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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Jessica finds Spike waiting for her in her room. He was hiding beneath the covers. He tells her that he misses her so much. She backs away but he gets her and holds her telling her that he misses her.

Sam comes to see Noah who is finishing up at work. Sam thought that Noah might need a ride home. He is surprised to find that Fancy is not around. Noah tells that he has broken up with Fancy. “It just isn’t going to work out," Noah tells. She asked Alistair to give him a job at Crane Industries. Sam makes a face. “I tried to tell her that was not appropriate, but Fancy doesn’t understand dad. She just wants to be rich.

Fancy finds her mother at the waterfront alone. Ivy tells how she was just at Pilar’s house paying her respects, and she wanted to clear her head before heading home. Ivy asks about Noah. Fancy says that Noah freaked out on her. “We went to look at apartments and the only ones that we could afford were terrible. I went to grandfather and tried to get Noah a job at Crane." Ivy sees that her daughter is an unthinking fool, and she shudders to think that she helped to create a person like this.

Alistair is looking forward to having a full night of nasty sex with Theresa.

Theresa panics. She thinks back to the pills that she put in Alistair’s drink.

She watches him drink, hoping that he will fall asleep and leave her alone so that she will not have to worry about being raped by him.

All watch in shock as Sheridan hugs the man who seems to be Luis. The man has come to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and is hugging Sheridan on the porch.

Theresa yawns pretending that the drink that she has is putting her to sleep. Alistair on the other hand is wide-awake. He would like her to model her negligee for him before they hit the sack. She says that she would like to finish her drink but Alistair takes it out of her hand and flings it at the wall. He orders her to get up and start strutting her stuff for him so that he can get ready for her in bed. Theresa gets up but walks uncomfortably around wondering why Alistair isn’t passed out yet. Alistair isn’t pleased with her.

Theresa wonders why the drug that she put in Alistair’s drink isn’t working.

Alistair orders Theresa to give him pleasure. She knows what he wants. She tells him that she is thirsty and wants more brandy first.

She sees that she can’t stall him any longer.

She grabs the decanter about to drink out of it knowing that she will need it if he grabs her before the drug takes effect. He is at her again before she can drink. He pulls at the straps of her negligee tightly so that she grimaces. She hurts. He drags her to the bed and traps her there with his body.

Sheridan hugs the man that has come to the house.

Pilar can't believe that her son is alive. Eve wonders how the police could have made such a mistake. Paloma finds that this is wonderful. Pilar rushes to the light switch to turn it on so that they can see Luis on the porch.

The light goes on and Sheridan stands back from the man that she has been hugging and looks lovingly into his eyes. Luis doesn’t look back at her. “You aren’t Luis," she says looking up into a stranger’s eyes.

The man stares blankly back at Sheridan.

Spike wants a kiss but Jessica doesn’t want that. Not anymore. “You need to leave Spike." He will not leave without her. She wants to be home and start fresh. She wants to go to college and not sleep with men for money. “That isn’t for me anymore. I want to be with people who care about me and want what is best for me." Spike assures her that he wants the best for her. She knows that her friends and family love her and want what is best for her. “Daddy has been fine and understanding. He is helping me find myself again." Spike acts sorry that she is giving up all they had. She has made up her mind. She will not change it. He sees that there is no use hanging around then. “I will just leave,” he says walking by her.

Jessica is shocked at the way that Spike is dealing with this.

Noah really thought that Fancy was different. Sam thinks that she is different. “Fancy never had to make sacrifices and she never had to worry about money. Her life has been different. Maybe this is a good thing to find out about Fancy now. Maybe you are with the wrong girl Noah."

Fancy is hurt that her mother is upset with the type of person that she is. Ivy loves her daughter but she is spoiled and has no idea how to work towards a goal or with someone else. “Noah is like Sam. He is a proud man with principles and he wouldn't ever work for Alistair. Can’t you understand this? In Noah’s mind, you were asking Noah to sign himself over to the devil. Every one wants money but good men like Noah and Sam will not give up their self-respect to get it. You don’t have enough respect for Noah or yourself Fancy."

Sheridan demands to know who the man before her is. He is an agent from the FBI. “I am here to deliver a videotape player. There is a tape inside that Luis was making for you Sheridan." She thanks him for that. The man apologizes for any confusion that he caused with his arrival. “Goodnight and god speed."

Sheridan really thought that Luis was there. They all thought that. They all thought that they could hear his voice in the house. “He is gone. He is really gone." Sheridan can’t hide from that fact anymore. Gwen hugs her friend. “I am sorry."

Spike is about to leave Jessica’s room but Jessica stops him. He thinks that she wants to come back to him but she is only stopping him because he is going out the door and not the window like he usually does. Her father will not like seeing Spike in the house. Spike wants to go out the door. He wants to see Sam so that he can talk to him about Jessica and the john who died. Jessica looks up into his face horrified. He knows that Jessica was with the man who was murdered. There is also that other man who Jessica killed before. “Two johns are dead Jessica, both stabbed to death. Maybe your father would like to know that his little girl killed two men."

Sam feels that if Fancy really needs money all that much then she is the wrong girl for Noah. Noah likes other things about Fancy but the desire for her to be rich is too strong for him to deal with. He cares about her and it shows in his eyes. Sam isn’t criticizing Fancy but she and Noah are from different worlds. “There is no way that it would work. “ Noah wants it to work so bad sometimes and then other times Fancy gets him mad.

Ivy apologizes for getting angry with Fancy. She is responsible for the way that Fancy thinks actually. She was like Fancy too at her age. Ivy would have been different if she had managed to marry Sam as she wished she did. She would have been richer than ever if she had gotten to marry Sam when she wanted to. Not richer with money but richer as a decent human being. “If Noah takes that job Fancy, you will be beholden to that old geezer until his dies. You don’t want to be in that position. Noah wouldn’t take a job from a man that had him arrested on false charges. Noah is fiercely loyal to his father and after all the things that Alistair has done, there are a lot of people that will not go near Alistair. Also, your timing is awful Fancy. You don’t understand anything. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds are grieving Luis who was killed by your grandfather."

Alistair holds Theresa to the bed and tells her how the role-playing is going to go that night when they have sex. She has to say certain things that he wants to hear.

Theresa is living in hell.

She says all the things that Alistair forces her to. She closes her eyes. “Make love to me," she says.

She opens her eyes and imagines that Ethan is before her. Her lips are being kissed and she pretends that it is Ethan’s lips that she is kissing.

Alistair likes that Theresa is getting into it now. “Yes… Yes…”

Theresa sees Ethan in her mind, and she pulls him to her forgetting that the man that she is making love to is really Alistair.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s house, Sheridan tells Martin to put the tape in that Luis made for her. They see Luis’s image. “I haven’t found Marty yet but I am making progress. I am in Paris and I thought that I found Beth but she vanished. I do have leads about where she has gone. It is very difficult for me being in the city. We have so many memories here in Paris. Remember when we were running from the drug cartel? Paris is still beautiful. Still the thing that I love most about the city is you. I feel dead without you here." Sheridan feels dead without Luis as well. She really does.

Luis’s tape plays. “There is so much that I want to say to you. I wish that I could see your face and tell you everything that I want to tell you."

Pilar feels that Sheridan should be watching this in private but Sheridan would like to share the tape with her friends and his family. Pilar can’t watch this. Maybe later. Sheridan promises to make a copy of the tape so that Pilar can watch this later.

Julian and Eve feel that they should let Pilar have some time alone. Ethan offers to take Sheridan back to the B&B.

Fancy thought that she had something special with Noah but she might have been wrong. Ivy says that Fancy can have something special but not on her terms. “You have to learn to adjust your way of thinking to get along. If you want to be with Noah, you have to think about what is important. Is it love or money?" Fancy cares about both. She will not adjust herself for men. They adjust themselves for her. She isn’t about to change for some guy, although Noah isn’t just some guy. If she wants Noah then she will have to change.

Noah and Sam are at home now. Noah tells that Fancy had a watch and she pawned it and spent the cash on lottery tickets. She was convinced that she would win big. Sam finds the girl naïve. Noah found what she did kind of cute. Sam feels that Fancy was just trying to help but she needs to see as well that was so wrong. Sam wonders if Noah is willing to compromise his beliefs to be with Fancy. Also, will Fancy compromise for him.

Theresa can only see Ethan when she looks at the miserable wrinkled old man on top of her. She smiles gleefully.

Alistair has his way and is pleased with it.

In Theresa’s mind she has just made love to Ethan. “I love you Ethan!" No one answers. “Ethan? Ethan?"

Theresa sits up and finds Alistair beside her passed out. Theresa turns her back on him laying on the bed. “Oh god," she says.

Jessica begs Spike not to tell her father about the two dead johns. He will keep her secret but she will have to come with him. She will not. Spike goes to the door to leave then.

There is knocking on the door. “Jessica I just came by to say goodnight," Sam says through the door.

Spike hides behind the door and Jessica opens it. Sam tells Jessica that he loves her and that is happy to have her home. “Everything that you went through will be just a distant memory soon Jessica."

Ethan and Gwen enter the B&B with Sheridan. Ethan and Gwen are not sure if they should leave her alone. She would like them to stay. Sheridan asks Gwen to play the tape for her. She would like to hear what Luis had to say to her before he died. “Please play the tape Gwen?"

Theresa gets off the bed where Alistair lies without moving. She gets her robe on and goes into the hall.

She is shaking like a leaf after what she has just gone through with Alistair in the bedroom. She bumps into Eve who is walking in the hallway. She tells Eve how Alistair got to her and fell asleep afterwards instead of before the act. The pills took longer to work than they thought. Alistair probably needs a higher dose. Theresa thinks that she should give Alistair more than one pill next time. Eve warns that could be fatal. Theresa likes that idea. “I want him dead for what he has done to my family. I want Alistair dead," Theresa says.

Sam tells Jessica that he loves her. They hug. He kisses her head. “Sweet dreams."

After he is gone, Spike closes the door. “Oh gosh that was so wholesome." Jessica hates that Spike is making fun of her father. Spike wonders how Sam will take the news that his little girl is a murderer. Jessica doesn't look so good all of a sudden. Spike moves to leave by the door again. Jessica tells Spike that he can’t tell her father about the dead johns. “I will come with you Spike," she says.

Ivy comes to see Sam at his house before heading home. Sam says that Jessica is doing great and seems to want to turn her life around. Ivy is so pleased for him. They hug. Sam loves Jessica and hurt seeing her destroy her life. Ivy wishes that things were going well for Noah and Fancy. They both tell how they spoke with their children. Ivy would like to think that true love conquers all but the kids don’t have much common ground. Sam hopes that if Noah and Fancy are meant to be that they find each other quickly and not as long as it has taken he and Ivy to discover that they belong together.

Noah is out shooting baskets. The ball gets away from him and when he follows it with his eyes, he sees that Fancy has picked it up. Their eyes lock.

Luis talks on the tape of how he failed Sheridan. “I am so sorry for doubting you. The only way that I know how to fix what I broke is to find our son. I will find our son. I will bring him back to you. I know how much you love Marty."

Sheridan tells Luis’s image that she loves him too.

Ethan and Gwen are glad now that they have each other. They hug.

Theresa doesn’t care how Alistair dies, only that he does. Eve tells Theresa that she shouldn’t do anything. “You will be the first person that the police will suspect and you will not get away with this." Theresa says that she will not kill the man then.

She goes back into her bedroom and walks up to the bed where Alistair is snoring. She picks up a pillow and holds it over his head. “I will just say that you died in your sleep," Theresa says. She takes the pillow and puts it over Alistair’s face, holding it down tightly on his head.

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