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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah sees Esme back to her hotel room. Fancy is there too. He has been giving good service but Esme isn’t done with him yet. She leaves to check her messages.

Noah tells Fancy that he is only trying to make some money although it kills her. “I know that you have feelings still for me. It drives you crazy seeing Esme all over me.”

Fancy thinks back to seeing Noah dance with Esme…

…Seeing Esme kiss Noah.

Fancy runs off to see how Esme is doing with her messages. “She is terrible with the voicemail," she explains. She runs out of the room.

Noah can see that she is a terrible liar.

Alistair is flirting with the maid and feeding her seafood in the kitchen. He has her on his knee. He is feeding her champagne and fresh seafood. She never gets treated like this. She is from Wichita and all they have is corn there. He pulls her to him for a kiss.

While they are kissing Theresa runs into the kitchen. He drops the maid from his knee to the floor. Alistair tells Lydia that she can leave now. The girl runs out.

Alistair turns to Theresa again. “I heard you Theresa. You need me…” He kisses her on the lips.

Sheridan is on the beach alone. She remembers what Beth said to her and it is true.

She was mean to Luis and ordered him to leave. She didn’t mean it. “If only I could take it all back.”

“I know what you feel Sheridan…”

Sheridan looks up and sees Luis standing before her. Her mouth falls open. He is in a fog and he walks forward and Sheridan can see him clearly. It is Luis.

Esme tells that Lord Sarnie called four times. He is Esme’s old boyfriend. Esme wanted to marry him as he is a duke, and he has estates all over the world and that darling compound in Barbados. Noah jokes that Esme must love him for his personality. Esme makes fun of Sarnie’s st-st-st-st-stutter and his mother. Esme says that the mother hates her and she can’t see why. “His mother must be one of those kooks that hates all Americans, and Sarnie is scared of her and he will never ask me to marry him while she is alive. I would like to be there when they b-b-b-bury her, Esme says. He called me four times though tonight. I wonder what he wants. I can’t call him as he will see that I am interested. We were a match maid in heaven. What with his money and my money we would have more money. Oh well, the night is young and I am already busy aren’t I Noah?" He reminds her that he is still on the clock and it is ticking. She even offers to pay him a bonus for his time. She asks Noah to run her a bubble bath. He even offers to massage her shoulders to make her really relax. She knows that the girls must just go crazy when he massages them. Fancy really looks sick now. Noah leaves.

Fancy calls Esme a tramp for what she is doing. “You are paying for sex Esme and you are going to have a bath with him?” Esme will do anything to get with Noah. It is not like they will be actually bathing together. He will just be massaging her while she bathes. Esme doesn’t need morals right now, but if she did she would buy them. Esme says that if Noah hops into the tub with her, she promises that she will stop paying him at that point. “Will that make you feel better Fancy?"

Theresa pushes Alistair off her. She needs him but not for sex. She needs something else from him. He hates that she always uses him and then pushes him off her when she gets what she wants refusing to live up to her side of things in the marriage. She needs him to listen to her and stop talking for a minute. He offers her champagne. She doesn’t want any. “This is urgent. Let me speak for a second. This is really urgent. I need you to stop Gwen. She is going to kill Ethan and I need you to stop her from doing that.

Sheridan tells Luis that he can’t be before her. “You are dead.” He tells her that he is there and he loves her and that is all that matters. “I have always loved you. I know that you didn’t mean the things that you said. You were upset about Marty.” Sheridan tells how Beth called her that night and she called her a whore because she went to dinner with another man. Luis walks to her. Luis is right before her now. He feels her pain. “I am sorry Luis. I love you. I love you so much.” They hug tightly on the beach.

“Your bath awaits you ma’am," Noah says. Esme will go into the bath now and she will wait for Noah to come in and give her that massage that he promised. “Goodnight Fancy!" Esme is gone.

Fancy gets her coat and puts it around her. Noah didn’t think that Fancy was going to be leaving now. She goes out quickly.

Noah isn’t having fun anymore now that Fancy has left. “This is only fun when you are around Fancy.”

Theresa wants Alistair to help her to keep Ethan stay alive. “Help me stop Gwen.” Alistair hasn’t been keeping track of things at the hospital but he has to wonder why Gwen is doing this now and so quickly after the accident. Theresa tells that Eve told Gwen to find Ethan’s Living Will and she has done that. “The tests are not good and so Gwen thinks that this hold be done now. Ethan’s wish is to die but that is not what I want to happen, and I know that you don’t want that either. I know that you can make one telephone call, just one call to make this stop.” Alistair knows that she is right. He is the only one that can stop this. Theresa looks hopeful. “So you are going to do this. You are going to stop Gwen right?"

Esme sits in the luxury bath as Noah massages hers shoulders from the edge. She has a big knot in her back and she tells him to rub it out. She suggests that he take off some of those clothes that he wears. He says not right now. Esme moans and groans as she gets her massage. Esme misses Lord Sarnie but maybe Noah can help her forget him later that night. Lord Sarnie is a cutie, handsome, blonde and muscles all over. He carries a big sword and he stutters. “It is quite sweet. We love all the same things. He has properties and jets, and the yacht in the Pacific, and the yacht in the Atlantic. Once I was able to make him stop stuttering for 2 whole days. It is because of his mother that we are not together right now. She could be with him if she wanted, but why push it? Freedom is too important to give up when you are not sure what you are getting.”

The telephone rings and Noah passes it to her.

It is Sarnie. “How are you? I haven’t spoken to you in some time.” Sarnie is speaking but Esme has trouble understanding her. He tells that his mother is dead. Esme gets excited. “It went very quick. She tripped and b-b-b-b-broke her neck. I l-l-l-l-l-l-love you and I want your hand in marriage.” Esme is excited now. “Oh Sarnie!"

Sheridan asks Luis where he is and what happened to him. Luis says nothing. She panics. “Is this real? Are you really here or am I dreaming?" Luis needs to demand something of Sheridan. “It is only one thing. You have to forgive yourself. I would have gone to get my son anyway.” Sheridan knows that but she made him leave. Luis says that he left because he wanted to. Soon all that he could think about was the joy that he would bring to Sheridan when he brought Marty back to her. “Now it is time for you to let go and move on. Open a new chapter in your life.”

Theresa begs Alistair to do this. Alistair says that a Living Will is a very serious thing. “Ethan sat and thought long and hard about this to have taken the time to put together a will.” Theresa says that letting him die is playing God. Alistair reminds her that Gwen is Ethan’s wife and if she wants to execute the wishes that Ethan put in that document, no one can stop her. Theresa knows that Alistair can stop this if he wants. He can but it will be very expensive. She is right though. He is the only one that can stop this.

Alistair goes to the telephone and dials. “This is Alistair Crane. Transfer me to ICU right away please.”

Theresa watches as Alistair works his magic like no one else. She knows that this is her last hope and she is so relieved that he is helping her.

Esme says that she will be hopping on the plane to England right away to be with her true love. She hasn’t accepted the proposal yet but she is coming to see him. “See you soon and God Save the Queen!"

She hangs up and shouts yippee!" She jumps right out of the tub, not caring that Noah is seeing her naked.

Fancy is somewhere hanging up the telephone in the hotel. “S-s-s-s-see you s-s-s-s-s-soon Esme!" She can’t help but smile at her trick.

Esme is in her robe now. She is very excited and she kisses Noah in thanks for all that he has done. “Now let’s see what did I do with my wallet? Oh let me get it!" Noah offers to leave but Esme tells him to stay there. “The room is paid for and there is still some champagne.”

Esme dresses quickly and then comes back to kiss Noah goodbye. “When you think of me, and you will, remember the good times. This is my destiny!" She is then out the door.

Luis begs Sheridan not to waste her life. “You can’t live alone in pain. We will be together again. Come on. Have some faith. Our love has endured centuries. We will be together again.” Sheridan hugs him. “I can’t let you go. I need you. I can’t let you go. I can’t.”

Theresa thanks Alistair as he waits on hold to be transferred to the right place. “You are saving Ethan’s life Alistair. Thank you.”

Alistair gets through finally. “This is the administrator? Good. I am Alistair Crane. There is a patient in ICU, and his name is Ethan Winthrope. I just want to make sure that Ethan’s Living Will will be followed to the letter. In fact I will send someone over to make sure that Ethan’s will is followed to the letter.”

“What?" Theresa shouts!

She picks up a knife. “You promised me that you wouldn’t do this! You promised me!" She points the knife in his direction as he turns away from her to hang up the telephone.

Alistair laughs at Theresa. She says that no matter what deal they make, he never helps her. “I’ve helped you. You are my wife and that is the only reason that you are walking around free and not in prison in the first place. If Ethan dies, you need to be careful as Gwen will turn on you and you will need me to keep you out of prison.” This all doesn’t matter to Theresa. She only cares about Ethan. Alistair says that Theresa should just let Gwen pull the plug and let the fool die.

Luis is ready to go now. He can’t stay and he only wants Sheridan to move on and let him go. He wants her to have a carefree heart and live a good life. “Move on and forget about me. You see those waves? They come from all over the world. They could be from Africa… South America… Every time that you hear those waves, you are to think of me. We will be together again.” She begs him not to leave her. He turns from her and walks to the fog from whence he came. He turns to her once more. “Please don’t go Luis!" He smiles at her one last time and then walks into the light…

He is gone. “Please don’t leave me," she begs.

Noah is in the bath at the hotel room naked and in the tub. Esme is gone and he has the suite for the night. He is counting his money. He can pay his dad’s mortgage now.

A door opens outside somewhere. “Who is that?" No one answers Noah’s call.

Fancy walks into the bath finding Noah in the tub counting his cash. He tells how Esme is gone to England. Fancy jokes that he can’t compete with the duke who owns half of the civilized world. Fancy does her imitation. “Mm---m-m-mm-m-maybe Esme got the proposal that she always w-w-w-wanted…. Noah laughs. “It was you?" He pulls her into the tub with him as she laughs.

Alistair is not happy to see his wife pining away for another man. “Why don’t we just let him die? Ethan isn’t any good to anyone anyway.” Theresa says that Alistair knows nothing about love and that is why he is the way that he is. He cares nothing about love and enjoys knowing that people fear him instead. That is the more exciting emotion to him. He warns Theresa that he can level her too if she steps too far out of line with him. He can make her do whatever he wants because of his control over her children. “They are MY children," Theresa says. Alistair reminds her that they are his now. She can see now why everyone wants him dead. He knows that everyone wants him dead, but there is no one out there who is strong enough to do the job of killing him.

The woman in the white hooded cloak has a picture of Alistair on a desk. She rubs her well manicured fingers over the picture of Alistair before her. The perfect red nails drum the desk quietly. She then gets a knife and puts it through the face in the picture… dead center.

Sheridan is crying now. She has lost her true love. She falls to the sandy ground on the beach. “Why does everyone leave me?"

She suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder. She rushes into big strong arms. “You have come back!"

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