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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Paloma is panicking. “How can I calm down? That guy called us on your cellphone. What we are doing with the drugs could send you and I to jail Roberto!"

Fancy and Noah are dressed for the evening and ready to go out with Esme for dinner and dancing. Noah flirts with Esme and they pretend to dance as he holds her in his arms. Fancy is very uncomfortable indeed, but decided to go anyway. Esme remarks that every woman is going to be after him when they go out. “What do you think Fancy? Do you think that every woman at the Seascape is going to want me," Noah asks. Fancy rushes over to Noah. “Yes dammit! I want you!" She tosses Esme out of his arms and kisses Noah madly.

Sam and Ivy discuss their upcoming marriage and confirm that they really decided to do it as it was more like a dream. They wish that Ethan could be with them for their marriage. Sam will be there for him and their other children and he is sure that Ivy will be there for her and his children as well. They will be a happy family and support each other.

In the story, Queen Ivy has dropped Kay into the gaping hole after promising her son Prince Fox that she wouldn’t do that.

Fox is upset.

Kay screams as she falls into the hole.

“Mother! You have killed her. You have killed my lady Kay!" Fox walks over to the gaping hole in the ground and watches his beloved fall.

Chris and Sheridan are about to go out for the evening. Sheridan wants to celebrate their freedom. They will not worry about James. He will be fine.”

Theresa begs Gwen not to let Ethan die. “He can come back and you can find a way to bring him back but you need time to do that. If you take off the life support, Ethan will be gone forever.” Gwen knows that. Theresa tells her to get rid of that will and no one will know. Gwen isn’t sure that she can forget what Ethan has asked of her in this very instance. Theresa tells Gwen to simply get rid of it. “No one will ever know.”

Paloma knows that cellphones are not secure. Roberto wants her to be cool and keep things together.

Sheridan and Chris enter the room. They are ready to go. Chris really appreciates the kids watching James for them. Sheridan gives the kids instructions for the child. They even have a baby monitor. Sheridan tells them that James loves bedtime stories and he may be hungry if he wakes up. The kids can see that Sheridan is worried and they tell her that she shouldn’t be. They should go now.

Before leaving, Sheridan turns once more to look back into the room and up the stairs where James lays safely in the B&B.

Noah and Fancy are kissing and Esme doesn’t like it. She orders Fancy to stop this. “Fancy! Fancy! Can you hear me?"

Fancy has been daydreaming about kissing Noah and stopping him from being with Esme who is a man-hungry woman who takes what she wants from men.

Esme shouts at her to snap out of it. It is time to go. Noah sees Esme out the door and closes it in Fancy’s face without thinking.

He rushes back and opens the door for Fancy suddenly realizing that he was terribly rude to her just now. “Sorry!"

Queen Ivy tells Fox that she had to kill evil Kay and protect him from her. “I warned her that she shouldn’t get involved with you but she wouldn’t listen.”

Kay keeps screaming as she falls.

ZAP! Kay appears on Tabitha’s couch.

ZAP! Tabitha appears next standing by the couch and looking very confused at how the story suddenly ended.

ZAP! Fox appears in a chair holding Endora and sitting in front of Tabitha and Kay. He asks Kay if she is alright after having the dragon try to kill her. Kay and Tabitha pretend that they have no idea what Fox is talking about. They look at him strangely. He is sitting with the fairytale book in his hand. Tabitha tells Fox that he was reading a story to Endora and then fell asleep.

He is about to believe the women but then he sees the pink ring of flowers in Kay’s hair and he asks why there are there if he was only dreaming. Those were the same ring of flowers that he saw on Kay’s head in the dream.

Kay reaches up and feels the flowers shocked to find them still there. How are they going to explain this?

Theresa tries her best to get Gwen to forget about the Living Will, but she can’t do this. “I have to do what he trusted me to do.” Theresa shakes her head. “No Gwen NO!"

Fancy has no idea why Esme brought Noah with them for dinner. She loves trolling for men and doesn’t usually get stuck with one.

Esme goes to Noah and flirts madly. “I love this song! Let’s dance! Fancy get us a table!"

Fancy is unhappy to be there but she couldn’t stay away. Esme is paying Noah to wait on her so why is Fancy getting stuck getting them a table for dinner? He should be doing this.

Noah and Esme head to the dance floor and dance up a storm holding each other close and staring into each other’s eyes.

Tabitha tells Fox that Kay is wearing flowers from Endora’s dress up box and that is why she is wearing them.

The cellphone rings and Fox is told by his mother to come over to the house for some good news. “And bring Kay with you.”

Fox tells Kay that they should head over to the house next door to see his mother. Fox laughs again at the dream that he had. “I will see you next door after you check on Maria”.

After he is gone, Tabitha tells Kay that this dream means something. “That was an omen. Ivy will win and you will not be with Fox.” Kay will make Ivy accept the relationship.

Kay walks off and Tabitha knows that whatever happens, she will lose Fox. “Kay is going to get a big lesson.”

Theresa sees that Gwen is willing to let Ethan die and she just can’t accept it. “He can’t speak for himself and we have to speak for him Gwen. You can’t take him off the life support!" Gwen sees that this is all about her again and that gets her angry. “This is rich coming from you. He didn’t know that you would try to kill Alistair and then leave the poison around. He is in this position because of you and you want me to do what you want to make you feel better. You are a selfish empty headed tramp!"

Roberto and Paloma get cozy on the couch now that Chris and Sheridan are gone and James is still asleep. They start kissing.

Fancy is not pleased. She sits alone at the table while. Noah and Esme dance in each other’s arms.

Chris and Sheridan enter the Seascape and they go over to see Fancy who sits alone drinking.

“Hi Fancy! Are you with someone tonight?" She points out her friend Esme and Noah, and denies that she is there with Noah. “I am with my friend Esme," she says. Chris excuses himself for a minute.

Sheridan asks if that is the same Esme who jumped off someone’s yacht naked the year before and caused a terrible stir? Fancy confirms that is the same Esme. She tells how Esme is paying Noah for escorting for the evening. “He wouldn’t take a job with my grandfather but he would take money for this? I can’t believe that he would stoop this low.”

Noah and Esme continue their dancing.

Fox enters the Bennett house and his mother shows him her engagement ring. That can only mean one thing. Ivy begs Fox to be happy for her and he is. They hug. Fox congratulates Sam.

Kay comes into the house and hears the good news. She is stunned. “I am happy dad.” Sam thanks her for that. Sam goes to find beer or champagne for them to drink. Fox follows him.

Kay tells Ivy that she can’t marry her dad as he is still married to Grace. Ivy explains that this is a new beginning for she and Sam and it could be a new beginning for the both of them too. Kay will not let this happen. “I will tell everything if you try to marry my dad. I won’t let you do this just so that you can get into his bed.”

Roberto has the Rock and Roll Vampire movie. Paloma loves the movie. She gets scared every time that she sees this movie and she sits on his lap. He likes that idea.

Tabitha and Endora watch through the big blue pot and they see that Kay will never learn. “It is a puzzle or some sort of enigma. Anyway Endora… What we think we are looking at is not what we are looking at, at all.”

Kay threatens to tell Sam the truth. Ivy knows that Kay will make her father upset by doing this. “Sam will know that Kay lied about the truth all along. Ivy admits that she didn’t want Kay with Fox but now she sees that Fox really loves her and she will put all the animosity aside and make a family with Kay and the others. Ivy offers to tell Fox that he is to go easy on Kay at work. Kay has no idea what to say. Ivy only wants her to like her new stepmother and try to make the family work. Kay will try. The women hug.

Sam and Fox enter the kitchen and are shocked to find Kay and Ivy hugging.

Theresa is trying to save Ethan’s life by begging for Gwen not to do this. Gwen can’t forget what Ethan asked her. “If there is no progress with the tests, then I have to take him off life support and I will live with a broken heart for the rest of my life!"

Sam pours the champagne.

Fox says that it is great that Kay is accepting this. Ivy knows that Kay is trying. Ivy says that Kay probably wasn’t the one that screwed up at the office and so he should go easy on her. “She probably didn’t even do it at all.”

Fox goes to Kay saying that things are going real good.

Kay can’t believe it. “The feud with me and Ivy is finally over.”

Noah and Esme dance and both agree that Fancy is kind of a bore this night. Esme tells that eventually Fancy will tell her what the problem is. Esme and Fancy are old friends and Esme knows her like a book. Noah asks why Fancy doesn't have a boyfriend. Fancy says that she has had a slew of men in her time. Esme could tell stories that could turn Noah’s hair. She wants to know more about Noah. “Do you work out?" Noah doesn't answer her but asks more about Fancy. Esme gets angry that he only asks about Fancy. She says that Fancy likes men just like Noah and yet she is not interested. “Then again maybe she is interested and wants to hide it.”

Fancy sits with Sheridan at table and Sheridan explains Noah’s point of view. Fancy says that Noah is dancing with the wrong girl. Sheridan guesses that Fancy wishes that she were dancing with Noah instead.

Theresa says that she will find a way to stop Gwen from doing this. Gwen can’t listen to this right now. “God how am I going to do this? I have to find a way to take Ethan off life support if I have to.”

Fox and Kay are outside now and she can’t believe how happy his mother and Kay are that night.

Tabitha is watching with Endora in the big blue pot.

She runs to the window. “Look Endora! Fox and Kay so young and so in love. If Fox and Kay going to find the lasting happiness that they so desire? Tune in tomorrow. Poor Kay. There is going to be another twist in the story and it is going to throw her for a loop.”

Ivy is staring at her ring when Sam comes to her with another drink.

Theresa comes into the Bennett house. “You have to help me. It is Ethan. You have to stop Gwen. She is going to kill Ethan.”

Gwen is frantic. She is alone and has no idea what to do. “So help me Theresa! I am going to make you pay!" she uses one arm to swipe everything off a nearby table.

Sheridan thinks that it is funny that Fancy is worried about a man who has to be paid to be with someone else. She tells Fancy to think about what she really wants. Sheridan heads to her table.

Noah is still dancing with Esme but he looks over at Fancy who is now sitting alone.

Sheridan makes it to that table. She tries to relax knowing that James is in good hands. Chris is James’s father and he tells Sheridan that she shouldn’t worry about James. He takes her to the dance floor.

she feels better now she says.

Roberto and Paloma are watching the movie.

The phone rings in the house. Paloma goes to the kitchen.

Roberto answers the telephone. “She is not here, but I can take a message.”

“Okay…’tell Sheridan that Beth called’”.

Roberto writes the message on the nearby message pad for Sheridan.

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