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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Paloma and Simone discuss what they should do about Jessica. She is starting to look guilty now that there are two murders. Simone is upset Jessica thinks that she is after her for sex. Simone will try to get her friendship back with Jessica. “What if she went back to Spike?

Jessica is back in the seedy part of town.

Spike finds her and she runs to him hugging him. Spike knows about the dead john. She tells that she had sex with the man and then he was dead. Spike doesn’t care. “He paid up front so who cares?" I don’t want you to worry about this cause I am here for you Jessica." Jessica knows that he is the one person that she can trust now.

Sheridan wants to run off with Chris but he will not let her. She will have to give up everything to be with Chris and his son. “What if Marty returns Sheridan and you are not there? Marty will have to grow up without either of his parents." Sheridan sees now that she can’t go. Chris is sorry that things aren’t different but he is under the government’s thumb. Chris will be leaving as soon as Eve says that he can take James out of there.

The agent tells that James has stabilized. “Chris, you and James will be leaving town tonight."

Ethan lies staring blankly at the ceiling as the machines breathe for him.

Theresa is put under arrest.

Rebecca rejoices that Theresa will be going to prison.

Sam arrives and learns that Theresa drugged Ethan and tried to kill him. Ivy says this to him. Theresa denies that she did this. The officer tells Sam that he wanted to take Theresa peacefully but she refused to go with them easily and so he had to cuff her. Sam isn’t the officer’s superior, but he still feels the need to explain himself.

Eve comes and tells that Ethan may or may not make it and even if he lives, he may already be dead to everyone that knows him the way that he used to be. Ethan’s life has been changed.

The agent has a car to take James and Chris away now. It will be arriving soon. Sheridan panics. “James needs to settle in for the night. He can’t travel," she says. The agent can’t risk anymore holdups. “Either you and James leave with us now, or the bureau will leave you alone to handle this. Cooperate or you will be alone."

Theresa is being led out as the others watch. Theresa begs to be left at the hospital so that she can be near Ethan. The officer ignores her pleas. Pilar says that Theresa has no one to blame for this but herself. She can’t even side with her for what she has done this time. Sam is angry too and sees that she has gone too far this time. “You shouldn’t have done this Theresa," he shouts at her.

“Let her go officer!" All turn to see Alistair standing behind them. “Officer! I said let my wife go!"

Paloma wonders where Jessica has gone this night. She must have gone to Spike’s. Paloma doesn't understand why Jessica does this. “You would think that Jessica wouldn’t put up with this. She is needy. The drugs must have a lot to do with this. Spike must get Jessica high before turning her tricks. We have to stop her from killing again." Simone has an idea.

Jessica says that her father was asking her if she was a murderer and that made her uncomfortable. Spike wants her to forget about all this. “We got paid and they died happy. Who cares?" Jessica tells that she has found out that Simone was trying to have sex with her all this time that she was pretending to save her from being a prostitute. Spike gets it now why Simone was always after Jessica. “She is just like your family and wants to control you. I am so glad that you came back. I will take good care of you. Welcome home." Spike holds out a pill bottle for Jessica and she takes it from him.

Alistair orders that Theresa be let go and uncuffed. The officer tries to ignore him but he can’t. “If these charges go any further, then we will revisit these charges," Alistair says. “For now, my wife will stay with me." Sam gets angry that Alistair is intervening. Alistair says that he has every right to intrude. He turns to Eve. “Is Ethan dead yet?"

Rebecca hates that Alistair has come to stop this arrest from happening. “He has just spoiled all my fun."

Theresa’s cuffs are removed.

Alistair loves the way that Theresa looks with the cuffs on. It gets him hot. She tries to ignore him as Pilar does too. “We will have to try it that way some time Theresa. You can be my prisoner of love," Alistair says with not a drop of shyness.

Chris and Sheridan go into James’s room.

They pick up the boy and say their good-byes again but for the last time. Sheridan tells that she loves James and will be thinking about him. She kisses the boy and then says goodbye to Chris. They will be in each other’s hearts. He has really come to love her but they can’t stay in touch. They hug. The will never speak again. Chris picks up his son and walks out to the waiting FBI agent. Before Chris is gone, he turns to look just one more time at Sheridan.

Paloma and Simone discuss how to find out if Jessica has gone back to Spike so that they can help to keep her out of trouble.

Simone sees them suddenly on the strip. She did go back to Spike as hard as that is to believe. “There is Spike and Jessica on the street."

Paloma and Simone hide behind a corner and watch the pair. Simone’s idea is to follow Jessica to the next john and keep her from killing.

Jessica tells Spike that she is tired and wants to go home. Spike says that she has to make up for all the money that they have missed out on. He gives her some pills to get her in the mood. Jessica will not take the pills. He asks her if she trusts him or not. She says that she does, but she is still worried about the dead johns and that is why she really doesn’t want the pills. Spike says that she has been making money for them to rebuild the club and that he has been socking it away for the both of them. “You see Jessica… You help me, and I will help you."

Sheridan learns of Ethan’s trouble. Eve worries about Gwen and how this is going to affect her if things get much worse. Harmony’s citizens are always under siege it seems.

Eve knows that Sheridan has just said goodbye to Chris and James and that she is hurting too from having lost and having hurt in her life on a constant basis.

Sheridan remembers the boys.

She remembers the good times making them breakfasts in the B&B.

She remembers loving the way that Chris related to his son one on one.

Right now though, Sheridan will be a support to her friend and Ethan as they were to her when she needed them most. She will be strong for them.

Ethan is in his room breathing on a machine that keeps him alive… He is alone. Sam watches him through the window to the room.

Sam tries to call Jessica but she doesn’t answer her cellphone.

Ivy suggests that maybe she is asleep at home where they left her.

The guilt is coming to Gwen now for Ethan’s condition. “We knew mother that Theresa was going to kill someone this night. Ethan could be okay right now if we had told that we knew that Theresa was going to kill Alistair." Rebecca says that you can’t always tell everything that you know. She knows that Ethan is very strong in mind and in spirit. He has to break through this. “He will be fine!"

Pilar is with Theresa and she walks away for a moment to look through Ethan’s window.

Alistair comes to Theresa who is now sitting alone, and waiting for her to thank him from saving her from getting arrested. She doesn't care what he did for her really. Being with him is like being in prison. He likes how she always does something when things don’t go her way. She is always fighting for what she wants and bucking the system. People think that she is crazy but he admires her really for the fight in her. “You will never succeed Theresa but you try anyway and I like that Alistair says. I don’t know how in the world you can top what you have done this time Theresa. You almost killed the man that you loved while you were trying to kill me," Alistair chuckles walking off.

Theresa is left hurt and humiliated by Alistair and she wasn’t even raped this time. He knows every button to push with her. The tears suddenly start falling down her face from her hurt.

Paloma and Simone wonder what Spike will do with Jessica this time. Simone knows that Spike really doesn’t care about Jessica and that she is in big trouble with that guy but doesn’t know it yet.

Spike tells Jessica that he has been good to her and so she needs to be good to him by going out to work. She will do whatever he wants her to she promises.

He gives her a couple of pills and she puts them in her mouth. “You can count on me baby," Spike promises.

Paloma and Simone see everything that is going on with Spike and Jessica. He just gave her some drugs. That is how Spike does it. He makes her take the drugs and then the men end up dead. Simone wants to follow Jessica so if she tries to kill her john tonight, they can stop her.

Chris and James are in the car and Chris tells James that they had to leave Sheridan to make her safe.

Gwen is really hurting. She asks Sheridan to please pray for her husband.

Sam and Ivy are in Ethan’s room and they sit with him. Ivy is mad as hell. She tells that Eve is trying new drugs to get Ethan safe but they aren’t guaranteed. The drugs may work but they may not. If he doesn’t recover, he will be like this for the rest of his life “I have no idea if he even has a living will. I have to talk to Gwen about this." Sam asks her not to go there yet. “Let’s just pray."

Eve walks by and Theresa asks to see Ethan. Eve gets angry with Theresa for being selfish and trying to get in there. “Gwen is hurting right now and this isn’t helping Theresa!" Eve shouts. Eve apologizes to Pilar for giving Theresa the pills for Alistair. “She lied to me and said that she flushed the pills. Now because of her actions, I am also responsible for what has happened to Ethan." Theresa says that this is not Eve’s fault. “It is Alistair’s fault! He is the one that did this to Ethan!"

Gwen hears what Theresa has said and she comes rushing forward with Sheridan behind her. “Damn you Theresa! Don’t you dare blame Alistair for this! I have lost my child, my ability to have children and now my husband is hanging by a thread all because of you and your obsession." Pilar tries to stop Gwen from having a meltdown, but she is far past that. “I mean it Theresa. If anything happens to my husband, so help me, I am going to make you pay!"

Rebecca comes up with a great idea. “Let’s hang you up like a piñata and then we can beat you to death with a stick?"

Theresa’s phone rings. “Theresa why aren’t you at home with me? I am waiting for you to thank me for keeping you out of jail," Alistair asks.

Theresa says that she wants to see Ethan and will not leave just yet.

Gwen is standing by and she tells Theresa she will see Ethan over her dead body.

Alistair orders Theresa home so that he can pillage her in bed.

Theresa tells him to have a go at the maid instead. “I will not leave the hospital until I see Ethan."

Gwen comes up to Theresa telling her that she will be killed if she goes near Ethan.

Theresa ignores her. Alistair continues ordering her home now to be with him. “I am sorry Alistair, I will not be leaving until I get news about Ethan." Alistair will not be denied. “We will see about this!"

He slams the phone down and marches out of the room.

Spike has a trick for Jessica. “You are going to give this trick a good time right? And remember. You are 19 years old." Jessica says that she will do it.

Spike, takes the money and leaves Jessica with the john. But before he goes he tells the john that being with Jessica is going to be something that he will never forget.

Paloma and Simone have seen everything. They will be there if Jessica tries to murder the man. They follow Jessica to turn her trick.

Chris and the agent talk about him trying to return to Harmony and how dangerous that was. Chris can’t do it and he can’t ask Sheridan to come with him. The agent finds him to be very noble giving up someone that he loves like that. “I just want her to be happy and safe,” Chris says.

Sheridan looks at Ethan. “His eyes are open but his soul is trapped inside." Ivy hates Theresa for this. “He could still die."

Sam and Ivy leave to go to the chapel. Ivy will pray to God that he will take Theresa out soon enough for what she has done.

Rebecca was horrified for a minute that Gwen was softening up when she started saying that she was going to pray for Ethan but then she heard the rest of the sentence and is relieved to see that her friend is just as bitter as ever.

Gwen touches her husband and tells him that she can’t lose him. Sheridan knows that Gwen hurts. She has been there as well. Sheridan will go and pray for Ethan. She leaves the room.

Eve then goes out too.

Rebecca says that she just thought of something as Sheridan was talking. “What if Ethan dies? What happens to Jane? If Ethan is gone, then Theresa is Jane’s biological mother and she would get Jane back. That would not do at all. If Ethan goes, then we have to make sure that Theresa is charged with a crime. I think that first degree murder has a nice ring to it don’t you Gwen?"

Theresa sits with her mother and can’t think straight as she waits for news about Ethan.

Theresa’s cellphone rings again. “It is Alistair”.

“Hello!" Alistair playfully indicates that he needs to be surfaced and that he is all alone in the bedroom and she is not there. “I am not leaving here to come service you Alistair." Alistair has something that will change her mind.

Alistair walks over to Little Ethan and gives him the phone.

“Mommy. Alistair wants you to come home now."

Alistair takes the phone from Little Ethan and tells Theresa that he has no idea how he will be able to hold his temper if she doesn’t get home soon."

Theresa can read between the lines. She hangs up and jumps up from her seat. “Mama! I have to go. He is going to hurt Little Ethan if I don’t leave right now to have sex with him!"

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