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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Paloma and Simone are following Jessica. They will make sure that she kills no one.

A car drives up.

Jessica and her john show up and the man is rough with her. “You are going to earn your money tonight.”

Paloma and Simone hate the way their friend is being treated. Simone knows that Spike is the real monster and that this john is just a small part of it.

Jessica can barely stand form the drugs that she has been given. The man drags her into his house.

Simone tells Paloma to hurry to make sure that nothing else bad happens to Jessica.

Fox and Kay arrive at the Seascape for dinner. Alistair went all out. Fox is romantic with her and he tells her that he loves her.

Tabitha has been watching using the big blue pot and she can tell that Fox is not really under the spell like he should be. Tabitha feels that Endora has been up to tricks. She knows that Endora wants Fox and Kay to be together. Tabitha Still knows that Kay is going to lose the love of her life.

The agent drives James and Chris out of Harmony. They discuss Sheridan and how she couldn’t come with them. Chris couldn’t take Sheridan from her home.

Sheridan prays for Ethan and that he will live a long time. “Gwen has already lost a son and a daughter so please let her have Ethan. Amen." Sheridan makes the sign of the cross on her head and chest and then sits in the chapel.

Eve comes in to join Sheridan. She would like to say a prayer too. “Medical science has done all that it can do now."

Sheridan thinks about the last time that she was with Chris and James. She told them that she loved them both and then sent them off into the night. They could use her prayers too.

Eve can see that Sheridan is missing someone else near and dear to her.

Fox makes a toast to Kay. “To one of the women that I love. Without you and Maria where would I be?" Fox says.

Tabitha hopes that Kay is enjoying herself as this love spell will not last very much longer.

Endora hates this and it makes her angry that Fox and Kay will be breaking up.

ZAP! Tabitha knows that Endora has done something. “What are you up to now you little imp," Tabitha asks her.

Fox is at the table and he suddenly feels something strange.

He reaches into his pocket and takes out a black velvet box.

He is as surprised to see it as she is but he hands it to her anyway. “Open it! Let’s see what I got you cause I really am not sure what it is?"

Tabitha worries that Fox and Kay will be getting engaged.

Sam and Ivy are at the Seascape and they talk about Ethan and how they will be with their son the next day and everyday until he is better. Sam knows that Ethan will pull through this. Ivy hasn’t always been the best mother but she loves her children and she only wants what’s best for them.

Ivy looks up and sees her son with that Kay Bennett having dinner.

Eve tells Sheridan that she will find love again. Sheridan isn’t sure that will happen. Eve says that sometimes there is more than one person for you. “I had Julian and then I lost him. Then there was TC and then we had children. Every love is different and when you find another love it may not compare with what you have with Luis but you will be loved in a whole new way. Some people don’t have their hearts open to love but you will be open Sheridan. You are far too loving to be alone. Look at James’s father. He is very nice and you care about him." Sheridan tells that Chris and James have left town to start a new life that will not include her.

Chris never thought that he would fall again for a woman after Maureen but seeing her with James puts her in his heart. “Chris should be able to have a mother, but that will be impossible with Sheridan. My life will be hiding in the Witness Protection Program”.

A man is following the agent and Chris. He talks into a cellphone as he drives. “I won’t let them get away. He is as good as dead. I promise," the man says looking at the passenger seat where his gun lays.

Sam and Ivy go over to see Fox and Kay.

Kay is sitting with the velvet box in her hand. She hasn’t any idea what to say.

Inside Fox is thinking that he doesn’t know what to say either.

Tabitha loves that there might be a ring in the box. That way when Fox and Kay break up, it will be worse than ever. “Great job Endora! You have the dark side in you after all! Good thinking!"

Kay opens the box and finds a fine piece of jewelry inside. It is a bracelet.

Sam and Ivy arrive at the table and say ‘hi’ to the kids. Ivy looks happy to see that the gift isn’t a ring but keeps her mouth shut.

Tabitha sees that Endora was smart enough to change the ring in the box into a bracelet to make things easier to deal with if Kay should break up with Fox. Tabitha is disappointed. Endora still is trying to be nice to people. Fox tells that he won a contest that day at work and Alistair is rewarding them with dinner. He wants to run Crane Industries. Ivy says that Ethan was hurt and is in the hospital. Fox is saddened by this momentarily. He resented Ethan all his life but he is sorry also that his mother still favors him. Kay asks Fox to dance with her and they walk off.

Sam tells Ivy to relax and not worry about Fox. He is just a little edgy now.

Sam walks off to call Jessica and see how she is doing.

Paloma and Simone wait quietly outside the house. They peek in the house and see that the man is getting it on with Jessica.

Simone is sick to her stomach watching the sex acts. “He deserves to be butchered."

The man tears Jessica’s top off and exposes her bra.

Simone wonders if the drugs wearing off brings on the anger and makes Jessica kill people.

“I really don’t think that is it!"

Paloma and Simone turn to find Spike holding a gun on them. He has heard everything that they have said about Jessica being a serial killer. He wants to know why these two girls are watching Jessica having sex. Simone begs that Spike let Jessica go with them. He has a better idea. “Why don’t you leave or I’ll will put a cap in you?" Paloma and Simone know that they can’t argue with a gun and so they get up and go where he tells them to go.

Fox apologizes for letting his mother push his buttons just now. Kay is fine with that. Kay understands. She used to have mother troubles too. Fox hates that he is insensitive to his mother sometimes. Fox suggests that they go to the hospital and be with Ethan. Fox says that visiting hours are over. Kay then suggests that they go to the church and pray for Ethan. Fox says that they can pray anywhere. He wants to celebrate with Kay and Kay alone. He says that he may have another surprise for her later.

Ivy watches the couple as they dance and kiss.

Sam returns saying that he can’t reach Jessica. “She is probably sleeping."

Sam really thinks that Fox and Kay are going to be a great couple. “Noah and Fancy didn’t make it but maybe Fox and Kay will."

Ivy says under her breath that she will not allow Fox and Kay to make it.

Spike puts Paloma and Simone in a storage room and locks them in there.

“This is what you get for messing with me!" Spike walks off.

Paloma and Simone decide to call for help but they can’t get service on their phones. They have to get out of there to help Jessica.

The john is angry with Jessica for dragging her feet in the sex department. “Give me some loving or I am going to get rough about it!" He picks up Jessica and punches her hard in the face. Jessica starts getting angry.

Eve is with Sheridan talking about Chris and James.

A nurse comes to Sheridan and Eve saying that there was a call for the agent that was there but he is gone now. Sheridan says that she will take the call.

She speaks to a woman who will not reveal anything. Sheridan guesses that the woman is from the FBI and so she offers to help with whatever message there is to be left.

The FBI agent and Chris bring James into the train station to start the next phase of their trip.

The hit man is behind them and doesn’t care where they are all heading as they will not get there.

The agent is on the train now and he follows Chris and James as they try to find a compartment for their trip.

Paloma and Simone are trying to break the door open to escape the storeroom and it works.

The door opens and the coast is clear. They have to get back to Jessica before it is too late.

Jessica is at the john’s place in the bathroom washing blood off her hands in the bathroom sink.

Ivy wants to talk about Fox. Kay knows that Ivy doesn’t want her with Fox but she doesn’t care about that. She will not leave him.

Tabitha knows that whether the spell works or not, if poison Ivy wants Kay gone she will be. Nevermind about the spell.

The telephone rings. “What," Tabitha asks.

“Edna Wallace is in jail? What? I will not accept the charges, and you can tell Edna to leave me alone."

Tabitha hangs up. Things are bad enough around here without Edna.

Now I have to look in on Ivy and Kay with the big blue pot to see what they are up to.

Ivy hates Kay and feels that she is not good enough for Fox. What a coincidence? Kay tells Ivy that she is not good enough for her father. Ivy says that she will not let Fox suffer because of a conniving bitch. “I already have one son in the hospital because of someone just like you. I will not risk losing another son.” Kay tells her that she had better get used to seeing her with Fox.

Sheridan tells the woman on the phone that she and Chris are close friends and that she knows all about what is going on with the program.

She moves away from Eve and the nurse to keep things secret. She talks more in private when she feels she won’t be heard. The woman is convinced that Sheridan can be trusted and so she speaks freely. The woman tells that there is a hit man heading to Harmony to kill Chris and Sheridan. He is aware of their plan to go to the train station and he is going to probably try and make an attempt on Chris and James’s lives there.

Sheridan puts the telephone down and walks off.

The nurse with Eve goes to the telephone that is still out of its cradle.

Eve goes after Sheridan, but Sheridan is off and already on the elevator. “I have to go." Eve asks her where. Sheridan says that Chris and James are in danger and she has to help them.

Paloma and Simone arrive at the john’s house and they find Jessica alone. They see that Jessica is bruised and beat up. The john is gone though. He is nowhere to be found.

Jessica remembers being hit and hurt. “He hit me repeatedly and I couldn't take it anymore. I don’t know where he is now."

A squeak makes the girls turn to the door. It slams shut and they see that the door is covered with blood. That is not a good sign and they all know it.

Jessica says that the john hurt her and she is glad that he is gone.

Chris and James are on the train now. Chris tells James to look out the window as they will never see Harmony or Sheridan again.

Chris takes out his cellphone to make a call but the agent tells him that there will be no service to make a call anyway.

Chris puts the cellphone away. “Goodbye Sheridan."

The hit man is outside the train watching Chris and the agent through the train window.

Sheridan is on her way. She has to find Chris.

She remembers what the agent said about their trip.

“Oh let me get to the train station in time. I have to help them or their lives will be in danger." Sheridan drives quickly.

Jessica tells that the man was mad that he paid good money for her and she didn’t perform right. “Then he hit me. He wouldn’t stop. He kept saying that he paid for me and I wasn’t earning it. He thought that I deserved to be hit. He is just like all the rest. He hurt me and I hated him for it. I wanted him dead and I wanted to kill him. He deserved to die. I wanted him dead. I wanted to kill him." Paloma and Simone stare at each other over Jessica’s head. All they want to hear from her is that she didn’t kill the john.

Jessica suddenly remembers washing the blood off her hands.

“Oh my God. It is me. I am the killer."

Sam wonders why Jessica isn’t answering the telephone.

Ivy is warning Kay to stay away from Fox. They are alone at a table in the Seascape.

Fox and Sam return to the table and Fox says that he will be going to the hospital to be with Ethan after all. “I am sorry mom. I care about Ethan and it isn’t his fault that you gave him preferential treatment." Ivy wasn’t the best mother but she tries to make up for that. They say they love each other and they hug. Ivy says that she only wants the best for him and she is determined to see that he gets it.

Sheridan tries to reach Chris by cellphone.

Chris’s cellphone rings and he answers it. “Thank God Chris. It is Sheridan. The mob is on to you. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and James."

Chris can’t hear what Sheridan is saying as the connection is breaking up.

The hit man is ready to strike. He stands and does a countdown as he faces Chris’s profile showing through the train window. Chris is on his cellphone now so he has no idea what is about to happen to him. “Five… Four… Three...”

Sheridan is driving as fast as she can and she still holds the cellphone close to her ear as she drives. “Chris can you hear me? I am coming to the station but you have to get out of there. You have to get off the train. The hit man is hot on your trail.”

Sheridan stops talking, hoping that Chris will hear her. “pop, pop, pop!" Gunshots “Chris are you alright?"

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