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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

At the Crane mansion, Fancy hears beautiful opera music and comes to her grandfather’s study.

She couldn't sleep. He tells her that is a perfect opportunity to enjoy other things that life offers.

Fancy has a funny feeling that something is about to happen. She has a premonition. Alistair says that living in Harmony seems to have that affect on people sometimes. Alistair says that she should pay attention to it if she feels that it is important. She feels that Noah is in real danger.

Noah is downtown trying to save his sister and her friends. Spike holds a knife on Noah and threatens to stab him. Noah will not leave without his sister. She has been in danger ever since she met this guy. Spike says that Jessica is no dame in distress. Spike is tired of Noah. “Tonight is the night. Now we are done. I will finish it.” The girls scream as they watch the fight.

Fox and Kay are in bed and he pledges his love to her promising to be hers forever. She will never leave him.

Ivy is at the office and Valerie brings up the Singapore project that Fox and Kay were working on. They look at it on the monitor. If Valerie destroys it then Fox will be mad at Kay and then their romance will be destroyed. Ivy smiles. Now she understands.

Rebecca and Gwen are at the hospital and they wonder where Theresa might be. She has actually stayed away it seems.

Theresa is in Ethan’s room and she is dressed as a cleaning lady. She had to do that to get into the room unnoticed. She leans over him now.

Gwen is outside the room wondering where the cleaning lady is that was just there earlier.

The hit man has Sheridan and he holds his gun on her as Chris and the agent watch helplessly. Chris begs for her life but the hit man only snarls at him as he tightens his grip on Sheridan.

Alistair tells his granddaughter that it is amusing to dally with the locals but since she is a Crane she has to be careful… She hurries to tell him that she is finished with Noah. She knows that her grandfather has the whole town wired and probably knew that anyway. He did know that already. They used to watch the monitors together long ago. Fancy would like to know what is up in town right now and if Noah is in fact safe. She just can’t shake this feeling.

Alistair goes to his telephone and tells his security to get a handle on Noah Bennett to give a report on his whereabouts.

Alistair continues his call in private and gets some news. He looks quickly over at Fancy as he takes in the news.

“Princess, I was told that Noah is perfectly fine”. Fancy has a weird feeling though and she knows that Noah is in danger.

Spike and Noah fight as the girls watch.

Jessica is stoned and Paloma and Simone hold her as she says that she killed them. “I killed all those johns.”

Spike finally gets Noah in a chokehold and holds his knife on the man’s neck. He is about ready to strike.

Sam then breaks into the area and grabs Spike freeing Noah who runs from the knife and Spike.

Fox and Kay have just finished making love and it was wonderful. They catch their breath now as they. “I love you," Fox says. “Nothing is going to get in our way.”

Kay remembers his mother telling her that she will not let Fox end up with a conniving bitch.

Fox senses that something is wrong. “What is the matter?"

Valerie presses a button. Ivy watches. Valerie tells how she has put a nasty virus in the files. “Thousands of man hours are going to be lost because of this virus and Kay will be held responsible when they paper trail is investigated.”

Gwen tells her mother that she worries that Ethan may die by some accident, or because someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rebecca says that the hospital it wired and if something goes wrong, alarms will sound. Gwen just wants Ethan to be peaceful and calm. Rebecca walks off ahead of Gwen. “I want a soup and a nice sandwich.”

Theresa talks to her true love hoping that he can hear her. “I just want you to listen to me please. I am very sorry," she cries. “It is my fault that you are lying here Ethan. I poisoned the guacamole and Alistair was supposed to eat it and not you. If you can hear me… Please … Please forgive me. Ethan please. I love you. I love you very much.” She kisses his forehead and prays over him as he stares endlessly into space.

Chris offers to go back to the family with the hit man to save Sheridan’s life. The hit man will not accept that offer. “The family doesn’t work that way," the hit man says. Sheridan is being held by the hit man who has the gun on her. Chris suddenly shouts, “GET DOWN!" He points his gun at the hit man, and the hit man points his gun at Chris. Sheridan hits the deck on her hands and knees screaming. She looks up to see Chris and the hit man simultaneously shooting at each other.

Fancy knows that Noah is in trouble. Alistair says that what she is saying is nonsense. “He is at the bar with some women who are after him. You are just feeling guilt. You dumped him and you feel bad. I have this place wired and I know what goes on. Why kind you fall for someone in your own class. It is more than money that matters. We are in command and the others are just servants. You give them a tip and then send them on their way. Give him a nice expensive leather jacket. They are all like that. Everyone is a whore if you set the price high enough.” Fancy wants to live in a world with love in it. Alistair balks at that. “Do you want to be like your mother and throw your life away on someone like Sam Bennett? No. You are young and I have great hopes for you. The one thing that I want for you is happiness. I would even settle for you being with Noah to see you happy, but you have to know that if you do get down to his level, you have to be careful about what it is that you are getting into.”

Sam gives Spike a sound beating. Spike picks up the knife that has fallen. “Get out of here before I do something that I regret.” Spike runs off.

Sam calls to Jessica. She is bruised. Paloma tells how Spike hit her. Simone knows that Jessica wants to go home now.

Sam suddenly falls. Spike has returned and he hits Sam over the head with a heavy piece of wood. He falls and Noah jumps back into action.

Ivy worries that this idea of Valerie’s is going to be a disaster. Fox could get fired. Valerie is sure that only Kay will suffer for the virus that is ruining Crane files in the computers.

Fancy and Alistair are talking when the telephone rings.

Alistair talks to an employee and he then turns to his computers.

He sees that a virus has infected the system. He gives a few orders to have the system immunized and he learns that the trouble has come from Fox’s office.

Alistair tells Fancy what has happened. He is going to fix things right now.

Alistair dials. “Fox! What have you done to my company? I should fire you right now!"

Sam overpowers Spike again and then orders him out of the area. This time Spike leaves.

Jessica says that she is the one that did it. Sam wants to know what she is talking about. Noah remembers that Jessica was babbling like that when he got to her. He asks Paloma and Simone if they know what she is talking about.

Alistair tells Fox that he will have to fix up this virus problem or he will not be working anywhere in the world.

Fox turns to Kay telling her that they have to go to work. “There is a computer virus”.

Gwen wants to get back to Ethan’s room. Rebecca offers to put some liquor in Gwen’s coffee but Gwen doesn’t want that. Gwen wonders what Theresa wants to be around here for. Gwen will kill her if she shows up.

The woman in the white hooded cloak hears Rebecca and Gwen talking as she hides.

Theresa tells Ethan that she will be a family with him. “I will have more children with you if you want as well. Whatever you want. You have to wake up baby. You have to come back. I want you back. Please… Please…

Sheridan is on the floor when finally the hit man falls beside her

Chris confirms that the hit man is dead. Chris shot the man right through the heart. “It is all over now. You went one on one and won. The family will leave you alone now. They tried to take out Chris and no one could do it and so now they will leave you alone.” The agent leaves the area.

Sheridan turns to Chris. “You’re free! You are really free!" Chris can’t believe it but it seems to be the case. Sheridan rushes to him and kisses him on the lips.

Alistair has to tend to business now.

“I am sorry Fancy but I have to deal with this.”

She understands. Fancy gets on her cellphone and makes a call. “Do you want to go out tonight? Great!"

Fancy thinks to herself that she knows that something is up with Noah and she has to find out what.

Fancy gets off her cellphone and tells her grandfather that she is going out.

Alistair calls to her but she is already gone. He worries that she will be looking for Noah.

Fancy and Noah decide to ask Paloma and Simone to take Jessica to the house and put her to bed.

Sam and Noah walk off.

Jessica is still stoned and her friends support her as they walk her home.

Ivy and Valerie disagree over the virus being released and the effect it is going to have on Fox’s career.

They hear someone coming. Valerie and Ivy run into the closet to hide.

Fox and Kay enter the office running. Fox goes to Kay’s computer. “Did you use a virus scan when you sent this message?" Kay says that she didn’t do this. “Someone else must have done this. I have a firewall. This couldn’t happen!" Fox knows that it did happen. “You have ruined my life," he says. She reminds him that just a few minutes ago in bed, they were talking about their lives together.”

In the closet, Valerie and Ivy listen to the argument and they love every word of it.

Fox watches as increasingly of the Crane offices close down.

Ivy loves this. Valerie was right. Fox will never trust Kay again.

Kay tells how she did the work that he asked her to do. He tells her to sit and fix this. “Find a way to fix it.”

She sits. She sees that the system is being scanned and when that is finished she will check the system again. He warns her not to forget to run the virus scan this time.

Ivy gives Valerie a thumb’s up in the closet.

Spike is hurt. His arm is broken.

Spike makes a call. “Noah Bennett just broke my arm. Please help me.” Alistair is on the other end of the line. “You were supposed to make sure that Noah’s life was hell. Now kill him or you will wish that you were dead.”

At the Blue Note, Fancy enters the club with the date that she called up that night.

She sees that Noah is in the club.

Noah is serving drinks.

When he is free he goes to his father and pours him a beer. Sam tells Noah that he should call Fancy and ask her to come over.

A waitress comes over to Noah asking him to please serve one of her tables as the man at a certain table keeps pinching her butt. Noah has to wonder what it is in it for him. He flirts a little.

Fancy is dancing with her date, but sees that Noah is talking to an attractive blonde.

Noah gets back to work and soon sees Fancy dirty dancing with some guy on the floor. He is so stunned that he drops the glass in his hand, on the floor.

Fancy pretends that she notices nothing and she just keeps bumping and grinding to the beat with her date.

Theresa talks to Ethan’s body. “Those children need you. They need your love… your strength and your touch.” Theresa climbs up on the bed beside Ethan. “If you can hear me Ethan, please wake up.” She puts her head near his as she lies on the bed with him.

AT the door, someone opens it.

It is the hooded figure in the white cloak.

A nurse comes to the figure. “Excuse me, but do I know you?" The woman’s voice answers. “I know a lot of people everywhere…” The figure seems to float off as the nurse watches.

Sheridan is overjoyed. “Chris! You can now stay in Harmony and we can all be together.”

Kay works things out and makes things better. Fox wonders what will happen now. He needs a drink and suggests that they go to the Blue Note. She wants him to believe that she really did run the scan. He will not discuss this any further. He walks out.

Kay paces. “How did this happen?"

In the closet, Valerie and Ivy make a noise and realize that they might have been heard.

Kay did hear the noise. “Is someone in there?"

Ivy tells Valerie to be very quiet.

Jessica is in bed as her friends stands over her. They are starting to believe that Jessica did kill these johns now.

Alistair has had enough of Spike. “It is time to kill Spike or be killed.”

Alistair hangs up and Spike slams the phone down, hurting his broken arm even more.

Noah is hurting. Fancy can tell that she is torturing him. She smiles like a vixen as she leaves the area with her date.

She even turns around and grins at Noah as she walks away.

Theresa is still on the bed with Ethan.

Gwen tells her mother outside the room that if she finds Theresa with Ethan she will kill her.

Inside the room, Theresa hears Gwen talking and she gets off the bed.

Chris tells Sheridan that he can never be with her. “When I told you that I loved you Sheridan, I didn’t mean it.” Sheridan looks deeply into Chris’s eyes. “You don’t love me?"

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