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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

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Men have come to Chris and Sheridan with guns. They have the couple and James under control and they are all frightened.

Agent Hall comes in and assures Chris and Sheridan that the men with the guns are agents from the FBI. Chris is angry that his child has been frightened by these men. Agent Hall wants Chris to get going now.

Chris and Sheridan talk for the last time. Chris has to leave her and he really doesn't want to. She knows that he has to do this for James.

Kay has Tabitha in her bedroom now. Fox is out cold. Tabitha laughs. “Don’t worry. This spell isn’t all that dangerous." Tabitha goes to the body. Kay is sure that Fox is dead. She worries as she was the one that begged Tabitha to do this.

Gwen attacks Theresa but Ethan pulls her off. Rebecca is in the room now and she sees that Gwen has been stressed out again. Pilar goes to her daughter. Gwen tells Theresa that she doesn't care about marriage and what it really means. How can she live with herself with the way that she acts? Theresa wonders how Gwen can live with herself when she is married to a man that loves someone else. “If you want it all out tonight Gwen, then we can do that. I want you to tell her Ethan how your really feel about me." Gwen turns to Ethan to see what he has to say. He throws up his arms. Why should he have to defend himself this way? “What are you doing Ethan? Every time that I turn my back you are with Theresa anyway. What do you have to say about this? It is your lucky night Theresa because I want a divorce!" Gwen says.

Martin is having a heart-to-heart with Alistair. He is going to make the man pay for what he has done to everyone. Alistair is not afraid of the man. Martin has worked for him before and Alistair knows him. He is yellow through and through. Martin remembers leaving the man’s job years ago because he was unbearable to work for. Alistair remembers that. Martin left with Katherine and that his leaving had nothing to do with work at all. “You didn’t want to support those kids that you had with Pilar and that was why you left," Alistair says. Martin might have been wrong for leaving all those years ago, but what he does this night will make up for everything. Alistair knows that Martin wants to kill him but what will that get him? Prison time? Martin grabs Alistair but Alistair pulls a gun on the man. Martin jumps back. Alistair throws the gun at him. Martin catches it. Alistair orders the man to shoot him. “Shoot me. Right here," he points at his chest. “Shoot me in the heart that you say I don’t possess."

Kay is sure that Fox is dead but Tabitha confirms that Fox is only comatose. The spell only put Fox to sleep. He can’t be awake during the spell. Tabitha has done thousands of these spells. Fox is alive but he will be a little changed. He will be successful at his job as Kay asked though. Tabitha pushes Kay out of the room. They shouldn’t wake Fox up before his time.

Once in the hall, Kay talks to Tabitha demanding to know what is up. She is definitely hiding something. What is it? “What do I owe the bullies in the basement? I am ready," Kay says. She loves Fox and will suffer anything for him.

Noah and Fancy have a romantic time in the storage room at the Blue Note. They have candles. This is their special place now. His time is almost up but there is time for something else important. Noah puts on the ghetto blaster.

“May I have this dance Fancy Crane?" Noah asks. Fancy goes to him and they dance.

Eve is with Julian. Liz is about to be taken into custody but Eve protects her from the police. “She has been through enough already. I am about to stop all the pain if I can," Eve says. Liz feels that Eve has something worse in store for her if she is willing to free her like this. The police get angry. They don’t need Eve’s permission to arrest Liz and put her up on charges.

Ethan tells Gwen to listen to him. “You don’t want a divorce. I know why you are upset and I don’t blame you." Gwen isn’t up to hearing another excuse from Ethan about why she has to put up with this. “This is not all about manipulation on Theresa’s part Gwen. We all found out that Luis is dead. Theresa was upset and I was just consoling her," Ethan says. Gwen had no idea. “Pilar I am so sorry." Theresa tells Gwen that she never gave anyone a chance to explain what was really happening and so she just jumped at the first conclusion that she could. Rebecca says that Theresa probably used Luis’s death to get close to Ethan. Pilar moves to smack Rebecca’s face but Ethan tells Pilar not to bother as Rebecca isn’t worth it. Rebecca tells Ethan that he can’t talk to her like that. “The only reason that you are even living in this house is because of my family’s generosity," Rebecca reminds him. Gwen too is a little astonished at the way that Ethan is addressing his mother-in-law. He couldn't care less what Rebecca or Gwen thinks about what he feels about Rebecca.

Alistair tells Martin to go ahead and kill him. “You don’t even have the guts to kill me. You think that right now I am responsible for the death of two of your sons so do it." Martin tells Alistair that he underestimates him and what he is capable of. Martin holds the gun out before him and he fires. “Bang!"

Ethan, Gwen and the others hear the gunshot in the house and turn in the direction where it must have come from.

Martin stands over Alistair’s body with a smoking gun in his hand. Alistair lays slummed in his chair with his eyes closed. He seems dead. Martin doesn’t check.

Kay is getting freaked out now. She would do anything for Fox and so she demands to know what she has to do to get Fox successful at Crane Industries. Tabitha tells her that she has to give something up that is very precious to her. Kay worries that this might be about selling her soul to the devil again. No that is not what this is about. “You are going to give up something else and you are really going to miss that thing for the rest of your life," Tabitha tells.

Chris and Sheridan are saying goodbye again. Agent Hall hopes that this is the last time.

A very frustrated Agent Hall tells Chris to hurry up. He can’t give Chris anymore time to say goodbye to Sheridan.

He will go but he wants Sheridan to know that he will never forget her. He feels now that he has a life that is worth living because of the time that he has spent with Sheridan. “I wish that I were able to stay longer. Things could have been different."

Sheridan tells James that she will miss him too. “Always remember me and be good for your daddy."

Sheridan gives James a piece of a picture that has her image on it. “Don[t ever forget me James," she warns playfully. James takes it and then he and Chris walk out.

After they are gone, James runs back to Sheridan for a final hug. She is waiting for him.

Martin sees that he has done it. “I finally did it. I killed that tyrant and he rules no more."

Ethan and the others come into the room and he sees that Alistair is most likely dead.

Gwen can’t believe this. Rebecca tells Gwen that she had better believe this. “This now means that Theresa is Alistair’s widow and she inherits everything."

Ethan can't believe that Alistair is really dead. Rebecca feels that this is the worst thing that could have happened.

Theresa thanks Rebecca for pointing out that she will be the one to run the Crane empire until Little Ethan is of age. “That will mean a whole lot***

“Not so fast," Alistair says. Everyone turns to Alistair and sees that he is not dead. He stands before them. “I put a blank in the gun. The first bullet was a blank but the second one would have killed me. The second one would have done it. I love how a death brings out the true colors of everyone. Martin! You really can kill someone. Pilar… You really do love Martin although he loves Katherine and Theresa! You would take advantage of any situation… Even the death of your groom. I gave you lots of chances to break off the engagement and you didn’t. What are you all doing here anyway? Did you hear that Sheridan is having Luis’s body returned to Harmony? Why don’t you all go and mourn someone who is really dead?" Alistair asks.

Noah and Fancy are finished dancing.

The door to the store room opens and a server comes in to tell Noah that he has to come. “Liz is being arrested."

Liz is handcuffed now and about to be carted off. Liz says that Eve cares about no one but herself and her Julian. The police know that Liz will be tossed away for good when they get Eve on the stand. Eve will not help Liz get tossed into prison. “I am giving you fair warning. If Rebecca is the one that you are depending on to win this case and get Liz in prison, you are going to look like a fool," Eve says.

James and Chris are gone now.

Sheridan starts crying.

Two other agents arrive. “We have something for you over there."

Sheridan turns her head and looks behind her. A coffin is behind her. The agents tell her that the box holds the body of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Sheridan cries and goes to the box touching its lid.

The police see that they could very well lose this case the way that it has been handled. They take the cuffs off Liz and leave.

Liz shouts after the cops that even a blind man could see that she was innocent. Eve goes to her sister to calm her but Liz orders her away from her. She isn’t fooled by Eve’s fake attempt at kindness. Julian wants the police brought back for Liz now. Eve will not have that.

Tabitha is trying to get to the meat of the matter. “Kay, this is one of those spells that needs all the energy that it can get, and then some. The spirits don’t work for free, and so they are always owed something for the work that they may do for someone. The spell that I cast is going to cost you and you are not going to like it."

Alistair orders every one out of the room, but not Theresa.

Pilar wants her daughter to come out as well but Theresa is fine. She will face Alistair herself.

Martin tells Alistair that he had better watch his back now that he realizes that he has no fear of killing him. Ethan holds the man back.

Alistair wants everyone out now. Rebecca waits until everyone else but Theresa has left and then she flirts openly with Alistair. He smiles at her.

Alistair and Theresa are alone now. He tells her that he has a huge appetite for her and he really doesn’t want her to go to waste.

Sheridan is crying over Luis’s coffin. “I wanted you to be alive and now I will never see you again."

The agents ask Sheridan if there is anything that they can do for her. She tells them that she wants them to open the casket. “I need to see him. I need to see him with my own eyes."

Noah and Fancy tells Liz and Eve to stop arguing and take this up some other time. Liz tells Julian that Eve only did this because she is riddled with guilt about what she has done to her sister all her life. Julian can’t stand the filth spewing out of Liz. He walks Eve off into a corner.

Noah and Fancy are surprised at the venom that comes out of Liz.

Liz looks behind Julian and Eve. “You should have put me in prison when you had the chance Eve," Liz says.

Tabitha says that the dark side wants love. In order for Fox to be successful the dark side will need to have the love that Fox has for Kay and the love that Kay has for Fox. “I told you Kay that this was a real expensive spell Kay…”

Ethan wants Martin to calm down. He is mad and could do a lot of damage with the temper that he has. Pilar drags Martin out to go home.

Alistair forces himself on Theresa. She pushes him off her and stops him from kissing her. “You are sick!" Lucky for her he has no time for a roll in the hay with her but later he will want it. “Wear that red teddy with the red stockings and the red shoes. I love that!" Alistair laughs as he leaves.

Theresa asks herself why she married him.

She looks down and sees a letter opener on the table. “Since you won’t let me go Alistair, I am going to have to find another way out. Thanks for pointing out my advantages as Alistair’s wife Rebecca," Theresa says.

Sheridan is with the agents. They do as she has asked. They have loosened the nails in the coffin lid.

One of the agents opens the lid of the coffin and Sheridan looks in. Her hand flies to cover her opened mouth as she stares into the casket.

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