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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Simone and Jessica try to figure a way out of Jessica’s problems that will cause the least trouble. They consider killing Spike but Jessica can’t do that.

Jessica tells Simone that she loves her friend for standing by her.

TC is at the top of the stairs.

He hears Simone telling Jessica that she loves her.

He goes into the room and sees Simone hugging Jessica. “Stop that! Get your hands off her! I know about your secret. Shame on you for trying this on Jessica. My daughter is a lesbian Jessica."

Ivy and Sam and giving stuff out for Halloween. It used to be a big deal in the house but that was a long time ago. Jessica is home now. She says that she is there to stay but Sam isn’t sure that he can trust her. Jessica says that she has no idea what is going on with the second murder. Sam and Ivy look out the window. “There is no way that they can avoid each other now," Sam says as he watches Noah and Fancy in the yard. Noah and Fancy are completely mismatched or so Sam thought. They seem to be doing well and then everything went south. They were getting along pretty good. Maybe they will get over their spat.

Fancy has come to the Bennett house. She is there to see her mother. She is harsh with Noah. He notices.

She remembers what he said in the coffeehouse. He was on the phone and he told a friend that he hadn’t met anyone of interest to him in Harmony. Noah has no idea that she overheard his conversation.

Chris and Sheridan stand by and watch as Eve tries to save James.

They pray aloud for his survival.

Chris and Sheridan are asked to please leave the area so that they can work on the boy.

Rebecca promises that things will be great if only they let Theresa kill Alistair. She will play right into their hands.

Theresa tries to wake Ethan but he is not moving. Theresa tells Alistair that Ethan ate the guacamole and now he is going to die. Alistair sees that Theresa has tried to kill him but instead has gotten to the love of her life instead.

Sam and Ivy remember the good times. They were truly happy once, but then Ivy made the biggest mistake of her life. Sam and Ivy decide that they are going to give Noah and Fancy the benefit of their experience and see if they want to patch things up.

Noah and Fancy decide to avoid each other and so one will go in the front door and one will go in the back.

Sam and Ivy decide that they will each talk to one of the kids when they come in.

Fancy comes in the back door and finds her mother waiting for her.

TC tells Jessica that it is best that she knows now what Simone is all about than later. Simone didn’t know how to tell her friend the truth about herself. TC is disappointed in his daughter. “We are going to call Father Lonnigan and have him get rid of this thing." Simone says that she wasn’t trying to come on to Jessica. TC finds her to be a predator. Simone denies that. Jessica is just getting it. “You are gay? How could you Simone? I don’t know what to believe right now. Maybe this is why you have been acting like my friend all along."

James has a heartbeat. Chris and Sheridan hug each other now.

Chris and Sheridan leave the area.

Eve comes to be with them. She will watch over the boy. Later they will have more news.

Sheridan knows that this is her fault. Chris feels responsible. Sheridan worries that this has something to do with the guys that are after Chris. Chris says that just had to see her and be in Harmony again.

“You are coming with me!" Chris and Sheridan turn and find a strange man staring at them.

Rebecca and Gwen clink glasses. “Woo hoo! This is good." Soon we are going to have everything that we want. Gwen agrees not to tell Ethan about this and just let it ride.

Theresa shouts at Alistair to call the paramedics but he will not help with this. She looks over Ethan trying to figure out what to do.

Theresa runs to the phone to make the call herself. Alistair laughs at her. “I can hardly wait for the cops to get here. I am sure that this time Theresa you are going to get the chair."

Sam sees that he is not needed here and so he kisses Ivy and leaves the room. Fancy returns the earrings and refuses to keep them when her mother suggests that. Ivy thought that Fancy was going to patching things up with Noah but she is over him now.

Sam goes to Noah saying that he saw him in the yard with Fancy. He thought that they might be coming in the house together. “You are in love with her Noah."

The man has a gun and Chris and Sheridan are frightened. They freeze. Sheridan is sick of these men bullying other people. The man introduces himself as a federal agent. Agent Hall is not around to do the job this time. “Leaving the safe house was a very bad idea. The mob can easily find this place. I have to take care of you and the little boy. Say goodbye to the nice lady if you know what is good for you. "

Theresa is upset that the ambulance isn’t there yet. Alistair will not help by even looking out the window. Why should he help her save her lover?

Rebecca and Gwen get ready to pretend to be shocked that Alistair is dead. They peek in the room and see Theresa over the body.

They walk into the room and see Theresa working furtively to save Alistair. Rebecca pipes up. “Oh my God! It is Alistair! He is dead!"

Alistair comes up from behind the two ladies. “Sorry to disappoint you ladies but that is Ethan over there." Rebecca and Gwen jump!

Gwen immediately snaps out of it. “Oh my God!" she shouts.

Theresa continues to work on Ethan trying to revive him her own way until the ambulance arrives to do their jobs. Rebecca and Gwen just stare at the sight.

Ivy thinks that Fancy is still smitten by Noah. She will not talk about him. That is her last word on the subject. “When did you become the queen of fix up? I hate him and he hates me." Ivy just thought that Noah and Fancy were too different but that could be wrong. Fancy thinks that she was right in the beginning. Ivy sees something blossoming between the kids. Sam has seen it too. Fancy is surprised and slightly pleased to hear that. Sam and Ivy learned the hard way what happens when you try to fight off your own happiness. You can’t throw everything away. Fancy feels that he has no use for her anyway.

Noah admits that Fancy is still under his skin. “One moment I am thinking that somehow I ended up with the girl that I wanted all my life and then the next moment there is living proof that she really is Alistair’s daughter. She is out of bounds for me in every way." Sam worries that Noah might be missing out on the girl of his dreams. “If you love her, then it is not too late to fix things. Open up and tell her why you were so upset about the job with Alistair. This was all about Alistair and your feelings for Fancy are separate. You will not look like a wuss. Tell her and if it doesn't work then so be it. Go talk to her right now. You might not get another chance."

Jessica hates that Simone didn’t tell the truth about her lesbianism. Simone denies that she was coming on to her friend. TC says that Simone was in a relationship before but then she broke it off which he finds very suspicious. Simone says that she was only at the house to support her friend and not come on to her. TC wants Simone to come home with him now so they can talk this out.

Simone and Jessica whisper. Simone reminds Jessica that she has been helping her with her problems.

TC gets suspicious that Simone is still trying to pull the wool over his eyes by whispering to Jessica and trying to woo her. Simone sees her father as twisted. Simone feels that Jessica should believe her even if her father doesn’t. Simone isn’t a criminal. She didn’t tell Jessica about her life because of this. Jessica doesn’t care that she likes girls more than guys but she does care that the secret was kept and it makes her wonder why. “Please leave."

Eve tells the nurse that James is still very ill and will not be able to travel if there are plans for him to.

Chris argue with the agent about leaving town now. He can’t and won’t do it.

The police arrive to talk to Chris. They go to get coffee so that the agent can talk to Chris.

Sheridan stays but the agent wants her gone too. Sheridan walks off slowly.

She overhears when the agent tells Chris that he knows that the only reason that there has been a return to Harmony is because of Sheridan.

Gwen throws Theresa off Ethan.

The paramedics come in. Alistair says that he knows what got Ethan sick. He points to the guacamole. Theresa tells what drug was in the guacamole. The paramedics get to work. Gwen makes a promise to Theresa that she will be killed if anything happens to Ethan.

Ethan is on the stretcher now. Alistair loves this. Gwen is upset. Rebecca calls Theresa a murdering whore.

The stretcher leaves the room but Theresa is not allowed to go with them. She can find her own way.

Alistair tells Theresa that if she is going to the hospital she will have to change. “Don’t go to the hospital to pine over Ethan in that teddy that I bought you. How are you going to worm out of trying to kill me, and ending up trying to kill your darling."

Fancy says that she will have to change her focus to get the right kind of man for her to have a relationship. Ivy knows that there isn’t just any man that is going to make Fancy feel the way that Noah Bennett makes her feel.

Fancy thinks back to their date on the beach…

…Those smoldering kisses…

…Staring into those eyes…

Sam is careful to warn that Noah will be sorry if he misses the girl of his dreams.

Sheridan listens from around the corner as Chris tells the agent that he had to return to Harmony. “I couldn’t stay away from her even one more day."

Eve comes to talk to Chris about James. Eve has no time frame as to when James will be fine to travel.

Eve’s pager goes off and she rushes off to check it.

The agent tells Chris that if he really cares for Sheridan then the best thing that he can do for her is to get out of her life fast.

Sheridan overhears everything.

Noah will give it another try with Fancy. He decides to wait for Fancy outside to talk about them having another try.

Fancy would like to give things another try but she just feels that Noah will not give her another try. She leaves the house now.

Sam comes into the kitchen and he and Ivy compare notes. Ivy is sad that Fancy will not see things through, but Sam is happy that Noah will try.

Sam goes to the window and sees that Noah is there. “He wants to give it another shot."

Fancy sees Noah in the yard. “Are you stalking me?" He wasn’t. He was hoping to see her again.

Jessica wants Simone out of the house. Simone feels so misunderstood. “Daddy. I wasn’t doing what you think that I was. You will see. You will see."

Theresa comes rushing down the stairs to leave to go to the hospital.

Alistair is at the door. “Drive carefully Theresa. I wouldn’t want you to kill anyone else on your way to the hospital."

Theresa goes running out as Alistair laughs at her.

Ethan is in the hospital now. When Eve hears the name of the drug that Ethan is ill from, she thinks back.

That was the same drug that she gave Theresa for Alistair.

Eve rushes Ethan into the other room to work on him.

Rebecca has picked up something. “Did you see Eve’s face?" Rebecca asks Gwen. “She knows something about this drug. Did you see her face when she heard the name of the drug?" I am not going to let her get away with this.

Eve gets off the phone. Her eyes lock with Rebecca’s for a moment. She knows that Rebecca is sneaky and would love to catch her in this. Then Rebecca is gone.***

Fancy asks Noah what it is that he wants from her. He would like to talk about their future.

TC comes into Jessica’s room and apologizes for Simone. “I didn’t know that Simone was into that sort of thing." It isn’t what Simone prefers that bothers her but that she kept that secret. She was afraid that she would be rejected TC feels. “Now you know better. Can I send your father up?" Jessica will go down and see her father later.

TC leaves and Jessica looks at the framed picture of herself and Simone in her hand. She whips the picture at the wall. “Why is it that everyone that I care for betrays me?"

Eve is on the phone trying to find an antidote for the drug.

The door to Eve’s office opens and Simone comes rushing to her mother. “Thankyou!" SLAP! Simone hits her mother in the face. “Now everyone knows that I am gay."

The agent and Chris argue. Chris wants to stay but the agent insists that he go.

Sheridan comes out of hiding. She has heard everything. “The answer is simple. I will go with you James into the Witness Protection Program”

The hospital works on Ethan. Gwen can’t tear herself away. Rebecca comes to drag her off the man’s unconscious body.

Theresa is outside. Rebecca points at Theresa. “Arrest her! Arrest her!" Gwen and Rebecca shout pointing at Theresa.

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