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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay is at the office and she thinks that she hears a noise in the closet. She has just had an argument with Fox over a virus and he has just stormed out. He blames her for everything but she swears that she did everything right.

Valerie and Ivy are hiding in the closet listening. They will not come out until Fox and Kay have gone.

Kay makes her way to the closet to see if anyone is in there. She moves up to it slowly and cautiously.

Ivy hears her coming closer and closer to the door, and she locks the closet from the inside so that will at least delay entry.

Kay tries the door and it is locked. “How could that be?" She knows that the closet was open. How could it lock?

Fox enters the office and barks at Kay that he wants to get going to have a drink at the Blue Note. “Let’s get going!"

The telephone rings and Fox talks to Singapore about the virus. They are very angry with Fox for this mistake.

Fox gets off the telephone and he is angry with Kay to no end. He just got yelled at for her mistake.

Gwen is with her mother outside of Ethan’s room. Gwen is all riled up over Theresa being around every chance that she gets. She swears that if she finds Theresa anywhere around Ethan she will kill her with her bare hands.

Theresa hears their voices and panics. She is trapped in Ethan’s room. “I can’t let Gwen find me in here!" She looks around panicking. She is going to get caught.

Gwen tells her mother that she has no idea what she will do if she finds Theresa anywhere near her husband while he is in this state.

She moves to the door to open it and when she does… She pauses and stands frozen at the sight before her.

Her eyes grow wide.

Sheridan is finally able to be with Chris. The mob will let him go free for killing their big hit man, but he tells her not that he doesn't love her.

Ethan and Gwen enter the room and find Ethan alone in his room. They hope that he gets better and they discuss their hate of Theresa.

Theresa is hiding under Ethan’s bed, laying on her stomach and trying to be very quiet so as not to be detected. She hates herself even more for what she has done to Ethan than Gwen and her mother do.

Fox and Kay talk about the mistake and Fox calms down a bit when he sees how upset Kay is over it. Fox worries that he may be fired over this but Kay knows that if anyone should be fired, it should be her. Fox wants to get going now.

He rushes out the door.

Kay thinks for a minute. “I know that I heard something in that closet.” She would like to investigate but Fox is waiting.

“Kay! Come on," Fox shouts. “I told you that I want to go to the Blue Note for a drink.” Kay goes running out to be with Fox.

Ivy and Valerie come out of the closet and hey discuss how Kay is on the verge of being fired. Valerie wants Chad to get the promotion but Ivy assures her that Chad will not be running Crane Industries before Fox.

Chris tells Sheridan that he might hurt her if he stays in Harmony feeling the way that he does about her. Sheridan wants him to stay anyway. He worries that his feelings might hurt her. He would like to be friends with her. She just wants to have him near and not lose him. She is suddenly saddened. “I was just thinking about a dream of Luis that I had and now I wonder how I can ever be happy again when I have lost Luis and Marty forever.”

Sheridan feels that she shouldn’t be allowed to be happy. She suffered some terrible loss Chris tells her and so she has every right to be happy for a change. Chris feels that if it is only his friendship that makes her happy, she should have it. Luis wouldn’t want her to go through the rest of her life in pain and in grief. She knows that he is right about that. She wants to go back to the B&B now with the guys. That is their home. They don’t have to hide anymore. They don’t have to hide ever again. Chris is free. James looks pretty tired and ready for bed. They should go.

Chris goes off to get the car and bring it around for them. Sheridan goes to James.

She rubs his head.

Theresa is under the bed thinking that maybe she can slip out of the room without being seen. She tries to move to one side, but Gwen’s feet suddenly appear and Theresa shrinks from them for fear of being found out.

Gwen and her mother discuss Eve and where she could be. Rebecca is sure that she is cozying up to Julian somewhere. Gwen tells that she is looking into getting a specialist for Ethan. Gwen can’t believe that this will be permanent if Ethan doesn’t snap out of it himself and soon.

Theresa tells herself that Ethan has her to live for and so he should fight.

Gwen hates Theresa for what she has done to Ethan. “I hope that she rots in hell for what she has done.” Gwen spits the words out when she says them.

Fox and Kay are at the Blue Note and she talks about how she scanned the message before sending it out. “I know all about that. I do it all the time.” Fox tells her to forget this. “All the work is gone. I don’t want to think about what happened. Now I have to worry about Chad gloating over this. Everyone in the office will think that I am an idiot. Maybe you could do me a favor and get us a table? I need to sit alone and cool off.” Kay gets up and leaves the bar to find a table.

She bumps into her father and he can see that she is upset about something. She tells that she has had an emotional night but doesn't seem to really want to talk about it right now. Sam is there to meet Ivy but she isn’t around. She is late. She called Sam to meet her and now she isn’t there. Sam says by the way, that he found Jessica and she is home. At least that is good news Kay remarks.

Ivy arrives suddenly.

Sam runs off to get Ivy a drink. Kay turns on Ivy. “Where have you been? Did you have anything to do with what happened to Fox tonight?"

Kay asks Ivy again where she was. “If you were the one that messed up Fox’s project, then I will make you pay. Did you install worm on the mainframe?" Ivy says that she has no idea how to even work a computer.

Sam returns with Ivy’s drink. Ivy says that she went by the hospital and she couldn’t get in. Ethan’s condition hasn’t changed. Kay is sorry about Ethan. Sam hopes that Ethan pulls out of this. Sam saw Fox and he was pretty upset. Kay tells how there was a computer glitch and Fox thinks that it was her fault.

Ivy leaves to go and talk to Fox about this. Kay tells her father that she has screwed up and her relationship with Fox is in jeopardy.

Theresa is stuck in the room. She can’t leave until Rebecca and Gwen leave first.

Gwen tells her mother that her life was perfect until that woman came into it. Rebecca wants Gwen to keep things positive for Ethan and hold herself together. “We can’t give up on Ethan no matter what.” Gwen knows that Theresa is always around and she can’t have a life with Ethan because of that bitch.

Theresa thinks to herself that Gwen should leave Ethan and let him be with the woman that he really loves. She knows that Gwen will never have a life with Ethan, not the life that she thinks she will have.

Gwen feels that Theresa is demented. “Look at the things that she has done mother? She married Alistair thinking that she would get Ethan that way. What was she thinking anyway? That is just sick!"

Theresa knows her mind. “I did what I did for Jane… Jane and Ethan.”

Rebecca finds that even if she was going to kill someone, she should have at least have had the brains to have killed the right person.

Gwen finds her stupid. “Stupid and crazy! That stupid Theresa!"

Theresa is getting angry now under the bed and at the mention of how stupid Gwen thinks that she is, she raises herself up and accidentally hits something under the bed that makes a noise.

Rebecca and Gwen hear the noise and wonder what that was. Gwen tells that the noise came from under the bed.

Chris and James are back at the B&B. Sheridan is relaxing with the guys. Chris takes James into the bath.

Sheridan joins them and bathes James as well.

They get James all soapy and soon everyone has suds on them, and in their hair.

James is playing with James…

…Sheridan comes up behind him and throws a towel over his head as a joke.

Sheridan just loves standing back and watching Chris and his son together.

Valerie finds Ivy alone and she goes to her. Ivy isn’t happy that Valerie has come over to her. They can’t be seen in public. Valerie just wants to make sure that they have a deal. Valerie wants a chance with Fox. Ivy promises her that once Kay is out of the picture, Valerie can take her shot at Fox.

After Valerie leaves, Ivy rolls her eyes. “You have no chance with Fox”.

Sam tries to give Kay a pep talk about her relationship with Fox. She isn’t sure that they will be together much longer.

Ivy goes to be with her son. She tells him that she heard what happened and that Kay said that it was all her fault. “I am sure that Kay made an honest mistake. She has only been gutting fish for a living. I am wondering if maybe Kay took on a little more than she was capable of handling. Didn’t I tell you that having a college education is important for this sort of thing? She doesn’t have that. She was tossed into Crane Industries and you expected too much of her. Fox has to agree that might be the case.”

Kay sees that Ivy is over talking to Fox and she wonders what they are talking about.

Gwen tells her mother that if the bed moved, that may mean that Ethan is getting better.

A nurse comes in and tells Gwen and Rebecca that sometimes a patient in Ethan’s state will make an involuntary move.

Theresa thinks to herself that Rebecca and Gwen should just get out of there.

Rebecca wants Gwen to stay strong and go home to see the kids. She will leave but she wants to be alone to say goodnight to Ethan.

Rebecca leaves to go and get the car. Gwen pleads to Ethan to come back to her. “I love you so much.”

Theresa hears her from under the bed, but to herself she says that Ethan doesn’t love Gwen. “He loves me…”

Chris and Sheridan kiss James goodnight and then move from the bed.

Once alone, Sheridan finds it very difficult to just shake hands with Chris before going to bed. “Sleep tight!" Sheridan leaves the room.

Gwen talks to her husband as Theresa secretly listens. “I know that you would tell me to go home and take a bubble bath. I will not be happy again until you come home to me and make love to me. You have always been the most gentle passionate man that you ever could be. Remember the night when I went to the Spring Cotillion? You looked amazing in the moonlight. I was so self-conscious of myself. You always made me feel so beautiful and loved and then you led me over to the chaise and you read me that poem. It was so beautiful. That was a night that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I will try to stay positive. I will really try to stay positive. I am going to stay positive. I will make you come back to me and when you do, I am going to take you and Jane and go far away from Theresa and you will never hurt because of her again.”

Theresa thinks quietly that Gwen will never take her child away.

Ivy tells Fox that he has to think about Kay at Crane Industries. “If she makes a mistake, that could cost millions to the company. I am sure that Kay is trying but it can’t be working for you. Maybe you should reduce her responsibilities. You could even suggest that she go back and get more college courses.” Fox finds that idea to be brilliant. “It is settled. I will go and talk to her right now.”

Fox goes to Sam and Kay and asks to talk to Kay. Sam leaves.

Fox apologizes to Kay for being a jerk before. “I have been thinking about work and how we can handle things at the office from now on. I was just thinking that for now until the Singapore project is fixed, I should handle things personally.” Kay isn’t understanding. Fox says that he is taking the pressure off her. She wants to know what she is going to be doing. He tells her that she can do color coordination for him. “I need someone to help me with the projects looking great.” She will do that for him if that is what he wants from her. He offers her another drink but she doesn't want one. He goes to get one for himself.

Sam comes over to see Kay. She tells him that Fox is changing her job. She feels that she has failed. Sam feels that maybe Fox is just protecting her.

Kay catches Ivy eyeing her and senses that something else is going on here.

Fox goes back to Ivy and tells that he gave her the message that he will be lightening up the workload. “I will send her to college and then she can have more responsibility.” Fox leaves to check his messages.

Valerie has been watching from a table nearby.

She goes over to Ivy who confirms that Kay is almost out the door and that means that soon the relationship will be too.

Sam is sure that Fox will realize that he was smart to give Kay a second chance in the office.

Ivy has come over.

Kay asks herself how she can win out with Fox when Ivy is there trying to make her look bad at every turn.

Gwen says a final goodbye and then leaves Ethan’s room.

Theresa comes out from under the bed and stands by Ethan. “We are going to be together. I am sorry Ethan… You are going to come out of this. I will give you all the positive energy that you need and one day very soon we will be a family. We will be with our daughter and Little Ethan.” She gets on the bed beside him and puts her head on his. “I love you. I love you very much.” She kisses his forehead.

Sheridan is ready for bed. She gets under the covers. “They are going to stay. There is nothing to be afraid of now.”

Sheridan looks at Luis and Marty in a picture. “I hope that you understand Luis. I wish that I had gone with you to find Marty. I let my anger get in the way. I miss you so much.” She kisses the picture and then puts it down.

Chris and James are in bed. Chris reads James a story. The boy is sleeping now.

Chris can finally be free now. “I think that we have finally found our home here now James, with Sheridan.”

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