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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy and Noah return to Esmay’s room at the hotel. He will be staying with Esmay and Fancy in their suite for a while.

Esmay’s cellphone rings and she goes in a private room to have an overseas call.

Fancy is angry that Noah is there. She feels that he is just staying there to get her goat. He smiles. “What are you doing here? It kills you that I might sleep with her doesn’t it?" She blurts out “Yes! I mean ‘no’!"

Chris brings Paloma and Roberto over to the B&B. Sheridan has no idea what is going on. Chris tells her that the kids will be watching James so that they can go out that night. Sheridan gets angry. “I can’t go out! What is wrong with you?"

Sam and Ivy celebrate. She has just accepted a proposal of marriage from him.

Kay is being dragged off by Queen Ivy who is the dragon in the fairytale. Starring Fox and Kay.

Fox rides his horse trying to find Kay and save her from the dragon.

Tabitha and Endora are in the forest and they follow Queen Ivy, Fox and Kay so see how the story goes. “Some fairytale," Tabitha remarks not too impressed.

Fox hears Kay’s screams and uses them to lead him on. “I will come to save you Kay!"

Kay keeps screaming as Queen Ivy steals her away running deeper and deeper into the forest.

Theresa is with Gwen. She worries that Gwen will pull the plug on Ethan since he has no brain activity. She begs Gwen not to do this.

Fancy finds Noah a hypocrite. He won’t take a job from her grandfather but he will sleep with Esmay for money. Noah wonders why she even cares. She is acting funny and not like he would expect. “You wouldn't’ still be in love with me would you Fancy.?"

Chris thought that Sheridan would like to go out, but she doesn't. Roberto and Paloma offer to leave then if they are not needed, but Chris asks them to stay. He takes Sheridan upstairs so that they can talk about this in private.

Sam wants to marry Ivy the next day. She can’t do that. She has things to do. She needs to book the country club, and call the caterers. On second thought she decides that they should just do it at the house as soon as possible. She knows tat she will be happy with him and a simple marriage instead of a big fancy do at the club. She has learned that money doesn't mean anything to her anymore. The happiest things she has experienced have come from cooking and cleaning and shopping with coupons.

Fox rides his steed. “Do not give up hope my love…”

Kay asks Queen Ivy where she is being taken. Queen Ivy. tells her that she will find out soon enough.

Fox will not have his love taken from him.

Theresa begs Gwen to tell her that she will not pull the plug on Ethan. “I need to know that.” Gwen hears that Theresa needs this and Theresa needs that. Why is it what you always need Theresa?" Gwen knows that Ethan doesn't want machines to keep him alive. “I have a responsibility to carry out my husband’s wishes whatever they are.” Theresa accuses her of being a cold-blooded murder. “You are willing to kill Ethan no matter what!"

Noah asks Fancy again if she still cares for him. She tells him to dream on. “You are ludicrous and ridiculous if you think that I still want you.”

Esmay hears Noah and Fancy arguing and tells them to be friends. She wants the three of them to go to dinner, but Fancy says that she will not be going. Noah remarks that she could use some meat on those scrawny bones of hers. “Scrawny?" Fancy asks. “On second thought, maybe I will come to dinner with the both of you," she says. Esmay tells Noah that he will be their escort for the night. “A full-service escort…”

Sheridan will not change her mind about going out. “Let it be!" Chris needs to know what is wrong but she can’t tell him. She trusts Chris and so eventually she tells him that she can’t go on a date and forget about Luis and Marty. It is too soon. She also doesn't want to leave James alone. Chris has arranged to have James well looked after while they are out. Sheridan is afraid that something will happen to James. “It is just that I can’t go out with you tonight and if you can’t understand that, it is just too bad.”

Theresa sees that Gwen would be taking away Ethan’s chance at life if she pulls the plug on him. Gwen sees that Theresa has no right to express an opinion about this at all. She is the one that caused this to happen. Ethan would be with her now. “I remember when you tricked Ethan into getting you pregnant? Never would I think that you could have evolved into someone that would do something like this back then?" Theresa says that she loves Ethan, even more than Gwen does. Gwen will not listen to this. “I am Ethan’s wife and I know what I have to do.” Theresa says that she knows Ethan and he wouldn’t ever give up hope. Gwen is the one that is married to Ethan and she is the one that has had the conversations with Ethan about what to do in an instance like this. “I know for a fact what Ethan would want if this happened. Do you know what Ethan told me to do for him if he were kept alive by machines? He told me that he wants to be let go. Ethan doesn’t want to be kept alive by machines. Theresa will not believe that. She can’t.

Esmay pours a drink. Fancy tells her that hooking up with the limo driver is tacky. Esmay remembers that Fancy used to be the big party girl and hooked up with all types in the past. Esmay tells her not to be a pain.

Esmay tells Fancy privately that she isn’t going to drag him into bed right now. “He can be our tour guide.

Noah says that he can be a tour guide but he charges more for that service. Esmay will pay him double what he gets now. It is a deal.

Queen Ivy tells Kay that she had been warned to stay away from Fox and she didn’t listen so now she has to pay. Queen Ivy has Princess Kay over the valley where she will be thrown to her death.

Tabitha and Endora sees that Princess Kay is doomed as they are sure that Prince Fox will not kill his mother.

Fox arrives and gets out his sword. He will slay the dragon. Kay tells Fox to stop. “You know this woman!"

Fox looks at the face of the dragon and sees his mother before him. “Fox, to get Princess Kay safe, you will have to kill me first. Can you do that? To the woman who gave you life?" Fox orders his mother to put Kay down.

Ivy will ask Fancy to be her Maid of Honor for the wedding. “It would be nice to have Ethan at the wedding. It would be wonderful to have him there as a part of her happy day.”

Theresa says that Ethan has everything to live for. Gwen remembers that Ethan was very specific and he doesn’t want to live on machines. “Nothing has been decided yet about Ethan but that depends on the tests. If Eve comes back and tells me that there still is no brain function, then Theresa you need to know that I will carry out my husband’s wishes. That is the least that I can do for the man that I love and for the man that I married. He expects that from me.”

Roberto and Paloma are kissing on the couch of the B&B. They still wait to hear if they will be needed for babysitting or not.

Roberto gets a call on his cellphone and it is a contact about the drugs that he and Paloma peddle back and forth.

After he gets off the telephone, Roberto tells Paloma the news. She immediately panics. They could get in so much trouble.

Esmay brings Noah a tuxedo that he can wear for the night. She had the good sense to buy one when they were out earlier. She also bought him those pajamas that he modeled for her at the store as a gift for spending time with them.

After Esmay goes into the next room, Fancy calls Noah a male prostitute for agreeing to do whatever Esmay says for money.

Chris apologizes for pushing the issue of going out. He should have been more sensitive to her feelings. He leaves to go and tell the kids that they can go home now. There is no need for a sitter that night.

Queen Ivy stands at the edge of a cliff ready to toss Kay in. She wants Kay dead more than anything.

Tabitha and Endora worry that Kay’s days are over.

Fox says that he will kill his mother if she tries to hurt Kay. Queen Ivy doesn’t believe that he will kill his mother for this girl. How could he? Ivy slowly lowers Kay over the cliff. Kay starts screaming.

Gwen says that if there is no hope for Ethan’s recovery then she will do for Ethan what he would do for her.

It is time for Noah to change into his tuxedo. He kisses Esmay on the cheek warmly before leaving the room. He knows that he is killing Fancy by the look on her face. He loves it and smiles.

Esmay tells Fancy that she is being awful to the chauffeur and she wants Fancy to stop this. “You are in a rotten mood Fancy. Is this about that boy that you were going on about before? Get over it and open your eyes. We have a treasure right in there. You are not paying attention girl.”

Sheridan calls to Chris stopping him from sending the kids home. “I will go out to dinner with you. Let me go and pull myself together. It will be good for both of us to get out.” Chris leaves the room.

Sheridan goes to the picture of Luis and Marty. “Damn father for taking the both of you from me.”

Sam wishes that he could offer Ivy a bigger house to live in. Ivy loves this house and doesn't want to change a thing. Sam worries how Jessica is going to take this news. Ivy knows that Jessica hates her but she will try to make things work out. Sam thanks her for that. Sam just wants them all to count on each other and be a real family. Ivy says that is what she wants most of all too.

Ivy thinks back to telling Valerie that she wanted Kay out of her life for good. How is she going to do that and make a great family at the same time?

Ivy pushes that thought out of her head.

Kay screams.

Tabitha and Endora watch waiting to see if Fox will be able to save Kay from certain death. If she falls she will be a goner for sure.

Fox tells his mother that Kay is the only woman that he loves and if his mother kills Kay, he will not forgive her. “Don’t make me do this mother. Put her down.” Ivy orders him to put that sword away. She tells him that she was only testing Fox’s love for Kay. She says that she will make sure that Kay is fine and she will put her down soon enough.

Tabitha knows that Ivy can’t be trusted and that this isn’t going to end nicely. “She will not let Kay live.”

Theresa says that in a few months there could be a cure for Ethan and he can be saved then. Gwen asks Theresa how she would like it if all she could do was lie there with people staring at her?

Gwen finds the Living Will and reads it with her back to Theresa. Theresa reaches to see it but Gwen keeps it from her. Gwen finds the clause that tells that Ethan doesn’t want to be kept alive on life support.

Paloma is panicky. Roberto worries about the contact that was made. Anyone could tap into his cellphone and listen in on their calls. Paloma wants the man to stop contacting them and talking about drugs. “If anyone else finds out what we are doing, we will go to jail and be there for a long time," Paloma says.

Esmay and Fancy wait for Noah to get ready.

“Need any help Noah?" Esmay shouts.

He is fine and he comes out in a tuxedo that fits him perfectly. Esmay takes his arm while Fancy just stands back looking like she is ill.

Chris knocks.

Sheridan tells him to come in.

He does and doesn't see her. She is in the bathroom. He goes to the picture of Luis and Marty and looks at it sadly.

Sheridan is ready now and she comes from the bathroom dressed beautifully in green with her hair just perfect. She looks like a princess to Chris, but she knows that if she were a princess, she would live happily ever after and that doesn’t seem to be happening. “Maybe going out is exactly what I need Chris.” They hug and Sheridan looks at the picture of Luis and Marty over Chris’s shoulder.

Sam wants to vow that he and Ivy will not hurt each other in anyway so that they can have a happy family together.

Ivy turns to look at the picture of Fox and Kay on the table.

She says that she will cooperate. “Absolutely Sam.”

Queen Ivy is still holding Kay in her hands. Fox asks that Kay be freed. Queen Ivy pretends to be doing as she is told.

Tabitha knows that at any moment, poor Kay is going to be history. Ivy will never let her go when she is this close to seeing Kay dead.

Queen Ivy pretends to have butter fingers and she purposely drops Kay into the big canyon before her.

Kay goes tumbling over the edge screaming as Fox watches helplessly. His mother lied to him and killed the woman he loved.

Theresa asks Gwen to tear up the will and then the hospital will not be able to pull the plug on Ethan. “I know that you don’t want to do this but what are you going to tell Jane when she asks you how her father died? What if she wants to know why you didn’t let him live a little longer? What will you say when she questions your love for him? You can tear up the will and give him a chance. Give him a chance Gwen.”

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