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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Alistair has a meeting with Chad and Fox and he lets them know that he isn’t happy with the fact that the projects are not finished because both men were at Luis’s funeral. Alistair gives out papers which are tests for the boys that they will have to do in addition to the Singapore projects. Both Kay and Valerie assure Alistair that they will have no problems with their additional requirements to win the promotion. They will be working as separate teams. Kay and Fox; and Chad and Valerie. The winner wins and the loser is out.

Chris tells Sheridan that he loves Sheridan and not just as a friend. He will not let her go into the Witness Protection Program with he and James. He didn’t mean to fall in love with Sheridan but the more time that he spends with her, the more he falls in love with her and wants to be with her. “I have fallen in love with you Sheridan Crane." She looks up into Chris’s eyes and feels he really means this.

At the hospital, Eve works on Ethan as his heart monitor beeps away. She looks into his eyes and sees nothing. Eve talks to Ethan, but his condition doesn’t change.

Theresa listens outside Ethan’s room hearing that Ethan is in terrible condition. The nurses who are in the hall hope that he has a living will as he will probably need one.

Theresa jumps in and asks the nurses not to talk so negatively.

Gwen and Rebecca come up asking what is going on when they hear Theresa admonishing the nurses. The nurses say that there is no news yet. Theresa says that the nurses were talking like Ethan wasn’t going to make it just now. Gwen orders Theresa to go home. Theresa will not leave.

Eve comes out to see the ladies in the corridor and to see what all the shouting is about. Theresa tells that she overheard that Ethan might be brain dead or just dead. Gwen appeals to Eve. “Please tell me that isn’t true. Ethan isn’t going to die or be brain dead is he?" Gwen asks.

Chris says that he couldn’t tell Sheridan how he felt as she was not over Luis and it would have been unkind of him to put that kind of pressure on her. He came back as he couldn’t bear not seeing Sheridan again. She is glad that he has come back. He was selfish but now she knows why. He cares for her. He shouldn’t have come back but he has and now he has to let her go again. “You would have to leave everyone and never see anyone that you love again. You still have your brother and your mother and all your friends to keep in contact with and you will not be able to see them." Sheridan knows that her mother would love to see her go and get away from her father, so she would be happy with this. Chris is like her mother she finds. He has stood up to Alistair as well. Luis was like Chris but loving her is what caused Luis to die eventually. Sheridan does blame herself for his dying. That is why she would like to go with Chris now. Chris will not have her live in that kind of fear. “For all that you know the man that ran James over is connected to the mob. Sheridan only sees that she has lost Luis and her baby and she has to leave now before Alistair takes someone else that she loves. Chris wishes that he didn’t love her but he does. “I can’t put you in this kind of danger. I can’t," Chris says.

Rebecca and Gwen talk while Theresa stands by.

Ivy and Pilar arrive and they hear how Theresa poisoned Ethan. Ivy and Pilar turn to her. This can’t be true. She loves him. Theresa said it was an accident and that she never meant for this to happen.

Eve arrives and says that Ethan is stable and not breathing on his own right now. Eve says that she has no news for how the future will go. Ethan could go for a very long time without the ability to hear, see or speak. Ivy can’t understand how Theresa could do this to Ethan. Rebecca says that Theresa is crazy and that is why she did this. Ivy asks Gwen if this is true. Gwen confirms that it is in fact true and Ethan could die from what Theresa did.

Kay comes in asking if Fox wants to take a coffee break. He doesn’t. She offers to help him with a couple of things but the things that she was going to help him with he has already done. She decides that she is going to leave but he calls her back to stay.

Valerie is outside the door listening to the couple talk. She smells trouble.

Fox tells Kay that he has been busy and he really is sorry for that. She says that she understands his frustration especially now that Alistair has tacked more tasks onto the competition.

Kay leaves the office.

Valerie comes out of hiding and follows Kay down the hall.

Tabitha is keeping tabs on Kay’s life using the big blue pot. “Love is for losers."

Valerie goes to Chad and tells him that that things are going well for them. “Fox has sent Kay home. He wants to work on the first phase of the project alone. I will work on Kay’s insecurities and that will break them down."

Ivy is upset with Theresa when she learns exactly what she did. “You have done nothing but work your way into Ethan’s life ever since we first met you. You have tried time and time again because of your obsession with Ethan to drive a wedge into his relationships so that you can be with him. I even lost my grandchild because of you," Ivy says. Ivy believes that Theresa would do this selfishly and that it wasn’t an accident at all. She tells Theresa that this is the last time that her son will be hurt by her. “If my son is unable to enjoy his life and be a father and a husband… My God! I will make you pay some way. I swear! I will make you pay!"

Rebecca stands by listening and smiling. “You tell her Ivy."

Tabitha hears someone coming so she hides the big blue pot.

Kay enters the house dragging her purse. She can tell right away that Tabitha has been spying on her with the bowl. Tabitha says that she has a right to look in on her spell after all the trouble it has taken her to cast it. Kay hates this stupid spell. She really thought that her love was stronger than this stupid magic. Tabitha says that she is sorry that Fox dismissed her so rudely at the office. Kay decides that she will call him and see how he is doing.

She calls the office and is told that Fox is unavailable. Kay sadly hangs up the phone.

She tells Tabitha that Fox would have taken the call if he knew that Kay had been calling him.

She calls Fox’s cell phone instead so that he will see her number, but the line is busy.

Tabitha wasn’t lying when she told Kay how the spell was going to work. Fox is getting busier and busier and forgetting about Kay. She has to wonder now if love really does conquer all.

Valerie arrives at the boardroom where Fox already is. When asked she is told that Kay has gone ahead home.

Chad arrives asking Valerie to help him with something to do with his presentation.

Chad suddenly notices that Fox is alone and he asks Fox where Kay is. Fox mumbles and tells that she is at home taking care of something.

Alistair arrives with an associate for the competition to help him judge who the winner should be. He learns that Kay is not going to be at the meeting. Fox gets ready to do his presentation first.

Chris reminds Sheridan that Maureen had to get away from him with their child to be safe. Chris couldn’t bear anything happening to Sheridan while she was with him. He can’t guarantee her safety. He has a question for her. “Have you fallen in love with me as well Sheridan?"

Ivy finds this to be Theresa’s most despicable act. “Do you deny that you poisoned Ethan? Do you deny that you stole embryos?" Pilar starts defending Theresa but Ivy tells her to forget it. Her son could die. Theresa says that she doesn’t want Ethan to die. Ivy finds that things always happen according to what Theresa wants and needs. Ivy asks why Theresa is never the one that is unable to live out her life or suffer. “Pilar! Your daughter is a crazy murderous bitch! If you go near my son again Theresa, I will kill you," Ivy says. Eve tells everyone that this is not helping. Ivy asks why Theresa hasn’t been arrested. Pilar asks her daughter to tell that she didn’t do this but Theresa will not lie now.

Rebecca brings Eve aside and tells her that she knows how Theresa got the pills to poison Ethan. “You gave them to her." Rebecca feels that Theresa should go to jail right now.

Chris wants an answer to his question, but then he takes it back. He will not force Sheridan to answer it. That would be unfair at this time. He wishes that he could have had time to romance her and win her over properly but he has no time. She is glad that she knows how he feels about her now. Now that Chris has lost Maureen though, he feels that telling someone how he feels is important as you can lose that person at any time. “I can’t lose you to this kind of danger Sheridan, so I will have to go alone and leave you safe."

Ivy and Gwen are at Ethan’s bedside and they talk to him telling him how much they love him and need him to come back to them. They rub his chest and arms, smiling down at him as they talk They can’t lose him. “God please don’t take him." Gwen knows that God can bring him back. “He has so much to live for. He has a daughter who needs him. Please. You have taken so much from us already. Please let him live," Gwen begs.

Eve rushes off after answering an emergency page.

Pilar wants Theresa to come with her and go home but Theresa will not leave. She wants to see Ethan before she goes. Pilar knows that Theresa must be mistaken when she says that she poisoned Ethan and so she asks for a better explanation. Theresa says that it was a mistake. “I didn’t try to kill Ethan mama. I tried to kill Alistair. I put the drops in the guacamole and Ethan ate it. Alistair is a monster mama and I couldn’t take it being his whore anymore." She cries. Pilar says that it is God’s place to decide who lives and dies. Theresa really found this was the only way out so she had to try it. Pilar finds that every time her daughter does something worst than that last time. “Leave him Teresita. Leave Alistair." Theresa can’t. “This is the only way out for me. Alistair has to die. I have to keep my kids." Pilar questions how she raised a child who would do anything to win no matter what the consequences. Pilar tried so hard all of Theresa’s life to raise her right. Pilar is so afraid for her daughter and what is to become of her. “I am so afraid of what is going to happen now."

Rebecca arrives with a cop and she points at Theresa. Theresa and Pilar look up at the officer and Rebecca. “There she is officer. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane! There she is. I want you to arrest her. Come on." Rebecca drags the officer by the arm to Theresa and her mother.

Kay is pacing the floor wondering about Fox and her troubles. She is having a hard time living with this. Tabitha reminds her that she has a beautiful little daughter to worry about.

Fox walks in the house and Kay rushes to him. “What are you doing here? You lost didn’t you? Don’t worry as I know that there will be a next time," Kay says trying to make him feel better. Fox tells her that in fact, he won and Chad is out. Kay smiles when she hears that. He tells Kay that they will be going to dinner on Alistair’s tab at the Seascape that night. Tabitha agrees to baby-sit.

Chad is licking his wounds from the sound beating that Fox gave them in the boardroom. Valerie reminds him that this is the first phase. Chad knows that there will be other chances but unlike Fox, Chad wants to play fair and not manipulate the situation. Valerie says that they have to play dirty to win next time. “I know that I am right. We can beat them and I know that the key to doing that is to get at Kay."

Alistair is hiding behind a door listening to Chad and Valerie discuss what happened to them at the presentation and how they are going to win the next time. His eyebrow goes up.

Chad needs to regroup and get ready for the next phase. He needs some time to be alone and consider what needs to be done the next time. Finally, Valerie gets Chad to agree to play a little nasty next time. He and Valerie will be working all night. They will do whatever it takes to beat Fox.

Valerie leaves the boardroom and finds Alistair standing there. He tells her that he is impressed with her determination to do whatever it takes to win. He has been listening in on her conversation with Chad and he liked what he heard her say. She moves up to him seductively and assures him that she will do whatever it takes to win. He then assures her that she will go very, very far.

Fox and Kay discuss the win and Fox assures her that he couldn’t have done this without her and so they need to celebrate. That makes her so happy. She hugs him. Even Tabitha can’t help but wonder how Fox manages to be sweet and caring when this spell causes just the opposite.

Kay runs off to get dressed for the evening ahead, and Fox goes to Endora and grabs her off the couch and dances with her around the room.

Tabitha sees that something is very wrong here. Fox is acting like he used to before the spell was cast. “Is Endora trying to reverse my plan?"

Sheridan holds Chris’s hands against her face in a gesture of endearment. She assures him that she could be a mother to James and Maureen wanted that. Chris can’t let her cut herself off from everything and everyone that she has known for a life of danger. “What if Marty is found Sheridan? They will never be able to contact you to tell you. I can’t rob you of that chance." Sheridan would stay if there was even the remote possibility that Marty would return but she really doesn’t believe that she will see him again.

Rebecca demands that Theresa be arrested.

Gwen and Ivy come over and hear that Rebecca is trying to turn the wheels of justice on her own. Gwen confirms what Rebecca is saying to the officer. The other policeman didn’t think that there was anything that could be done to Theresa when they first got to the hospital but Rebecca says that time has past and things are looking increasingly like Theresa committed a crime here. The officer turns to Eve as the authoritative figure who can tell him what he needs to know. “What is the condition of the patient in there doctor?" the officer asks. Eve says that Ethan is critical and he may be brain dead. “He is suffering from unintentional poisoning it seems." The officer tells that he will need Theresa to come down to the station for questioning at least. There is definitely something here worth looking at now. Theresa wants to stay at the hospital but the officer will place her under arrest if she will not come willingly. Theresa will not leave she says. The officer was a friend of Luis’s and he offers his condolences to Pilar, but he has to take Theresa in and look at this a little more closely. The officer gives Theresa her rights and cuffs her. Pilar begs for the officer to stop this but he will not. He has enough on Theresa to bring her in. Rebecca smiles coyly.

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