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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Spike is dragging Jessica to the next trick. She begs him not to do this to her. He tells her that she will be fine and he warns her not to kill this one.

They knock on the door and Jessica is let in. Spike says that she is ‘Jessica’ and she loves to get down.

Tabitha is fighting with the statue in the churchyard. Good and evil are at it. Tabitha jabs the statue in the side and he flies off her. Then he is karate chopping her.

Tabitha begs for Endora to help her but Endora is busy eating. She will help her mother later.

Noah knows that Alistair deserves to die. He really feels that someone is going to try to kill the man. Maybe it will be him.

Fancy runs into the main room. She finds her grandfather on the floor after Chris has just hit him.

Rebecca loves this. She finds all this fighting very sexy and exciting.

Pilar is upset. “This was supposed to be my son’s funeral and we were to honor Luis’s. Please just stop this." Father Lonnigan ends the funeral. Pilar asks everyone but Alistair to the house for lunch. “Perhaps we can share happy memories about Luis." Alistair remarks that will be a very short lunch.

Gwen comes to her mother and tells her that she overheard that Theresa is planning to kill Alistair. She wants to warn Alistair, but Rebecca stops her.

Theresa is heading out to her mother’s house but Alistair tells her that she will come with him. Funerals always gets his juices going. He wants her to go home with him where he has a little surprise for her.

Theresa tells herself that she will go home with him, she will even sleep with him but it will be the last time.

The man wants Jessica bad and he is very touchy feely. Spike tells the man to pay up before touching the goods. The man pays extra for Jessica.

Spike leaves Jessica alone with the john now. She goes to the door and begs him to take her out of there. She can’t do this. “Just pretend that this is me okay Jessica. Do this or I will tell your old man that you killed those other guys."

Spike leaves and the man in the room pounces on Jessica.

Tabitha is still in the fight with the statue.

The church bell is ringing now. Tabitha calls to Endora asking her to help. “The church bell is ringing and I can’t be caught like this. The people will be coming out now Endora!"

ZAP! Endora makes the statue disappear.

Guests file out of the church and they find Tabitha on the grounds all disheveled. Fox and Noah help the woman up. Pilar invites her to the house for lunch. Tabitha will go then.

Tabitha goes to Endora and thanks her for helping. They have to get home and get cleaned up though.

Pilar asks Theresa to come to the house. Alistair says ‘no’. He wants sex from Theresa. He leaves with her and Little Ethan.

As Alistair walks out of the churchyard, the strange woman with the white hooded cloak and the red nails watches Alistair, Theresa and Little Ethan leave the churchyard. She hides behind the trees.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she should let Theresa kill Alistair and not interrupt what happens. If he dies before Little Ethan comes of age, then they will get their money back and things go back to normal like they were. Julian will be able to take care of them like before and Little Ethan will not get all their money. If Theresa is a cold-blooded killer, they all win in the end it seems. Gwen sees her mother’s train of thought and she smiles.

Jessica has just finished her trick. She gets up and is ready to go but the man has paid for an extra long session and is ready to go again. He lays down.

Jessica grabs one of her pills from the side table and takes it. She sees a knife on the table as well and then her vision gets blurry.

Fancy enters a coffeehouse and orders a coffee.

“Fancy! Fancy Crane!"

Fancy turns to find Kate there. She is an old friend. Kate has gotten married and her name is different now. Fancy heard about that. Kate asks about Fancy’s life and how she has been. She looks sad right now. Fancy tells how she was at a funeral just now. The man was just a local and no one that Kate would know she is told. Kate jokes that it sounds like a servant or something. Kate asks about the man in Fancy’s life. Fancy hasn’t got one. Kate finds that funny. Fancy hasn’t ever been alone in her life. She thought that she was going to be with someone but that is over now.

Behind Fancy, Noah has come into the coffeehouse.

Ethan and Gwen are at Pilar’s house smirking at what is going to happen to Alistair.

They almost bump into Tabitha who is pushing Endora through the house.

Simone arrives at the house. She goes to her mother and Julian.

Eve sees that her daughter has been hurt in the lower side. Simone lies that she ran into a doorknob.

Julian runs off to get a drink for Eve so that she can talk to Simone about what is wrong. Eve knows that something has happened to Simone. “I find it funny that you are with Jessica all the time now. I know that you were with her the night that man was murdered. You are like her alibi then? You used to be friends with Kay and now you are with Jessica. What is that all about Simone?" Simone knows what this is about. She feels that her mother thinks that she is getting it on with Jessica now that she has admitted that she is gay. Eve denies that was what she was thinking.

Julian returns for a drink for Eve. “Is everything okay?"

Fox and Kay are together at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds’ house and Kay feels that things are just going great with her beau.

Tabitha knows that Kay is really wishing on a start this time.

Pilar tells that Sheridan couldn’t be around a big crowd and so she went home.

Sheridan arrives home at the B&B with Chris and James. Chris apologizes for hitting Alistair but he was so awful to Sheridan when he hit her in the face. “I shouldn’t have lost control at a funeral. Sheridan tells James to take his son and get out of town because things get any worse for him.

Alistair tells Theresa to run upstairs and put on the virginal teddy that got for her. She calls him a pig. “Get upstairs and get undressed." She wants a drink first. “Would you like one?" she asks. He laughs. She tried to kill him already. She will not be allowed to make him anymore drinks.

Rebecca can’t believe the amount of food that Tabitha ate. She has stuffed herself silly. Gwen asks her mother why she is at the house. She doesn’t even like the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Rebecca was invited so why not? They discuss what Theresa is about to do and how they will all benefit from it.

Fox and Kay are together at the wake and they hug. He says that he doesn't like being separated from her although he knows that is what she thinks.

Tabitha watches Fox and Kay and knows that they will not be together much longer.

Sam and Ivy discuss Jessica and how she has left the house again to be with Spike without so much as a word. First she is a little girl in the house and then she is out in the street again. Ivy says that Jessica is just being a young girl. She is trying to cope. Ivy knows that this will end and Jessica will come to her senses. Sam fears that one-day Jessica will never wake up.

Jessica is in bed waking slowly. “I am so wasted… Daddy?" She is in her underwear under the sheets with the stranger that picked her for his trick of the night.

Jessica remembers the man that was killed in that seedy motel, and how Simone helped her with that and actually saved her life. She can't believe that she killed that guy.

Jessica gets out of bed and pulls at her dress to get it on. “Okay… God always grants forgiveness… Daddy will help me… Hey you! I got to go!" Jessica says to the john.

She looks over at the bed where the john was last and she sees him with a big red bloodstain on his abdomen. Jessica starts screaming and doesn’t stop. The man doesn’t move.

Jessica screams and screams and then she realizes that she is making things worse by making all that noise. She stops the noise and she gets her cellphone out.

She dials.

Julian worries that Simone and her mother were having an argument just now when he walked up. Eve says that they were just fine and that they were not arguing at all.

Simone’s cellphone starts ringing. She answers the phone to Jessica who says that she killed again. “I am at a hotel." She gives the address and Simone tells her that she will be right there.

Simone gets off the phone. “I have to go and see a friend mom." She runs out.

Eve can see that Simone is lying. Julian can see that too.

Kate wants to know about the man that Fancy was interested in. Fancy can only describe him as gorgeous. She says that she can’t be with the man as he hates the Cranes. Noah is about the only man it seems who wouldn’t want to marry into her family.

Noah’s cellphone rings. He answers to a friend named Greg. They catch up. He tells how he has been trying to get by one day at a time.

Alistair tries to flirt with Theresa in the study, but she gets out of his way every time. He loves her spirit. He loves her passion. She gives him pleasure. “Now go upstairs and get in that teddy." She will do that, but she is hungry. Alistair tells her to tell the chef to whip up something Mexican food in honor of Luis’s death.

Theresa goes to the phone and calls the chef and she does in fact order some Mexican food.

Simone shows up at the room where Jessica is. Simone sees the dead guy. Jessica is upset and half-dressed. “I don’t know what happened. What is wrong with me Simone?" she asks. The girls hug.

Gwen asks her mother if they should just call the police. Alistair is a human being after all. Rebecca wants the man killed. The Crane vaults will just open with all that money. Theresa will get this done. “It is perfectly simple."

Ethan comes up behind Ethan and Gwen. “What is perfectly simple?"

Rebecca rushes off.

Tabitha sits alone with Endora and they stare at the others smiling.

Julian asks Eve what is up with Simone. Eve hasn’t got a clue. “She has just taken on so much in her life."

Sam gets a call about something and he asks that he be kept informed about it.

When off the phone, Sam tells that there has been another murder.

Kate hears that Noah is poor and not really good at anything careerwise, and so she can’t figure out why her friend wants to be with this man. Her husband has 9 figures in the bank. That is what matters. Kate tells Fancy to get a man with money. That is the other problem. Alistair disinherited her, but she can get money on her own like before. Her grandfather got her a job too. Kate is shocked. “We were raised to buy clothes and make an heir or two. You were born for this type of life and not the one that you are living."

Noah and his friend decide that they should meet up with the whole gang again.

Theresa has the food that she ordered from the chef. Alistair is in the other room.

Theresa gets the pills out and breaks some of them up doctoring the food to kill her husband.

The door slides open slowly.

Rebecca peeks in and sees Theresa over the food adding something white.

Rebecca leaves the area. “This is positively good." Theresa is doing exactly what she said she was going to do and it will benefit Rebecca in the end.

Alistair comes out of the back room ready to eat with Theresa. She is ready for him.

Rebecca listens outside.

Sheridan tells Chris that he has to get going now. “Please. You have to leave now. I won’t forgive himself if anything goes wrong while you are here because of me." Chris and Sheridan hug.

The door is open behind them and James is sitting near it.

A dog barks outside and James is out the door in a flash and gone in an instant.

Kate says to find a man with a couple of million and then you are set. Fancy listens not really sure that this is the answer to all her problems. Isn’t there more to love than money?

Fancy looks around and sees Noah there. He is talking on his cellphone. She leaves her friend to go and talk to him.

She feels that she can stand on her feet and be independent. She can work and make a living for herself. Lots of people do it. She can be the woman that Noah is proud of.

Fancy comes up behind Noah and hears him telling his friend on the cellphone that all the women in Harmony are big fat zeros as far as he is concerned.

Tabitha and Endora watch everyone while burping from time to time. “Watch and learn Endora. Watch and learn!"

Fox suddenly gets it into his head now that he has to get to work and he walks off leaving Kay alone.

Kay is hurt.

Tabitha tells Kay that this is the way that this type of spell works.

Gwen makes excuses for the things that he overheard Rebecca saying before about things being simple. She just applies what Rebecca said to some household chore.

Alistair is about to have some wine but then decides that he will stick to solid foods instead after Theresa poisoned his wine the night before.

Alistair digs into the food heartily just like Theresa wants him to.

Rebecca is watching everything. She practices her testimony. “Yes your honor. I saw everything," she says while standing outside the library door.

Sam is upstairs and he walks by Jessica’s room. “Jessica! What are you doing here?" She is in bed and sleeping. She is in her pajamas too. It is just like she never left the house. She tells that she has been sleeping for hours in her room.

Sam has no idea that Simone is in the closet listening to her friend lie to her father.

Chris and Sheridan are alone in the house. Suddenly they look around and find that James is gone. They start looking for him immediately. They see the open door. When they go out they hear a noise.

Screeching brakes can be heard. “James!" Sheridan shouts. Both she and the boy’s father run to the street.

James is lying unconscious on the ground.

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