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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Paloma is out on the waterfront waiting for her friend. “What if he has been caught?"

Roberto sneaks up behind Paloma scaring her half to death.

They are up to no good and they could go to jail if they are caught. Paloma gets the pills out.

“Hey You!" Paloma and Roberto turn to find a police officer behind them.

Paloma drops the pills.

Jessica is upset. Simone is just like Spike to her. “She only wants my body."

Simone is angry with her mother for telling her secret. Now everyone knows it.

Noah tries to get Fancy to try with him again. She is reluctant.

At the hospital, there is fighting. Ethan could die. Gwen promises that if Ethan dies, she will have Theresa put away for the rest of her life or worse.

Sam and Ivy hope for the best with Noah and Fancy. Sam leaves the kitchen as Ivy continues to watch the couple in the yard.

Ivy hopes that Noah can persuade Fancy to go back with him.

Noah asks Fancy to talk to him. “I know that things are not always easy between us. But when things are good between us, there is nothing like it. When I said that our love meant something, that gift meant something… I meant it. Can we sit and talk about this? I am not ready to give up on you yet. Let’s save our love before it is too late."

The officer walks over to Paloma and Roberto and he picks up the pill bottle that Paloma has dropped.

Sheridan has decided that she wants to go into the Witness Protection Program with James and Chris. She will give up everything.

A nurse asks Gwen to keep it down. “Control yourself or you will have to wait outside."

Rebecca asks a cop to throw the cuffs on Theresa and take her away. He has another case to work on and it isn’t time for an arrest if there is going to be one.

Gwen moves to Theresa to make a citizen’s arrest, but Julian stops her. Theresa would like to see Ethan but Gwen will only let her in after her body is dead and cold.

Julian takes Theresa away to a corner to get details about what happened. Theresa knows that she is to blame. “I did poison the avocado but Ethan wasn’t supposed to have eaten it." Julian tells Theresa to shut her mouth. “And Gwen is Ethan’s wife and she is the one that belongs by Ethan’s side. This will make matters worse for you Theresa." She can’t leave, she just can’t.

Theresa walks down the hall. “What if I have killed him?"

Rebecca comes over to Julian. “Don’t you remember how you used to love gossip? Theresa didn’t poison Ethan all on her own. It seems that Eve is to blame as well. This time, I am going to make you pay and pay and pay.

Eve tells her daughter that she is sorry that TC found out about her being a lesbian. She was just looking at gay websites trying to get information and then TC came in. Simone says that she was hugging Jessica and then TC barged in and accused her of taking advantage of Jessica. “She is my friend. I don’t want to seduce her but after she heard daddy, she got all upset too. She says that I am a liar." Eve promises to talk to TC about this. Simone feels like an evil lesbian vampire and that isn’t fair. “How could my own father say such awful things to me?" Jessica was just getting to trust Simone and now they may never get to be friends again.

Jessica is angry with Simone. “You are like everyone else. You just want to use me for sex. Is that all I am good for?" She is alone in her room venting.

Jessica goes to her side table and gets out her knife. She pulls up her sleeves and finds a good spot. She starts cutting herself with the knife.

Sam comes to the room. “Jessica!" He rushes to the bed and grabs the knife from her. “What are you doing to yourself?"

Noah begs Fancy to say something about getting back together.

She remembers what he said in the coffee shop about all the women in Harmony being big fat zeros. She knows that he had to have been talking about her as well.

She steps away from Noah telling him that she will not get back with him. She just isn’t interested in that anymore she says,

The officer sees Paloma’s name on the pill bottle and he recognizes her as Luis’s sister. ‘Lopez-Fitzgerald,’ he says. He gives his condolences and leaves.

Paloma and Roberto thank their lucky stars that they didn’t just get busted. Roberto tells Paloma that they will have to give this up soon. She knows that. They are smugglers and are bound to be caught sooner or later.

Once alone, Paloma wonders how she got into this mess in the first place. How did she become a drug smuggler?

Rebecca says that she realized that Theresa had gotten her hand on a controlled substance and eventually it occurred to her that Eve was the one that gave Theresa the pills. Rebecca tells Julian to start praying that nothing happens to Ethan. Eve will be an accessory to the crime and this time she surely will go to jail for a long time.

Medical staff go rushing into Ethan’s room.

Ethan is going critical. They have to get Eve.

Gwen can’t get an explanation right now for what is happening to her husband. The staff have to hustle. She will have to wait.

Eve is upset that Simone has been hurt by her father’s actions. Simone wants to go for a walk with her mother.

The pager goes off. Eve answers and learns that she has to go. “There is a little boy in ICU and Ethan is in danger. We will talk soon. You are not dying right now."

Eve arrives at Ethan’s room. Theresa is there too. Gwen kicks her out of the room. Theresa and Gwen stay near the doorway. The heart monitor goes flat and shrieks. “We are losing him," one of the specialists say.

Fancy will not make the same mistake twice. The relationship is dead in the water. He accepts what she tells him. He will not force her then. He walks off.

She follows him into the house.

She finds her mother in the kitchen. Ivy demands to know what went wrong. Fancy says that she and Noah are not a good couple. She soon figures out that her mother and Sam were the ones that set this up. Ivy says that she only wanted to make sure that she didn’t do anything that she will regret. Fancy says that she will not regret this. “If I do need love advice though I will tell you that I wouldn’t go to a woman who is in love with a man who loves another woman."

Jessica tells her father what happened with Simone and how she was lied to all along. “Sometimes I wish that mom was still here. Don’t you?" She cries. Sam kisses her head. “Yes. I wish sometimes that Grace were here."

Paloma is at the waterfront alone.

Simone shows up. Paloma calls her. Simone is in a rotten mood. “Jessica hated me after she found out my secret." Paloma can't believe that Jessica would turn her back on her friend who saved her from prison. “What is the secret?" Simone says that she is gay.

Chris tells Sheridan that she is making a huge decision here. She might even have to get plastic surgery to hide that pretty face of hers. Chris tells her ‘no’. He will not let her come into the program with he and his son.

Ethan is flatlining. He doesn’t respond to anything.

Julian, Gwen and Rebecca enter the room hoping for the best and waiting. Theresa watches from outside as the medics work on Ethan.

Ethan goes into seizures and bounces around the bed like a floppy doll. The staff try to hold him still.

Ivy finds her daughter cruel in the way that she talks to her mother. Fancy tells her mother that Noah and Fancy are over and done with and the dream couple will never be. “Leave me alone mother."

Ivy walks off. “If that is what you want." Fancy is angry. “Damn you Noah for making me love you."

Jessica remembers the kind of family that they used to be. They were like the family on the cereal box. “We were all so normal. I felt safe. I don’t know what happened but everything went bad." Sam wants her to relieve her mother of the blame. Jessica misses her mommy.

Ivy listens at the door of Jessica’s room.

She hears Sam say that he misses Grace everyday and wishes that she were still there.

Ethan is having a terrible time.

The friends and family are pushed out of the room so that the staff can do their work. Theresa is a mess.

Rebecca whispers to Julian that if Ethan dies Eve will go to prison. Julian tells her to shut up.

The shrieking machine stops its shrieking.

Gwen demands to know what is going on.

A nurse comes running out of the room. She runs past Gwen and the others.

Eve comes out of the room and just stands. Theresa comes over to her. “It is over isn’t it Eve? Ethan is dead."

Simone tells Paloma everything. Paloma doesn't care that Simone is a lesbian. She has another thought. “Are you attracted to me?" Simone says that she isn’t. Paloma pretends to be angry. “What is wrong with me? Look at my body!" They girls laugh. Paloma finds this to be a small deal “Everyone is too focused on what is going on in the bedroom. Tell me, do you think about this. Jessica isn’t thinking straight. She has big problems and her head isn’t screwed on too tight. Maybe next time you see Jessica, she will be say she is sorry. Look at her. Her family broke apart. Your family has been through a lot too. Your mother was up for attempted murder and your sister wants to be a nun… What I am saying is, are you are sure that you are gay? Maybe you are just acting out." Simone says that she is sure that she is gay. Paloma wants to know about the girl in her life. Simone laughs. She has no one. On a serious tip. Simone has something that she wants to say. “Jessica woke up in bed next to another murdered john."

Ivy sees that Sam will never stop loving Grace no matter what she does. “Jessica was right."

Ivy leaves the hallway.

Sam and Jessica talk. The next day they will go over and see the counselor and get her some help. There are other troubled girls there. Jessica promises to do this for her father. He tucks her into bed now. Sam turns off her light, and then leans over her. “I promise you that I will never leave you and I will always be there for you always."

Sam leaves the room and hopes that he can get through to Jessica. “I have to save my little girl."

In her room, Jessica gets up when she thinks that her father has gone. “Sorry daddy. Things change. We are not going to be happy family again." She packs her things and gets her coat. “If you are smart dad, you will forget all about me. I have to go." Jessica throws her things out the window and then climbs out behind them.

Sheridan loves James and will do anything for him. Chris begs her not to make this more difficult than it already is. He is trying to protect her but she says that she doesn't need protection. Chris wants her safe. Chris tells Sheridan that he loves her.

Eve tells that Ethan isn’t dead but his condition is very serious. His heart and brain has been affected.

The nurse returns with the medication that Eve asked for and hands it to her. Eve will get working right away.

Rebecca goes to Eve and tells her that she knows that she was the one that gave Theresa the medication.

Julian comes up and drags Rebecca off.

Eve reenters Ethan’s room.

Julian tells Rebecca that she had better stop trying to upset him and Eve. “I will never be with you, now get used to that."

Eve talks with the other doctor on staff about Ethan’s condition. There is a concern about the medication. They have to run a test to see how the medicine will affect Ethan. They will hope for the best, but if they are wrong, Ethan will never be the same again.

Ethan is on the bed unmoving. His eyes slowly open staring at the ceiling. They are glassy and he doesn’t blink

Sam asks Ivy about Noah and Fancy. Ivy says that it might be all over for the kids. That is a shame. Ivy says that she has no idea what happened. Fancy wouldn’t say.

Paloma feels that maybe Jessica is killing johns. One mistake she can understand but two dead men? Something is wrong with those odds. Simone doesn’t believe that Jessica killed anyone.

Jessica comes walking along the waterfront. Simone greets her friend. “Jessica how are you?" Jessica pushes her away. “Never come near me again. I hate you."

Chris declares his love for Sheridan.

Rebecca hates Eve because she stole Julian from her and now she will have to pay.

Gwen worries that she is about to lose her husband. Rebecca tells her to relax. “We are both going to get our dreams Gwen."

Theresa is alone and she hangs her head and prays. “Save him God! Save him! Please! I never meant to hurt him."

The nurses come out of Ethan’s room.

Theresa tries to eavesdrop.

She hears the nurses talking about Ethan’s treatment and that fact that he could die right now.

Theresa cries alone.

In Ethan’s room, he is being attended to by Eve and the other doctor on staff.

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