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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah shows up on the scene and sees that his sister and her friends are in terrible trouble. Jessica is acting funny and she has a bruised face. "Who hurt you," he demands to know. Jessica wants to talk. She sounds like she is going to confess to the murders. Paloma and Simone panic. Jessica isn't in her right mind and she will surely regret this. Noah is trying to piece together what Jessica is saying but she isn't making any sense. He turns to Paloma and Simone and demands to know what Jessica is talking about.

Fox and Kay are at the Seascape where Fox has just given Kay a beautiful gift for helping him with the Singapore project and getting one over on Chad and Valerie. He has another surprise for Kay that he would like to give to her later. He tells Kay that they had better get going now.

Fox tells his mother goodbye. She tells him to get to bed early but that isn't necessary. That was always the plan anyway.

The waiter who served Fox and Kay looks after them as they go out. He remarks that he loves serving lovers. They are so happy and they tip well. He can tell that those two will be together forever.

Ivy thinks to herself that she will not allow that Kay Bennett to be with her son. She will do anything in her power to prevent it.

Gwen sees the nurse coming out of Ethan’s room. "How is he doing? Is he okay?" The nurse has no answers for her at this time. She tells that Eve will be talking with her soon about Ethan and his condition.

Gwen turns to her mother after the nurse leaves the area. She thought that she saw something in the woman’s face that suggested that Ethan wasn't doing as well as he should be. Rebecca tells Gwen to think positive and hope for the best. Gwen will do that but can't help thinking that this all could have been avoided if Theresa hadn't done what she did.

Theresa comes to see her baby in her room. The nanny is there and greets her with a worried look on her face "Are you alright? I heard you in bed with Mr. Crane before…" Theresa says that she is just fine. The nanny can tell that Theresa isn't fine. She has bruises. Theresa isn't interested in talking about this. She just wants to say goodnight to her daughter before going to sleep. The nanny walks out.

Theresa is alone with her child now. She turns to the little beauty assuring her that her father will be alright. "We will be ready for Ethan. We will be there when he gets up and wants to see us…" Theresa is suddenly sad when she realizes that she is the one that caused this all to happen. "I am sorry Ethan. I never meant to poison you my love. I was trying to get Alistair to eat that guacamole not you."

Theresa decides to check up on Ethan and his condition. "Hello! I am calling to see how Ethan is doing today…"

The operator puts the call through to Ethan’s room.

In Ethan’s room the telephone rings. Gwen is irritated that the telephone is ringing in Ethan’s room of all places. "Who is that calling? Ethan needs his rest." Rebecca tells her daughter to relax as the last thing that Ethan needs is rest.

Gwen answers clearly irritated. "Hello." The. Asks who this is that she is talking to. Gwen recognizes that voice and gets angry seeing that Theresa has had the gall to contact them here when she has been asked repeatedly not to do that. "You have some nerve you sick bitch!"

Sheridan tries again to get Chris to hear what she is saying. "Where are you?" Chris tells that he is at the train station. Sheridan tells him that he has to get out of there as the hit man is on his trail and knows where he is. Chris can't hear what Sheridan is saying and misses the important information about his life being in danger. "What are you saying Sheridan?" The agent just looks on as Chris tries to complete his call. They have no idea that the hit man is watching them outside the train and is getting ready to take aim and take Chris out.

The hit man has a clear shot. He couldn’t get any closer if he were on the train with them. He is the best hit man that the mob has and he is the only one left who can do this job. The other killers were snuffed out by the mob one by one as they tried to get a handle on where Chris was so that they could kill him. The hit man now raises his gun and aims. "Five… Four… Three… Two…"

Sheridan repeats herself repeatedly to try to get Chris to hear what she is trying to tell him. "You are in danger. Get out of the train station! The hit man is trying to kill you!" Then…


Sheridan hears shots. "Chris are you there? Chris! Chris! Chris, who's shooting? Answer me! "

Ivy waits patiently for Sam to return to the table. He has gone off to call Jessica and to make sure that she is okay. She can't wait any longer. She calls to a waiter. Maria

She leaves a message that she is on her way to the Blue Note and will meet Sam there. The waiter will be sure to leave the message.

Ivy makes a call. "Hello!" It is Valerie answering. Ivy identifies herself. She wants to come over and see Valerie. She needs to speak to her. She will be at Crane Industries in a few minutes. Valerie is concerned about being seen with Ivy. They had agreed that they should stay away from each other in case someone figures out what they are up to. Ivy can't worry about that now. She is worried about Kay and wants to talk about that relationship with her son.

Fox has Kay blindfolded. He has a surprise for her and she can't wait to see it. He makes her say the magic word before letting her see the surprise. He has decorated the room for her and now they will celebrate alone in privacy. Kay loves the surprise. She is speechless and overjoyed at how thoughtful he has been to her. She is so overcome by this that she starts crying. He tells her to stop. She deserves this. Fox tells Kay that she has been helping him a lot with his work and he wanted to show her how much he really appreciates that. "You know Kay, I couldn’t have done the Singapore project without you."

Theresa apologizes to Gwen for upsetting her. She didn’t mean to cause all this trouble Gwen doesn't care about that. Her husband is in big trouble. Rebecca throws her hands up. Gwen doesn't want an apology from Theresa for what she did to Ethan. What she wants is for Theresa to get out of the hospital and never return. "If I ever see you in this hospital, she threatens, it had better be in the morgue."

Gwen is looking over Theresa’s shoulder as she speaks and she sees movement that she doesn’t expect to see. "Look mother! Ethan just moved. I saw his eye move!" Rebecca thinks that she is imaging things.

Gwen rushes to Ethan’s side and talks to him, willing him to get better and come back to her.

Sheridan is on the cellphone on her way to the train station. She has just heard gunshots and worries that Chris and James might be hurt or worse. "Chris! Can you hear me? Are you alright? Answer me!"

A man’s voice sounds in the background. Sheridan strains to hear.

Sheridan keeps shouting so that whoever is there hears that someone is on the phone. "Hello! Chris!" Someone answers her call. "Hello!" Sheridan listens for a moment. "Chris is that you?"

The man who answers the cellphone says that he is the porter and that he has picked up the cellphone. Sheridan asks where Chris is. The porter says that if he is looking at Chris right now, then Chris is dead.

Noah is questioning his sister as to what happened to her. "You look awful," he tells her. "What is going on with you?" Jessica can barely stand, but she talks immediately of being guilty and being responsible for what has happened. Paloma says that Noah should ignore her. "She is on drugs and she hasn’t got any idea what she is saying. Don’t listen to her!" She was with Spike and she isn't in her right mind right now. Noah figured that Jessica ran back to Spike. His father has been trying to reach Jessica for hours and he couldn’t find her. Noah tells how he was cruising around looking for Jessica and then he saw Paloma’s car and took at chance that he would find Jessica there. "Let me take her home now. Come on Jessica." He takes her arm to lead her home. Jessica goes with her brother thinking that they are going to a party instead of home.

Paloma and Simone watch as Noah takes his sister to his car. Paloma and Simone worry that Jessica just might be a killer. They have done everything in their power to keep her out of trouble, but what if she really did those things? Simone can't think about that right now.

Noah: Oh, hey, hey. All right. Look, we're almost there, ok?

Jessica: No! I don't want to go with you.

Noah: Look, all right, can you guys take her out to the parking lot? I'll bring my car around, ok?

Simone starts helping to get Jessica over to the car.

"Well will you look at this?"

Noah and the girls look up to find Spike staring at them. He is very angry. He sees Paloma and Simone and is unhappy when he realizes that the escaped his trap for them in the storage room. "How did you skanks get out?" The girls ignore him. Noah tells Spike to get out of his way. He threatens to kill the man if he doesn’t move. Spike will not move and he will not let Jessica be taken from him. "She is mine now and she goes nowhere."

Sheridan gets more information from the porter who has picked up Chris’s cellphone. She learns that there are 3 bodies on the ground. Sheridan is horrified. James must have been killed as well. "Oh no!"

The hit man smiles in the distance. When he confirms that he has done the job, the mob will be overjoyed with him.

Sheridan begs the porter to check a little closer to make sure that the bodies are in fact dead. They could just be injured. The man can't do that. He can't touch dead bodies. Sheridan begs him. The man decides to check the bodies finally.

The porter rummages around the bodies.

Chris whispers loudly for the porter to stop touching him. The porter can't believe this. "They are alive. It is a miracle!" Ryan the agent is on the ground pretending to be dead as well. The porter has no idea what this all means. Ryan explains. "I am FBI and we have to pretend that we are dead. There is a hit man outside the train and he is watching you right now. You are to run off and get help pretending that you think that we are dead. Do you understand?" The porter isn't sure what this all means but he will do as he is told. He has to convince the hit man that has done his job. Ray shouts help twice as practice. The agent assures him that his shouting is just fine and tells him to get going down the street shouting at the top of his lungs.

Ray takes off running and shouting that he needs help.

Chris grabs his cellphone and puts it to his ear. "Sheridan are you still there? You were right. There is someone trying to kill us. Your call saved our lives." Sheridan is overjoyed that Chris is alright.

The agent gets on the cellphone and informs his people of his situation, asking for help.

Sheridan tells Chris that she is almost there and she will help. Chris begs her to stay away but she can't do that. She has to be there and can't stay away.

Ray is busy running down the street shouting ‘help’ as he was told to do.

A man stops him to ask what he needs help with. Ray says that he can't talk about this right now as this is a police matter and it is private. The man says that he is with the FBI and will be able to help. Ray is pleased to talk with him then. He will know what to do about this situation. The hit man is pretending to be an agent and that is how he learns that Chris and agent Ryan are faking their deaths to fool him into thinking that he has finished the hit. At the end of Ray’s story, the hit man tells him to go back to work and hide until he hears that everything is clear and safe. The porter offers to call the police but the hit man tells him not to do that. He lies saying that the officers are already on their way to the scene. Ray is glad to hear it. His wife was right when she told him to stay home that day. Ray shuffles back to his work area leaving the hit man alone.

The hit man is not happy with Chris now. He should have just died like he was supposed to in the first place. Now he is just getting the hit man mad.

Sheridan is on her way and almost to her two favorite guys. "Hold on! I will be there soon," she says.

Chris and Ryan try to stay quiet and keep control of the situation. They have no idea where the hit man is, but they know that he can't be far. He will most likely try to confirm his killings before leaving. James makes little sounds. Ryan would like him to be quiet, but the child is still hurting from his injuries and he is traumatized as well. Agent Ryan knows that there is going to be more to cry about soon enough as Chris will probably be dead in a short while.

Kay checks by telephone to make sure that Maria is doing well. Tabitha assures her that everything is fine at home.

Kay reports to Fox that things are great at home and that Endora and Maria are going to have a bath together. Fox is glad that Maria is all happy and looked after for the night. He wants to have special time with Kay alone. She tries to have a drink, but Fox stops her saying that they need to make a toast first. "I would like to toast to you Kay. You are the reason that I am what I am today. Thank you." Fox tells Kay that he never thought that he could have the life that he has now. He was with Whitney and he thought that was the best thing but that went out the window, and now he has Kay and he couldn’t be happier. He is working on getting things right with his mom, but he gets along much better with Ivy than Fancy does and for that he is grateful. Kay gets uncomfortable when Fox starts going on about his mother. She would rather they talk about something else. Fox has a great idea. "Why Don’t you, me and my mother go out together and have dinner. We can work things out between you two. Kay doubts that will ever happen.

Ivy comes to see Valerie and she warns that they can't be seen together. Ivy had to come. They have to talk, she says. Ivy is angry. She has come all the way over from the Seascape to talk to Valerie and find out why Kay is still in the picture. She is upset that Fox won this little competition over Chad. Valerie was supposed to handle this and she hasn’t done anything it seems. Valerie says that Fox’s presentation was very good and Chad had his work cut out for him. Fox was determined. Valerie is a little confused. What is it that Ivy wants from her anyway? If she thinks that Valerie is going to buy that she doesn't want her son to run Crane Industries, then she must think that Valerie is a fool, Valerie is not. Valerie has warning for Ivy. "If you want this friendship of ours to continue, then you had better start coming clean with what you are really up to with all this conniving. Ivy will tell her what she wants to know. "I want that bitch Kay out of my son’s life!"

Gwen is upset that Theresa’s call was forwarded to Ethan’s room. It had better not happen again. Rebecca wants her daughter to calm down and relax. Things are under control with Theresa and she sees nothing really to worry over. Rebecca offers Gwen a little pick-me-up from her flask, but Gwen isn't interested in drinking right now.

Rebecca has an idea. "Hey! Let’s put some of this in Ethan’s I.V. That will get him up. Gwen asks her mother to stop making jokes like that. She gets back to the matter foremost in her mind. "Do you think that the hospital would mind posting a guard at the door to keep that Theresa out of here? You know that she is going to try this again mother." Rebecca feels that Theresa isn't all that hard to handle. She will undoubtedly try to get into this room somehow, but she will be dealt with. Gwen won’t have it. She will not have it. "If Theresa comes into this room, or even into this hospital then I am going to kill her!"

Theresa is with Jane trying to get news on the telephone about how Ethan is doing.

Patty in ICU answers the telephone. Theresa gives her name and tells that she is calling to find out how Ethan is doing. The nurse tells that only the immediate family can get information updates on the patients. In fact, there is a special number that the family calls when they want to learn of a loved one’s condition. Theresa asks for the number but it is not offered to her. She learns that if she were immediate family and entitled to the number, she would already have it. Theresa tries to use her clout as Alistair’s wife to get the information that she craves, but Patty has already hung up the telephone.

Theresa turns to Jane telling her that it seems that no one wants to talk to her at the hospital, so she will just have to head over there herself and get the information that way.

Sheridan drives as quickly as she can to get to the train station where she hopes Chris and James are still safe.

Ryan gets word that the hit man was close by. They found a shell casing outside the train where he was standing probably when he shot the gun at them. They have to find the man in order to make sure that Chris and James will continue to be safe. "Where can this guy be?"

"Peek-a-boo, Chris. I'm right here."

Ryan and Chris turn to find the hit man behind them. They Don’t recognize him, but he reveals himself when he talks about the family wanting him dead. He holds a gun on the men and the boy as he speaks. Agent Ryan makes a move to go for his gun, but Chris sees that and warns him against doing that.

Sheridan has arrived at the train station and she can't understand why there aren’t any police around to take care of this. Everything is quiet. Sheridan continues making her way through the station, trying to find Chris and James.

The hit man is ready to strike now. "Sweet dreams Chris".

Fox tells Kay about the way that Chad looked when Alistair chose Fox as the winner of the competition. He was angry. Chad won’t be sending Fox anything for Christmas, that is for sure. Fox loves that he won the competition. He isn't sure why it is important that he win this thing and become a success at Crane Industries but he wants it more than anything.

Valerie is surprised to hear that Ivy’s big goal in life is to ruin Fox’s relationship with Kay.
"Why would you want to do that? They love each other. You will only hurt your own son by doing that." Ivy says that hurting him now will save him from a lot of hurt later on. Valerie has to wonder what it is that she thinks that Kay will do to him anyway. Ivy says that Kay is just like Theresa, and because of Theresa her other son lies in a hospital bed unable to live his life like a normal human being. Kay has to be stopped in Ivy’s eyes and she wants Valerie to help by ruining Fox’s work so that Kay will be blamed for it and get herself fired. Valerie sees that Ivy is ruthless. She is willing to risk ruining her son’s career to keep him from Kay. "That is cold." Ivy knows that for a minute Fox might have problems when things go wrong, but he will overcome that. "He will rise above the trouble and run Crane Industries after he beats Chad. He will get back in Alistair’s good graces at that point and run everything. Valerie sees that Ivy’s plan clashes with hers. "You are forgetting that I want Chad to win this competition and rise to the top over Fox." Ivy laughs. "Come on Valerie. You Don’t care who wins this thing. You just want to rise to the top yourself." Valerie still doesn’t see how helping Ivy benefits her in all this. What does she get at the end of it all?

The makes her way to ICU to see Ethan but Patty is there and tells Theresa that she has to go and can't be there. Theresa tries to explain why it is important to see Ethan but she will not be let in. The nurse walks off.

Theresa thinks to herself that she has to get in and see Ethan. "Now how can I do this?"

Theresa turns around and sees a cleaning woman nearby doing her work. "Great idea!"

Noah tries to take his sister home but Spike fights him on that. "I have invested in Jessica and she is not going anywhere but with me." Noah tells that no one owns his sister and that she is leaving now with him. Jessica hates that Noah is angry and about to fight with Spike. She shouts at him to stop the violence. "Stop Noah, or I will kill you too," Jessica shouts.

Sheridan searches everywhere for Chris and James. She runs through the station trying to find them but she can't.

The hit man taunts Chris as he holds his gun on the man. The mob is going to love me for this. Chris begs for the safety of his son who had nothing to do with all this and who is an innocent party. The hit man says that he might just take the child with him to the family and raise him. "He might make a really good hit man with the right training. Someone did that for me once."

Chris makes a move suddenly and the hit man cautions him to cut that out and stop moving or else!

Sheridan comes running in and when she sees the danger, she shouts, "No!"

Fox dotes on Kay and pampers her. "Champagne? Strawberries?" All she wants is him and nothing else. He was hoping that she would say that. Kay suddenly seems worried about something. Fox senses her change. "What is it?" Kay says that it is nothing really. Kay says that she has a bit of a warning for him that is all. First she needs to ask him something though. She suddenly laughs. "Are you ticklish?" She starts tickling him. He laughs and then asks if she is ticklish too? She is. They roll around laughing now. After they stop, Fox tells how he wants to remember this moment and how special he feels about it right now. She wants him to stop. This is only going to make her cry. He can't stop. He is fully of words that have to come out telling her how special she is to him. She orders him to kiss her, and so he does.

Ivy can't understand something. "Why do you persist with Chad, Valerie? He is in love with his sister and he is raising their child. He is never going to get over Whitney, especially now that she is unattainable. Men are like that. Here you sit, day in and day out helping him out, waiting for him to turn to you. What is the point in all that?" Valerie looks at things from Ivy’s point of view for a moment. "You think that I am being used by Chad?" Ivy isn't sure about all that, but she does know that Valerie is ambitious and wants it all in life so why not go for a Crane that can actually get her somewhere? "My son Fox will be needing someone when he is done with Kay. Valerie finds it hard to believe that lvy would want her for Fox. Ivy knows that she can't hand the man to her on a plate but she would certainly support the relationship if Valerie could manage getting Fox up to the plate. Just the fact that Valerie isn't Kay is enough for Ivy to want this. Ivy only warns that Fox is never to be hurt. "If you manage to hurt him in any way, then you would have me to deal with and that wouldn’t be pretty for you. Valerie agrees to the deal. Their first move will be to ruin Fox’s work. They have to get into the computer but Valerie hasn’t got the password to get in. There is no way for them to get the password on the Crane computers. The systems are not set up that way.

Rebecca and Gwen sit together and hear a nurse requesting supplies for a patient in ICU.

Rebecca doesn’t understand a lot of this stuff in the hospital. "How do they feed him?" Gwen tells that a tube is inserted in him and they feed him through that. Rebecca thinks that is horrible. She is sure that all that he needs is a little egg nog to pop him out of that bed and get him back to normal. Gwen tells her mother that giving Ethan booze isn't going to make him better in the state that he is in.

Theresa is hiding around a corner. She is dressed as a cleaner for the hospital. She waits to get into Ethan’s room to see him but she can't get in there while Rebecca and Gwen are hanging out by the door.

Rebecca wants to go to the cafeteria and have something to eat or better yet drink. Gwen will not leave the room. She wants to be with Ethan. Rebecca says that it will do them some good to go to the cafeteria and see if they have smartened up and opened a bar yet down there. Gwen isn't all that hungry but Rebecca manages to get her interested in maybe trying to have some soup to keep up her strength, and they walk off to the elevators.

This is Theresa’s chance. "Finally, the coast is clear and I get to see Ethan now."

Sheridan is with Chris and James now and they are all fine. The hit man has run off it seems. The man is going to escape.

Ryan contacts his people to tell them to get the train moving now that the hit man has run off. He is ordered to vacate the train and get the people with him to a conference room on the platform. The will be safe there. The train will not be started as there could be other hit men as well as the one that ran off on there. If the train leaves the station, that could turn into a huge trap for all involved.

Sheridan is afraid to leave the train. The gunman could be out there and start shooting at them again. Ryan says they have to risk leaving. It is the only way. Chris is not happy with just walking out like a sitting duck. He will only do this if he has a gun with him. The agent feels that is not necessary, but Chris will not move without one. Ryan gives him a backup that he carries and they all start moving. Everyone follows Ryan out of the train, and into the safe room.

Once in the safe room, all settle in. They just have to wait now for backup to come and take them to a safer place. Sheridan feels that they are still in danger.

A voice asks Ryan if he is in the room yet. He answers that he is. The voice turns evil. "It is a nice room isn't it?" Ryan sees that something is terribly wrong here. He looks at his cellphone. This doesn't sound like an associate. "I saw the room earlier," the voice says. "It is a great place to die, isn't it?"

Chris grabs the cellphone. "Who is this?" The voice answers. "It is the man who is going to kill you." It is the hit man. "I had to kill someone to get this telephone in order to reach you. Look around at the room that you are in. It is the last thing that you are going to see." Sheridan sees that they have been beat. It is over for them.

Noah is still arguing with Spike about taking Jessica out of there. Spike will not let up. They end up fighting and at one point, Noah gets the upper hand and Spike is down. "Are you done with all this yet you creep," Noah asks? Paloma and Simone are impressed with Noah and the way he handled Spike. Someone needed to do that to him and get his head straight about Jessica. Spike pulls out his knife and points it at the three as they try to take his meal ticket away. "You all are not understanding me. She stays with me, now I have had it with the three of you and now you are all going to pay. Now which one of you wants to die first?"

Fox and Kay are having a great time being together. Fox feels that he has it all. He is going to be with the woman that he loves forever and he has a great career. He has it all as far as he is concerned.

Valerie and Ivy are trying to break the code on Fox’s computer to do some damage. They have to make guesses that are words or numbers to figure this out. Ivy suggests using the word ‘mother’, but Valerie knows that will not work. Fox doesn’t care enough about his mother to use that as his password. Next they try Fox’s birthday, but that doesn’t work either. Ivy hates to suggest this but she says that ‘Kay Bennett might work. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t work. "What is her birth date?" Valerie asks. Ivy has no idea. Valerie tells Ivy to think of something personal that means a lot to Fox that would make a good password to him. Ivy remembers when Fox got his first computer. "Bill Gates came and programmed it for him and that meant everything to Fox," Ivy remembers. "The password was a huge secret. He used the name of his pony back then. ‘Albertson Star’".

Valerie turns to the computer and is in instantaneously. Ivy’s face lights up. After tonight, she hopes that Fox will be so angry that he will never speak to Kay ever again.

Rebecca is still trying to get Gwen to the cafeteria. Gwen is taking her time, not wanting to leave her husband even for a minute.

Theresa is lulling around with her back to the women so that they do not detect that she is there. She pretends to be cleaning and is dressed in housekeeping uniform. Rebecca calls out to her asking her to move some things that are in her way in the hall. "Can you hurry please? I Don’t want to trip and break my neck!"

Theresa disguises her voice, "I so sorry! Me no wan old lady fall down break neck," Theresa says without turning her fact to the ladies. She holds her head down and walks over to clear the way.

Gwen and her mother walk out of the area.

Theresa rushes into Ethan’s room, and when she sees how he is she can't stand it. "Oh God!"

Rebecca and Gwen are well down the hall when Rebecca remarks that the cleaning woman was extremely rude. "Hard to find good help these days," she says. Gwen freezes in her tracks. "Wait a minute! That cleaning lady!"

They are trapped. The hit man has Sheridan, the agent, Chris and James in the conference room of the train station and they have no way out. They are sitting ducks. They can't go out the door and they definitely can't go out the window. James is too sick for any of this.

The hit man comes into the room and holds his gun on the others. Chris orders him to sit down. He will not let this happen to himself or the others.

The hit man says that he can do what he wants, and to prove that statement he grabs Sheridan and holds his gun on her. Chris orders that she be let go, but that doesn't work. "Let her go!" Chris shouts again. The hit man will not do that. He is angry now. Chris has made him very mad by making this hit very difficult. Now the man is angry enough to kill Sheridan too.

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