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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay is so glad the day is ending well. It started so badly this morning with the virus and the trouble with her job. She loves Fox and he tells her the same. She tells him that nothing will stand in their way when they decide to get engaged. “Maybe one day we will be celebrating our engagement like dad and Ivy.” Fox doesn’t think so.

Theresa tells Sam and Ivy that Gwen is going to turn off Ethan’s life support system unless they stop her. “She is killing him! We have to stop her!" She has the Living Will.

Gwen is alone and thinking about what she might have to do to her husband. That is the last thing that she wants to have to do, but she will do it knowing that is what Ethan wants.

The telephone rings. It is Eve. She tells that there hasn’t been any change in Ethan’s condition. Gwen will be there with the Living Will soon enough. Gwen wishes that Theresa were the one in a state to die.

Julian finds that Ethan looks so strong that he looks like he is going to get up off that bed and take that thing out of his mouth. Eve has ordered more tests but the prognosis is pretty grim. Julian goes back to stand over his boy.

Liz walks through her club.

She sees TC come in for a drink.

She offers to have a drink with him but he wants to be alone. he is upset as he went to see Eve at the hospital and she was with Julian. Liz knows that he needs a woman that will love him and be never found in the arms of another man. “That is me!"

At the Seascape, Esme and Noah have finished dancing. Fancy is watching.

Noah says that he is finished now and needs to get going.

Fancy gives Noah her glass and orders him to get her a drink. Noah rushes off.

Esme is thrilled with Noah and can’t wait to get to know him better. Fancy tells her friend that it is tacky to pay a guy to go out with her. She can’t even remember the man’s name! “Whatever," Esme says.

Chris can tell that Sheridan is worrying about James again when she promised that she wouldn’t. Sheridan can’t help thinking that something is going to happen.

Roberto takes a message for Sheridan and he writes the message on a pad.

The pad falls on the floor nearby where he is sitting.

“Will Sheridan remember you Beth?"

“Oh yeah… We go way back," Beth says as she doodles Sheridan’s name repeatedly on a writing pad while she talks to Roberto. She has obviously been thinking about Sheridan a lot.

Fox and Kay talk and she misunderstood him. He just means that if they love each other like they do, then nothing would stand in their way. Not even an engagement.

Gwen arrives at the hospital with the Living Will. she isn’t sure that she can do this.

Theresa tells Sam and Ivy what is happening but Ivy feels that Theresa is pulling the wool over their eyes. Theresa says that whatever she thinks about her right now is not the time for that. They have to get to the hospital.

Esme notices that Fancy knows a great deal about Noah and she guesses that Fancy has already had the man for herself.

Chris makes a toast to no more fear.

Sheridan has a horrible feeling that something that happened. “I have had this feeling before. something is wrong.”

Roberto offers to take a number from Beth, but she doesn’t leave one. “Where is she anyway?" Roberto tells that Sheridan is out with her boyfriend. “he is very nice and he has a kid that Sheridan loves very much.”

After he is off the telephone, Paloma enters the room and learns that Beth was on the telephone for Sheridan.

She is very upset. Luis is dead and she has a shrine to him on a table nearby with lit candles around a picture of Luis. Beth is dressed in black and has been crying. “That Sheridan. She is going to pay.”

Marty plays by the couch. Beth tells Marty to be patient as she just needs to make a couple more calls before settling down with him.

“That Sheridan. She is going to pay.”

Esme wants to know what is up with Fancy and Noah. Fancy denies that she knows the man but she does say that he was complaining of all the bills that he has to pay. Fancy thought that Esme was interested in some rich guy in England. She was but it didn’t work out.

Noah returns with the drinks. He asks Esme to dance again but she is tired. Esme can’t believe that these two don’t know each other. “Why don’t you two dance together?" Esme suggests. Both Noah and Fancy say, ‘NO!’ Esme pushes them and they only dance with each other to prove that the other can’t dance better

Fox and Kay are outside and Sam calls them on the cellphone.

Kay tells that Sam and Ivy are going into the car and heading to the hospital. Ethan must have taken a turn for the worst.

Liz throws herself at TC and begs him to take her back but he only loves Eve and will not want another woman. TC leaves to drink in peace.

Liz sees a newspaper on the bar.

She shouts at the bartender for leaving the paper on the bar. “It looks messy!"

Liz looks at the paper and sees that Julian and Eve are on the front holding up drinks and celebrating. Liz isn’t finished with her yet.

Julian hopes that Eve is wrong about Ethan’s condition. He would like to make up for lost time with the boy.

Theresa, Sam and Ivy come rushing into the room. Theresa is ahead of them and she is shouting. “I will not let you kill him. I won’t let you kill him. I won’t!" Eve, Julian and Gwen turn to the door and find Theresa barging in. Gwen just gives her a glare and then turns her attention back to Ethan who lies motionless staring at the ceiling.

Theresa begs Gwen not to do this. Gwen tells Theresa to get out. The girls are about to argue but Eve asks them to quiet down. Eve explains that Gwen has brought in Ethan’s Living Will but they are still going to run tests anyway. Sam asks if Gwen is going to take Ethan off the machines if necessary. Gwen isn’t sure what she will do. Julian feels that he shouldn’t be here. He wants Theresa to leave with him but he will not. Sam says that Theresa can stay if she behaves. Sam asks Gwen if she is really going to do this. Gwen says that she will have no choice. Theresa shouts, “No!"

Noah and Fancy dance. He asks her if she is satisfied with his dancing. She calls him a jerk face. Noah tells Fancy to smile as Esme wants her to have a nice time. She orders him to go give Esme a good time. He says that he will do that later. She tells him that he is disgusting.

Sheridan can’t help the feeling that she has.

A waiter comes to Sheridan and tells her that she has an urgent call.

Sheridan and Chris go running to the telephone

“It’s Bethie! Hi Sheridan!" Sheridan’s eyes grow big as saucers when she recognizes the voice on the other end of the line. She listens. “How could you be out on a date with your boyfriend after what happened to Luis? You whore!"

Liz finds Julian having a drink in her club. “What are you doing here?" Julian tells that Ethan is at the hospital and Eve is there. Liz sees that she is being insensitive. she is sorry. “I never had a child to care for.” Julian asks if having children is the real reason why Liz hates her sister so much. “Is it that Eve had children and you didn’t?" Liz tells Julian that he knows nothing and she walks off.

Roberto flirts with Paloma and tries to get her to kiss him. She does.

Ivy is crying as she reads the Living Will. Theresa orders Gwen to burn that thing. She begs Gwen to give Ethan a chance.

Fox and Kay enter the room and Theresa rants that Gwen is going to kill Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa to shut up. “You see this? This is a Living Will. It means that he wants to die with dignity. How dare you?"

Fox and Kay are uncomfortable.

Gwen goes to Ivy and says that she doesn’t want to do this but as Ethan’s wife she has to do what he wants. “Theresa did this. All this talk about love and look what she did? Please watch out for Fox and please don’t let him end up with the wrong woman.”

Sheridan asks where Marty is. Beth says that she shouldn’t care. I heard that you replaced Marty with another little boy. Life must be peachy now right? Marty wouldn’t remember you now. You don’t even deserve him. You killed Luis. You killed Marty’s father. you send Luis to look for Marty knowing that Alistair wouldn’t ever allow it. You sent Luis to his death Sheridan. His death…”

Julian finds Liz and asks her what upset her. “Can’t you have children?" She admits that her father hurt her and she had to have an operation but what happened was that she met him. “It is your fault that I couldn't have chidlren," she spits at him.

Roberto comes up for air. They have been kissing. He is so glad that she has brought him to Harmony with her. He likes babysitting. “One day, I will have a life, wife and a family”. Paloma on the other hand wants to have a career and then she might get married. He sees that he is dealing with a liberated woman. He likes old-fashioned girls. “You should stay home with the kids.” She can tell that she isn’t good enough to marry. She gets angry with him and runs out the door.

Eve tells Ivy to settle down and wait for the test results.

Gwen tells Sam and Ivy that she loves Ethan and that she will not have a choice if the tests comes back showing no progress Ivy couldn’t hate Gwen

Gwen turns to find Theresa kissing Ethan’s forehead and she pulls Theresa off her husband. “Oh no! No! Get off of him! Once and for all you are getting thrown out of here.”

Gwen grabs the telephone and calls security.

Noah and Fancy are holding each other and getting carried away.

Suddenly they are the hit of the dance floor. They are a hit and everyone claps.

Noah puts on his servant attitude again saying that he aimed to please. Fancy feels duped and she walks off.

Esme tells Fancy that finally she sees that her friend is having fun.

Esme sees Preston who is an old friend. She runs off to see the man .

Noah comes to Fancy and asks if she is going to run from him again. She says that he is busy with Esme anyway. He says that he will be busy with Esme later, unless Fancy doesn’t want him to be.

Sheridan demands to have her son returned to her. Beth will not do that. She is crying. She doesn’t have to come back to Harmony.

Chris finds out that Sheridan is on the telephone with Beth and he makes another call to have the call traced. “Just a couple more minutes and we will know where she is calling from Sheridan," he advises.

“Beth! Tell me where you are. Where is my son?"

Paloma returns sorry that she lost her temper. She wants to be the only woman in his life.

Julian doesn't understand how he could cause Liz to miss out on having children. She tells that he damaged her and she had to have another operation and that took her chances at being a mother away.

Fancy tells Noah that she cares nothing about he and Esme. He knows that to be a lie.

He walks over to Esme and drags her away from Preston so that he can dance with her some more to make Fancy jealous.

Fancy sees what he is doing and she rushes past the couple angrily.

Beth says that Marty is with her. “He is with me now. He is wearing a black arm band as his father is dead.” Sheridan cries for her child, but Beth hangs up.

Chris almost had the call traced but no luck.

Sheridan is upset. “She said that I will never see Marty again.”

The security show up and Theresa is pointed out. The two burly men go to Theresa who is standing over Ethan as everyone else watches. The men order Theresa out of the room but she tells them ‘no’. The man take Theresa’s arms and start dragging her out backwards from the room. Theresa screams for help.

Sam tells her that he is sorry but it is just going to have to be like this.

Fox apologizes but he just can’t help her this time.

Eve is Theresa’s last hope but Eve will not help Theresa. Not this time.

Everyone watches as Theresa is dragged screaming and kicking up the hall. She shouts to Ethan, “I love you Ethan! I love you!"

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