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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy have just realized that he is the one that has been driving Fancy and her friend around.

Esmay comes out of the car. She was waiting for him to open the door on her side, but he was talking to Fancy so she got herself out. He will wait while they go shopping. Fancy tells Esmay to go ahead shopping and she will meet up with her later. She needs a minute outside first. Esmay will go but warns Fancy that she saw Noah first. “So keep your hands off.”

Kay is with Tabitha and Endora and they talk about Valerie and her moving in on Fox. Tabitha says that whether Valerie gets him or not, it still will not work out for Kay. She has everything going against her. Kay will need a miracle. Tabitha thinks that she should just accept what is going to happen and move on.

Fox comes into the house. “Kay do you have a minute? I need to talk to you now.”

Ivy is looking at pictures of her precious Ethan.

Sam comes in asking if she should be doing that. She wants to remember Ethan the way that he used to be and not like he is now. There hasn’t been any news. “Ethan is really something isn’t he? I know that I neglected my other children but I don’t regret it. I couldn’t help it. Every time that I looked at Ethan, I saw you.” Sam gives her all the credit in the world for how Ethan turned out. Ivy still wonders how Ethan will turn out now that Theresa has almost snuffed him out. They are still waiting to see what will become of him. Sam calls what happened a tragic accident. Ivy doesn't see this as an accident. “Theresa’s sick obsession of my son as caused him his life.” Sam would like to look forward and not back. Ethan will pull through this and we have to believe that. We will be lost if we don’t believe that and he will be lost too.

Gwen asks Eve to tell her the news about Ethan’s condition.

Theresa is hiding in the closet listening.

Gwen is saying that she cares nothing for how long it will take to get Ethan to heal, she will wait. “Please just tell me the truth Eve," Gwen begs.

Fancy doesn’t believe that Noah didn’t know that he would be working for her friend that day. She feels that this was a set up. Noah has a news flash. “nothing that I do has anything to do with you.” She will accept that but wants to know what he is doing working as a driver in that ridiculous costume. He explains that he has to make a living, not that she would understand that.

Esmay comes out to get Fancy. She is buying an alligator bag and wants Fancy to see it.

Noah tells Fancy to go on and go shopping. “The animals of the world will not be safe as long as you two have your charge cards though.”

Esmay shouts out that Fancy needs to get in there and spend some of that Crane money.

Noah can see that they really have nothing in common if this is the kind of people that Fancy has as friends. He tells Fancy to get going. He offers to get the door for her but she gets it herself.

Kay knows that Fox is upset with her about the computer but she assures him that she ran the scan. “I think that someone deliberately tried to get me fired at work when that happened.” That is interesting to hear but Fox is only there to apologize to Kay for being so hard on her. “I have been taking things out on you and I am sorry.” Kay likes this. Earlier he was ordering her around and making her get him coffee and she really hated that. He promises that he will not do that to her again. She understands the pressure that he has been under and isn’t upset with him at all. They hug.

Tabitha sees that by not making a clean break, Fox and Kay are going to hurt more when they break up.

Fox also announces that he will be taking the day off and he asks Tabitha if they could take the girls out. Maria is sleeping but maybe they could read Endora a story.

Fox looks at the Brothers Grimm book and finds that the stories in it are grim indeed. Fox and Kay talk about the couples in fairytales and how they always seem to have it rough. Fox tells Kay that they are going to be one of the more successful couples in life.

Tabitha can see that Endora is itching to do something and she worries what it is that she will do.

ZAP! Fox and Kay disappear.

Tabitha goes running to the book that Fox was holding and looks inside the covers. Kay is in there. She is an animation in the book. She is dressed as a princess.

Eve doesn’t exactly answer Gwen’s question about Ethan’s condition like Gwen wants her to.

Theresa can’t stand the wait anymore. She is very quiet as she listens.

Gwen demands to know more. Eve says that she needs to have Ethan’s brainwaves checked out by neurology. “Gwen do you know if Ethan has a living will? You have to get it checked out.” Gwen stares into Eve’s face. “That is it? That is it? Ethan is not going to make it?"

Sam and Ivy look at pictures of Ethan and Sam can see the resemblance to himself. Ivy is sorry that she denied Sam the chance to be with his son all those years. What is important to Sam now is that he can be with his son now. Ivy starts crying. “What if we lose him? What if he dies? I couldn’t bear that.”

Gwen still begs for the answers to her questions. Eve is just trying not to scare the girl. “I don’t want to give you false hope or scare you. These tests are just numbers and they won’t make me rush to an answer that I don’t feel sure about Gwen.” Gwen couldn’t sleep all night because of the tests. Eve can’t be more specific than she is being now. Gwen needs to have something more. She has the file on her desk and she wants to hear more from Eve about what is in there. Gwen has been doing research and knows more than Eve thinks she does.

Theresa presses her ear to the door and listens.

Gwen snatches the papers out of Eve’s hands. She reads them. “No wonder you didn’t want me to see these Eve. It is going to take a miracle to save Ethan.”

Theresa is crying again but silently in the closet. “No…”

Esmay feels that Fancy isn’t having any fun shopping and that is not like her.

Fancy can’t stop staring at Noah who is outside by the car.

Esmay sees Fancy staring at Noah and tells her to forget about the man. “I get first dibs at least. I am sick in love, or at least he will do until I find the real thing.”

Esmay goes to the door of the store and calls to the driver. “I need you in here for a minute," she says.

Tabitha brings the book over to Endora. “Look! Fox and Kay are going to be writing their own story while they are in the book. Oh no. You have picked the wrong story Endora.”

ZAP! Tabitha and Endora puts her mother and herself in the middle of the fairytale. Now they are all animated characters in the book.

They are at the union of Princess Kay and Prince Foxworth.

Tabitha wonders how she ever got involved with such a romantic family. “Endora, next time that you decide to put us in a book, make sure there is no fire-breathing dragon in there. Check out poison Ivy over there!" Tabitha says pointing.

Queen Ivy tells King Sam that she will be gone for a while but that he can tell her about the ceremony later.

Gwen looks down at the papers. “Ethan has no brain activity. When were you going to tell me this? My children are gone and now Ethan is gone too?" Eve tells her that these tests were done the night before but there could have been changes. “It is possible that if we run the tests that we will get the same thing, but until then we don’t know.” Gwen understands now why Eve was asking about the living will. “You think that he is going to die and that he will not make it.”

Theresa can’t stand this anymore.

The door to the closet opens. “ No!" Theresa says.

Gwen and Eve turn to face the closet where Theresa stands. Gwen closes her eyes and shakes her head slowly… “No," she says.

Noah comes into the store as he is told to do, and Esmay tells that she would like to buy some pajamas for a friend and she would like Noah to try them on for her first. Fancy finds this ridiculous. Noah is glad to do it. He runs off to change.

Esmay asks Fancy what is wrong with her. They have done this before and Fancy liked it back then. They even got people fired. Fancy says that Noah isn’t like that. Esmay thought that Fancy didn’t know the man. Fancy catches herself and then says that she doesn’t know the man.

Noah comes out in the pajamas and he looks gorgeous. The shirt is open and Esmay runs her hands over his chest as she flirts with the man. Noah tells her that she has excellent taste.

Prince Fox thanks nature for Kay. “The sun… The stars… The moon…”

Endora wishes that Fox wouldn’t thank every bit of nature for everything that makes him happy.

Kay is happy to be getting married to him.

The sky gets dark.

Father Lonnigan is there to do the wedding.

King Sam wishes that the queen were there.

Suddenly fire shoots through the sky. It is a dragon.

Fox decides that he has to protect Kay from the creature. “Kay! My Kay! Don’t go into the forest whatever you do,” Fox shouts.

Kay is running into the forest.

Sam demands that Fox get Kay out of the forest. Fox will do that.

Tabitha wonders what Fox is going to do now to save Kay.

Fox gets on his trusty steed and rides to save Kay.

Kay is running from the dragoon but she falls. The dragon comes upon her and stands hovering.

Gwen demands to know what Theresa is doing that at this very private moment. She orders Theresa out of there. Theresa says that she has to know what happens as she loves Ethan more than anything. Gwen tells that Theresa has stolen from Ethan and he may never enjoy his life the way that he used to because of her actions. “Get out Theresa! Get out!" Theresa stays quiet as Gwen rants but she will not leave. “I am not leaving. I have just as much right to be here as you do," she says.

Sam brings Ivy something to drink. She is sorry that she got so emotional just now. He hands her a handkerchief. She dabs at her eyes. Something is up with him, she can tell. He had some plans before this all happened with Ethan but he feels that they should wait though. Then again, this might be the perfect time. “Life has been teaching me a lot of things and the main thing is that it is a mistake to wait. We have to seize our moments as we have no idea how many we are going to have. There is something that I have to ask you.”

Noah puts the shopping in the trunk as the girls watch. Esmay returns to the store to get her credit card which she has forgotten.

Fancy asks Noah to just say it. “you think that all I like to do is just shop and walk around like Esmay now right?” He jokes that he is just a lonely guy that is trying to work a job to make a living. She says that it is nice that he helps his father out like this by working this job. He feels that she really can’t understand why he does the things that he does. She isn’t like him. He just wants to get Fancy and her friend back to the hotel so that he can get home.

Esmay returns and Noah puts her in the car. She might need something else from him later she warns playfully. She will think of something and let him know, she promises.

Esmay can’t believe that Fancy isn’t interested in Adam like she is. Fancy asks who Adam is. Esmay catches herself and says, “Oh! It is Noah isn’t it? Silly me. Yes, ‘Noah’ is his name."

She pulls down the window between the back seat and the front where Noah is driving. “I was wondering if you would like to spend some time at my suite after we get back to the hotel Noah. What do you think," she asks. He asks if Fancy will be there too. Esmay says that Fancy will be with us at some point I imagine, but the real idea is for you and me to spend some time alone.” Noah is fine with that idea. It is her dime. Fabulous she says. She tells him to keep the meter running then.

Sam says that he realizes that he hasn’t been fair to Ivy or himself for years. “We will always have obstacles and situations before us, but at some point we have to overcome those or we will lose our last chance for happiness.”

Sam gets on one knee. “God is giving us a second chance and I want to make the most of it. That is what I am saying.”

He reaches into his pocket and brings out a velvet box, presenting a ring to Ivy. “Will you marry me?" She has wanted this all her life and she cries. “Of course I will marry you. Of course I will.” They kiss.

The dragon looks just like Queen Ivy of Crane! “The dragon warned Princess Kay to stay away from Fox but she didn’t and now she will pay the price.”

Fox has to find his damsel in distress.

He starts riding his horse harder and faster.

Tabitha and Endora are in the forest too, but they can’t help. Their magic isn’t any good against dragons. Endora takes at shot at doing some zapping, but it doesn't work. “I told you dear… Kay is toast.”

The dragon grabs Kay and picks her up. “Fox please help me," shouts Kay.

The dragon runs off with Kay in her hands to avoid anyone catching her.

Gwen tries to drag Theresa out of the office but Theresa will not go. Eve stops the two from coming to blows. She stops the arguing and tells the girls to be quiet. Theresa wants more information. Gwen tells her to get out! Eve says that she needs to know if Ethan has a living will. That is the main thing that needs to be addressed right at this moment. She needs it on file. Gwen sees that with all these questions that Eve doesn’t believe that Ethan is going to get up and walk out of there.

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