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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy is in bed sleeping.

Someone is in her room and coming closer to her. The person has come in using the window.

It is Noah.

Fancy smiles when she recognizes that he is in bed with her. She doesn’t even have to open her eyes to tell that it is him and she is happy as a clam. He wants to spend the entire day in bed with her. They kiss. It is wonderful.

Fancy is dreaming this. She smiles in her sleep and then realizes that she is alone.

“It was only a dream.”

Her cellphone rings. It is her friend from Paris. “You got my text message didn’t you? I am in Harmony. Get up and show me around this boring little town you live in. You must be going out of your mind.” Fancy admits that she is going out of her mind. Her friend hears something in Fancy’s voice. She knows her friend well. “Who is he and when do I get to meet him," the friend asks. Fancy sits up in her bed rolling her eyes.

Noah and Sam are having coffee and Jessica is still sleeping. They have to get her to therapy that day. She took off the last time so they should really go with her. Sam will make sure that she gets to her appointment. Sam has been doing freelance security and he hasn’t been doing well for cash he says. Noah offers to help.

Kay talks to Sheila in the office saying that someone is out to get her out of the office.

Kay knows that someone wants to cost her this job, Fox or both. She isn’t sure who could be doing this to her, or why. She is very upset over this.

Valerie peeks into Fox’s office and she sees Fox at work in there. She smiles at him.

“By the end of the day, I will have Kay out of the office. Fox isn’t Chad but he will do.”

Theresa is asleep in Ethan’s room and she has been sleeping in the bed with him all night.

Gwen is outside the hospital room talking on the cellphone to her mother. She is about to go in and see her husband. She tells her mother that she is glad to see that Theresa has been staying away, but if she finds out that Theresa has been anywhere near her husband, she will kill that her.

Theresa sleeps beside Ethan and has no idea that it is morning and that if she doesn't get out of that bedroom soon, she will be a goner for sure.

Valerie comes into Fox’s office asking for some magazines that have an article about strategies in it for marketing. Fox is impressed that she is interested in all that. She has great insight into marketing and he sees that after talking to her for a minute or so. She gives him a tip on putting out a project and he remarks that Chad is a lucky guy to have her with all her advice. She is quick to say that she and Chad are not an item outside of the office. She just works with Chad. Valerie says that she heard what happened with the Singapore project and she wouldn‘t have let that happen. “If you ever need any help, you can give me a shout.”

Kay is in the doorway and hears Valerie offering her services to Fox.

Valerie says that she sees that she and Fox have more in common than she and Chad do.

Fox shows Valerie some work and asks her what she thinks. She gives him input and he likes it.

Tabitha can see that Valerie is laying it on with a trowel. “Even your handsome brother Fox is full of it," Tabitha says. Kay is doomed.

ZAP! Endora causes her stroller to come into the room.

Tabitha can see that Endora wants to go for a stroll. Tabitha will get Maria to go for a walk, but she warns that trying to help Fox and Kay will be futile. “Kay is going to lose her man.”

Gwen finishes her call to her mother.

Eve comes up to talk to Gwen. She went by the lab and she has been checking on Ethan’s condition. “There are some other things that we have to talk about. We don’t know how Ethan is going to be in the future.” Gwen has to wonder if it will be better if Ethan is dead.

Theresa wakes and sees that she has spent the night. She talks to Ethan. “You will get better, I know it.”

While laying on the bed with Ethan, Theresa hears Gwen and Eve talking outside the door and she panics. “Oh my God!"

Fancy tells her friend that she doesn't know this guy that she was interested in, and he isn’t rich. The friend wonders then what it must be that was attracting Fancy to him. He must be pretty special in some other way then. Fancy says that there is no man in her life. Her friend worries that Fancy missed the runway shows this season over some man getting in her head. Fancy says that nothing really is going on. Fancy’s friend can tell that there is something that is being kept secret. Fancy fesses up and says that there was someone but it is over now. Fancy’s friend orders her to come over to the hotel to talk. She will be leaving soon to go to New York and she would like Fancy to come with her. Fancy says that she can’t leave. She has promised her grandfather that she would be in Harmony for the next little while.

Noah has an idea for getting a better job. “That way I can help get more money for the family. It is my fault anyway that you got fired.” Sam will not hear that. “Alistair was after me from the beginning Noah. This has nothing to do with you. It is going to be okay Noah. Something will turn up.” Noah will help his family out. “I took some pre-law courses in college and I might be a lawyer down the line but for now, I will find something else. Look I was thinking that maybe I could take that job with Alistair. I could help out with the bills and the house.” Sam orders Noah to stop this. “If you want to take the job to get to Fancy or for yourself, then fine, but that will be the only reason.”

Theresa panics. “I’ve got to get out of here.”

Eve and Gwen are still outside the hospital room talking. Eve has tests to run though and has to get to work.

Theresa goes to Ethan one last time and tells him that she has to leave now, but that she will be back. She kisses head and then rushes out of the room when the way is clear.

Theresa turns the corner and hears her friend Whitney talking to a nun. They are doing visits at the hospital. The nun walks off to start visiting patients.

Theresa bumps into Whitney who doesn’t recognize her at first because she is dressed up as a cleaner.

Whitney makes a noise and the nun who has walked off returns, curious that something might be wrong. Whitney says that she is fine.

The nun walks off again to brighten up someone’s day.

Whitney turns to Theresa. “Okay Theresa. What is it now? Can you explain to me why it is that you are dressed up as part of the cleaning crew?"

Fancy dresses and goes to her friend’s hotel room. Her friend has been abroad for a long time and they haven’t seen each other for ages. She is glad to meet up with Fancy again and wants to hear all about the boy toy that has stolen her heart. “You were born to party Fancy, so don’t fight it. Leave the boredom to the lower class. Yawn!" Esmith sees that her friend has changed. She used to be a princess. Who could be making her feel blue like this?

Fancy remembers Noah referring to all the women in Harmony as big fat zeroes and it hardens her soft feelings for him.

Fancy tells Esmith that the guy that she was interested in is over and done with.

Sam and Noah discuss his trying to get a job.

The telephone rings. He gets a call about a job. “Who will I be working for?"

Valerie and Fox are going over the files.

Kay decides that it is time to let her presence be known. She walks boldly into the office. Kay remarks that she didn’t know that Valerie was helping with the workload in their office. Fox says that there is enough work for both women. Fox then asks Kay to get him some coffee. Kay walks dutifully to the door, but then Valerie says over her shoulder that she doesn’t take sugar.

Tabitha and Endora turn the corner and there is Kay standing in the hall with a coffeepot in her hand. “We are here to help you dear. That Valerie in there is gunning for you. It is not just the job that she is after either.”

Kay peeks back into the office and sees Valerie rubbing Fox’s shoulders while they lean over the desk looking at paperwork. It is all making sense to her now.

Whitney gets the news from the horse’s mouth. Theresa tells how she poisoned Ethan and he is very ill now because he ate food that Theresa doctored for Alistair. Whitney hears in there that Theresa is just saying that she poisoned the wrong person. She doesn’t realize that what she did was wrong on many levels. “I need you to help me here as I am really scared.” Whitney tells her to pray. “I am going to pray too Theresa and then I am going to pray for your soul too.”

Noah gets the details of the job that wants to hire him. He really doesn't want to do this but he takes the job anyway.

Tabitha and Endora tell Kay that she had to come. “Endora has a soft spot for Fox and forced the issue. She wants to help you Kay.” Kay finds that so cute.

Kay walks off.

Endora wills the stroller to pull her into the office after Kay. Tabitha comes running in after the runaway stroller.

Kay comes to bring the coffee to Fox at his desk, but he tells her to leave it on the table away from where he and Valerie are working. Kay puts the coffeepot down with some mugs and stays out of Fox and Valerie’s way.

When Fox sees Endora coming in, he rushes to greet her at the door.

Valerie starts pouring the coffee for herself.

ZAP! Her hands start shaking and she ends up pouring coffee all over her new suit. She gets angry with Kay and blames her for her suit being ruined and having hot coffee all over her, but Fox tells Valerie that she was responsible for that and not Kay. Valerie says that the coffeepot was broken and that Kay should have noticed that.

Theresa tries to explain to Whitney what happened from her perspective, but Whitney has little sympathy for her. Theresa has a favor. “Could you ask your mother to let me know from time to time how Ethan is doing?"

Eve is walking by and she sees Whitney which pleases her greatly. She comes over to see her daughter smiling.

“Theresa… Is that you? Why are you dressed like the cleaning staff? Forget it, I don’t want to know," Eve says.

Eve turns back to Whitney who says that she will be taking her final vows soon and will let her mother know the date as soon as she has it. Eve wishes that Whitney would reconsider that, but Whitney won’t even start a conversation about going back to her old life with her mother.

A nurse comes over to Eve and hands her a folder. “Here are the results for Ethan that you have been waiting for Dr. Russell.”

Theresa begs Eve to please tell her what the results say. “You know that I love Ethan with all my heart. Please tell me the results Dr. Russell.”

Fancy and her friend are ready to go out on the town now. They are in front of the hotel.

Esmith says that there is a gorgeous driver that will be taking them out for the day. Esmith leads the way to the car. They go to a limo and are told that the driver of the car will be with them in a moment.

Fancy gets into the car and waits there for the driver.

Noah comes out ready to drive his passengers for the day. He sees Esmith and is told that they will be going shopping. She flirts with him terribly touching him at every chance. He puts on his hat, pushing his hair neatly under it.

He seats her into the back of the car.

Esmith tells Fancy that the man is gorgeous. Fancy didn’t even get a look at him when he was walking up to the car. Esmith reminds her that when she sees the man; she is to remember that she didn’t see him first.

Noah gets in the front of the car and with his hat on, starts his career as a chauffeur.

Gwen is with Ethan in his room smiling and trying to stay upbeat.

A nurse comes to tell her that the results are in and that Eve will talk to her about them soon.

Gwen leaves Ethan for a minute to hear the results. She promises to return as soon as she is done talking to Eve.

Theresa is still begging in the hallway to hear the results of Ethan’s tests before his wife gets them. Eve can’t do this and is shocked to explain why she can’t do this. She has explicit instructions from Gwen not to include Theresa in anything to do with Ethan and she will honor that request. She is the wife. Eve doesn’t see why she should help Theresa anyway. She tried to help Theresa before and look what happened. Eve is angry that Theresa used the pills that she gave her to try to kill someone. Whitney is upset with her mother. “What? You were the one that gave her the pills that did this to Ethan? Then you are just as guilty of this as Theresa is mom," Whitney cries. Eve says that she didn’t give Theresa the pills to kill anyone. She gave Theresa the pills to keep Alistair from raping her night after night. Theresa was warned not to give Alistair or anyone for that matter more than one pill, but she didn’t listen. She even lied and said that she flushed the pills down the toilet. Whitney is convinced now more than ever. She can’t wait to take her final vows so that she can get away from things like this. Whitney walks off angrily.

Theresa asks Eve again to tell her the test results for Ethan. Eve tells her ‘no’. “My answer is final Theresa.” Eve walks off.

Theresa looks after her and she seems about to cry again. There is nothing that she can do about her situation right now anyway. She hurries to get out of the area before someone sees her dressed this way.

Valerie’s suit is ruined. Fox will pick up the tab for her dry-cleaning if that will make her feel better but it really doesn’t. Valerie is upset but she tries to get over it and put a happy face on the whole thing to hide her anger.

She starts leaving to go and change into something else.

ZAP! Endora causes Valerie to trip and the milk for the coffee falls all over her head and the rest of her suit. “Damn it! Something made me fall!” Tabitha suggests that it was her feet that did that. Valerie doesn't appreciate Tabitha’s pert suggestion. “It wasn’t my feet that caused me to fall. Something else made me trip and pushed me down!" Kay just stares at her while holding her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. Valerie is totally embarrassed now. She goes hopping out of the office to go and change.

Fox gets back to his desk now that break time is over.

Tabitha and Kay pat Endora on the head to thank her for what she did.

Kay goes over to Fox now to help him with his work as Tabitha and Endora watch.

Tabitha thinks to herself that what Endora did was cute but they are going to need a lot more magic to keep Kay with Fox. They can fight this thing but the spell is strong and they will never win.

Fancy and Esmith are in the back of the limo on their shopping trip. They arrive at their destination and Noah heads to the back of the car to let the ladies out.

Noah opens the door and Fancy gets out. Her eyes meet Noah’s.

He shakes his head. “Oh no!"

Theresa has changed and is in Eve’s office trying to see the results of the tests.

She hears voices coming. She hides.

Gwen and Eve come into the office and discuss the fact that the results are available for them now. Gwen is ready for it. Eve moves over to her chair and sits with the file open before her.

Theresa is hiding in the closet and she listens to hear what the results of the tests are and to find out what condition Ethan really is in.

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