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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox tells Kay that he is starting to realize how much pull having the Crane name and power had in his life. Kay looks into his eyes. They are in bed and she can see that the spell is already working.

Tabitha is tired. She hates this spell that she has helped Kay with. It makes her tired. It took as much energy from her as it did from Kay. She has to find a way to reverse it.

Paloma is upset over Luis’s death. She wonders where Theresa is now. She should be here. Alistair is the man that is responsible for Luis’s death. “How could Theresa have married him?" Paloma wonders.

Sheridan is crying as Julian and Eve stand with her. Sheridan still can't believe that Luis is dead. Julia tells Sheridan that it has been proven that it is Luis who is in the casket.

Martin and Pilar worry over how Theresa is going to deal with all this. She will be very upset as she and Luis were close.

Theresa arrives at her mother’s house as her parents talk of her. “Don’t worry mama! I will take care of Alistair for us. For the very last time," Theresa promises.

Noah and Fancy are together and discuss him looking for a place to live. She will help him look. He has a couple of buildings that he wants to check out and so they leave.

Theresa goes to her family members and hugs them to comfort them. Gwen turns her face from Theresa trying to show grace at this time. Paloma is so unhappy. She has had so little time with her brother. Miguel doesn’t know the news yet it seems. Pilar waits to hear from him as well. He is the last sibling to get the news. Theresa hugs her mother.

Theresa hurts but she tries to be strong for her family. She has to be. To herself she vows that Alistair will not get away with this.

Eve tells Julian that this is unbearable. Alistair loves putting people through hell and he is happy about that. “He is a tyrant," Julian says. “Little Ethan will be ruined. I grew up with the man and he knows what the boy will have to endure. I am so glad that I have you Eve. You alone keep me from becoming unglued." Eve tells Julian that he never has to worry again about becoming unglued, as she will be choosing him and once they are married they will never be apart again. They hug.

Theresa stands over her brother’s casket. “Alistair is to blame for your death Luis. He killed Antonio and now you. You are not here to protect us anymore so I guess that it is up to me. I swear over your coffin that Alistair will never hurt me or my family again. I will not rest until I can spit on Alistair’s grave," Theresa cries.

Fancy comes running out of the last place that they look at. She is screaming. “What was that?" she asks. There were cockroaches in there. They have a find a place for the both of them to live but that place will not be the one that Fancy wants, Noah can tell. Fancy isn’t sure that she can do this. She has cut back on her shopping a lot but living in a dump like the one that they just saw will not work. She wants to live with him but she isn’t good at being poor. Noah promises her that they will be fine. He just has to find a job that pays more money.

Fox is trying to see what really matters now. He was always the 2nd son in his family and he had to deal with that but now Little Ethan is in and he is out. Fox suddenly sees how much he missed being the 2nd son as opposed to nothing at all. Kay is sad as she listens to him talk. Kay gets her negligee saying that she has to check on Maria.

She leaves the room and goes into the hall dressed. “How could I have been so selfish? Being a Crane means everything to him!" she realizes. She can’t deny him that.

Tabitha has pom-poms now. She is trying another spell and she has a feeling that this one might work. “Reverse that spell! Reverse that spell!" Tabitha smiles. Has she done it this time?

Sheridan sees that she has lost everything that matters now. “My father did this. He is responsible for Antonio’s death and now Luis’s. His going to get Marty is what killed him. It is true. I have lost the love of my life." Ethan hugs her.

Theresa watches them.

Eve goes to Theresa telling her that she is sorry that Luis is gone. Eve knows that the siblings were close, so Theresa must really be hurting. Theresa has 2 dead brothers now. Because of Alistair this has happened. Eve tells Theresa to leave Alistair. “This marriage is wrong. I have known you as a little girl and you used to dream about the one true love that would sweep you off your feet." Theresa tells how she can’t leave as she signed a prenuptial that makes her stay or else lose her son. “I am Alistair’s prisoner and I will never be free until he is cold and dead," Theresa says. Eve looks at Theresa in horror at what she hears the girl say.

Fox talks to Maria and Endora alone while Kay is off in the house somewhere. He loves spending time with the girls. He tells Maria that he is head over heels in love with Kay. “When your mom came along it was like this great new feeling. I can’t imagine my life without her. I would give up the Crane name if I had to." Endora smiles as she listens to what Fox has to say.

Tabitha is on the ground in the kitchen resting with her feet up.

Kay comes into the kitchen finding Tabitha resting. She wants Tabitha to leave the spell alone. “I love Fox and so becoming rich and famous is all that the wants. I will give him up!" Tabitha looks at Kay rolling her eyes. What a silly girl she is. Tabitha tells Kay that she is an idiot. The spell has been reversed.

Theresa tells Eve that she feels so badly about Alistair and what he has done to her family. “My family is dead and I have to be Alistair’s wife. I feel so bad. Do you have any idea how degrading it is to be with him?" she asks Eve. “I know that this is all my fault getting married to him but you have no idea what it is really like to actually be his wife, his property. Alistair is right. He can take me anytime that he wants. And he only likes it when he forces himself on me or when he is hurting me!" Eve tells Theresa that she cannot return to that house. She has to return. Her son is there. Theresa can’t live with him anymore. She begs Eve to give her something to help her to stop Alistair from getting his hands on her. Eve looks into Theresa’s face, not believing her ears.

Kay begs Tabitha to assure her that she has not reversed the spell on Fox. Tabitha is upset with Kay. She did as she was told and that was wrong and now Kay wants things turned back the way that they were in the first place. Kay said that she would live with the terms of the spell but here she is reneging on the deal and asking for things to be put back the other way. Kay sees now that if she really loves Fox, she needs to make him successful under any circumstances. She just really needs to know now that Fox is going to have all that he desires but her. If Fox is happy then she will be happy. Tabitha tells Kay that she thought that she had reversed the spell but in fact she hasn’t. Kay is so happy.

The boys in the basement growl and shoot smoke out the vent.

Fox tells the baby girls how Kay means so much to him. He is alone with them while Kay talks to Tabitha. He never thought that he would feel that way about a woman, especially not after Whitney. Maria is sleeping now as Fox talks to her but he continues anyway. “I used to want to be like my grandfather and people told me that he was ruthless and not to be toyed with. I thought that he was a great man and wanted to be like him, but then I met Kay and her love has changed me. If I had to choose between you and your mom and the Crane life, I would choose you too Maria," Fox says to the sleeping child.

It is a slow night at the Blue Note. Noah has been doing well since he came to work there. Liz loves that the ladies have been hanging around more. Noah worries about his relationship with Fancy and what Alistair might do to him for that. He has been attacking Noah’s family. He thinks that he owns everyone. Liz has no idea why Noah is dating a Crane. Noah says that Fancy is different. Liz feels that the Cranes are all alike. She feels that Noah just doesn't know Fancy well yet.

Fancy has come to a seedy place in town. She wants to make a lot of money. A man looks her over. “My customers will pay, but it is my job to decide what you are worth," the man says.

Sheridan sits in the Lopez-Fitzgerald house upset that Luis is really gone now. Martin and Pilar sit with her to help stop feeling guilty about what has happened to Luis.

In the kitchen of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Ethan and Gwen have just walked into the kitchen and they overhear Theresa talking to Eve about how she has to pretend that she is making love to Ethan to get through the rapes with Alistair every night. Ethan is thoroughly embarrassed that Theresa is discussing this with someone. Gwen is so angry that she moves forward to fight with Theresa over what she has been saying about Ethan. Ethan holds her back while Eve stands behind Theresa who is about to get hurt.

Fancy shows the man her watch. She is ready to sell her watch to the pawn shop owner. She shows it to the man who demands to inspect it before buying. It is covered with diamonds. “They are genuine," the man tells her. “How much will you give me?" she asks. He writes a figure on some paper. Fancy laughs. The band alone is worth this figure. The man will pay in cash though and so Fancy makes the deal. She has an idea for the money and she needs it.

Alistair is in his bedroom with a gift that he has bought for Theresa. He takes out the black see-through negligee that he has bought for their sexcapades later on that night. He cackles as he thinks of what he will do to her repeatedly and over again as he tosses the flimsy garment on the bed playfully. He can’t wait to get another installment on the bill that she owes him.

Sheridan can’t accept that Luis is really gone. Pilar knows that this is hard, but the DNA proved it. “My son is dead." Sheridan still needs Luis with her. She cries. Pilar feels the same way.

Ethan holds Gwen back from beating up on Theresa. She came there to pay her respects and this tramp Theresa is just thinking about Ethan and her fantasies about him. Theresa says that she was in the middle of a conversation and that Gwen only heard part of it, and that is why she is misunderstanding things. What was Gwen to think about what she said under any circumstances? Gwen is about to start a scene but Ethan reminds her that Pilar and the others need her to hold it together.

Paloma comes into the kitchen to tell Eve that Sheridan needs her in the living room. Of course Eve will go to her. She knows that Sheridan has been very upset that evening

Eve rushes out. Ethan is on his way out of the kitchen with Gwen, but Gwen sends him ahead. She says that she needs something to drink and will be along in a minute.

After Ethan is gone, Gwen rushes back to Theresa grabbing her arm. “I have something that I want you to know," Gwen spits at her while pointing in her face.

Tabitha will leave things alone this time. The original spell is still intact an she will leave it that way as Kay has asked. Fox will be successful but the relationship that he has with Kay will have to go. Kay is unhappy but that is what she asked for. Tabitha would like her to look happier but Kay can’t. She is giving up the man that she loves.

Fancy comes to the Blue Note to see Noah. She is so sure that Noah will be pleased with her. She has news. “I have solved our financial job. We are never going to have to work ever again." She shows him tons and tons of lottery tickets that she has bought. “You can go back to school and get your degree and I will take care of our mansion."

Liz overhears Fancy and what she has done to get rich quick. Liz tells her that just because she bought the tickets doesn’t mean that she is going to win. She is sure that she will. She pulls out all the lottery tickets and she starts scratching. Liz and Noah just look at each other over her head as she scratches her tickets.

Kay is moping now. She can’t help it. She can’t bear the fact that she will be losing Fox and that she will not be a part of his life anymore. Tabitha warns that she will not cast another spell for her about this. Kay will be fine in time. She just wants Fox to have the life that he wants, but she will not be a part of it. “I thought that I loved Miguel but he was just a crush. Fox taught me what loving a man should feel like and I will miss that. I am going to go him now."

Once alone, Tabitha feels soft for Kay and frowns. She is sad for the girl.

The boys in the basement growl angrily when they hear that.

Fancy has scratched her tickets and now sits with her head down. She has won only $3.00. She wasted good money for nothing. Noah goes to make drinks for customers while Fancy licks her wounds.

Liz comes over to Fancy who tells that she got nothing out of all those tickets. Fancy gets an idea and rushes off to try something else to get money. Liz feels that she should just get a job.

Gwen tells Theresa that she knows that the marriage is only to get to Ethan. Theresa says that this is about her children. Gwen finds her twisted if she thinks that Ethan is going to leave his wife. Theresa is sure that she can get the man and she will. Gwen tells Theresa that she has Ethan in her bed every night and Theresa will never have it. “We make love all night and then again in the morning," Gwen says. Theresa orders her to stop this. Gwen assures her that she may be fantasizing about Ethan, but it is clear to her that Ethan isn’t fantasizing about her. Gwen starts marching off but Theresa grabs the girl’s arm. “Say another word Gwen! Say it!" Theresa orders.

Noah and Liz laugh over Fancy thinking that she was going to win the lottery. Noah tells how Alistair will not help Fancy with anything now. Liz finds that interesting. Fancy will be fine though. Liz knows. “Cranes get bored and move on eventually. I just know that. In Fancy’s entire life, Fancy hasn’t ever had to think about money. She has always been her grandfather’s favorite I hear," Liz says. Noah tells that Fancy isn’t his favorite anymore. Liz warns Noah to be careful with that girl.

Alistair shows up in Alistair’s study. She offers to play him a game of gin. He wants nothing to do with her. “You chose that bum over me," he says. She tries giving him a massage but he doesn’t care about her anymore. She was the only person that he could do anything for, but she let him down. She sits in his lap and tells him that she is the same granddaughter that she always has been. He orders her to get rid of Noah but she says that she can’t. “I love him!" she says. Alistair jumps up causing Fancy to fall to the floor from his lap.

Theresa and Gwen are arguing in the kitchen. Gwen orders her to grow up. Theresa will do as she pleases. “He loves me! You know it and I know it! He only married you because you were pregnant and he felt guilty. The next time that he screams out your name, check and see that it was your name! Also I still know that I am going to find the proof that you and that mother of yours set me up with the tabloids," Theresa says. Gwen tries to leave but Theresa grabs her making her stay. Gwen tells that Theresa has hurt people in town because of her marriage. “Ethan will never touch you again. That marriage of your ended it. He wouldn’t touch anyone like you. So guess what? It is over and done with," Gwen says. She turns smiling now and returns to the living room of the house.

Kay overhears Fox talking to her daughter in her room. “One of these days, I am going to ask your mother to marry me. We will get you some brothers and sisters in the deal. One day we are going to be a family. You… Me… And your beautiful mommy." Kay can’t listen to this and she leaves the doorway.

Endora knows that Kay has been hearing this.

ZAP! Endora appears in the kitchen.

Tabitha turns to see her daughter on the kitchen floor. The girl is very said. “Endora! Why so sad?" Tabitha asks.

ZAP! A monitor appears on the cupboards and shows Kay crying. Endora tells that she knows that Kay is upset.

Endora seems to think that her mommy is responsible for Kay being unhappy. She likes Kay. ZAP! Endora sends Tabitha’s Martini flying through the window. Endora is surprised at the girl’s behavior. “Dear… I am not the one that caused Kay to be unhappy. She wants that," Tabitha tries to explain.

ZAP! Endora uses her toe to make a glass on the table fly off into the wall where it breaks. Tabitha is very surprised at the temper that her child has.

Alistair and Fancy discuss why she has to be kicked out of the family. Alistair can’t have her back unless she gives up Noah. Alistair remembers the days when Alistair used to take care of her and spend time with her. She uses her baby talk to soften him up. He falls for it. She begs him. “Please give Noah a chance. You would like Noah if you only gave him a chance. If Noah worked at Crane Industries you would see what Noah could do for you." Alistair decides that he will give Noah one chance. “Maybe, just maybe I will consider what you ask. Bring him to the office the tomorrow."

Sheridan remembers that she never got to tell Luis that she loved him when he left. Ethan tells Sheridan that Luis knew that she loved him. To her it is too late. “He is gone. Luis is really gone."

Theresa is with her family. They beg her not to go to the mansion that night. She knows that she has to go back. “I have to protect my son. It is for Little Ethan’s sake mama. You were right. I made a deal with the devil," Theresa admits.

Eve is sad. She is worried about Theresa. “She told me of the hell that she has been living with at the mansion. Eve knew that Alistair manhandled Katherine but this sounds worse." Julian isn’t sure that there is anything that they can do about this.

Eve thinks to herself that there might be something that can be done about Alistair after all.

Fancy returns to the club. “Noah I came up with a plan," she tells. Liz comes over to hear what Fancy’s big plan is. Fancy says that she went to see her grandfather and he has agreed to give Noah a job. Liz and Noah are speechless. “You are going to get a job from my grandfather and you will have great pay and benefits." Fancy says. Noah is furious. “What were you thinking Fancy?" Noah shouts.

Liz walks off. She told Noah that something like this would happen.

Endora is zapping things all over the house. She stops for a moment. Endora doesn’t like that Fox and Kay are breaking up. Tabitha tells her that the spell has been cast. “It is too late. There is nothing that we can do about it."

Fox returns to the bedroom and he finds Kay waiting for him. Fox tells how he has been talking with Maria and she is a great kid. Fox tells how he was talking about their future. “I was in the room with Maria and I realized that you are more important to me than all the other things that I was worried about. Without you, nothing else matters," Fox tells her. Kay is crying now. She asks him if he believes that their love is strong. He tells her that he does believe that. She asks about magic and if he believes in it. He only believes in the spell that she casts on him when he looks into her eyes. He tells her to stop crying. “Nothing is going to happen," Fox says.

Kay thinks to herself that she hopes that he is right.

Pilar refuses to lose another child to Alistair.

Theresa thinks to herself that she will take car of Alistair. She will be the one to make him pay.

The door flies open. Every one looks to the front of the house. Alistair stands there dressed in a suit holding some pink flowers that look like they were stolen from a neighbor’s backyard. “Hello everyone. I am here to pay my respects," Alistair says.

Fancy is spoiled brat but she has stolen Noah’s heart. He promises her that things will be better. He will go back to school and get a great career. He has to sacrifice some things and so she will have to as well. She wishes that she could bring in some money too. That would help. He has to go back to work now. She will meet him at work later but she has something to do first.

Once alone, Fancy gets an idea on how to get some real money.

Pilar brings Sheridan chamomile teas with honey but she can’t eat or drink. Pilar knows how she feels. Her insides feel like they have been ripped out as well. Sheridan begs the woman’s forgiveness, but for Pilar there is nothing to forgive. Pilar couldn’t ever hate Sheridan. Both her sons loved Sheridan and she loved them back and Pilar is grateful because of that. Her sons lives were rich because of her. “Love is precious and it is a blessing from God. You have to take comfort that you were with Luis and had Marty. Luis lost Marty but one day we will have him back. I pray that will happen. In fact…” Pilar gets a candle.

She tells Sheridan that she will light a candle as a symbol to guide Marty home. It worked for Antonio. “Sheridan will you light this candle with me?" Pilar asks. “I think that Luis will like that." They light the candle.

“Now Sheridan. No more talk of guilt. This is not your fault. Alistair took my husband away and now he has taken my 2 sons." Martin tells Pilar that he is back and that he is here to stay. Pilar hopes that is true. “I am trying to be strong but if I have to deal with anymore, I will break!" She clutches Martin to her tightly as she speaks.

Theresa asks Eve if there is something that she can use to stop Alistair from raping her repeatedly. Eve knows what Theresa is asking but she can’t help with that. That is a crime. Theresa begs her to help with that. “He uses my son like a pawn to blackmail me into doing whatever he wants. I have to stay married to Alistair but I can’t stand his touch. Please help me. I am begging you." Eve tells Theresa that she shouldn’t make a scene. Pilar is suffering as it is. “Come with me Theresa," Eve says. Theresa follows her out of the room where they can be alone. Theresa can see that Eve is going to help her. She is a doctor after all.

Fox still talks with the 2 baby girls alone in a room. He tells Maria that he will work his pants off at Crane Industries but it will mean nothing if he hasn’t got Kay with him.

Kay is telling Tabitha how she screwed up by asking for the spell to be removed. She sees now that she was wrong to ask for that. Tabitha sees that she deserves this turmoil in her own life for having mortals in her house. She is exhausted. She is still laying on the ground. Tabitha will not help again. Kay begs her. She loves Fox. Tabitha softens. She gets off the floor. “Magic isn’t something that you turn on and off. Nasty things will happen if you keep doing this." Kay just wants to have the original spell again.

Fancy looks in a window. She never thought that she would sink this low.

She enters the establishment. “I am looking for a way to make some fast money," she tells the owner. He smiles. “Where have you been all my life? You can definitely make money here."

Sheridan remembers how Pilar never believed that Martin and Antonio were dead and they weren’t. Maybe this time that can happen too. Pilar tells that those times she never had bodies. Sheridan has seen Luis’s body though and she says that the body is Luis. “No matter how much we want it to be, it will never be like before because he is gone now," Pilar says.

Theresa has Eve in the kitchen now of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Theresa begs Eve for something now. Eve is not ready to help with this. Helping Theresa is illegal, but Theresa is quick to point out that what Alistair does to her is illegal. Theresa tells that she has to pretend she is with Ethan when Alistair wants to have sex with her. That is the only way that she can get through it.

Ethan and Gwen enter the room. Gwen is sickened by this woman. “I don’t believe this. You are at your brother’s wake and you talk about fantasizing about having sex with my husband? You are sick! When I am finished with you Theresa… You are going to wish that you were in that coffin," Gwen says. She then marches purposefully over to where Theresa is standing.

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