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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah has Fancy with him at his job. He tells her that the next drink is on him. She worries that he might get in trouble giving out free drinks. He assures her that things will be fine. Besides, he really is going to pay for the next drink. He is doing this to make her happy. He loves seeing a smile on her face. That is the way that it should always be. Noah brings up the thunder from the night before. They never did find out what that was. Fancy jokes that she thought that the thunder was them. Fancy takes this time to wonder what it was that made him pick her out of all the other women who would die to be with him. He finds her a challenge. That is a part of it for sure. Besides she has that cute dog that he is slowly getting to love. She flirts with him. He tells her to lighten up. She will be hurting his tips if the ladies feel that he is involved with someone else.

A police officer comes to Eve at the Blue Note to talk to her. She quickly tells the man that she is free from her charges now. Julian worries that maybe the judge reversed his decision. No that is not the case the officer says. We are here for Liz Sanbourne instead.

Liz overhears what the officer is telling Eve. She immediately blames Eve for this happening to her.

Rebecca finds her daughter and asks her if she heard the thunder clap earlier. Ethan and Gwen heard it. She wasnít concerned about that though. She was more concerned about Theresa and getting her out of the mansion.

Ethan comes looking for Theresa and he finds her. She is glad to see him. They both heard the thundering noise and wonder what that was all about.

Pilar calls Theresa to tell her some bad news. Theresa worries that this has to go with her children but that is not it. It is about Luis. "He is dead," Pilar tells her. Theresa gets immediately upset when she hears that.

Agent Hall has been on the phone and he has been getting more information for Sheridan about Luis. A mistake has been made. Sheridan is sure that the identification process was at fault and that Luis really isnít dead after all.

Tabitha is watching as Kay tries to get Fox to bed. She is taking too long. Tabitha canít do the spell unless Fox is sleeping. Tabitha tries to help things along. "Fox be nimble, fox be quick, fox go into a sleep that's thick." Fox yawns. "Oh my! I am really sleepy. Kay takes that personally but Fox assures her that his is just about him being tired.

Fox falls into a deep sleep Tabitha admits to having had helped out to get this done. Kay wishes that she had waited an hour or so. She would have liked to have had some private time with Fox before he went under. Tabitha was enlisted for her help and she is willing to give it. Does she have to deal with putting up with more lovemaking by these two as well? Tabitha has no idea why Kay doesnít just embrace the dark side. She could do these sorts of things herself if she used her powers. Kay doesnít want the Ďgiftí. She wants the magic to stay with Tabitha and Endora. Tabitha sees that Fox is completely out of it now. Good! Kay wants to know more about this spell. Tabitha says that the spell works just fine unless the requesting party has a change of mind. Kay isnít sure what that means. doesn't matter though. She knows that she wants the spell to make Fox a success and that means everything to her.

Gwen tells her mother that she hates Theresa. Alistair sees no reason for Gwen to get ugly about the situation. He says that Theresa changed her mind because she canít bear to leave the house without her son. Gwen begs Alistair to let Theresa go with her son so that she can live her life again without fear or worry about losing Jane or Ethan. Alistair is surprised at the amount of fear that Gwen has about all this. He canít let Theresa go at this point. What he wants is more important than what Gwen wants. Gwen has found out that Alistair has been flirting with Rebecca and maybe doing even more with her. She finds him disgusting. Alistair tells her to worry about her own marriage and not him or her mother. Alistair knows that Gwen hates him and that is okay. She has spunk like her mother but Alistair will not be threatened by anyone. Gwen needs to learn that.

Ethan holds Theresa as she cries. She has just heard the news that Luis is dead. Her family must be torn up inside. Theresa wants to see the body but she canít. It is still in Morocco, but it will be arriving in Harmony soon. Martin and Pilar are there to comfort Theresa as well as Ethan. Theresa knows that this news is going to kill Sheridan when she finds out.

Agent Hall said that he had news, but it isnít necessarily good news. Luis has been identified as the person that was killed in a bar fight. His body will be arriving in Harmony soon. The good news is that the FBI has managed to get the body moved out of Morocco quicker than they thought that they would, and so Luis will be home soon with his family. Chris is sorry that this had to happen.

Fox is asleep as Kay tries to get Tabitha to hurry and do the spell that will make him a success at Crane Industries. Tabitha canít rush this. She has to do things properly. She has all her ingredients with her and is ready to roll. Tabitha talks of the 3 hairs of Newton that she has for the spell. That would hairs of Wayne Newton actually. Kay worries that maybe Fox will wake up looking like Wayne Newton, but Tabitha assures that will not happen. "I really hardly ever screw up my spells Kay," Tabitha says. Kay rolls her eyes. Tabitha gives Kay one last chance to change her mind about this. "Do you promise to pay the fee if this is done for you Kay?" Tabitha asks. Kay tells Tabitha to hurry and make this happen so that Fox can get his life back. She doesnít care what the price is. Tabitha remembers a time when Kay said that she would have done anything for Miguel and she surely regretted giving up her soul for him. Will she feel that way this time? Kay says that she knows that she is in love with Fox and this time it is for real, and that is why she knows that she will be able to sacrifice for him. With that said, Tabitha gets to work.

The police are at the Blue Note to arrest Liz for attempted murder. Liz squawks that she didnít kill anyone, although Rebecca swore that she was the one that tried to murder people in the basement of the church. Somehow, poison ended up in Lizís purse. She had no idea that it was there and in court, she found it there in front of everyone. Liz knows that she was set up. She tosses any name out as the culprit that did this to her. It could have been Julian or Rebecca, or even Eve. Julian denied that he knew that Rebecca was going to implicate Liz in the attempted murder that sorry day in court. Eve had no idea that Rebecca was going to be the one that saved her in the end either. That surprised her more than anything else that happened during the trial. Liz finds it frustrating that every time that something goes wrong, Eve comes out smelling like a rose. How does she manage that?

Liz insists that she isnít guilty of anything. She says that she has never done anything to Eve to warrant this. Eve begs to differ. She sees before her a woman that tried everything to ruin her family, career and reputation in her community. Liz sees that she is going to be arrested. It is going to happen and there is nothing that she can do about it. Julian is pleased to see this. Liz is evil and deserves this. The officer warns Liz to keep her mouth shut. Her shouting and anger towards Eve is only digging her hole deeper. "You really shouldnít say much more," Liz is warned. "You need to get a lawyer."

Chris sees that Sheridan is blaming herself for what has happened with Luis in Morocco and he wants her to stop blaming herself for that. "It was out of your control Sheridan," Chris tells her. Sheridan knows that deep inside if she hadnít pushed Luis to go searching for Marty, none of this would have happened. That makes his death her fault in her eyes. Chris sees things differently.

Agent Hall sees that Sheridan is hurting and he is sorry for that, but his job is to keep Chris and now James safe. They have to get out of Harmony. The wrong people are going to get wind of Chrisís identity and try to kill him. Chris would like to have a word with Sheridan before running off forever. He is warned to make it quick or Sheridan will be mourning more deaths soon.

Chris really would like to stay with Sheridan and make her feel better, but Jamesís life is in danger and Sheridan will not put that poor child through anything more. She knows that Agent Hall is right and that Chris has to get out of there fast. This is really goodbye. Chris wonders if she would like to ride with him to the airport. She can do that. She has to meet the people, who are bringing Luis home from Morocco anyway, so she will be heading in the same direction. Sheridan and Chris try to exchange phone numbers, but Agent Hall warns that isnít a good idea. Chris will be going deeply under cover and canít risk having calls in or outgoing showing up on his phone. Keeping contact with Sheridan means danger to Chris and his son. This is truly the end of the line for Chris and Sheridan.

Alistair tells Gwen to smarten up and to stop sassing him. She should remember the others who have crossed him. Like Antonio and Luis. Look where they are now. Gwen says that Antonio did die at Alistairís hands, but Luis is just fine right now. Alistair wouldnít be so sure about that if he were her.

Gwen talks to her mother. She canít believe that the woman slept with this man. "How could you do that mother? Did he do anything to Luis?" Gwen asks. Rebecca says that Alistair isnít half the tyrant that everyone seems to think that he is. She also warns her daughter to stay on the good side of Alistair and to stop talking to him with disrespect. There is no wisdom in that. Gwen has too much on her plate. She is angry with Alistair and then there is Theresa trying her best to get her hands on Ethan. Gwen knew that she wouldnít leave the house. She wants to be with Ethan. Ethan is too blinded by her to see what she is really doing and Gwen is getting fed up with it.

Theresa wants Ethan to comfort him, but he will not hold her in his arms. She asks him to but he will not do it. Theresa knows that Alistair is responsible for Luisís death. She knows that she isnít helping the situation by marrying Alistair. She feels terrible. Martin vows vengeance on Alistair for slowly ruining his family and breaking them all apart piece by piece.

Kay tells Tabitha again to get on with the spell that will make Fox a great success. That is all that she wants. Nothing else matters to her at this point. Tabitha mixes her ingredients. Tabitha starts her spell. There is no turning back now.

Noah and Fancy are sneaking into the storage room at the back of the restaurant. Noah is taking a break and they are going to be spending the time alone together. Fancy is reluctant to go into the storage room again. The last time that she was in there, a rat was in there too.

They enter the storage room and Fancy gasps! "Did you do this for me?" She asks. The room has a table in there with wine and a tablecloth.

Julian and Eve are stunned to see that the DA is ready to arrest Liz and take her to jail. Liz is sure that Eve set this up somehow and she threatens to sue everyone for everything that is about to happen to her. The officer with the DA offers Eve a complaint to sign. It is against Liz. The complaint says that Eve feels that Liz should be charged for the attempted murders. Liz is embarrassed that she is being treated this way in front of her patrons at her place of business.

Tabitha is working away at the spell and does her best to get Kay what she wants. "Belly of the beast, moveable feast, give fox the power no matter how sour," Tabitha chants. "Let him reign at crane and feel no pain," she concludes.

The spirits in the basement make rumbling noises in the house. Kay panics. Tabitha tells her that there is nothing to worry about.

Chris and Sheridan still say their good-byes now. Agent Hall is very impatient and getting upset with the couple for taking their sweet time. They are in danger increasingly every minute that they keep talking. The enemy could be outside waiting to kill them. Sheridan knows that Chris has to leave and she wants them to now. She canít bear the thought of James getting hurt because of her.

Rebecca gets a visit from her daughter. Gwen canít relax. Rebecca tells Gwen that she has to learn to deal with this thing with Alistair and worry about Ethan. Ethan is back in the bedroom where Gwen left him but Rebecca suspects that he will not be alone if Gwen doesnít get back there soon. Gwen doesn't think that Theresa would have the nerve to actually enter her bedroom to get her hands on EthanÖ Would she? Rebecca remembers a time when Theresa disguised herself as Gwen and lured Ethan into bed with her. If she would do that, then she would certainly do anything. Gwen realizes that her mother is right. Theresa had better not be in her bedroom or there is going to be hell to pay.

Martin thinks about it increasingly and decides that the death of Luis has to be Alistairís fault. Theresa wishes that she could kill Alistair for what he has done to her family. Pilar tells Theresa to stop talking foolishness. She would go to jail forever and that would be another of Pilarís children that Alistair would have destroyed, but this time from the grave. Pilar has been waiting for word from Miguel. She emailed him the news about Luis so he should be calling soon. Theresa wishes that she had listened to her mother when she had the chance. Now everything is ruined for the whole family and she is stuck in this loveless marriage. Ethan wishes that when Theresa made decisions she would think a little bit first. She could avoid so much trouble if she would only assess things before acting. Pilar tells Theresa not to cry over spilled milk, but just to make better decisions in the future. Ethan tells Theresa that he knows that there is hope for her after all.

"Kay's made her choice. Give fox the voice. He will be king, the others nothing!" Tabitha sings. Kay knows what she asked Tabitha to do but hearing the spell and watching it go down brings to focus exactly what she is asking Tabitha to do.

Noah has set up the storage room to be an enchanting place for he and Fancy while they are on his break. He canít stay in there with her too long, but that is fine with her. Any time with Noah is fine with her. He is different from the other men that she has known. He is thoughtful with his gestures to her, and she loves his surprises a lot more than the expensive gifts and trinkets that she is used to getting from men. Noah only has twelve minutes left on his break, so the couple try to make the most of it.

Liz tells Eve to go ahead and sign the complaint against her. That is what Liz would expect from her anyway. Why should Eve be kind to Liz now? Liz took over her family and almost got her imprisoned for life. "Go ahead," Liz tells her. "Sign the complaint." Julian tells Eve to go ahead and sign the complaint. Eve will not do that. She will not push to have her sister put in prison.

Kay is getting afraid. Tabitha tells her that there is nothing to worry about. She has been doing this spell for ages. She knows exactly how it works. Tabitha giggles. "The energy coming out of me tingles," she says. Kay suddenly feels tired. The spell is making her tired as well. Both Tabitha and Kay are soon exhausted as the spell takes its toll. They can barely stand now. Kay will not stop the spell. She will do whatever it takes to make Fox successful. Both ladies groan under the strain of the spell.

Kay goes to Fox who seems to be sleeping on the bed. She touches him and feels the coldness. "Is he dead?" Kay asks.

Agent Hall offers to go and get the car to bring around the front of the house so that Chris can leave. Sheridan sees that Agent Hall has a gun. "Is that really necessary?" She asks. Agent Hall wasnít kidding when he said that Chris is in serious danger. If he is attacked the agent will have to protect him and he might need his gun. Chris leaves the house to get the car.

Sheridan checks with James to make sure that he is okay. He is fine. Chris tells Sheridan again that he will miss her. Sheridan will miss them too.

Alistair and Martin are alone talking. He makes a comment about how nice it was to sleep with Rebecca but he has to go back to his bride now. Martin hates hearing Alistair talk this way. "I am going to kill you Alistair," he says.

Ethan sees that Theresa is upset and he tells her to get into bed and rest a bit. Pilar thinks that is a very good idea. Suddenly, Pilar realizes that Martin is nowhere to be found. That is not good. He is so angry with Alistair; he could do anything at this point. Ethan knows that they had been find Martin quickly in case there is trouble.

Gwen says quietly to herself that she feels that instead of Alistair, it might be Theresa who gets killed instead.

Alistair sees that Martin is bent on killing him and so he challenges the man. "Go ahead MartinÖ Shoot me! Right here," Alistair says pointing to his heart. Martin can see that Alistair thinks that he is joking. Alistair takes out a gun and throws it at Martin. Martin catches it and points it at Alistair. "You underestimate me," Martin says.

Bang! The gun goes off.

Ethan and the others come running into the study where they heard the gunshot come from. They find Martin with the gun in his hand and smoke rising from it. The gun is pointed at Alistair.

Pilar panics. "Oh Martin! What have you done?" She asks.

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