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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha is sorry that Kay will lose Fox to all his money. She asked for this though so she is just getting what she asked for. She will have to get used to being second fiddle.

Spike has Jessica dressed and ready to work the streets again. He forced her to leave her father’s house again. She wants to do something else but he threatens to tell on her and have her convicted. What else can she do for him anyway? What marketable skills does she have? He tells her that she doesn't have to worry. He will not rat her out if she does as she is told. He offers her some drugs but she doesn’t want it. She has been clean for a while now. He forces her to take the drugs. She finally does. He hugs her.

Sheridan wants to watch the rest of the video that Luis made for her. Ethan and Gwen are with her. Luis says that he searched the streets in Paris for Beth to get Marty back but couldn’t find her. The lead was a dead end. “I wouldn’t be going through this if I had listened to you in the first place."

Gwen would like to help Sheridan but Ethan knows that the only thing that can help her is to see Luis march in the house with the baby. He knows that will never happen though.

In a car, far away, a man drives to Harmony. There is a baby in the backseat, and a picture of Sheridan in the front of the car. The man touches the picture of Sheridan reassuringly.

Noah is playing basketball alone.

His mind goes to Fancy. He remembers telling her that he doesn’t feel that they are going to work out. She was devastated that he was breaking up with her.

The idea of losing her kills him.

Theresa is over Alistair’s body with a pillow on it. She drugged him earlier and he is passed out. She wants him to pay with his life for the way that he has ruined her family’s lives. “Die Alistair die!" Theresa says as she continues to suffocate the sleeping form.

Kay comes to Fox at the computer at the foot of the bed and asks him how long he is going to be. They were in the middle of something great and he got up and left her to work at the computer some more. He tells her that he will be with her in 5 minutes. She sits quietly behind him and waits.

Sheridan sees that this video is all that she has left of Luis so she really wants to watch it. Ethan feels that Sheridan should watch the video later but Sheridan insists on watching it now. She can’t wait to see it. Gwen asks Ethan to leave and head home ahead of her.

She goes to Ethan and tells him that she will not be long. She will be with him soon. She has no idea what she would do if she ever lost Ethan. He knows that she will never lose him.

Gwen isn’t so sure when it comes to Theresa.

Theresa is smothering Alistair. She still holds the pillow over Alistair’s face waiting for him to die. She is alone with Alistair in the bedroom.

The door opens. Fancy enters the room. “Oh my God! Oh my God! What have you done to my grandfather?" She demands. Theresa just stares at her not moving the pillow from Alistair’s face.

Two men come over to Jessica and Spike welcomes them to see Jessica. They are obviously interested in her.

Simone comes around the corner and is angry when she sees Jessica on the street. Spike is angry when he sees Simone. He tells the men to stay and take a chance on Jessica anyway. Simone says that they can have her if they want, but they better be careful if they don’t want to get what she has.

The men leave. Spike turns on Simone. “Leave us alone," he tells Simone. Simone ignores him. “Jessica. Please come home with me." Jessica doesn’t move. She is already high.

Gwen and Sheridan sit and watch the tape of Luis.

Luis tells how he tried and tried to find Marty but hasn’t yet. He goes wherever he is lead by clues to find them and he hasn’t gotten the child yet. He was only doing what Sheridan asked him to do.

Gwen knows that Luis means every word that he says.

Luis hoped that Sheridan would take him back when he returned. She told him that even if he brought Marty back she might not want Luis again. She is so sorry that she said that to him now.

Sheridan says to the screen that she would have taken him back. She knows that she would.

Luis promised that he will not give up.

The tape runs and Luis talks. “I am in Venice now and I met a woman who had seen Beth 3 days before."

The following day, Luis talks to the camera. “I am leaving Italy tomorrow. There is no sign of Beth and Marty. I just missed him."

Sheridan can see that Luis was so frustrated and she knows that it was because of what she said to him before he left for this trip. “I love you Luis. Please know how much I love you," Sheridan says.

Ethan finds Noah throwing hoops. Ethan can tell that Noah has something on his mind. Noah says that Fancy is driving him crazy. “She doesn’t know a damn thing about me. She went and tried to get me a job at Crane Industries. Like I would work for that bastard if he were the last man on earth." Ethan was hoping that Fancy would see what kind of person that Alistair is after what happened at the Seascape, but he was wrong. Noah knows that Fancy worships Alistair and thinks that he is not the monster that everyone thinks that he is but he thought that she would be seeing things differently by now. Noah is glad that he found out about Fancy now instead of later when he might have really started caring for her. Ethan likes that Noah can walk away from the job at Crane. Ethan can’t. “I have a wife and kid to take care of." Noah respects Ethan and feels that he has nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing at all.

Fancy orders Theresa away from her grandfather. She pulls Theresa away. She goes to Alistair and tries to wake him up, but she can’t. Theresa tells Fancy to leave Alistair alone. Theresa says that Alistair was forcing her to have sex with him. Rape is rape! The man has killed 2 of my brothers. Fancy can’t find a pulse. “You did it Theresa! You killed him!" Fancy shouts.

Kay tells Tabitha that Fox is already forgetting about her. He jumped out of bed with her to work at his computer instead. The spell is working. He said that he would be 5 minutes and now it has been an hour at the computer. Kay has to understand that she asked for this. She knows what she asked for, but she will still try to be with Fox. “Love is stronger than any witches spell," Kay says. Tabitha remembers when Timmy used to say that. Tabitha tells Kay that Fox will indeed become successful in his career but he will not be interested in her anymore.

Gwen and Sheridan continue the tape.

Luis says that he will get Marty.

Sheridan believed that.

Luis wants to bring Marty and be a family with Sheridan again. That became his only concern. The only thing that he wanted.

Sheridan wanted that too.

Luis tells how he is going to meet his source now for information on where Beth is. He promises to send the tape.

Later he returns to the camera. “That guy took me to a villa at the city and I charged in and the killer is that Beth and Marty were there." Luis shows a book that he found. It was one of Marty’s books. Alistair must have sent it to them.

“He was here Sheridan so that means that I am getting close."

Gwen brings Sheridan a book that Marty loved. Sheridan takes it from her. It is his Curious George book. It gives Sheridan comfort to have it with her.

Luis tells that he is going to Tangier the next day.

Sheridan panics. “Not there. I sent him to his death Gwen. I didn’t know it but I sent him to his death."

The man in the car is in Harmony now. His car tells him that he is arriving now at the B&B in Harmony. The man checks on the child in the back of his car and then he faces forward and touches the picture of Sheridan in front of him.

Fancy is angry now. “Theresa you killed him. I am calling the police," Fancy says. She runs to the phone.

Alistair starts coughing. Fancy runs to her grandfather. “Theresa was trying to kill you just now," Fancy says. Alistair tells her that this was one of the sex games that he likes to play with Theresa. He would like to be alone with Theresa for a while, but Fancy wants to stay. She doesn't trust Theresa but Alistair asks her to please go get him something to drink. She leaves.

Alistair turns on Theresa. “You murderous whore. Now we are going to find out who ends up dead tonight." Alistair walks towards Theresa with a letter opener pointing at her chest. She backs up wisely.

Simone calls Spike a sick monster. “Do you have something to hold over Jessica’s head? How can you make her work when she doesn’t want to?" Simone asks. Spike has questions about Simone that he would like her to answer for a change. “What do you want with Jessica? There are no secrets on the street Simone. Is Jessica a secret friend of yours or not?" Simone tells him to shut up. He orders her to leave. She will not leave without Jessica. Spike and Jessica start walking off leaving Simone behind. Simone won’t let them go.

Simone gets a pipe and hits Spike in the head with it. He is out cold. Simone tells Jessica to come and run off with her but Jessica will not do it. She runs to Spike instead. Simone can’t understand this.

Alistair looks at his brandy glass and smiles. “I know that you are full of spunk Theresa but I didn’t think that I had to watch my back in bed."

Fancy returns with a tray for Alistair to have tea and refreshments. She wants to stay with her grandfather and protect him.

Alistair whispers to Theresa that if she ever tries another stunt like she did earlier, he will kill her and her children will suffer pain.

Alistair thanks Fancy for the refreshments and tells Theresa to leave his room. Theresa storms out. Fancy sits with her grandfather and they have some tea. Alistair tells how Theresa is like the others but there are things that he likes about her anyway. She is very emotional. Alistair thanks Fancy for saving his life. She is angry that he is going to forgive Theresa for trying to kill him. Alistair knows that Theresa hates him but he doesn’t mind that. “By the way, what did Noah say about working for me at Crane Industries?" Alistair asks. Fancy tells that it is over with Noah now.

Noah tells Ethan that things are over with Fancy now. “How do you know when it is right?" Ethan says that you just know when you are with the right person. “The sex is better, the day is better and that is how I knew that Theresa was the right one for me," Ethan says. Noah asks Ethan if he meant Gwen instead of Theresa.

Luis tells on the tape of his instincts were wrong so far.

Sheridan knows that he was doing his best.

Luis has to go now and meet a guy in a bar. “I love you Sheridan and I know that you doubted that last time, but I will bring your son back to you or die trying." Luis gets up from his seat now.

Sheridan cries as she watches the screen. “Don’t go Luis. Don’t go!"

Kay is sure that her love for Fox will get her through this spell.

Fox comes bounding down the stairs. Kay asks Fox if he would like to go out and get a pizza and go for a walk. Fox says that they can do that but he needs to get to work. “You know how important it is for me to succeed at Crane, now will you just get off my back?"

Fancy tells that Noah would rather die than work for her grandfather. Fancy couldn’t believe that Noah took her head off for trying to do something nice for her. Alistair sees that he is not the man for her but then again he could be wrong. Alistair says that he will support Fancy and love her no matter what. He says that Noah should feel the same way. Fancy can see that Noah is not the man that she thought that he was. “He is not the man for me."

Ethan says that he made a mistake and meant to say Gwen’s name instead. Noah feels that Ethan is lying to him. Ethan says that he is married to Gwen and that is where his heart will be. He advises Noah to make the right decision when it comes to love or he will regret it for the rest of his life. Ethan is the last guy to give advice but if Fancy is the one that is the one true love of his life then he shouldn’t blow this.

Sheridan sits on her bed now wishing that Luis could walk in the door. Gwen knows that even though Luis is gone, she can still get Marty back. Sheridan feels that she might as well be dead too.

The strange man in the car has reached his destination. The can announces that the address that has been entered into the car’s system is where they are. The man who has been driving the car turns off the system now. He shuts the car off and gets out. He is at the B&B where he has been heading to all night. The man goes to the back seat of the car and sees the child there in the car seat. He reaches in and gets the child.

Kay tells Fox not to snap at her. He just wants her to see how important this is to him. Fox leaves.

Kay sees that she hardly matters to him anymore.

Simone grabs Jessica and tries to make her run off. Jessica will not go. Spike promised t take her to a party.

Spike wakes and gets off the purse. He grabs Simone’s arm and tosses her away from them. He tells Jessica to go to the party that he told her about that night. Jessica runs off.

Spike grabs Simone. And punches her in the stomach as if she were a man. He tells Simone that she is to stay away from Jessica. “She belongs to me."

Noah can’t see that he has any chance of having a true love if no one else can find their. Noah knew this other girl before Fancy and it didn’t work out. It is going to be just like now. Wasn’t meant to be.

Alistair tells Fancy that she can always try to get Noah back but she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. Maybe it is better that she learn all about Noah now. Alistair knows that tomorrow is another day and Alistair is sure that soon Fancy will be swept off her feet and she will be wondering who Noah is.

Theresa is in her room and she tells herself that she will make herself free of Alistair no matter what she has to do.

Gwen gets her things and sees a picture of Luis before leaving Sheridan sleeping at the B&B.

In the dark room, Sheridan sleeps.

The door to her room opens. A man with a child walks into the room and over to her bed. The man puts the child in the bed with Sheridan.

Sheridan’s eyes are closed but she senses that Marty is there. She calls out while sleeping, “Marty…”

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