his coffee to the woman in white. He can see that she is cold. He will get another one while the women wait for his return. Fox rushes off.

The woman in white comments that Fox is a gentleman and she can see that Kay loves him. Kay says that she does. The woman in white sees that Kay looks unhappy and wonders why if she has the love of her life with her. Kay says that her half-brother is in the hospital permanently brain damaged it seems. “Then there is the Cranes and the Bennetts fighting. That is my family and Fox’s family. Not everyone in town wants to see us together.” The woman in white tells Kay that if she loves Fox she shouldn’t give up on love. I was young once and I gave up on the love that I wanted. It almost killed everyone that I ever loved.” Kay feels like she knows this woman somehow. “Who are you?"

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