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Passions Update Friday 10/14/05--Canada; Monday 10/17/05

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah is with Fancy at his job at the Blue Note.

Liz wanders by and Noah asks for some time off. She relieves him for a few minutes.

Liz hopes that Eve doesn't think that she has fooled anyone with her saintly act.

Julian and Eve are upset over the stance that Liz has taken towards them even after they have saved her from imprisonment.

Jessica tells Paloma and Simone that she is sure that her father is going to send her away for murder. She feels that he is just getting all the evidence that he can.

Ivy tries to talk to Sam about his situation with Jessica but then she changes her mind. Sam would like to hear what she says and pushes her into talking to him. ivy says that she wonders how truthful Jessica’s story really is now that she has time to rethink everything that was said. Sam gets angry. “Do you actually think that my daughter could kill someone like that?" Sam demands to know.

Theresa wants to see Whitney at the convent but she isn’t allowed to see her.

Sheridan has just seen inside the coffin. She wanted to verify that Luis was in fact dead. Now that she has seen inside the coffin, she realizes that the love of her life is gone forever.

Sheridan wants to make some decisions about what to do with Luis’s body but the agents with her tell her that she needs to contact his family to make the decisions. She hasn’t got the authority.

Fox is in the room still sleeping but slowly waking up from the spell that Tabitha has put on him. Kay is just finding out what hell she has to deal with to make this happen. She can't believe her ears.

Tabitha tells Kay that Fox may fall out of love with her but she will get her wish and Fox will become very successful at Crane Industries. That is the cost of success in this scenario.

The phone rings and Martin answers to Sheridan. She tells that she is with the casket and it is Luis inside. “I looked inside and it is really him in there. The men want to know what to do with the casket. Which funeral home should they take the casket to?"

Martin asks Pilar, and she says that she wants the casket there. “Bring him home. We will have the wake here." Pilar says.

Martin relays the message and Sheridan agrees that would be best.

Ethan is in the room with Gwen when Martin and Pilar get the news. Ethan can’t help but look at a picture of Theresa and Jane on the table before him. Gwen doesn’t see him looking.

Ethan tells Gwen that he feels really sorry for Sheridan. They both feel bad for her. Gwen knows that the support of family is really the best thing at a time like this. Gwen wonders where Theresa is. “She really should be here." Gwen says.

Whitney is pulled from bed in the convent, and she comes to see her friend Theresa. “Luis is dead," Whitney is told. Theresa says that Luis got involved with something that didn’t concern him while away looking for Marty. Martin feels that Alistair is behind this somehow. That seems to make sense to Whitney. Whitney makes her friend sit. Whitney can’t believe that this is happening. Theresa feels that she is in a nightmare and she can’t get up. Whitney says that the nightmare was marrying Alistair. Theresa says that she can’t deal with the marriage anymore. “I can’t deal with him touching me or anything else. He has raped me many times and it makes me want to kill myself. I want out! I can’t leave though as Alistair said that I wouldn’t see my son if I left him. I feel trapped. I need your help. I need you to help me get rid of Alistair," Theresa says.

Fancy comes to her father to tell him that she needs to speak to him privately if that is okay with Eve.

Julian and Fancy leave Eve for a moment.

Eve makes her way to Noah who is alone at his table waiting for Fancy. Noah tells Eve what has been going on with him and the family lately. Theresa marrying Alistair, Little Ethan becoming Alistair’s heir and now a murder downtown. Eve knows a little about this but she has no idea what Noah knows. Noah knows that the description of the killer fit his sister’s description but Noah is sure that Jessica didn’t do this. Eve breathes a sign of relief when she hears that.

Jessica tries to remember what happened when the man got killed but she can’t. she was high. Simone says that Sam isn’t suspicious anymore. She is sure of it. Jessica really hopes that her friends are right about this.

Paloma takes Simone aside and wonders if she can really believe what she is saying to Jessica. Paloma has a sneaky suspicion that Sam is in fact suspicious of Jessica and whether she did the murder or not. Maybe Simone shouldn’t give any false hopes here. Simone doesn't care. “We have to help her," Simone says.

Ivy asks Sam if he thinks that Jessica is innocent of the murder. Sam does believe Jessica. “Jessica wouldn't lie about this. Neither would Paloma and Simone. I could run tests on this piece of cloth to test the blood to see if it is in fact Jessica’s. I won’t do that though. I trust Jessica. If she says that the blood is hers, then I will believe her," Sam says.

Kay learns that when Fox wakes he will slowly fall out of love with her over time. That is the price that she has to pay for begging for Tabitha to make Fox successful. Kay doesn’t want this spell anymore. That is to bad as Tabitha can’t reverse it. Kay will even go to the basement herself and make the spirits listen to her and change things back to the way that it was. The spell can’t be reversed. She is going to lose Fox although she is sure that Fox wouldn’t want that. Tabitha wonders if Fox would in fact want that. Tabitha wonders if Kay is being presumptuous about how Fox would vote if he had a choice between she and all the Crane money that is his birthright.

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, someone knocks at the door. Martin moves slowly to answer.

Martin opens the door and lets the agents in with the casket. He was expecting it but it is still hard to actually see the box brought in with his dead son inside.

Pilar looks sick. She ushers the agents in.

Gwen goes to Sheridan hugging her. “I am so sorry." Ethan has no idea what to say here.

The agents offer their condolences and leave. Martin goes to the casket and touches it. Pilar demands to see the body. Martin tells her no. Sheridan says that’ she already looked. Luis is cut up and whoever hurt him, cut him up badly. Martin feels that Pilar shouldn’t look at this. Pilar has to. She wants to give her son a proper goodbye and so will his siblings. Theresa will be there soon. Pilar isn’t sure that everyone that needs to know about this has been reached. Martin leaves to make calls again.

Ivy hugs Sam. If Jessica were her child she would be acting just like Sam is.

The phone rings and Martin is on the line. He is looking for Paloma. Sam tells that Paloma is upstairs. Martin says that he has to give her bad news. Luis is gone. Sam knows that. “He is chasing Beth around to find Marty," Sam says. Martin says that Luis is dead and his body just arrived from Morocco. Martin isn’t sure that he should tell Paloma over the phone or bring her home first. Sam offers to tell Paloma the news for him at his house.

Ivy has heard the phone call and she knows that this is going to kill Sheridan. Sam goes to the bottom of the stairs. He chokes back a tear.

“Girls! I need you to come down here!" Sam shouts.

The 3 girls in the bedroom panic. “Could he have figured out that we were lying?" Paloma tells Simone and Jessica to just play like they are innocent no matter what. Even if Sam accuses them, they are to pretend that they are innocent.

The 3 girls come bounding down the stairs. Sam hugs Paloma. “I have some bad news. It is about Luis. Luis is dead," Sam says. Paloma doesn’t believe it. Sam tells how he just got off the phone with Martin. It is true. “Your brother’s body has been flown in from Morocco. Paloma loves Luis. “he is the only one that I can trust. I have to go home now," Paloma runs off.

Simone asks what happens now. That is a very good question.

Whitney can’t believe what Theresa is asking her. Theresa says that she had a letter opener in her hands a while ago and she was thinking about using it to kill Alistair. “I have to stop him from making me have sex with him against my will. When I close my eyes, I pretend that I am with Ethan but it doesn’t work. He is violent and rough and he enjoys it. I can’t get an annulment. Alistair says that he will take my son and I will never see him again. My motives where selfish when I married him, but I don’t deserve this. I can’t stay with a man that has killed two of my brothers. I will get rid of Alistair and even if I don’t get Ethan. at the very least I will be a rich and powerful widow at the end of it all," Theresa says.

Fancy shares a drink with her father and asks him how he has managed being disinherited. Fancy is not sure that she can deal with this. She always thought that she would have Crane money all her life. “What am “I going to do without the Crane money?" Fancy asks. Julian says that she will survive. Julian has been happier than he ever was since he has been disinherited. Fancy asks Julian why Rebecca exonerated Eve in court the other day. Julian knows the answer to that and he tells that he signed an agreement that he wouldn’t ever divorce Rebecca. He loves Eve, but the plan was just to get Eve free and he had to sign to free her.

Eve finds out that Simone was with Jessica the night of the murder. That surprises her. She seems a little worried. The thought did occurred to her that Simone might have somehow had something to do with this crime. However, she now pushes that thought from her mind. Noah tells how both girls showed up at the house and have been at the Bennett house ever since. Eve didn’t know that. She sounds uncomfortable but is happy to hear that the girls are at the Bennetts where she knows they are safe.

Kay wants this spell from hell reversed. Tabitha says that this is very tricky. Kay is desperate and will do anything to reverse this spell. Kay tells Tabitha that she will expose her as a witch if she doesn’t reverse this spell.

Fox wakes in the bedroom. “Kay! Where are you?"

Kay has to go to Fox now but she makes Tabitha promise to do her best to reverse this spell.

Kay goes to Fox in the bedroom. He says that he was having a dream where he was spinning in the air. He wants to get back to work now. He has had enough of a break. Kay tells him no. She wants him to stay put. She isn’t finished with him yet.

Tabitha goes to the basement to see what she can do about Kay’s request. “Hi guys! It’s me! Please, you are going to have to bail me out of this jam for all our sakes!" She knows that Kay will tell on her if she doesn’t do as she is asked.

Pilar tells how Luis was different from other children when he was a child. He was so serious about his responsibilities. Martin knows that he wasn’t a very good role model. Martin hoped that one day he would become like Luis.

The door flies open and Paloma rushes in. “Papa! Tell me that Sam was wrong. Oh no! First my Antonio and now Luis has died," Paloma cries.

Sheridan tells Ethan and Gwen to love and cherish each other while they can. Things can change suddenly and everything can be over in the blink of an eye. Luis and Sheridan were never married and she can’t make decisions for him now.

Whitney reminds Theresa that she was almost executed by the state for wanting to murder someone before. Theresa says that this will be different. “I will be stopping my husband from raping me repeatedly. Help me figure this out. I can’t use a knife and I can’t use a gun. What else can I use?" Theresa asks. Whitney will not help with this. “Murder is a sin and I will not help with this. If you do this, then I will be forced to turn you in Theresa," Whitney says.

Julian admits that he hasn’t told Eve the details of how he got her out of prison. The agreement that he signed is ironclad and Eve will end up in jail if he tries to get away from Rebecca with a divorce. Julian hasn’t told Eve the truth yet either, and hasn’t got any idea how to do it.

Eve can tell that Noah loves Fancy by the look on his face. Eve finds that comforting that he wants a relationship in spite of what is going on around them. Noah has been watching couples like his father and mother and Eve and TC all his life. They were his role models for relationships. Noah asks if Eve will be marrying Julian. She says that Julian is already married. That doesn’t mean that she will be going back to TC though. Time will tell what happens.

Jessica tells her father that she realizes now that she has been trying to hurt herself to dull the pain that she has been feeling inside. She has been hurting for a very long time now. Sam has been waiting for the longest time to hear this from Jessica. It is a sign to him that she is going to be saved from the lifestyle that she has been living. Sam would like Jessica to go back into counseling and stick with it. She will do it. She promises. Sam feels finally that there is hope. He hugs Jessica. “Thank you for making me believe in hope again."

Kay tells Fox that she loves him and will not let anything come between them. He suddenly feels like something could come between them. Why is that?

Tabitha is in the basement trying to reverse the spell that she has set. “Fox and Kay… hurray! Hurray!" Tabitha chants. Nothing happens.

“Boys of darkness, boys of old’

reverse the darkness… spell of old…” Tabitha waits to see if she feels anything change in the environment.

Sheridan breaks down over the casket with the family.

Gwen feels that Sheridan can’t survive this. Ethan wonders where Theresa is. She should be there. Gwen is quick to say something mean about Theresa but Ethan asks her not to do that please. Not now.

Whitney stands by what she says. She will turn her friend in if she commits murder. Theresa says that Whitney can go ahead. “God should forgive me for ridding this world of this monster. You can’t depend on anyone else in this world but yourself Whitney. The only way to make sure that everyone else gets out from under that bastard’s thumb is to make sure that he is gone forever!" Theresa shouts.

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