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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Simone and Jessica go out for ice cream and walk together. They haven’t done this in a while. “When did things get so complicated for us?" they wonder. They wish that they could go back to the happier times that they used to have. Jessica wishes that her family were like they were in the past. Simone feels too that her family has changed. Jessica tries to do the right thing, but her perfect mom left her father and ran off with someone else. Simone has the same experience with her parents. Jessica wishes that they could just have fun. Simone points out that they are having fun, not the kind like Jessica was having with Spike on the streets though.

Noah and Fancy are arguing at the Blue Note. She has gotten him a job with Crane Industries and Alistair Crane. Noah is sick over this. Fancy will truly do anything to be rich. The man has his father fired from his job and tried to get Noah arrested for drugs. How can Noah work for him? Noah will not take money from Alistair Crane ever. He has pride and can’t do this.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house all have turned to the door to see Alistair standing there with flowers in his hand. Martin tells Alistair to get the hell out of there. He sees that Alistair ripped the flowers up from the garden. He is so indecent and insensitive. Alistair thought that these kinds of people would like this sort of thing. “These kinds of people?" Paloma says something in Spanish and Alistair orders her to speak English. Alistair will leave but first he will take what he came for. Alistair holds out his hand for Theresa.

Fancy needs to talk to Noah in private, but he is at work and waits for a relief person to come. He leaves the bar and they head to a table to talk.

She wants to know what his attitude is all about. “I got you a great job and you are giving me grief." Noah tells her that she doesn’t want anything from her grampy. The man is evil and Fancy went behind his back to get this done. Fancy was trying to help. He was the one that told her that she needed a job and he needed a better one. She was helping them she says, but he can see that she was only helping herself. “You were looking at how you could get rich and that was what drove you," Noah tells her.

Alistair talks to Theresa who is standing by her brother’s coffin looking up at him. Martin says that Theresa will not be going anywhere. Alistair will not listen to him. He abandoned his children and ran off with Katherine. What does he know about Theresa now? Why does he want to protect her now? Alistair tells that Theresa needs a father figure and he will be her big daddy. Julian tells his father to be quiet and not so crass. Alistair reminds Julian that he is depraved as well. “You used to run about naked with Rebecca and that donkey so don’t talk to me about being crass," Alistair says. Eve finds this tawdry. Alistair loves it. The whore is speaking. “You should know Eve of the Crane appetite since you are with Julian. Now the rest of you listen to this. I am horny and I want Theresa to fulfil her wifely duties right now. We have to go," Alistair says aloud.

Eve remembers the discussion about Alistair and his love of rapes. Theresa was near tears.

Eve looks over at Theresa.

She is looking down to the ground.

Gwen is smiling from ear to ear. She thinks quietly. “You deserve it you bitch!"

Alistair tells Theresa to come quickly. I am horny for you. Theresa doesn’t move. Alistair gets angry grabbing her arm. “If you don’t came willingly then, I will have you right on top of your brother’s coffin. Everyone shouts and moves forward to stop this.

Simone asks Jessica what she thinks. Is the straight and narrow not better than the life that she was living? Jessica says that this life is better but some days it is hard to see the good in the lives that they live. Simone can’t believe what she hears. Jessica used to cut herself. What could be worse than that? “When I hurt another way, I avoid other pain in my life. Nevertheless, that isn’t always so true. Simone… How do you hold it all together? Your parents are apart, Whitney is gone to the convent and away from her baby, and you have a half-brother who was almost your brother-in-law. How did you deal with all that and hold it all together?" Jessica asks. Simone says that she only can be herself. “All these things in the family going wrong are the way that we are deep down inside I am starting to think." Jessica hopes that her friend is wrong. “I would hate to think that I really am a cold-blooded killer.

The men fight Alistair and gets him off Theresa. He really was going to try to have sex with her on the coffin. That is fine he says indicating to the others that he will control himself. Alistair reminds Theresa that she has a prenuptial that she signed.

Theresa remembers what is in that contract. She could lose her son if she doesn’t do as she is told. She jumps into action now.

“That is okay everyone. I have to go with my husband. May I have a little time with my family Alistair?" Theresa asks. “I just want to be with my brother for a little while longer." Alistair gives her the time she needs. Theresa goes to Luis’s coffin.

Julian and Eve are shocked at this. Julian is really sorry that there isn’t anything that can be done to get Theresa away from that man.

Eve thinks secretly that something can be done to Alistair to keep him from hurting Theresa. She is seeing now what a terrible person he must be to Theresa.

Alistair stands nearby and watches now as Theresa stands over Luis’s coffin for a few moments before going home.

Noah tells Fancy that she was just trying to avoid being poor by getting him this job. Fancy sees nothing wrong with that. Who would choose being poor? Noah said that he would. She finds that funny. This is the mooching gambler from Las Vegas. Noah knows that he isn’t perfect, but this is different. “Your grandfather unleashes terror on families. Look at Theresa and her parents? Luis is dead. Sheridan is without her child and the man that she loves is dead." Fancy knows that some of what Noah says could be someone else’s fault besides her grandfather’s. Noah thinks that she is freaking crazy to ask him to work for Alistair.

Simone knows that Jessica isn’t a killer. Jessica is sure that she is. Simone says that Alistair could have had the man killed while Jessica was out of it. Jessica thinks that there may be a part of her that hates being a prostitute and killed the man in anger. Simone feels that whether or not Jessica killed the john or not, she shouldn’t go to jail anyway. “You are lucky Jessica. You are back home now. Whatever it was that drove you to the streets is gone now. You will get back into therapy and get your life on track Jessica”. Jessica knows that Simone is right. Simone tells Jessica to go to confess to Father Lonnigan if she has to but not anyone. “I just couldn’t lose you Jessica. I just couldn’t."

A car is driving. A man drives the car. A child is in the back holding a teddy bear. The man turns on the radio.

He hears the broadcast of Luis’s death and how it happened.

After the broadcast, the man turns off the radio.

Sheridan is hurting but Alistair goes to her anyway. “Everyone knows that you love Luis and blah blah blah." Sheridan asks Alistair how he can do this to her? “You killed Luis," Sheridan says. He laughs at her. “You killed Luis. I will never forgive you for it. Never!" Sheridan shouts.

Theresa talks quietly to her brother. “I will get Alistair for this. I promise."

Alistair calls to Theresa loudly. “Theresa lets go! I need your nubile body in my bed!" Theresa says that she will be right there.

Eve goes to Theresa at the coffin. “Theresa! You will be in my thoughts tonight Theresa," Eve says.

Eve presses a bottle of pills into Theresa’s hand. Theresa takes them hiding them from view. Eve instructs Theresa to put one… Just one of the pills in Alistair’s food or drink and that will keep him from raping her that night. Theresa looks up into Eve’s face thankful for her help.

‘Theresa! My bed awaits!" Alistair shouts.

Theresa thinks to herself that she will give Alistair more than one of these pills and she will be done with him forever.

Fancy tells Noah that he is crazy for not jumping at the chance to work for Alistair. “Alistair is not an ogre with her, so why can’t Noah give the man a chance. Working for Alistair is genius. Once you show Alistair what you can do, he will respect you and leave you alone like Ethan." Noah knows that the only reason that Ethan is still where he is, is because he grew up with the family. Noah can’t do this. “You are a Crane and that is something that I realize is never going to change," Noah sees.

Martin, Paloma and Pilar discuss what happened with Alistair. Paloma sees that things are worse than ever. She never got to be with her brother. “I feel like I am losing my family all over again." Pilar knows what she must be feeling. Martin promises Paloma that he and Pilar will always be there for her.

Julian tells Sheridan that he is sorry that Alistair was his usual cruel self. Sheridan didn’t expect anything really from Alistair. “I always think that he is going to be different but he never is. Luis helped me to see the evil things that father used to do to me. Stealing my child and now having the love of my life killed. Even now as I stand at Luis’s coffin, I can’t help but believe that he is alive. Alive and coming home with Marty.

The man in the car still drives to make it to Harmony. The child is still in the back seat holding his teddy bear.

Theresa is alone in the bedroom.

Alistair comes out of the bathroom with his robe on. He tries to rub Theresa’s shoulders but she moves away. She tries to be pleasant. He gets the negligee that he wants her to wear and he throws it at her. “Put it on and be quick about it," Alistair orders. Theresa starts unbuttoning her clothes.

Alistair’s phone rings. He looks at the display. “Take your clothes off and be ready for me." He walks out of the room.

“Oh I will be ready for you all right. Theresa rushes to Alistair’s glass of red liquid. She drops a pill in the glass and shakes it around to melt it so that it will not be visible when he returns.

Simone tells her friend that she needs to keep trying to get better and soon she will be. The girls hug. Jessica thanks her friend for her help. Simone tells Jessica that this is her clean break. “Don’t let anything with Spike hurt you ever again."

Sheridan feels that Luis really is on his way home. Gwen goes to her friend. “I know how it feels to lose a child. I lost two," Gwen says. Sheridan needs Luis and Marty though. Martin and Pilar know what she is feeling. Pilar won’t let Sheridan hold out for something that will never be. Sheridan knows that she has to accept the truth but she just can’t. “Luis is still alive. He has to be."

Julian tells Eve, Ethan and Gwen that his sister is very fragile and he hopes that she will be able to get through this. The pain is intense. Gwen hopes that Sheridan will be better.

Sheridan is alone in a corner.

“Sheridan!" a voice says. “Luis?" Sheridan responds. “Sheridan, I love you!" Sheridan looks up into the ceiling. “Luis! Luis!" Sheridan shouts.

Everyone else in the room turns to Sheridan to see what it is that she is saying and who she is talking to. Sheridan smiles at them. “It’s Luis! Did you hear him?" Sheridan asks.

Noah can’t fight city hall. “You are a Crane Fancy and I have to accept that but you have to accept how I feel about your grandfather. I hate him for what he does to people. I wish that I could get over that but I can’t. you are his granddaughter and I have to accept that." Fancy understands but she doesn’t want to break up. Noah sees no other way. He knows what she is going to say. He can’t give her everything and she really needs that. “It is more than just us coming from two different worlds. It is us and it is who we are. I don’t’ think that there is anything that we can do to make this work. I don’t think that we have what it takes to make it as a couple. I am sorry." He kisses her hand and walks back to work.

Fancy cries alone now.

When her back is turned, Noah turns to look at her.

Simone offers to stay with Jessica for a while at her place. Jessica says that she will be just fine. Simone will be there if Jessica ever needs her. Jessica says tat she will be fine.

Jessica goes into her room and Simone heads out of the house.

Theresa has her negligee on. The drinks are ready. She has poured one for herself.

Alistair comes back to the room now. She offers him the doctored glass. “Your plan is apparent to me now Theresa." Theresa looks up into his eyes as she takes a drink. “You are getting drunk before making love to me. That is fine with me," Alistair says.

Jessica is looking at a pictures of her family on the bedside table. She puts it down and then reaches for the covers, pulling them back.

“Surprise!" Spike says sitting up from under the covers.

Sheridan tells everyone in the room that she heard Luis. Pilar tells Sheridan that she was mistaken. Eve tells Sheridan that she has been under a lot of strain and is hallucinating.

“Sheridan I love you!" This time everyone hears the voice. They all look around. Sheridan smiles. “I told I heard him," Sheridan says. She opens the front door and goes running out into the night.

There is a man coming up on the porch. Sheridan looks at him. “Luis!" She runs into the man’s arms and he holds her tightly as all in the house look out at the couple on the porch.

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