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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chris calls for an ambulance.

The driver doesn't realize that he has hit a child with his car. Sheridan tells the man that he hit a child. When the man tries to make a run for it, Sheridan slugs him in the face. “Bastard!"

Ethan is not happy after having been at the funeral. He goes up to bed sadly.

Rebecca comes to get Gwen before she heads upstairs. She tells Gwen that Theresa poisoned the guacamole. Rebecca finds that hilarious. Gwen feels that she should tell Alistair and call an ambulance. Rebecca tells her not to do anything about this. They are going to get everything that they want now.

Alistair and Theresa are in the study. Theresa waits hoping that this will be the night that he dies.

Alistair is on the phone doing business.

Theresa points to the guacamole to get him over to eat with her on the couch.

When he is dead, she will visit his grave once a week to spit on it, but first she has to get him dead.

Theresa scoops up some guacamole and points again to get him off the phone.

Alistair puts his call on hold and orders Theresa upstairs to put on the teddy that he bought for her.

Eve tries to work but all that she can think about is Simone and how she must be struggling to deal with her lesbianism. Eve decides to email her daughter some information on support groups so that they can help her with her lifestyle.

Eve types and finds thousands of groups that Simone can join. “There are fireman, Eskimos… Parents of Gay and Lesbian Children There is even a chat room to join. She will contact them to get more information for Simone”.

Eve types in an introductory message but doesn't get to finish it.

The door opens. It is TC. “We need to talk Eve."

Eve closes the monitor quickly so that TC doesn't find out what she is looking at on the computer.

Simone hides in Jessica’s closet as Jessica talks with her dad in the room.

Sam tells Jessica that another man has been found dead like the first one. Sam asks Jessica if she has anything to do with this. Jessica denies that she did this. He can’t help it. “I am not blind. Look at what you have done to yourself. Do you realize how scared I am for you? I would always see things from your point of view. If this john hurt you, I would help show that you were trying to defend yourself. The judge would understand and so would a jury. It would be self-defense. If something like that happened, you would tell me wouldn’t you?"

Simone hopes that Jessica keeps her mouth shut.

Sam swears that he would protect his daughter. “I love you." Jessica tells that earlier that day… She stops abruptly.

Jessica looks over her father’s shoulder and sees that Simone is waving at her from behind the bedroom door to make her stop her confession.

TC is sorry to disturb Eve but she is happy to see him. TC had to miss Luis’s funeral but one of the wrestlers on the team was on steroids and that kid is going to lose everything now that he has been found out. Eve tells how the funeral was terrible and Sheridan and Alistair threw insults at each other. Then Chris knocked Alistair down. Then they all went to Pilar’s for lunch. Eve was at the funeral with Julian which saddens TC. “Every time that I turn around I see you with Julian. Does that mean that you have chosen him over me?" Eve says that is her decision. “I am going to marry Julian. I never meant to hurt you but now I can’t deny what my heart is telling me. Forget about me and grab some happiness for yourself." TC is only worried now about the girls. Whitney is at the convent and Simone is snappy. We should get together and talk to Simone and see what is bothering her."

A nurse comes to tell Eve that she is needed in the hospital.

Eve tells TC to wait for her in the office.

Once alone, TC goes to the computer. He wants to check his email. He turns off the screensaver. “A support group for Lesbians and Gays? What the hell is this?"

Sam tries to get Jessica to confess but she will not. Jessica snaps out of her fog. “I have nothing to tell you daddy."

Ethan comes over to Rebecca and Gwen and sees that Rebecca is acting funny. She must be up to something he thinks. “I am looking for a book." Rebecca hopes that he isn’t going to go into the library. Ethan wants to know why. Rebecca says that Alistair is in the library and doesn't want to be disturbed. Ethan walks off.

Gwen wants to stop this murder but Rebecca will not let her.

Alistair is still on the phone doing business.

Theresa can’t wait any longer for this.

Alistair gets into a deep conversation now.

Theresa gets some guacamole and goes to Alistair with it but he will not take it. He leaves the room continuing his call.

Theresa tosses the guacamole back in the bowl.

The door opens and Ethan comes in. He is looking for a book. “I can’t find it. I want to look on the bookshelf. She tells Ethan that she would like to talk about them as a couple. He tells her that there is no ‘us’. We are married to other people. “How you have that man in your bed is a mystery to me. You should leave or you will be chained to that monster for the rest of your life."

The police arrive. Sheridan tells the officers that the man that she has punched out has hit the child and he is in danger of dying.

Ambulance attendants pick the child up off the street and put him safely on the stretcher. James will be taken to emergency. James is pushed away on a stretcher.

Sheridan can’t take this. “If anything happens to that child, I will die. I will just die!"

TC is wondering what Eve is doing looking at a Gay and Lesbian web site.

Eve returns to the office and TC confronts her. He feels that this is about Whitney. “First she has sex with her half-brother, she has a baby and now she is a lesbian?" Eve says that it is Simone who is gay.

Simone prays behind the door that Jessica will keep her mouth shut. They could both go to jail over this.

Jessica denies vehemently that she has killed anyone. Sam finds her behavior bizarre at the very least. Sam thinks that she has a psychological problem. She expected this from him. “If there is something wrong and you are having a breakdown, tell me what it is. Is Spike forcing you to do this?" Jessica denies that Spike has anything on her. She says that she has no idea why she does the things that he tells her to. Sam says that if he ever sees that kid, he will have to deal with him.

Ethan doesn't believe that Theresa was trapped. She signed a prenuptial. Her life could have been different. She had Julian’s baby and that changed everything. Then Gwen got pushed and Sarah was lost. At least Jane was born and that was one good thing that came out of this. Ethan admits that if all the terrible things in the past hadn’t happened they would be together right now. She assures him that it isn’t too late. She rushes to him and hugs him, as he rubs her back.

James is in the hospital now. Chris and Sheridan are told that they have to wait outside while James is getting worked on. Sheridan demands that Eve work on James but she is not around. The nurse is ordered to move. Sheridan is a Crane and demands it. The nurse rushes off to do as she is told.

Eve ends up telling TC that Simone told that she was a lesbian after the Tsunami. TC will not have his little girl sleeping with a woman. He will make sure of that. Eve sees that there is nothing that they can do to change this fact. Eve wants to support her daughter. TC can’t do this. “This is your fault Eve. You abandoned us and Simone is looking for mother love." Eve tells TC that he can’t believe the things that he is saying. TC only knows that Eve left and Simone flipped out.

A nurse comes in telling Eve that a little boy has been hit and she has to help him.

Eve tells TC that she is sorry that he had to find out this way.

TC will not accept this. “She is not gay."

Jessica asks her father to please stay away from Spike. She promises to stay away from Spike from now on. Sam is just glad to have her home. She says that she is tired now.

Sam leaves closing the door behind him.

Jessica listens to make sure that her father is gone. Simone comes out of hiding. Simone thought that she would die just now.

Ethan tells Theresa that they can’t waste their time thinking about what could have been. He pushes her of him and ends their hug. She is married and he is married and so they as a couple are finished. “How could you think that marrying Alistair was the right thing to do Theresa? That is what I can’t understand the most." Theresa did this for Ethan and Jane she says. She loves him and she asks him not to turn his back on her no matter what. He just wants her to consider escaping. “I will help you do it."

Alistair returns to the room. “I have finished with that call. Theresa! There is my hot darling…” Alistair puts his paws on Theresa as he kisses her which sickens Ethan to see.

Theresa slaps Alistair in the face for kissing and fondling her in front of Ethan the way that he has. He can’t wait to put the whip to her tonight while she wears that white teddy. Theresa reminds him that he hasn’t had his food yet. “Eat Alistair! Eat!" Alistair wants her upstairs now. “You have heard her moaning in pleasure with me? Right Ethan? Everyone else has heard it."

Theresa leaves the room quickly.

Alistair follows her laughing.

Sam asks where Jessica is. Noah hasn’t seen her for a while. Sam finds it funny that she is suddenly gone. Some of her things are gone as well. Sam can’t understand this. Noah feels that she had to have run out in the night. He didn’t see her leave.

Simone suddenly appears at the house. “I know where Jessica is Chief. I just saw her."

Kay finds Fox at work. She woke up and he was gone. She figured that he was at work. She has brought him coffee that he is glad to have. Fox has been working on the Singapore project and he has things going great. He knows that when Alistair arrives for their meeting he will be really impressed with what he has done. Kay knows that Alistair is going to love anything that Fox puts out. He has worked so hard, how can it not be a good deal? Fox thanks Kay for being supportive of his ideas and what he has been working on. He knows that he hasn’t had much time for her. He tells Kay that she is the best and then he is out the door to get a research book that he needs to continue his work. Kay is struck by how quickly he walks off and leaves her. With a final word of thanks for the coffee, he is gone.

After Fox is gone, Kay thinks on the idea of losing Fox’s love as Tabitha said she would because of this spell. She is sure that her love with Fox will withstand the spell and she will end up with him in the end.

Julian shows for work and finds Chad and Valerie together in the office. Chad explains that he is at work extra early as Alistair has a project for him that he needs to take over. That is all fine and dandy but Julian really wants to know about Whitney and if Chad has seen her lately. Chad hasn’t seen her since the wedding. She showed up to push Theresa out of marrying Alistair but that didn’t work. Chad knows that Whitney should be taking her vows soon. After that, he and Miles will not get to see her again. She will be locked away in the convent forever. Chad has been living day to day anyway, taking care of his son and working harder than ever to make a living and be a success. Chad is used to working hard. He has been working hard all his life. Julian suspects that Chad is struggling to keep his life the way that it is as the rest of the Cranes are, especially now that they have all been disinherited. Chad feels that he really hasn’t been affected by the disinheritance as he never had much money in his life anyway. He knows however, that the other Cranes must be really feeling it.

Fox enters the office and hears that Julian and Chad are discussing Alistair taking their money from them. He announces that he has no concerns about this. He is sure that he will be the one that takes over the company and runs it. He will be the one that will make Crane a success.

Alistair playfully greets his wife. Theresa hates when he is like that. Playing with him is like joking with a pitbull. He reaches for her but she orders him to leave her alone. He says that he can do what he wants with her. “That is in the prenuptial," he says. She can’t deny it he knows. She has never read the papers.

Fancy enters the room concerned about her grandfather and how he has been doing since the night before when Theresa apparently tried to kill him.

Fancy thinks that Theresa will try to kill her grandfather again some time. She doesn’t trust that woman. Alistair knows that Theresa will not do that again. She knows that there will be consequences he says.

Ethan and Gwen arrive in the room greeting all this fine morning.

Gwen sees Theresa and that dampens her mood somewhat. She tells Ethan that she has no idea how much longer she can go on living under the same roof with Theresa. Ethan tells Gwen to just ignore her. Gwen touches on the subject of Sheridan and how she must be this morning. Gwen was going to call her but she figured that Sheridan would be sleeping in. The only thing it seems that will make Sheridan feel better is to see Marty and Luis come in the door but unfortunately that is not going to happen.

Sheridan is sleeping and she dreams that her son is with her. That he is resting in the bed with her. “Oh Marty. I am so glad that you are here with me like this," Sheridan says.

She suddenly wakes and sees that Marty isn’t in the room with her. It is Chris and James with her. They are back in Harmony.

Chad finds Fox pretty cocky to walk into the room announcing that he will be the one that runs Crane in the end. Fox feels that way because he has more experience and knows more about the business. Chad knows that to be true but he has street smarts and that is what you need at times to make it in the business world. Chad knows what his value is with the company. Fox is glad as that to him is an admission that he is not as valuable as his brother is. Julian sees that the conversation here is getting out of hand and he will not allow that. They have to work together to be a success all the way around. Chad is trying to get along but he is afraid that he will be stabbed in the back. Fox is so confident in his abilities that he feels that he will not be stabbing anyone in the back to get what is so rightfully his. Julian wants this nonsense talk to stop. “No one is going to be stabbed in the back here. We will all work together to make Crane a success."

Kay shows up in the office smiling as she has found Fox and wants to talk to him. She has been looking everywhere for him. Fox blows her off. He can’t talk to her now. He is in the middle of something important.

Kay is apparently hurt and Valerie is quick to pick that up. “How are things going Kay?" Valerie asks. Kay says that things are fine. Valerie sees that things are not fine. “In case you haven’t noticed, Fox and Chad are fighting?"

Julian is playing mediator again for his boys. “Come on boys. Let’s work this out and work together. What do you say to that idea?" Julian suggests. Chad doesn't want any trouble. He needs this job. He has a son to support. He will cooperate. Fox too wants to get along and not have all this conflict all the time, so he will try to get along too. Julian is so happy to hear this. He will set up a lunch and he and the boys will come up with some ideas for the business, working as a team instead of individuals. Julian is quick to remind the boys that Alistair is watching and waiting for them to fail and they can’t let him see them like that.

Alistair tells his wife that there is a white teddy up I the room and that he wants her to wear it for him. He wants her to act virginal this night coming.

Fancy has a moment alone with Ethan and she tells him that Theresa tried to kill Alistair he night before. Ethan can’t believe that. Fancy must be seeing things. She assures him that she is not. She feels that Alistair is denying what happened so that no one will know about it but that is what Fancy saw. Theresa was trying to kill Alistair the night before. Ethan feels that Alistair would call the police had Theresa tried to do something like she is saying. His only explanation for what happened was that he and Theresa were involved in some type of sex thing. Ethan seriously considers what he has heard here. He knew that Theresa was unhappy but to try to kill Alistair is a lot to believe. Fancy had to tell Ethan as Alistair might be in some type of danger from all this still.

Sheridan realizes that she is with Chris and James and she is very embarrassed. Chris is sorry that she has been hurting by herself missing Luis and her child alone. He didn’t mean to startle her or confuse her about who was coming in the house just now. Sheridan realizes now that Luis really isn’t coming home and she is all alone in the world. She must have been dreaming about Luis and Marty just now. Chris is sorry to see her like this.

Alistair and Fancy discuss her plans for the day. She plans to go to Boston and do some shopping. Alistair assures her that she has use of her credit card again. He might have something else for her to do that day though. He has an office for her at Crane Industries. Fancy is told that she will be going to work for the family company. Alistair has it all figured out. He knows what her capabilities are and he is sure that the job that she will be doing is something that she definitely knows how to do. All she knows to do is shop and party. Can someone get paid for doing that? Apparently one can. Alistair will be putting her in charge of the fashion division of Crane. She will be running it and it only takes the talents that she has under her belt right now. She will be designing as well. She isn’t sure that she can do any of this. He is sure she can do it. She can choose nice things once they are already in front of her but he isn’t sure that she can come up with something new that others will like. Alistair reminds Fancy that she has been drawing from the time that she was a child and that is all that he needs from her to do this job. Alistair offers to take Fancy to Crane and show her around. First he wants her to go and change into something more appropriate for the office. He will meet her out front. He gives her 10 minutes to get ready to go.

Simone tells Sam how she saw Jessica with Spike the night before. Noah knows what that means and it saddens him. Simone tried her best to get Jessica to come with her but Jessica was acting funny. “She might have been on drugs”. Spike has a hold on her again. Simone remembers Spike saying something to Jessica that sounded like a threat. Noah wonders what the threat on Jessica could be about?

Simone thinks back to the night when she was with Jessica at the dead john’s room and she admitted that Spike was the one that gave her the knife that she had for protection. It had been the same knife that was used to kill the john that night. Simone is careful not to tell Sam this information. Maybe that is what Spike has on Jessica.

Julian, Fox and Chad all decide that they will do their best to work together and keep Alistair from ruining their working relationships. They will meet for lunch and discuss strategy later. Fox has to get back to work now, and he rushes off.

Kay calls out to Fox before he leaves the office but he doesn’t even hear her. Valerie notices.

Chad turns to Julian asking him if he could look at a file for a moment.

Valerie takes this moment to ask Kay how things are going with Fox. She says that things are fine, but Valerie can see that isn’t true. She says that Chad too can get pretty intense over things in the office sometimes. She tells Kay to hang in there and things will be fine.

After Kay leaves the office, Valerie tells herself that Kay is not going to be fine with things are over and done with at all.

Sheridan asks Chris what he is doing back in town with James. He has to get out of there as he is in danger and so is James. Chris had to return. He is sorry that he startled Sheridan by coming in mysteriously just now. She thought that he and James were Luis and Marty. Chris said that he had to return to her. He felt so bad for her and James really missed her. Sheridan know that Agent Hall is going to be upset with him for sure for running out on the Witness Protection Program again. Chris says that Agent Hall has no idea that Chris has run yet. He thinks that Chris and James are at a safe house secured away. Agent Hall is on his way back to Washington now. Sheridan knows that it is dangerous for Chris to be there but she is still glad to see him. She knows that she isn’t alright. She isn’t alright at all.

Alistair brings Fancy into the Crane building to show her around her new environment. Fancy is still unsure that she will be able to pull this off. Her grandfather however is sure that making Fancy a Fashion Icon is a great idea and that she can do it.

Valerie is the first to see Alistair and his granddaughter. “Hello!" Julian is curious as to what his daughter is doing there. Fancy tells her father that she will be working there from now on. Alistair confirms what Fancy says and then he orders everyone within earshot to get Fancy all the cooperation that she needs to do her new job in the company. Fancy learns that her new title will be Division Chief. She likes that.

Alistair takes Fancy to her new office. She loves it. He is glad to hear that. He wants her creative juices to flow so that she can make the business tons of money. She will do her very best for him and the company. Alistair will leave her alone now to enjoy her new space and he will see her later.

Sam wants to know what it is that Spike has on his daughter. Simone suggests that perhaps Spike has threatened to hurt the family somehow. Sam knows that could be a possibility but he really feels that this is about something else. Noah suggests that Alistair is the one that is orchestrating all this.

Simone had the thought too that Alistair was the one that was behind this happening to Jessica. She remembers telling Jessica that Alistair could have been the one that actually caused this to happen. Simone still doesn’t believe that Jessica killed a man in cold blood.

Noah points out all the things that Alistair has done to the family so far. He is bent on destruction. Sam knows that is true. There has to be a chance that this is something that Alistair has done. Sam entertains the idea that Alistair could do this. Look what he has done to his own daughter! Noah thinks back to Fancy and how he was horrified when he realized that she really thought that he could work for a man like that. Simone didn’t know that Noah was offered a job at Crane. Noah tells her about it. Simone finds that really strange seeing as how he hates Noah. Noah thinks that Alistair offered the job in the hopes that he wouldn't accept it and now that he hasn’t, Fancy has turned her back on him thinking that he was the unreasonable one.

Alistair enters an office and finds Chad and Julian together. He jokes that they are plotting against him and then he orders them to their desks to get some work done or they will be fired.

Chad talks privately to his father asking what it means to them now that Fancy is in the company as well. Is she going to be another hurdle that they are going to have to jump over as well? Julian doubts that Fancy will be a problem to Chad. He is her half-brother after all. Chad cares nothing about that. Fox is his half-brother and he fights with Chad every chance that he gets. Julian wants only positive thoughts between his boys. They promised him that. Chad will do his best. He only hopes that Fox really tries to do the same as well.

Kay comes over to see what Fox is doing. He is rereading his project for any errors being submitting it. Kay offers to help him with that. He wants to do this himself and he holds his papers to his chest to ensure that they don’t get away.

Alistair comes next into the office and asks Fox what it is that he wants. Fox explains that he has been working on the Singapore project and he would like to show it. Alistair had better like it or Fox will be sorry for disappointing him.

Ethan and Gwen greet Jane for the morning. Ethan and Gwen are having breakfast. Gwen offers to go and get the paper for Ethan to read this morning. She walks off with baby Jane to get it.

Ethan has a chance to talk to Theresa now. “I heard that you tried to kill Alistair last night. Is that true?" Theresa admits to trying to kill Alistair and what is more, she will keep trying to kill him until she succeeds.

Sheridan tells how she has been looking at the video diary that Luis left for her to see about how he tried to save their son from a life with Beth. Chris knows that must have been very difficult for her. It was. Chris knows of no way to make Sheridan feel better but Sheridan assures him that he has made her feel better just by bringing James to her to make her smile.

As if on cue, James wanders up to his father and Sheridan. He has something with him. It is Marty’s book. James found it. Sheridan explains how Luis found this book while looking for Marty and that is how he was sure that he was on the right trail to catch Beth. Chris feels that the book must be upsetting to Sheridan but she isn’t upset about it at all and offers to read the book to James right at that point. Sheridan takes the book and reads it to him as Chris watches on.

Sheridan is soon finished reading the book and James is very grateful for that. James is hungry now that he has had his story read to him. Chris will take him downstairs to eat something. Sheridan offers to make them breakfast. She doesn’t mind. Chris is quick to protest. He doesn’t want to put her to any trouble. She suspects that he would rather not eat her bad cooking. He smiles as he admits that might have something to do with it. They both laugh. Chris likes that she is finally smiling at him. It is the first time in a long time for her. Chris, James and Sheridan head downstairs so that Sheridan can make them something to eat.

Alistair has finished looking at the Singapore project and he likes it. He really does. Fox is relieved. He was worried what Alistair would think of the job that he did. Fox is ready to go ahead with the plans then. Alistair would like him to hold off for a moment. He wants someone else to have a look at the project. Fox is willing to work with someone else on the project if that is what Alistair wants. That is not what Alistair was intending to set up. He has something else in mind. Fox starts talking but stops abruptly.

Chad knocks on the door. Alistair tells that he decided that Chad should take a shot at the same task and so he wants to see what he has come up with as well. Chad enters the room hearing what Alistair did. He set the two brothers up against each other on the same project and neither brother is pleased about this. Julian is behind Chad and he is not happy with what his father has done. Alistair explains that what he has in mind is to look at both proposals and then choose the one that he likes most. That person will get promoted while the other will be looked down upon by the others who work at Crane. That loser will be known as someone that does inferior work.

Ethan wants to know what has gotten into Theresa. He is trying to disbelieve that she tried to kill Alistair. She tells him that she did try to kill Alistair and that she will keep trying until the bastard is dead. Ethan knows that although Alistair is old, he is strong. Ethan has a hard time seeing how Theresa could overpower Alistair enough to get a pillow over his face and hold it there. What did she do? Theresa admits that she got pills from Eve and gave them to Alistair. Theresa tells everything that happened. How she was to give Alistair one pill and then she decided to give him more and kill him. He would be dead right now had it not been for Fancy walking in. Doesn’t matter how Theresa dresses it up, it is murder. She feels that self defense is the right word for this. He rapes her every night and hurts her too. She feels that she had to do it. Ethan sees how this is going to end. It is going to somehow end up costing Theresa the rest of her life. She has to see that. Theresa has to admit that her son’s life is in danger but it is in danger now too. That is why she has to do this. Ethan will still help Theresa to escape if she wants to. Ethan wonders if Alistair really does want the best for Little Ethan after all. He is going to make the child a success in all aspects of his life. Theresa knows that even if Alistair cared about Little Ethan enough to make him a success, eventually he could become cold like Alistair and have no love in his life and Theresa really feels that is what we are all here for.

James, Chris and Sheridan are in the kitchen getting ready for Sheridan to make them all breakfast. Sheridan looks around to see what she has in the kitchen to make.

Julian is angry that his father is pushing Chad and Fox to fight and compete instead of work together. Alistair says that the only way that you can get true leadership is to have a winner, and not all this teamwork stuff. Alistair is angry that Julian tries to bully him into running the company his way. This is Alistair’s company and he will say how things go there.

Once alone, Julian tells his boys that he was right all along. Alistair has been trying to get between them all and get them fighting. He feels that the right move here is to all work on something together and all put their names on it. Chad is leery of that. Alistair is the boss here. Fox has no idea how they could work together while going against him and succeed at the same time. Chad feels that even working together he would come out on top. Fox feels the same about himself.

Kay hears what is going on with Fox and she knows that he will be fine… That he will win.

Kay also knows that Fox can’t lose as Tabitha’s spell is working for him too.

Julian thinks about the whole idea of working together and working apart and realizes that the men will be better off competing as they were going to before. Valerie says that at least one of them will get the prize, instead of everyone getting fired. Chad is looking forward to this. He is sure that his proposal is the one that will win out over Fox’s.

Sam has considered it and he is sure that Alistair has to be behind whatever is going on with Jessica. Noah thinks this too. Spike has to be in on it somehow. “What kind of slime ball does this?" Simone knows that a terrible person like Spike could do something like this easily.

Alistair comes to check on Fancy to see how she is doing. She says that she has a lot of ideas that are running through her head. She is going to develop a new line for the company. Alistair is glad to see that she is getting used to the idea of being Head of Fashion at Crane. “Honey," he asks. “Have you gotten any regrets about dumping Noah?" Fancy says that she is fine with being finished with Noah.

Ethan warns Theresa that he should be reporting that she is trying to kill her husband as he is an officer of the court. She doesn't care what he does. The bastard has to be killed and she will be the one to do it. Ethan wants her to think about her children for a change and what this will mean to them. How are they going to get along with their mother behind bars?

Sheridan is pleased as punch to be making scrambled eggs for her two favorite guys. She has a new recipe and she is dying to try it out on them. She will even make sausage. Chris can hardly wait. James wants to have pancakes as well. Sheridan will make him some then. She is happy to do it.

Noah and Sam discuss Spike and how he is ruining Jessica’s life. Noah would like to see the man dead. Sam wonders if he is talking about Alistair or Spike here.

Fancy assures her grandfather that she is fine without Noah. He is glad to hear that. He asks her to get the Jennings file from his office. He needs to have a look at it. She can do that for him.

Julian sees no way around it. His sons will have to compete for the Singapore project. Alistair has set it up that way and there is no way around that. Chad is up for the challenge. Fox knows that he can beat Chad at this. Julian reminds the boys that they have to work together and not try too hard to beat up on the other in the process. Julian has to get going now. He will be going to Luis’s funeral and he has things to do. He makes the boys shake hands on playing fair before leaving. Chad is ready for the challenge as is Fox.

Fox roughly orders Kay to get him some coffee. He will have to get down to work now if he plans to beat Chad soundly at this task.

Chad and Valerie see the way that Fox is treating Kay. Valerie whispers that she sees the way that Fox and Kay are relating and she finds that this situation can work to Chad’s advantage.

Ethan tells Theresa again that hurting her children is not the way to go. Killing Alistair will be hurting her children. Theresa feels that jeopardizing her future is worth getting Alistair away from her children. If she never sees them again at least she can live with the knowledge that she did her best to protect them. Theresa relives all the things that Alistair has put her family through. She sees this as the only answer to her problems. She has thought about this extensively. She needs to get ready for her brother’s funeral now. She can’t believe that for the second time she is burying a brother who has lost his life due to Alistair’s behavior. If she has to become Alistair’s executioner to stop him then she will do it.

Gwen finds Ethan and Theresa arguing and demands to know what is wrong. Ethan says that everything is just fine. She has the paper now and asks Ethan to come with her and read it. Ethan says that he will be along in a minute.

After Gwen is gone, Ethan remarks that Tabitha and Theresa’s eyes look so cold. He can see that she means what she says about killing Alistair.

Tabitha worries. She knows that if she and/or Endora set one foot inside that church, they will be over and done for. It is not good to mix good and evil.

Luis is on tape talking about who would be responsible if he is killed. “It would be Alistair Crane."

Sheridan knew that all along. She isn’t surprised to hear that her longtime love died at the hands of her evil father.

Jessica confesses to Simone that she actually killed 3 men and not 2. “The first one was killed and then Spike helped me get rid of the body. I might as well go to prison. Spike threatens to tell my father everything if don’t come back to him." Simone says that Spike can’t tell anything if he is dead.

Sam is downstairs thinking on how he can deal with Jessica and get her back to normal.

TC is looking for Simone. He wants to talk to her. Sam says that Simone is not there. Sam can see that his friend is having a bad day for some reason. TC wants to talk to Jessica to see if she knows where Simone is then. Sam lets the man in and TC heads up the stairs.

James isn’t doing too well in the ER.

Eve arrives. “Paddles! Now!"

Chris wants his son to be okay. He and Sheridan watch on from the doorway. They want to be right there when they get word of James’s condition. Chris and Sheridan hold each other as they watch. “He has to be okay." Sheridan prays aloud that James will be fine. “Please God! Please!" ***

Jessica says that killing Spike is out of the question. She can’t kill another person. Jessica thanks Simone for her support. “I love you”.

TC gets to the top of the stairs. He hears the girls talking in the room.

“I love you so much," Jessica says.

TC bursts into the room. He sees the girls sitting on the bed hugging. TC orders Simone to get her hands off Jessica.

Eve tries her best to save James. She tries with the paddles once. It doesn’t work.

Eve will try again.

Gwen is calm now. Her mother has convinced her that Alistair dying is the best thing for them all. Gwen sips her drink as she thinks about what is about to happen.

Ethan is in the study alone now. He decides to do something about Theresa’s situation. He is on the phone talking to a specialist who knows about women who need help with domestic abuse. As Ethan talks, he eats the guacamole.

He falls to the floor and can’t get up. He is coughing on the floor now.

Theresa and Alistair are about to go up to bed and have their raunchy sex. Theresa shouts out that she is just going to stop and get the bowl of guacamole for them to eat in bed before going up.

The door opens and Theresa enters the room dressed in a sexy white teddy with ostrich feathers all over it. She sees Ethan on the floor and goes to him quickly.

Alistair enters the room too and watches as his wife tries to revive the man that she really loves. A smile comes to his face. Ethan lies on his stomach coughing.

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